Controversial Lagos Preacher, Mummy GO’s Church Forbids Miniskirts, Jeans, Beads, Others For Members | Sahara Reporters

10/01/2022 9:35:00 PM

Eyelashes and miniskirts are forbidden by the church.

Controversial Lagos Preacher, Mummy GO’s Church Forbids Miniskirts, Jeans, Beads, Others For Members | Sahara Reporters

Eyelashes and miniskirts are forbidden by the church.

by SaharaReporters, New York Jan 10, 2022 The founder of Rapture Proclaimer Evangelical Church of God, Funmilayo Adebayo, popularly known as Mummy GO (General Overseer) has been linked with a number of memes on social media with her “hellfire” threatening messages.Bimpe Olajiga at Rapture Proclaimer Evangelical Church of God Bimpe Olajiga Published 10 January 2022 At exactly 08:14 SaharaReporters, New York Jan 08, 2022 The Lagos State Commisioner of Police, Hakeem Odumosu, has stated that he would not tolerate protests over the outcome of investigations on the death of Dowen College student, Sylvester Oromoni Jnr.Published 9 January 2022 The Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency has decried the increasing use of single-use plastics, pet bottles, polystyrene and other non-biodegradable wastes in the state.

According to Punch, it has also been revealed that there a number of lifestyle that anyone or member of the controversial lady evangelist's church must adapt or adhere to.Anyone that considers attending the services at RAPEC headquarters, Iyana Ipaja or any of the other branches will abide by the strict rules given., I walked into the Rapture Proclaimer Evangelical Church of God founded by popular evangelist, Funmilayo Adebayo nicknamed Mummy GO (General Overseer) on social media.List of unacceptable appearances at Mummy GO’s church; On her a large banner hung at the entrance of the church, “Do not enter the House of God with the following: Beads: Whether male or female, royalty or fashionista, beads are not allowed in the church of Mummy GO.“We only investigated criminal aspect, doctors investigated the medical aspect, the Ministry of Education now investigated that other administrative aspect of the school, that was why the school was shut down and still being shut down.You are not allowed to dress up like royalty in the church as well.On getting to the church located in the Iyana Ipaja area of Lagos State, I met a group of people chanting “Hallelujah!” They were about seven in number.Jewellery: You will have to return that drop-dead neck, head, or leg jewellery before you leave home.She said, “The Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources has a Plastic Waste Management Policy in place; we also have a Recycling Bank for plastic wastes within the premises where people can exchange their plastic wastes for money.

The ushers are vigilant, they will find you and seize it for the duration of the service.I was about to enter the church when a security official who identified himself as Brother Femi said my dress which was some inches above my ankle wasn’t long enough..Miniskirts and short skirts: Your quest to look dashing may be dampened by the fact that the church does not allow you to drape yourself in delightful trims and tights.Your entire leg must be covered at the RAPEC church.Brother Femi’s observation was my first confirmation of all that I had seen Mummy GO preached in viral videos.Jeans: The church does not condone any kind of jeans, whether slashed, tight-fitting or free.A meme posted online says, “Jeans will lead you to hellfire".I picked one fabric and tied it around my waist to be allowed into the church.Fasawe said, “Today, I will be handing over some dispensers as well as some reusable items to all the departments and units as my personal contribution to this campaign on ban of single use of plastic by LASEPA.

Curly hair, dreads and hair extensions: If your hair plays a major part of your identity, you may consider attending other churches.Mummy GO’s church does not welcome curly hair, dreads or hair extensions for women in her church.I sat in the class for age 40 and below?? (English or Yoruba class?) with a slim, dark-complexioned lady, who wore a purple top and a very long black skirt as the teacher.Your hair would have to be totally covered up for you to venture into the house of God at RAPEC.Dreads and stylish cuts for men: For men, your hair must not be stylish in any way.The topic for the Sunday school class was ‘Devil Like Jesus’.You must not adorn dreads and curly hair as well.Contact:.

Your hair must be low without any unique cuts.I bought the English version.Eyelashes: You must bring your natural face, eyelashes to RAPEC.You must be prim and proper like in the days of yore.She dwelled on how God is helping Mummy GO despite her many persecutors online.Makeup: All dabs, brushes and powders will bar you from Mummy GO’s church, else you won’t be allowed by the ushers.Painted nails: For Mummy GO, painted nails are a reflection of immorality.Some moments later, I heard the sound of another bell.

A church pamphlet made available to PUNCH correspondent described painted nails as devilish, it also linked it to Jezebel in the bible.Tattoos: You are disqualified from going to the house of God at RAPEC with your tattoos.Read Also My mum not bothered about hellfire memes on social media – Mummy GO’s son Bimpe (before) and (after) The Sunday School session ended with an offering and the Sunday Service started proper with a man asking the congregants to shout the ‘Blood of Jesus’ 21 times.If they are not revealing, you may begin to cringe when the sermon hits you where the tattoo lies..Hymns were recited afterwards and then a man wearing a grey suit mounted the pulpit and led a short prayer session.

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Who is this charlatan Mummy Go na 419 So what makes tht controversial? And how is this new? Dem dey report for mosque why ladies dnt wear mini skirt to worship? Get busy guys and come off toy news. Why is she using glasses herself hummmmmm Nigerian pastors nah wah ooooo

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