Afenifere, Awolowo, Azikiwe, Buhari

Afenifere, Awolowo

Comparing Buhari to Awolowo, Azikiwe mischievous, Afenifere slams Adesina - Punch Newspapers

Comparing Buhari to Awolowo, Azikiwe mischievous, Afenifere slams Adesina

10/15/2021 9:08:00 PM

Comparing Buhari to Awolowo , Azikiwe mischievous, Afenifere slams Adesina - Punch Newspapers

Comparing Buhari to Awolowo , Azikiwe mischievous, Afenifere slams Adesina

“To use the instances cited by the spokesman to gauge the popularity of the President, we can say that those who met him at the airport on his arrival from a medical trip could be in three or more categories. Those who genuinely wished him well and were happy to see him back. Those who were there to be really sure that the rumour of his death they heard was not true. And those who always go to any place that people gather – especially when or where a leading figure is or will be present.

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“To use the crowd that gathered where President Buhari is not only as a measure of his popularity is erroneous. Admittedly, crowd-pulling can be an indicator of popularity. But this is not likely now given the level of mistrust that people have in governments. The mistrust that governments created over the years through its various policies of alienation and disempowerment.

“From the foregoing, it can be stated without equivocation that the majority of the crowd the spokesman talked about would be those curious to see whether their presence and prayers could make Mr President to see that they are suffering and in need of benign policies from the government.

“Comparing President Buhari to Chief Obafemi Awolowo and Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe therefore is not only mistaken, it is mischievous to say the least.”Awolowo was a Nigerian nationalist, political leader, writer and a principal participant in the country’s struggle for independence. he is famed as the president who never ruled Nigeria.

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Make them wake up to fix this country again Away from government. I sell Coal stove at affordable price. Dm for more info I hope FemiDoc will not deny this report as reporter's error after 2023. Femi Adeshina is an employee of we shouldn't expect him to say anything Negative about his principal. Adeshina and Buhari will soon come to an END. I just hope Nigerians won't forget easily all the rubbish he said afterward.

If una no get talk abeg make una leave it FemAdesina has taken sycophancy to sickening level. Nigeria Terrorist government of fulani ..put repented Terrorist Bandit into Nigeria Terrorist government custom ..United States Of America United Nation you people keep silent the Terrorist government of fulani killing Biafrans . Free Mazi Nnamdi Kanu Now ..

These guys are replying a drug addict 🤣 Mtswee No be juju be dat Adeshina need to re-examine his head. To conceal his inferiority complex he talk nonsense before his paymaster to HIGH his self esteem.

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Adesina will always say anything to eat😁 More than mischievous and childish. APC is still playing politics with everything. Unfortunately, there is little or no difference btw d Afeniferes and d so called Femi Adeshina! By d time femi is done, he'll also become an 'Afenifere'! May God deliver my race from these sort of characters! Endonenigeriatosavelives YorubanationNowNow

Buhari should create a section on his range and build a shield for Adesina when his tenor is over ọ. I hope Adesina follows Buhari to Dora after his presidency. Soldout Yoruba man. Even buhari himself knows they’re decieving him lolz homelandlove Not even Tinubu, With all this achievements can come remotely close to Awolowo.

Femi Adeshina is high BabeDotNation1 Comparing Buhari to Awolowo is insulting! Adeshina is mentally unstable. Something is definitely wrong with the individual.

President Buhari More Popular Than Azikiwe, Awolowo, Shagari – AdesinaPresident Muhammadu Buhari has attained greater acceptance among Nigerians even more than heroes who spearheaded Nigeria's independence, says the Special President Muhammadu Buhari has attained greater acceptance among Nigerians even more than heroes who spearheaded Nigeria's independence, says the Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina. How you talk when high frequency konji is catching you. We know in bad and destructive decisions that is what makes buhari popular. Stupid man

God purnish anybody comparing Azikiwe Awolowo intiligent educated people to an illiterate nomadic Jhihadis blood shedding Buhari may the blood the Soul of the innocent people Buhari killed descend on him or her and their generations in Jesus name Amen ✝️ No matter how long a log of wood stays in a river, it will never become a crocodile 🐊 FemAdesina , no go dey do pass yourself.

Comparing Buhari to chief Awolowo or Dr. Azikiwe by Femi Adesina is not only mischievous but is like someone using left hand to give the description of his father's house. The gentleman is only being carried away by the spurs of the moment. It would soon end. Trying to sale an expired drugs. You don't need to market a product that customers already rejected 😃😃😃😃 the man is negatively talked about and he is never popular just that his handlers are always trying to market an already self de-marketed product. Mr OGA POPULARITY

They are warning them now but atenuje will never learn anything from afonja untill the class room is moved into his grave.🤣🤣🤣 Femi Adesatan when no get himself... A blinded mind never see truth in life Don't mind Femi, after 2023 he will relocate to Daura or Niger Honestly, quite obvious, adesina ti ya WEREY

He is suffering from early dementia and it will be a tragic when beging to say he is sorry for calling day the night.

Edo governor meets Buhari, seeks funding for ranches | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World NewsEdo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki, yesterday, met President Muhammadu Buhari at the presidential villa, Abuja and sought provision of funds for those interested in setting up ranches in the state. Governor coming to borrow from the presidential borrower 😆 Cursed generation of leaders! 🤣🤣🤣

Days are counting for them that office will soon go out ur hand How can you be comparing failure with success. What portion has school certificate failure with degree holders who think that adesina nah big bastard ….. una just dey know 🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️•••• omo ale jatijati sha That Adeshina is a mad man just they ignore him

Not only mischievous but also madness and over zealous They should have ignored him. The man is working for his money. He is paid to be mischievous. That's what Southerners are used for. Buhari is a colossal failure. Anyone comparing him with anyone is totally mad and out of touch with realities Come on now, it's easier to type stupid than mischievous

FemAdesina has obviously lost his sense of reasoning.

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He's only defending his pockets, the reality is waiting for him Mischievous is an understatement! The man is high on something!! I think MBuhari's aides live in another world, a world of Illusion!!! Oponu ni adesina Alatenuje ekeji ffk NEC: STATES, FG TO PAY COMPENSATION TO VICTIMS OF ENDSARS PROTESTS & PROSECUTE THOSE INDICTED *Council also strongly advises against planned protests considering security situation *Urges organisers to consider other options

Femi Adesina is always talking rubbish trying to market a bad product like Buhari Yup walai U’re right honestly u the most popular useless human being among them ad that’s the main reason u’re popular bingo 🐶son of cow 🐄

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