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Bitcoin, Cbn Digital Currency

CBN to launch digital currency Oct 1

CBN to launch digital currency Oct 1

7/22/2021 11:08:00 PM

CBN to launch digital currency Oct 1

The Central Bank of Nigeria has said that it will launch the pilot scheme of its digital currency on October 1st, 2021.

Nairametricssaid that its private sources said the pilot scheme will be launched on October 1st, 2021. It said that the press briefing delivered by the Director IT department, Rakiya Mohammed, at the end of the meeting explained that the Bank had been conducting research in regards to central bank digital currencies since 2017 and may conduct a proof of concept before the end of this year.

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If I invest and they rug pull, I'm going to pack all the computers in their office Another way of looting, money laundering will be easier Bokcoin or Fulcoin Sapacoin or cowcoin. Smh cenbank Governor, Emefiele, has not been able to manage conventional currency effectively. Now he is going into an unknown territory. I hope he will not worsen the economic crisis in Nigeria.

How can Godwin Emefiele make use of his senses when his Oga at de top is not making use of his sense in the right way... Rubbish people why are you people collecting money from USSD? Hold on...... What if they are trying to take away every cash vie this mirage of crypto. The federal government is trying to play a lame game. Most crypto traders are east, west & south; i just hope these guys are not trying to swindle us.

How many digital currency are to be launched.. Cowcoin Nigeria 🇳🇬 is a failed state and the leaders are confused

Telcos disagree with CBN, push to lead mobile money - Punch NewspapersThe most widely read newspaper in Nigeria Follow Pornxflex for the best porn videos 😩🤤

The only way we can buy this stuff is if it is peg to USTD or the TUSD Where will it be accepted? Lauch digital currency at dis poor economic i guess dis man is unstable Launching digital currency for money they dont have. FreeMaziNnamdiKanu FreeMaziNnamdiKanu FreeDunamis5 FreeENDSARSProtesters. ProscribeMyettiAllahTerrorist StopHerdsmenMenance DemocracyIsFreedomOfSpeech DemocracyIsFreedomOfReligion DemocracyIsFreedomOfAssociation

From Crow to Crypto. Huhu dey smell. shitisreal They will charge you to death like they are ruining our saving with banks and inflation. Who go buy Nigeria digital currency? The indebted country with poor management. Anybody that buys it with this present management has entered one chance. My chest ooooh 😄😄😄😄😄

Hmmm digital currency for Naija ok o we are watching Launch digital currency under a failed economy🤣 Emefele don't have sense.

‘Cashless policy at stake as cyber fraud persist’ | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World NewsExperts in the technology industry have stated that the lack of trust in the use of digital platforms could undermine the benefits of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) cashless policy.

Digital currency in Nigeria? That is a misplaced priority, Mr. Governor. Focus more on how the commercial banks can change their lending policies to encourage business development, especially the startups in Nigeria. Cowwe Did they just wake up? Banditcoin Fatal RUGPULL Thieves Useless Oga how far with your Naira/Yuan swap? Another white elephant project that will surely fail.

Splendid.......... cowcoin 😂 The country is a circus.

Launch already, I’m excited. Dis pple wantu finish Nigeria Dem ban Bitcoin at first, our money no get value even small, garri na 1,100, food on increase It will be called 'cowtocurrency' 🤭 RapidMedicare© is into: 1. Telemedicine; a software where healthcare providers can create customized clinics and with a centralized patient database as well as treatment/diagnostic assistant 2. Online pharmacy; assist with monitoring drug compliance 3. Swift Drug Delivery DM

My candid advice is for anyone who has ears should not attempt to deal with CBN or Nigeria govt on this....their plan is to make you lose your hard-earned money so that you will be grounded and not able to get means of livelihood & can’t fight them. hearword👂🏼 jack where is our dislike button ? I would have used it on this tweet.

Some idiot go stoll buy am buy it if you want to lose your money. I will not say more than that. I will revisit this teet in 10 years' time. Ajirebi don talk o

Telcos disagree with CBN, push to lead mobile money - Punch NewspapersThe most widely read newspaper in Nigeria Follow Pornxflex for the best porn videos 😩🤤

It's shld be called SapaCoin 😂😂😂😂 one chance. I guess it will be called Fulacoin since the regime is all about Fulani 🤣 Madness Awon werey Wait first o, is that not d same CBN that banned Bitcoin in Nigeria bcos according to them, it's used by players of d 'dark world'? Mumu people. Unna time dey come. All these analogue thick-headed men holding vital positions in the zoo, we say: To hell with your digital currency. Nothing works well in this hell of a country. EndNigeriaNow FreeNnamdiKanuNow BiafraNationNow YorubaNationNow keepeiton ✊

Lol jealous of crypto ? When they are fund of using old folks to rule the brilliant youth

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I thought they ban crypto?🤨🤨 If You Know How To Do Airdrop Giveaway On Crypto. Please Follow The Link Below To Receive Ur Airdrop Giveaway. 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 They are just waking up Which one be digital currency again? $Terror Coin Take it to Fulani... They'll buy it ... is meant for COW not for human Only aboki and bandit go buy ur crypto-cry-and-see

Folks its centralized, no difference from our traditional banks. And I think these people are normal... Meffycoin

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Lemme guess the name..... BANDICOIN Trust is the most important ingredient that push many economic policies. Trust deficit is this govt biggest challenge. Meffy at it again🤔 If you understand how the Nigerian oligarchy works, then you already know their digital currency will only make you loose. it should e called corrupt-co$n

You want us to use your God forsaking crypto linked to this your God forsaking economy. They will use it themselves. Oga mint your own carry go CBN too confuse 'The project name is tagged Project GIANT and it will use the Hyperledger Fabric BLOCKCHAIN'

🤡 Lmao😂😂No be juju be this ? Way to go $APA Coin The real reason Bitcoin was banned... Start by lifting the Bitcoin ban so people don't feel villified. Nigeria is the 3rd biggest investors in crypto. Can't trust this government Na una go spend una currency unaself. Weyrey people We all remember Nigerian air. Dead on arrival