Ikoyi, Lagos State, Police

Ikoyi, Lagos State

Cop shoots sergeant dead in Lagos

5/31/2020 9:37:00 PM

Cop shoots sergeant dead in Lagos

Deji LamboA Police Inspector, Monday Gabriel, has shot dead a Sergeant, Felix Okago, in the Ikoyi area of Lagos State on Sunday.PUNCH Metrogathered that the policemen were on special duty at a federal facility in Ikoyi when Gabriel reportedly went berserk and suddenly started shooting and one of the bullets fired hit Okago.

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Reacting to the development, the state Police Public Relations Officer, Bala Elkana, said in a statement that Okago died from injuries sustained during the attack, adding that men of the Bariga Police Division arrested Gabriel around the Akoka area of the state while he attempt escape.

He stated that Gabriel, who presented signs of mental depression after being arrested, had been taken to a hospital for examination, adding that the state Commissioner of Police, Hakeem Odumosu, while commiserating with Okago’s family, ordered an investigation into the incident.

Elkana said, “On Sunday, May 31, 2020, around 4.30 pm, the Area A Command received a distress call that one inspector Monday Gabriel attached to No 21 Police Mobile Force Squadron in Abuja, while on special duty in a federal government facility in Ikoyi, Lagos, went berserk and started shooting sporadically.

“One sergeant Felix Okago who was on special duty with the Inspector, died from the gunshot injuries while others escaped unhurt.“In an attempt to escape, he took a patrol van and headed towards Third Mainland Bridge, shooting as he was escaping.“He was intercepted by policemen from the Bariga Division along Akoka, disarmed and handcuffed. The rifle and vehicle were recovered.

READ ALSO:“The corpse of the deceased sergeant is deposited in the mortuary for autopsy while the Inspector is taken to a police hospital for medical examination as he presented signs of mental depression.”DOWNLOAD THE PUNCH NEWS APP NOW ON Read more: The Punch Newspapers »

Cop shoots seargent? What a contradictory statement? Both of them are cops! Ekelebe kii ekelebe which one is cop Shey u dey wine me...cop or police This is a family matter plssssss OK Please use police shoots sergeant, I once addressed a police man as cop wen making a call Nd no b network cut d call or hanging up , na d heavy slap 👋 Wey I receive end call, na me u Dey call cop abi till I had to bail myself and my phone

MeStar_Ayomide See headline 🙄since when do we call them cops? You’re trying to confuse a particular set of people right? You better write Olopa V Olopa there. Stop sugarcoating the truth. Media house indeed Mtchewww I believe he was not settled well on their daily 50 task force collection oga cop vex shoot sergeant. Next story pls

Which one is cop and sergeant... Police murdered Olopa abeg ... Things fall apart... Racist cop or what do we call him? This one weak me oooooooo Na dem, dem. Wetin concern agbero with overload. Bar man, one cold Heineken for everyone in the bar🕺 Peter goat don chop Peter yam... 😂😂😂 Nha stray bullet 😁. That’s their language not shoot, police don’t shot people dey call the act “stray”🤣🤣 modafukaz

A case of dog eat dog. Karma dem just dey start Wahala dey o... it's funny, maybe it's better that way Cop ko LPD ni Finally. News I can relate to. Just keep shooting. Soon the war would be with the forces not the pple All these cops that have psychological problems sef.... Guns, they don't know how to use. All they know is drink, collect bribes and batter innocent citizens.

That's blood of the innocent turning them against each other That is draw game Hahaha Dogs eats Dogs only in Nigeria Did he died ? They can do more When u see some police men u will imagine how such ppl can safeguard any life or resolve any issue, d police force need a serious attention What kind of wacked headline is this,so the sergeant is what?

It is finished Abeg all those olopa no need gun again 🤷.. wtf is wrong with them 🤦🏻‍♀️ Which one be Cops, and which one be Sergeant again? Omo, naija matter don leave main road enter bush. These police 👮‍♀️ killings must be stopped! Have they started killing themselves? We don’t do that here, it’s olopa or AK not cop

The other cop doesn't have a rank? 😏 What is going on in this country? Na money, no be another thing. That N50 bribe na cause Na police go settle this matter by themself Punch Newspaper is a real gutter newspapers company. Fulani herdsmen and Boko haram terrorists newspaper. Dear , this is Nigeria. Which one is 'Cop' ? Let's keep it real and original, biko. Cop ko, Pop ni.

Wack journalism. This has been settled We should find out the cause of the fight is not money When you collect cursed money. So sorry Karma join police WhatsApp group Gambari pa Fulani. Cop keh! Police kill police. Why make it look better?... This country is sick.. Eish Now they killing themselves! I think this is getting weigh too much. This same thing recently happened in Rivers State, now Lagos again. Police kill police: The headline suddenly changed, not 'Police shot and killed civilian' I think he was planning of jumping into the river at the bridge. RIP to the dead.

Sad event, one too many nobody deserve to be a victim of this unethical practice. This na their matter 🤣🤣🤣 Last week or there about, a police officer was also shot dead by his senior colleague while he was trying to control some protesters at the station gate, now this. The evil that men do sometimes lives with them. People’s swear at the police is just too much for what they do

COP for where ! Police jam police, akara mama throway🎵🎵🎵🎵 We have cops in Nigeria? There shall be nothing like medical report of insanity: blood for blood an eye for an eye. An inspector is old and trained enough to be disciplined and control his emotions when armed. Another trigger happy maniac. Do they even periodically check the mental state of their officers? Does the Nigerian Police do a thorough mental check of their recruits? Some kids are now fatherless because... PoliceNG

Cop my ass 😂😭🤣😹😹 Since when 9ja start to the use cops? *olopa Cop or Cup . I’m confused here. Nigeria police cop ke. Abi you people are not okay 🤣😂😂 Shooting sporadically? Wow thank God no other innocent life was lost Nigeria a country with no future Which one is cop, better call them their name Who will solve this matter ?

Awon eleribu🤣🤣🤣 Why did the corp sort his Oga, they is something behind it Abeg who b COP Who b SERGEANT oluseed Money gait to involved 😲 Today get as it be ooo. Very very bad How did Cop shoot sergeant in Lagos? The bullet come from America Ni? Abi olopa shoot olopa Now who go solve this matter? Confusion in the camp of the enemies

Sounds good. Liking themselves is better off 'Eedi' or maybe Karma... anyway RIP And when he was trying to escape no other COP there to kill him as well. That would have made the headline more interesting. When you accept foolish people what do you expect. A lawyer stays in school for 7years just to understand the law And some with 8 weeks training you're giving him a gun.what do you expect...

Oh dear.... Police ppl need to calm down....haba!! Cop ko plate ni This bad blood must go in whatever way ever Which one is Cop, no be police dey Nigeria or Olopa 🤷🏾‍♂️... They will eat their own flesh and drink their blood This is lazy reporting. This is not the actual account of what happened. We do have cop/cops we have police, I repeat we have police!

Please dear there's nothing like Cop in Nigeria, what we have is police or olopa Own goal is a goal Which Hashtag are we going to use for the sergeant to have justice lol lol And please next time use olopa not cop. we don't have cop. What’s really going on in this world now, I pray I and my family survive this year, in God will trust .

I believe nobody in Nigeria joined PoliceNG with clear eyes... How man go do? Na Esan man take join police! Let them continue but don't kill innocent citizens I beg you. cartoon_Hum The matter dey on table since yesterday igp wan settle am We no get cop for here na oluwaloninyo This one happen for my domot oooo. Police,what are you people recruiting Abasi mbok

Who go settle dis one The man name na Monday, he has a mental related issues. oluwaloninyo Mtchew. Cop or Police Man? From killing innocent souls, they have started killing themselves. This must be karma at work... Na dem dem.... my own na sidon look. Bindiga dadi🤗 That one no concern us nah police to police matter make them settle am

This is no longer bearable Na the issue wey dey try settle since Everything scatter scatter AuntyRiri Who go settle the matter now? Reading through the comments, no one wish the olopa well at all. Rip Dog eat dog Karma is no more on lock down. Let them be shooting each other not citizens... Height of stupidity 🤩🤩

Cop?for 9ja....I shock oh Stop saying cops...say corpse because these MF are deadass With everything going on, this is what we are dealing with. Tragic ☹️ Which one be cop bayi tori olohun Which cop? Repeat after me: 'Olopa' This country is full of clowns Foolish people 😂😂 It's called olopa not cops Edreezy18 Cop? Cop? Please please please this is Nigeria. Police shoots sergeant dead in Lagos.

MizCazorla1 Snake eating snake. No one is free from the menace and evil of the PoliceNG to the society not even themselves. Don't wait till the evil knocks on your door. reformthepolice When they will be employing mentally deranged men in d name of police men what do you expect. Fools This one an family matter.

Cobra swallowed rattle snake There is something so wrong with the cops in nigeria Cup shuut sir gen Fools IamKaybandy *olopa shoots sergeant dead This is what we call edi in Yoruba language let them continue like that among themselves Thank you karma. Cup, plate, pot and frying pan make una finish una selves Ase tuee.

Them don drag money God have mercy on us all!!!! May God console the family of the deceased K Cop shooting cop? Copshooting Haaaa wetin dey happen for this world oh I think Nigeria government need to legalize gun, so this shit can stop DimejiJnr12 Cop ko cup ni🙄 ... police kill police period 👌 Better still self Olopa kill Olopa ,u kon dey say Cop🙄.America na COP Nigeria na Olopa or Police

Lol, well. What a good news am so happy for them they should kill themselves more often 😃😃 Karma Please it is 'olopa' DimejiJnr12 X x X Please dont call Nigerian police cops!, na olokpa. Take note Somebody said they are not cops, they are olopas No matter who the victim is,life na life. That Sergeant is a bread winner.

Cop shoots sergeant dead bawo Cops they Naija ni If you read the full story, you'll see that this man has either offended his village people or karma bounced back on him. 🤦🏾🤦🏾🤦🏾 Allow me to laugh.. smh Why is he even looking like this, someone is pained🧢😀 please what kinda headline is this? 😂 Who is Cop who is seargent. I am no understanding 😂

Is that this police profession unconsciously turn you people to blood prowling lunatics You people need to undergo a mental evaluation exercise every 6 months.....I swear!!! PoliceNG Leave the police profession if you cannot handle it anymore. It's not by FORCE!!! Are this police under spells Who trains these guys?...do they even get any training at all?

This country na cinema hall aswear 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Police kill police kiakiakja PoliceNG_CRU AcpIshaku PoliceNG There is clearly a serious problem with the men of the Police Force and it has to dealt with as a matter of urgency jarex2_official Olopa shoots olopa Lol cop ko cup ni ...police kill police Family affair, I won't allow myself to be used to settle case in this matter.🤔🤔

😂 👮 😂 Karma is a bitch Maybe they meant commissioner of police shoots sergeant dead in Lagos What a news You'll should start checking (mental evaluation) those Guys before handing them rifles on the streets. Keep it up😏😏 Kosi time... Kill urself sharp sharp. Kosi time “He showed signs of mental disorder “ and they allowed the man to carry firearms . Sensational

Police derby match Tired of nigeriapoliceforce incompitent .... Lack of good orientation and training.... ......... nigerianpoliceforce should b screened by physciatric .... Police killed police, which one be cop again? This is the Twitter handle, mac_official_co follow for more updates on new technology... About FUELESS GENERATOR..

Our Own Nigerian Virtion 🇳🇬 😥 😔 Olopa kill olopa, which one is cop shot sergent. Which be cop? Police shoot olopa Better than unarmed citizen Cop kor Ghost ni or crop, ṣe bí you People are mad àbí, instead of POLICE KILL POLICE, you are talking rubbish 😒 It happens around 2014 or so, no be now Nigerian police don dey killed Nigerian police. Government siddon dey look. Anyway at least so far them stop to dey kill harmless Nigerian, dem free to dey play dem game.

Forces wahala don tired me...make olevel on d enter forces again but corruption leader will not agree. This one na family matter ..... No be today he don dey happen sha. Sometime ago na so one constable shoot dead his Oga, a lady and himself at check point for jikwoyi area of abuja. Reason be say na him dey first date the lady, they finance the education, set the lady up, the Oga come hijacked her.

Make Dem dey kill Dem selves ooo Do we now have Cop in Nigeria nitori olohun COP (Citizen On Patrol) dey Nigeria? Say police officer shot his colleague dead. Stop confusing us with your English. Cop Vs Sergeant...this one na US POLICE VS NIGERIA OLAKPA.. ... many matter to settleeeee Police killed police?!?! This country is a sick joke

P.O.C we don't have cop in Nigeria It's OLOPA For goodness sake, punch reporters should try and be a bit professional in their reporting. Why putting the pics of CP, was he the victim or culprit? Please be more professional. Must you put any pics if you don't have. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Nigeria police has the highest rates of illiterates in d world, they lack orientation and its very alarming. How can a police man kill another police man wats our fates as civilians

Hmm These people are jokers Showing our professionalism and nature of government in Nigeria. COPS? 🤡🤡🤡🤡 Ole gbe , Ole gba What is happening? Police shooting fellow Police is becoming too rampant in Nigeria! Too many automatic rifles in the hands of cops. There’s need for policemen to undergo psychological evaluation before they can carry guns. I still don’t understand why a policeman on beat carries an AK47...give him ‘kondo’.

PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE GUN DONT KILL PEOPLE Wait who's cop 🤣 Wahala wa ooo Onpe What is going on in this world? He don happen I don hear am, karma don strike🤺🤺 The world rn self Who know mabe himself has done worse, before God finally lay his hand of judgement on him. This matter no go end o😂 What’s going on 🥴

It's a dog eat dog world out here man. Hmm... Awo ra wo Confusion Take correction, Olopa not cops Monsters Cop must be a DPO Police must be the sergeant See supremacy being played This is rank racism Maybe because of 50 naira Well police kill police TheMatter have been settled Policemen should be psych evaluated from time to time. Most of them are not okay.

That's family business Please enough with the cop ting Wild story They not just killing civilians but also turn on themselves So cop is different from sergeant..i laugh in lai Mohamed dialect Who will settle this matter? He must be subjected to some mental medical check-up. This happened in my area (Akoka, Bariga), the officer shot sporadically in different directions and even at people's houses thus creating pandemonium for residents who thought it was robbers.

Lol, a cop kills Sergeant. I'm sure one is cop one is police I'm very sure He dn happen I love Nizjeria ifb Not again, wetin dey sup ghannnnnn sucks! What am I reading today!? This is bad! Y? Which one is cop shoot Sargent again.. Since when did we start referring to police as cops in this country.. Police shoot police shikena.. Last Last.. This country issa mess..

olopa which one be cops Really Adìyẹ ti nje ifun ara wọn 🤷 This country self.. Everyday na story oo Adie nje fun ara won ni no be matter to settle ke Olopa don kill Officer. So case closed.. Cry me a river............. Na dem dem. Our God no dey sleep. Police r being wild smh Na dia killing shaa!! The matter don settle 👌

Karma has resumed office work. MBuhari should resign, things are not working well in his own time. I hate being a Nigerian 😤 Do not die in their war. When a policeman kills innocent citizens, I have never seen where they get equally sentenced to death. Thanks for the info Next Bewitchment.....Olopa kill police

Police kill police shikina In Nigeria we have olopa...not cop pls American cop or Nigerian Olopa. Does Nigeria have Cop. Sorry who is a cop Who is a sergeant? Are they not all police force? Which one b cop? Naija police na cop? I follow back immediately 🥴 OfficialTero Not cops but olopa.

Cop who knelt on George Floyd charged with murderHe hasn't been charged. That's a nation that still has some respect for human rights. If na for this Nigeria now this cop goes scot free Nice energy

VIDEO:'Killer'-cop fired 30 bullets at us.A news breaking website. Truth in Defence of Freedom

George Floyd: Wife of accused cop files for divorceEn never see anything yet! If na you? Very horrible man.

Wife of ‘killer' cop seeks divorce - The Nation NigeriaThe wife of Derek Chauvin, the dismissed police officer who knelt on Floyd’s neck during his arrest, has filed for divorce, her lawyer said. BLACK_LIVES_MATTER GeorgeFloydProtests GeorgeFloyd Hmmmmmmm This might be a ploy to save their assets, don't really know yet Only to help keep their shit after he gets sued. Watch him let her take everything without a fight

Lagos traders weep as fire destroys 227 shopsIfb immediately Jeeeeeez 😲🙆 Oh,God

Two cops arrested as Nigerians demand justice for slain Lagos girlThese two useless men will have children how about shooting their children too.But No two wrongs cant make a right.Let them face the full weight of the law instead. Who dash them 'cops', these ones na olokpa jare. Rest In Peace Tina! Make dem face firing squad ASAP.