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CTVpolitics seunokin I am deeply depressed that many have taken sides in this Oshiomole v obaseki matter. This is not the 1st time governors ve been in fights with their predecessors but this a shame if they do not sheath their swords. They shld both be ashamed of their actions seunokin Adams Oshiomole is not the problem of APC. It is difficult to bring reform in a country where money bags and governor are used to impunity. Oshiomole should be encourage to bring party discipline, Supremacy and order in direct primary.

seunokin When going on conventional break don't say 'join us again' but say 'stay with us' seunokin That woman is just busy attacking PDP as though that was the topic of discussion. Simple question of should APC national chairman be sack, and she talking trash. Seun tell Amina I said when you are eating you don't talk. I am apc core member n we are agrived

Mrs is just running away from issues Keep mentioning PDP, Remove that paid child from your studio. He is about to say rubbish. Greetings to the news director, please investigation revealed that one Riffraff Mbagwu aka mba oo is planning with some Massob members to assassinate some APC politician in IMO state. I have written a report to DPO in ikenne where he lives but no response

Channels Television @channelstvSUNRISE DAILY Interesting sunrisedailynow Its difficult for them to understand the guess for lack of knowledge on how parties works. .....?.......?.....?....?.,..........,,.,,.,...........,.,...

Channels Television @channelstvPOLITICS TODAY If president buhari,refused to sign the electoral law,can't the national assembly override the president and pass it into law? All these happenings shows President Buhari incapacity with capacity Pls what do u expect

Channels Television @channelstvNEWS10 Old news 1m_Henry_Moore as our political History remains confusion..darn it I sells Mercedes benz parts and range rover parts contact me on WhatsApp 08131567210

Channels Television @channelstvSUNRISE DAILY sunrisedailynow Digital employment is really been frustrated in Lagos. Digital taxis services such as Bolt and Uber are been clamped down by VIO under the order of LASG for Operational fee, Lagos Drivers licence and Hackney permit while Lagosian trek around everyday. sad it is well the sky is your limit thanks for the Info. Lagos needs change. A new party needs to take over lagos for proper development

Channels Television @channelstvSUNRISE DAILY Sunrise at sunset? Lmao🤣 Political noses

Watch: Taaoma Speaks On Alleged Rivalry With MarajiInternet sensation and comedienne Taaooma was recently a guest on Channels TV 'Rubbin' Minds' where she spoke about the alleged rivalry between her and fellow comedy skit maker, Maraji. We love you both

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