Greenfield Students, Kaduna Varsity Students

Greenfield Students, Kaduna Varsity Students

CBN should pay N100m Greenfield students’ ransom before it’s too late – Gumi - Punch Newspapers

The most widely read newspaper in Nigeria

5/5/2021 6:32:00 AM

CBN should pay N100m Greenfield students’ ransom before it’s too late – Gumi - Punch Newspapers

The most widely read newspaper in Nigeria

Gumi, who spoke on Tuesday during a programme of the African Independent Television, Kakaaki, monitored by one of our correspondents, said he needed the support of the Federal Government to rescue the students.When asked if he was aware of the kidnap of the students of Greenfield University and the Federal College of Forestry, he said “As for the forestry students, we have been trying to see whether we can get some of the herdsmen’s contact so that they can release these people.

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“We have also been trying our best but you know we have limitations, there are lots of obstacles on the way but the parents have been really consulting with us.”On the Greenfield University students, the cleric said, “The issue of the Greenfield students is a little bit more complex.

“There are two groups of bandits. We have the ordinary Fulani ethnic herdsmen and the religious elements, terrorists. That is why we have been telling the government to support us so that we can go in and bring the children out.“The issue is getting compounded because this element is coming in; Boko Haram is coming into the scene now. They are the ones that captured Greenfield students. It is not a question of sleeping. You have to act very fast.”

Gumi asks FG to pay the N100m ransomGumi, who spoke to one of our correspondents on the telephone, lamented that his efforts, which had been yielding fruits, were not being appreciated by the government.He said, “ The money they are asking for is too much; if I give you that money, you cannot run away with it. Nobody can run. So, why not give them the money, they release the boys and then we pursue them and get our money back and do what is necessary; it is simple logic. So, bring the money from the central bank. How can they move that money? We should not be stupid.

“These people are getting infiltrated; Boko Haram is getting close and they don’t respect the clergy. I need support to get them inoculated against the infiltration of these ideologies, whether Boko Haram or Ansaru, whatever it is. We need to shield them because they are naïve. If there is too much pressure on them, and they see help from Boko Haram, who are richer and have more weapons, it is going to consume everybody.”

In an interview with journalists on Tuesday, the National President of the Parents Teacher Association, Haruna Danjuma, urged the bandits to spare the lives of the innocent students.Also, the National President, Foundation for The Protection of Women and Children, Hajiya Ramatu Tijjani, appealed to the abductors for the sake of the Holy Month of Ramadan, not to kill any student.

The two groups made the appeal as one of the kidnapped students of the Greenfield University regained freedom.It was learnt that the student was released on Saturday before the bandits made their fresh demands on Monday.On Tuesday, Lauretta Attahiru, mother of the released student, confirmed the development to journalists. ,,

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Gumi has to be interrogate....He is really cashing out big time This man is the head of terrorists in Nigeria and he should get arrested. Dss is sleeping. Everyone is sleeping God come and save Nigerians from this man who had turn himself to spoke man for kidnappers and also demand for money to settle them.

Just Woow Biko they want use the 100m paid to open company that will employ naija youth ? Am asking fir a bro God will punish Gumi National middle man... gosh!... and the same person is a cleric with a conscience. And they'll say the bandits are irreligious bla bla bla!.. shame on ya'll defending these yokel all in d name of religion.

Is Gumi an Agent or Marketer for Gunmen? I'm wondering 2010 Toyota venza fullest option 4.6m Isolo lagos 08064478029 May amadioha strike u

Pay N100m Ransom Or We’ll Kill 17 Greenfield Varsity Students, Bandits ThreatenAbductors of some students of Greenfield University in Kaduna State yesterday threatened to kill the victims if their demand for N100 million ransom is May this bandits never sleep peacefully even here after EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS GOVERNMENT IS FAKE Everyone dies eventually, including killer terrorist kidnappers and their sponsors. Even BOKO HARAM that killed more students from 2009 to 2016 still lost and, these hellfire bound kidnappers will also lose. Indeed, they're the losers for ever.

If CBN pays that money I will source for my own AK47 read my lips. What's all this nonsense It's just pitiable the state of this nation called Nigeria; how on Earth has the police and millitary become less trained; I thought they were trained for war and for days like this! To fight without fear in the face of evil, this is a bandit of less than 2000 solders.

Gumi should be fucking arrested by now, if we’re being serious about security in this country!! And he is still walking free. So u have now use kidnapping as ur business u and Mr . president Gumi unfortunately has identified with bandits and even speaks for them openly, yet no higher authority has called him for questioning. There's a smoke screen here. If you know you know.

Gumi is the Patron and Strategic Ally to these bandits. FG knows it, Nigerian Millitary know it too but they are just deceptive and double tongued in their dealings. May nemesis catch up with all the evil conspirators against peaceful Nigerians. I'm looking for N.B.C EgboTimson Gumi pay them with the COWS revenue not oil revenue . Whatever happen to the student you and Buhari will be charge for genocide .

They can just print...

Abductors demand N100m ransom for Kogi council chairAbductors of chairman of Yagba West Local Government Area of Kogi State, Mr. Pius Kolawole, have demanded N100million as...

Hope he should be investigated This man is working for the terrorist. Merchant of conscience. Gumi, the negotiator. From 800k to 100m. Terrorist now rules Nigeria... This guy shud be a suspect by now.... He should be investigated. Are you living in Lagos, unemployed, understand HAUSA and can speak fluently and you have from OND upwards please if you follow me and DM me for imidiate job interview limited persons needed be fast

Gumi be careful Gumi what is your special interest in the bandits? Gumi Gumi. You negotiate regularly with the terrorist right? I thought they give you a listening ear. Why does it always appear that you speak in favour of the terrorists? How many more kidnappings/killings will they have to do before Nigeria's treasury is totally laundered?

Baba Ijesha: Iyabo Ojo slams N100m suit against Yomi FabiyiIyabo Ojo is seeking N100 million in damages, a public apology and retraction of the defamatory publication in Yomi Fabiyi’s placards. Slam ko slam ni ... do you even know what slam a suit on someone means? Inaccurate headline. this so-called iyaboojo is bent on BabaIjesha's case o... ah dey watch while chewing my pop-corn It’s a very simple matter. Yomi should also sue her back cos she was the first to use a derogatory words on her Instagram page but she went ahead and deleted all the video! Everyone should have a say on a matter and she should stop bullying people cos she feeds no one .

So that you will go and collect your share Really...... ? Poor people no dey send dia children to private university ooooo! These ones wan cash out 😂😂😂 Hahahahahaahahaha... noone has mentioned Desmond here yet o...any which way, we still move! The chairman has spoken This man is putting on a human pretending to b human

This man, yes him; Gumi should be in custody answering questions.. He know where those students are. He and those Bandits are so much in league he even knows what those kids had for breakfast. Its so obvious, yes? It is beginning to look like this guy is collecting some brokerage commission on all these deals. We have a weak government!

This man is cashing out big time. Is this man mad or something? Could it be that Dem dey settle him?

Reps summon NNPC, CBN, FIRS, EFCC, others over illicit financial flows - Punch NewspapersThe most widely read newspaper in Nigeria Awon werey🙄 na today?🤷‍♂️😏😏😒 Nothing will still come out... You are summoning what you are part of..... Summon legislators.

Wow Gumi la bandits agent. How many percent is he collecting I'm beginning to think that this man has a share in the money or probably know something we all don't know. Give it up for Gumi, The unsolicited consultant Finder of bandits Seer of their future Seeker of their warfare The compass towards obtaining taxpayers moni The bringer of Ahmed who collects 800k for tfare within Kaduna Our new celeb Nig Govt 👏👏👏 Other; terrorist watch Hisss

But I don't understand. Wat exactly is going on. GUMI/ BANDITS/FG.There is something unholy going on here, they are gradually legitimizing it in the minds of nigerians, very soon it will no longer draw the kind of rebuke and condemnation it shld , dat is dangerous.this shld stop Funny country!! Is this man a middleman or picker?

Nigerian leaders romancing terrorist. This Gumi is a terrorist. Aso-rock Criminals, the Sponsors of terrorism. God will punish you all for asking another found to buy arms for your terrorists. May God over run you Hmm! The government should look into this Gumi's activities. Is he part of them or what? As picker wey baba be, him dey hustle for him cut😀

Should the CBN Print Money To Finance Fiscal Deficits?, By Nasiru AminuSince inflation will be one of the consequences of printing more money, it means that the naira will be further weakened. No. But printing money isn't a bad idea. Breaking News: Tension in Aso rock as Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will be on air tomorrow being the 5th of May 2021. 7pm Biafran time. DSS has haired Russians scientist to attack the frequency but Biafra scientist's are equal to the tax ahead is gona be hot. On whose authority was the 60 billion printed, don’t come asking for permission from anyone it what you have been doing

Orisirisi This man is using kidnapping and ransom paying as a CashApp stint. Please where are the Dundun/Suya Sellers DSS outfit? Guy man your business is booming so fast in the North.....real business man atlist 50% of 100m will get to his head as his boys succeeded this is looking like an elaborate scheme but, these bastards already killed 3 students 😭🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

Surprising that the DSS has not dim it fit to arrest him Hummmmm!!! 😱 Ìwọ ò ti gbọ́n.... When you've already calculated what your favorite own slice will amount to. God punish all of you. Pay 100m with bikes and they will release them, buy more amunitions and come back to kidnap more kids next month. I want to see their business plan walahi. Ask for Gumi, how do you get your commission in all these?

south south , south west and south east Governors are cowards period 👌 Shehu Gumi, you will never know peace for the rest of your life! Oga needs to cash out asap..... Smh

Na this man get this business Sho’ni CC? load am Cash App, cashout O ni maga, bill am Small money, ball out Usain Bolt, run am You get sure client, lock am If you no get money, leave am EFCC nbo, jaapa Who's this gumi? Is he a Nigerian or a foreigner Is this man not our problem in this zoo country bikonu.🙄 what is this nonsense nah and no one is saying anything

Pay intime life is important PrometheusNaija Smtin dey inside this man 🧔 🧔 You're a suspect For crying out loud, is the ransom paid to ghost? Is it not to help human beings? Can't the force men track them then through the payment of d ransom? The government is so confusing!!! I think it high time we stop paying attention to anything he is say cause he is just getting unnecessary publication

Maybe you have commission to collect from them. DSS and co will not see anything bad with this grivious statement.

Imagine the confidence! This call is from the office of the minister for terrorist and banditry affairs. FG is either afraid of this guy or supportive of him. And this maniac is still walking freely without being questioned or arrested. Haa, Nigeria don finish. He should be held responsible if anything happens to those children.

The audacious authority with which this man releases statements has made him, a force to reckon with,quite unfortunately. So unfortunate, what this country has become. This man head need to be cut off, we need to use atomic bomb to clear the hold north Why is thunder wasting so much time to kill this fool.

Awon Agba Yahoo. Cashing Out Big Time ✌ The same people that kidnapped those students are they same people that is supporting and saying government should pay them. This has been the new development In the North since this year, after this one they will kidnap another student and demand 200m Yesterday I read DSS wanna start tracking down people saying shit about Buhari on social media. Where’s that same DSS when people’s lives are at stake and some have lost theirs?

This matter is critical, the whole country has been held to ransom. A whole mess Why is this Gumi always advocating payment to kidnappers. It seems he is one of their(kidnappers) sponsors/leaders. That's the message from the bandits, 'tell them to tell CBN to pay the 100m ransom', this gumi surely has a share in the ransom being paid to this terrorist, a friend of terrorist is a terrorist, gumi be ware, Buhari just has 2 years left, if u escape him, think of tomorrow.

How much be this man percentage for this money? A whole CBN Na wao I think this Sheikh Gumi should be made Minister of Terrorists Negotiation and Ransom Related Matters We followed back every follow account These old man knows something deep about terrorism and he's a threat to the nation building! I suspect this man is the chair behind this insurgency in Nigeria.

This terrorist is just freely talking every day If father mbaka who told the govt to fix the country can be arrested why wouldn't this bandit negotiator can't be arrested! What is wrong with this politicians, Jesus Christ save your elects from this country So this man don become special adviser to FG on security matters abi?😂😂

Why? In a sane society we should have known what to do.... The moment you realise that these guys are trying to replicate Niger delta militant in their own way to get their share of the national cake, afterall, they own the land....... Then you ll start seeing their obvious game plan for what it is +d conniving silence that follows.

This guy is a terrorist DSS should move in on this man. Which kind talk be this!! 🤦🏽‍♂️ I feel speechless. The present admin is simply aware of this BS Your interfering in crisis that we don't know when it will end.

Ayibatonye0 Wetin dey happen self .. who be this Gumi ? How did we get here? Obadiah Mailafia's comment wasn't as serious as Gumi's but he was towed to n fro severally by the DSS. Gumi is a terrorist and an accomplice. I wonder why the government is turning a blind eyes to his excesses. Spits What is actually going on in this country. God please help us all

Gumi just dey cash out everyday He is openly funding a movement while FG insists that kidnapping and banditry is not a federal offence Motor kee u. Minister of banditry/ terrorist affairs. Who’s 100M are you talking about ? I blame the elites in the south for all these nonsense we are experiencing coz of their greed. We will occupy Nigeria very soon. I know DSS will turn a blind eye to this.

this country nawa Our God is too patient in matters like this and that's why it's so painful! Can we please call on Amadioha, Sango and other gods of vengeance on these unfortunate people in government!!! I Y'all bandit influencers HELL is your final destination!!!!! GUMI KNOWS THE WHEREABOUTS OF THESE BANDITS AND MARAUDERS, WHY CANT HE BE ARRESTED FOR AIDING AND ABETTING CRIMINALITY PARENTS SHOULD TURN THEIR ANGER ON HIM !!!

Why am happy hearing all this shit from Gumi is that he just keeps on proving to Nigerians that the Fulani headsmen and bandits all all the same Pay N100m now and next time it will be N500m. Why wout they stop at N100m . This is easy money for them. The government knows the bandits but won't apprehend them. It's very easy to trace the money. There is a sucker born every minute

Come, who is this man sef? And more money 💰 and power to acquire more arms. Not saying they shouldn’t pay oh but seriously these people are draining the Nation of its wealth. The 100m is too small they should give them 1B. Said the terrorist Amazing!😒😒😒

Mr middle man Daris God oooo Print counterfeit currencies and pay them. Release the kids and the put them on check. Nigerian security are just daft. This one is heading the crime drama section of Nigeria movie industry. He's the villian pretending to be hero. We will see his end. Follow Us and Also contact Us if you have Passion For Acting and Film Production and Scriptwriting in Nollywood , You Also Act In Our Next Nollywood Films. Igbo | Aproko Doctor | Na Desmond Elliot | Star Boy | Gumi FreeMbakaNow Father Mbaka

Gumi is probably itching for his own cut of the 100m, he has already hinted that the kidnappers might start cooperating with boko haram to secure more payments. I really don't know why the government has refused to do any to secure the release of those innocent students. The OfficialAPCNg government has continued to show how nepotistic and marginalized she is to some sections of the country. SheikGumi should have been arrested by now as all his actions and body language show he's part of the terrorists and bandits NGRSenate NigeriaGov act now

I don't get it pls. Is it d word banditry used 2describe those guys that is confusing this man or is he just an allied? Cos form my understanding bandit is another word 4thieves/criminals so who advocates 4criminals. 4xample who advocates 4d devil? Demons right😏. Nut-an werey🤬 Hmmm this Nigeria At this point!!, save the life first!!, pay the money!!! Since we've all agreed that our security systems have failed!!, even though it might be political or some people in govt perpetuating this acts, we have seen them kill before!!, let them pay the money!!

This man is the bandit leader i guess

this terrorist is going out freely but Nigeria terrorist in uniform Nigeriapolice and military are in Biafra land arresting and killing innocent people This guy is definitely benefitting from it Sheik Gumi is a thief, he has a cut from d payment Nd this guy is not missing?😒....omo we gatz wake up oohh😤

This man na middle man. Na 30% be em share. Just imagine a bandit negotiating and telling the government what to in favor of the terrorists and one will tell me Nigeria is country Using ration mixing formula. 25:4. O d'imule. Cc: DeeOneAyekooto Sheikh Gumi is tarnishing the Image of Islam Middleman Where is the DSS & officialEFCC and even the PoliceNG? Why has this man not being arrested? This is national security at stake here. Such boldness and no one is saying or doing anything?

If we are in a sane world, the CBN could have place tracker on those currency and track this bastards afterwards but noooo the government will prefer those guys get killed instead... DatAnambraChick This man should be arrested 🤷‍♂️ Everyone have their period of grace so also those criminal elements in the current government We are watching. For those that think 2023 will not come or its still faraway, we are still watching. We will decide.

CBN to pay who? Shiekh Gumi or who? Have d Bandits given you d A/c details so CBN can wire d money. Atleast CBN will know d real terrorist A/c instead of d EndSars protesters accused of running terrorism A/c. Very funny, indeed. The whole world will be asking; is this for real? Gumi na middle man the way Charlie the see things

This Gumi should be arrested with immediate effect, what does he take Nigerians for. This madness should stop, go and look for genuine business and do. Hausa Fulani is taking us for ride in Nigeria. Enough of this nonsense Is it true that Mbaka is missing for criticizing MBuhari and this one is here speaking for Terrorist!!!! Nigeria is gone

This is getting a percentage from every ransom paid to kidnappers or bandits. All these man's comments are enough for him to be arrested and interrogated 'you people should pay us up, we're running out of patience'

This country don turn upside down It’s so obvious that this dude is an accomplice This man is responsible for all the insecurity in the North. He’s a terrorist Can they just arrest this man What is really happening in this country Alfa Gumi want to CASH OUT quick quick, before the Eid Fitri Salah CELEBRATION 🤪🤪😋😋😋🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪😋

Middle man 10% cashout This man should be arrested! How much is yo percentage baba Gumi I stand to disagree this Gumi isn’t cashing out! He is an accomplice!! Are we not in serious trouble as a people & as a nation. Something is fundamentally wrong. What's this in God's name. Wahala dey.

I'm busy scrolling thru the comments. I'm searching for a northern Muslims position on this issue of Gumi advocating for terrorists. I've not seen one. They've scurried into their holes. Very pathetic indeed! Their business enterprise is really moving as they planned, Gumi the agent is on the wheel Gumi calculating his middle man cut

Lol, na wao. The kidnapper spokesman. Buhari kinsman. Nigeria Army retiree... The way i always look at this man ehn! If Obasanjo was president this man would have gone to ‘his paradise’. The North is simply using this method to amass wealth for themselves.. calculate how muc has being spent on d north recently..for one ransom or one rehabilitation or one thing or d it to other region..they put fear inside you so they can steal from u.

Which kain self-acclaimed mediator abi negotiator be this dirty-bearded idiot? Nigeria is A BIG SCAM! SayNoToNigeria SayNoToNigeria SayNoToNigeria

In a country where we have armed forces, aviation amenities, satellites, intelligence is still hard to fish out petty kidnappers! All you leaders of doom over Nigeria shall feel the heat of God's wrath! Look at this mumu man... Wonderful advise, so that his Terrorist Boys can get more alerts from their Business of ' Kill and Divide'. And more Money to buy Arms for the project of Fulanisation and ISLAMISATION.

God! What kind of bold, puclic expression is this without any probe? This is insane!😡 You (bandits) could have just asked nicely & the money would have been printed & given to you. After all, it's your government. Your CBN. You didn't have to kidnap those students please. That was a bit overboard if you ask me.

Omo make them check this man matter abeg...for someone that teaches the sunna what's all this rubbish?..Omo make them check this man matter abeg Which kain self-acclaimed mediator abi negotiator be this dirty-headed idiot? Gumi is one of them plan. He wants federal government to pay so that they can buy more weapons

Raising funds from all kind atrocities/evil just to finance the islamization agenda is very obvious to all Nigerians now. Now we see how Fulanis led Gvt now kidnap, kill and pay our money to themselves just to achieve it's baberic course. Usman Dan fodio of our time I think this guy should be in the gaols, he definitely has a link with those criminals

Only terrorist, terrorist sympathizers, Herdsmen and their allies have a say in this APC. Gumi has become untouchable because he's the leader of the terrorist group living in the midst of the people to collect ransom and negotiate with victims people. What a country we're in! This man dey take style cash out from the Nigerian government Fisco_Effizzy see something

Animal talk don start again This man should be a clown and an actor. He has a wide space to perform. Wow What is this man saying self , why is MBuhari keeping silent Nigeria is a joke and run by terrorists. Those helicopters and jets are for lpob not for fulani kidnappers and terrorists.this is the reason why we are agitating for biafra.

Don't worry we will soon strat kidnapping too in our region and we will see what you will say about it This man should be arrested and thoroughly interrogated But this is Nigeria Really! It is becoming more obvious that the government is complicit in all these crimes against humanity. Gumi Alaye Sir

Weldone sir, may God expose all the secrets of kidnappers in Nigeria and punish their sponsors in Jesus name If the Nigeria government pay this ransom then many more kidnapping will take place . I don't think the federal government or presidency, Garba Shehu, Femi Adesina And others who are after Sunday Igboho and Kanu for fighting against terrorists in their region are not in this country to get this man Gumi arrested for his action

Normal normal this Gumi suppose dey Kirikiri by now .. But MBuhari Is in control. The shocking president FG should pay N100m so, Bandit's Spokesman and agent can can get his 10-15% cut while awaiting his next job... Agent Gumi 😏 This terrorist man is still on the lose . Why is dss or the army not arresting him

Federal Government need to check activities of Guni with Badboys with Boko boy, he have Business with and share there money. Lol, and this man is still walking free? Pls you people go after this man he is the middle man to this pirate Fulani kidnappers Nigerians Old and young, all they'll do is rant on Twitter and forget about it Start a protest today a well coordinated one, occupy everywhere, young and old That's a good place to start

Arrest this man Really? This man is among those encouraging this kidnappers! Why is the army haven't arrested them pls? Why can't the police deploy the same tactic they used for Evans the kingpin? Why, what is going on this Fulani people😡😡😡 Imagine... When Jesus says Yes nobody can say no. If He says No nobody can say yes. Yes to the salvation of Nigeria and no to the loss of innocent lives in Jesus name.

Ehnnn...nah wah ooo...UK make o nah see ooo...UK_LET_BIAFRA_GO BiafraExit He not only deals with the paper work for bandits, he is even proferring income generating strategies for government. All you need in Nigeria to succeed is an AK47 Dis man shld hv bn killed Imagine that... How much is Sheikh Gumi's commission in all these?

Logic 103: It is TERRORISTS that kidnapped greenfieldstudents Greenfield17 - GUMI. Government should pay Kidnappers of Greenfield17 N100million before it is too late - GUMI. Therefore, Gumi is saying Government should pay Terrorists N100million. In Nigeria under Buhari

Like, is this man alright at all smh 100 million is not small money, but shaa life first, safety first One Nigeria unity useless zoological REPUBLIC God will punish anybody who hears him saying unity one nigeria mad people every where BajTunji He means to say, cbn should pay him the 100million before it's too late abi

Gumi are you sure you don’t have a hand in this because I don’t understand your constant deal with the government paying kidnappers . Thunder fire anybody way dey hold this country. Thunder fire the politicians!! Fire Britain!!! Fire traditional ruler!!! Fire all these ottelectuals!!! What kind of rubbish is this?

Meanwhile, parents of the kids are accusing him of being part of the kidnap gang, after he brokered a meeting between them and the kidnappers, and persuaded them to source the fund I know the clueless MBuhari govt will gladly yeild to this senseless suggestions. Wait this man is walking freely Spokes person of the Bandits/Bokoharam talking.

Minister of banditry affairs This country na better cruise. You now know the sponsors bastard Hahahahahahaha.....🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 The north's kind of silicon valley is Sambisa. Banditry is the new oil..... O oshe..... I am sure Gumi has a percentage in the 100m. Terrorist negotiator that knows all and still has a percentage on every transaction 🤨🤨

Wtf is this man They are rogues They are things the Government is not telling nigerians,,Nigerians needs to wake up

I will not be surprised if nothing will happen to this devilish and blood sucking man parading himself as a cleric, he is working for both the bandits and the B-haram, and both the Federal goverment. CBN should pay bandits 100million when am here claiming law abiding dying broke on the street? , seems like we will turn outlaws and join that business no be only them sabi touch good money .

Terrorist Gumi. Why is the govt silent on this man? Why have they not arrested him? This man is a kidnapper, terrorist apologist. Oh, I forgot, we have terrorist apologist in govt who have repented, perhaps Gumi's repentance is in sight too. The government is not willing to end the insecurity in the country. If there’s any will to put an end to it, they know what to do. They must really think we are fools.

One day power will change hands and this man go collect Cbn should just print the money as usual and stop deceiving themselves.. E sure for me say dem Don offend gumi na why e cast dem... Miscreants Why most this bandit be given attention? Don't forget that M Buhari was once a negotiator for Boko Haram too during GEJA'S administration o.

That's your plan now

This man should be arrested and jailed for life. His confidence and audicity pisses me off. NigeriaGov can this man be picked up or you want to act like you aren't aware this man supports terrorism. MBuhari ProfOsinbajo address this case. Imagine what these people have turn Nigeria to a family affair whereby CBN is now their parental joint account they can order for a withdrawal at anytime. Those who have planned this evil for Nigeria will sweat even when under AC tight house, office or car 😏😏

This man should have been arrested and questioned by the DSS by now , their continued silence to his statements show that something is fishy 😠 Northern state are very wicked and the name Nigeria should cease to exist let's joint hands and fight them.They money should pay to avoide killing them.they are vampires brainwashed Muslim

I no blame you na 'Desmond Elliot' I blame for allowing u into a TV station Gumi is trying to get his own percentage in time,since terrorist as turn to lucrative business under this government. In search for nearby country to relocate to .......85% loading DSS and HQNigerianArmy won't see this one. BiafraNationNow

This man is definitely out of his mind, but why they haven't arrested him is what baffles me, He seems to aid & abet criminality, but buhari govt won't arrest him cos some of the people in power share his sickening ideologies too. ndi one Nigeria mad people everywhere

Chai Nigeria is finish ..just imagine ..this is unbelievable Gumi how much is your share in this 100m ? If y’all believe the government is not part of this thing just know you’re a joker! They are hypocrites! All they are doing is just for the money! Gum should be found and arrested immediately! Dirty country

I thought DSS said xoxoxo? 😏 This man is getting his percentage! If he was an igbo man he would be in jail now or killed even Smh 🤦‍♂️ I smell rat - a syndicate, he is. Indeed terrorism is a good business for the Fulani cabals and That Thing Mask wearing Yusuf This man needs to be arrested and jailed for life.

Land of absurdities Kingdom of the bizarre. Zoological Republic of Nigeria ENDNIGERIANOWandSAVEBIAFRALAND So that u can collect your own share.....what a pity Naija is bleeding and need her immediately before it collapse This man suppose to be gun down Ahhh Nigeria o What will Nigeria become in the next few years The people spoiling this country should know that the anger of God will be on them, their children and grandchildren

Why have Nigeria govt not check this guy yet And this man is walking and ranting freely with no call for questioning or interrogation. But they are quick to quote and question Maliafia and other sane activists. God go catch all of una and judge accordingly. This man should NOT be allowed to talk like this about this situation. What sought of a country is this?

This man should be arrested... He knows where this students are. This can only happen in a zoo country Northerner Nigeria has become erosion that sweep away Nigerian economy. They are totally a set back to Nigeria's progress and development. Minus North from Nigeria, in 15 years Nigeria will look like Dubai. North is an agent of set back.

What stops the police from picking this idiot up, this is just not acceptable anymore. God wetin we do these Fulanis in Nigeria God will punish you I can't just imagine this... Biafra now And this beast walks about freely Tommorow it will be another university and CBN will pay another 100M.the bandict will have money to buy more arm to terroriser the innocent Nigerian citizens

Allah sarki! Gumi is now the mouthpiece of terrorists and bandits and walks freely among us. MBuhari when will it be enough? Sheikh Gumi is clearly part of the problem. This criminals/terrorist r just cashing out. This is appalling. Shame on Gumi The N100 million should be used to equip the police to tackle kidnapping and terrorism

This man is a suspect

This man is the master mind behind all this kidnapping stuff Etubom_Olushola Ademdem87 Ronin49827 The More this Terrorist Man talks the more DSS do nothing, which kind of useless ZOO country is this.😡😡😡😡😡 Nigerians must stop registration of NIN under Isa Pantami before is too late.Pantami is giving information to terrorists with ur identities. Isa Pantami is a real Al Qaeda.Youths must protest to this security risks in the name of NIN.Youths rise up n cancel this NIN registration.

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Hmm so he will get his own share, serious client Why are we all shouting? Hope you know we will keep getting news like this for another two years? Nigerians haven't seen anything yet. Buhari is treating you all with what you all truly deserve. I love what he is doing because you people don't learn. Tinubu please come joor!

Onye oshi 😒 Okay!... But I still don't understand how this man is walking free without been invited for questioning by the DSS despite his comments & link with terrorists Can you imagine and they are yet to arrest this man instead going after IPOB

How is this man a preacher of Islam? Is this what the religion is all about Like seriously? I have never heard one word of condemnation of the Terrorists from this man, what is it sef?! No one can tell me otherwise, this man is a Terrorist!!!! Kidnapping and terrorism is the newest business Buhari's administration introduced. It's the new oil well that Northern youths are tapping into. Gumi is riding and sailing smoothly on this. When all goes wrong, the culprits will help expose each other.

This guy is mad enabled by the presidency Gumi is systematically catching OUT through all these ransome at least he have some share there. Weldon BRAIN man. Every day you wake to one devastating news or another. Lai Muhammad will not fail to blame something or someone for their ineptitude Osinbanjo always making unrealistic promises Buhari don’t even care about what’s going on. We’re graduating drifting to the direction Somalis took

Yoruba nation now no going back So that he will go and collect his share fro the N100m abi? This is the man the StateDeptDSS should pick up for aiding terrorists. But instead they want to kill innocent Nigerians who demand that they be left to breathe! Spokesman for bandit 🤣🤣 This Dingbat is a suspect


Can't the world see that this are the people behind all that is happening This terrorist and his kinsmen are really cashing out I wanna believe there’s something gumi knows that the FG is afraid of,probably why FG is keeping mute to all his utterances. Not only that Gumi should also tell the Federal government to supply the bandits with tear rubber brand new MOTOCYCLES with Boko haram registration number. Nonsense.

We need Iyabo Ojo on this Gamu matter. She can help Who the fuck is this guy....And d Govt is watching him...A Sane Govt should pay N100m to Criminals, With all d Arsenal our disposal?😳 What's ur %?The Loopsided tolerance is alarming.We have no bizness with these Terrorists.This Man is a Spokesperson for these Terrorists...

I have this feeling that this guy is a disguised informant of the Bandits and all that represents terrorism in this country Wonders!😎 Too late for what to happen Imagine GUMI is from the SOUTH. The DSS would've pick him off long ago. I will strongly suggest. Every Christian it University to immediately shutdown ASAP. people are making billions from this

mad man God we punish u fuck off This evil man is making so much money from kidnapping and the world is keeping mute. Woe to Buhari and his followers. Hei God. 😄😄. Jesus , if this was a sane country shey they wouldn't have carried this dude by now. Anyway... 🤐 This man is a bandit So Sheik Gumi from nowhere became the spokes person for bandits and Nigeria is watching and analysing whatever he says and No one sees him as a threat to our peace?

Why won't he be able to talk, when he knows if anything happens to him his boys will be there to cause chaos and the government won't want that. This people are trying to hold us at ransom. But in a sane world, this man would already be serving at least 2 life sentence. Why is this man always bent on paying ransom to bandits.? Why is there no joint operation to flush out bandits and kidnappers the same way ESN was flushed out...?

Some days ago this man said bandits were purchasing weapons with ransoms payment. Today he wants the government to pay 100 million naira to those same bandits. In other words Nigeria government led by MBuhari is helping insurgents purchase weapons to kill Nigerians tomorrow. What's Gumi's interest in all of these ..?

This guy and his cohorts are using Mbuhari's clueless government to cash out pulling stunts anyhow Nigeria is a joke Lord have mercy.

Can this terrorist sympathizer stop this joke? Useless country.. Advocate for terrorist and bandit incorporated This man should be arrested. I think he's complicit in the enormous security challenges bedeviling our dear nation. The country should not enrich him the more but get him arrested. Make una See Gumi ooooo

This guy is really cashing out with his bandits, arreste him I'm surprised people are still shocked by his comments... Werey no bother with disguise again sef! Obviously working for his sales on commission 😒 Oh I love Islam So that you can get your share tell them to go and print more money quickly stupid vagabonds that gave birth to bastards

Ladies and gentlemen I present you the beneficiary of Greenfield students' largese👆☝️

Spokesman for terrorists. They couldn't have picked a better individual. This man sef na bandit Omo...this matter tire me someone atleast can communicate with the bandits and yet they can’t be fished out...God please help us This is Horrble,I cant envisage in my life time that Nigeria can be dragged into the mud like this.Nigeria is now a failed Nation.Its high time for Yoruba Nation to be.YORUBA NATION IS THE ULTIMATE.YORUBA NATION NOW.YORUBA NATION IS NOT NEGOTIABLE.

Useless man I wonder how much this man's share is. If this man was an Igbo man, he go don dey jail Hmm e clear now say this guy hand no clean at all.... His involve 😂😂😂😂 The FG are terrorist sympathizers. This unfortunate human being is a terrorist. President of all Bandits, commander-in-chief of all insurationists, Chief head and Negotiator of United Bandit Association of Fulanis, no be you I blame. Na Buhari I blame. DSS will not arrest you for this kind of useless statement. I weep for this country

How DSS has not picked this guy is honestly a mystery, seriously anytime I see this guy it makes me cringe and mad Later this one will join politics And they will say he has repented This man is a terrorist. Shikena!!!! He knows too much How can one illetrate tribe hold the entire nation to ransom 😬 This guy is a terrorist, bandit, herdsmen, ungunmen.

It the plan of the government to loot dry the treasury, they know what they are doing, first of all ask yourself what are the army doing in the south eastern region, are after killer herdsmen or ESN protecting her people? Then you will know what the northern leaders are! He can't be arrested, That can't happen, they're all in it like a circle. They're draining the economy of our unborn children. Only revolution can save us all.

Gumi abetting & supporting terrorism as if it's become a way of western civilisation is crime against humanity. SayNoToNigeria BiafraNationNow YorubaNationNow

What is this country turning into for Christ sake This man is a big threat to National Security. Get him arrested. This man must be getting returns from his friends in the Forest, he dine, wine and advocate for them most time. Congratulations Bandit and Boko colleague 🙌 This man should be arrested. He's the kidnapper

GCFR of bandits have spoken. cenbank should listen to him and act quickly. Come, what's actually wrong with this guy, gan gan? 🤔 Why is this man not squeeze by DSS and Nigeria police upon all this is illegal mediation promoting banditry. Why can't military intelligent go for their rescue AbayomiAgbomire Mo money, mo weapons

Werey tun de 😂😂 The utterances of sheik Gumi will ensure that Buhari's name lives on in ignominy. This is beyond failure Wats all this na and DSS cant invite this man for questioning ..something is wrong Does this not show Nigerians who the spoke person of bandit's, Boko Haram is ,here is the man gumi..

How this man is still walking free is beyond my imagination... When TY danjuma said the terrorist is in the army they work together What do you expect They are simply running terrorist organization in this country on a platter of gold IntlCrimCourt hrw Kidnapping is a very big and lucrative business This guy is expecting his own cut

This is the bandit himself and DSS seems to be blind and deaf. Gumi and his supporters are terrorist. This is business for them. They can't invade south because if the resistance so they want to strangle hold the government MBuhari who ofcouse is their patron. Break away from then Islamic criminal state 'nigeria' and safe innocent lives

What is this 😥😫 Nawa oh What a country. This man should be arrested & interrogated...where is the so-called DSS, Police, Army, Navy & Airforce? This one na Bandit public relations officer How much is your share from the 100million Join IPOB on the curse of regaining the ancient kingdom of BIAFRA you say no, stay happy with the current situation in your“ONE NIGERIA” you still say no.. African youths who do us? EndNigeriaNow EndSARS OduduwaRepublicNow BiafraNationNow esn4ever UK_LET_BIAFRA_GO 🩸✊🏾☠️

When we used to tell Buhari to come out of Aso Rock and be active, many will see us as enemy. What is the probability that the Bandit will not still capture another set of people after this payment? As long as Buhari is in power, those Terrorist will continue to dominate. Can you just imagine this agent of devil. I guess he is the Mastermind behind this kidnapping and banditry. I pray God will reveal himself to him.

Their chief leader is talking and nothing will be done. What a country What!! This man should be questioned. And this animal in human body is working freely in the land that has constitution. 🇳🇬 is sick! Gumi know more than enough about all these atrocities happening in our dear country. Who d fuck is this uncircumcised Philistine called Gumi? If not that naija is a dead nation it is high time he be arrested. His acts and speeches so far are tantamount to aiding and abetting terrorism.

Haba Mallam, I hope something is not missing here? What’s Gumi percentage of N100m? This is the unfortunate mindset these people have, that they can blackmail the govt and get away with it but it is where we are. They should give them the money, get both sets of students out and set-up a taskforce to interdict both terror camps. This is how to fix this menace.

Why this Gumi is yet to be picked by security agencies beats me. He's been the spokesperson for bandits but the FG, DSS and other security operatives watches. I saw the comment of the DG yesterday that they would start arresting those who criticises Buhari. This is the reasons Nigeria need to be divided if this foolish man sponsoring terrorism in the country and well known by the government but cannot arrest him to face justice, what are one Nigeria for Or should we all die in the hands of this idiots all in the name of 1 Nigeria

This is the official leader of the terrorist in Nigeria, why is he still walking freely?

edmmobi Because he is the chief negotiator so he waiting for his boss man share.u see he has proffer solution, this man must b a vampire, Make Una do fast before he will drink these children blood Kaduna parents, if anything do una children, make una hunt gumi like zomo 🐇 Nigeria is finished. See this enabler of terrorists talking and nothing is done.

Nah this man is of the devil. I wonder why they haven't arrest this head of bandit. Middle man have spoken, CBN should do wire wire transfer and Azaman get share thecountryifindmyself It's an Agenda, I have a hunch that bandits pay this guy commission on ransoms. The higher the ransom, the higher the commission.

In as much as I don’t believe in paying ransome. This makes sense pay then the money and put a tracker in it just like they do abroad. Get a strike team ready. Once they release the children to safety, the team will strike and capture them and the money back !!! Presidency should call for Gumi involvement with bandit or boko haram not only priest should investigated. All this incessant of Money! Money!! Money!!! I smell rat in all this going on. Whosever that has a hand in this karamojojo should be dismantle. My 1 kobo advise.

Look at them pretenders but if na those yeye olodo kankara boys now... Una go pay... Awon oloshi!! Na wao. Their lives actually matter. But this man's connect and concern for kidnappers too is interesting. As elected CEO of KDSG, I take ultimate responsibility for every policy, action, even errors! That is why we do not always explain some of the nuances of state governance like the sharing of responsibilities, etc. Commentators must do better than tweet false, injurious ignorance!

It's okey Something is not right about this whole banditry thing though Why has this man not been questioned iphone_plug7 Mr President and vice president, don't u think Nigerians will believe u are in support of gumi? Pls u need to act now.... Goat Is very clear dat dis man has is own share frm d not surprise though elrufai nor gree pay d ransom nd yet no rescue mission team has being sent nd you tell me dis pple don't want to fulanize Nigeria? Make una continue

Gumi and DrIsaPantami collaboration. Ransom is the new crypto.... The game is the game. Is this the only country dat negotiate with territories? It is said if a child ask for milk and you u give him/her witout questioning, den he/her will ask for his/ her own factory. WTF is wrong wit this black hole unlearned stack illiterate. Y do we have military den?

Oga like u get share for the money This man called Gumi get gut o Funny how Nigeria is paying this bastards, u pay ransome, they use it to buy more amontions and cars to cary out more operations and spread their wings. U pay again and the repeat the former. And tey said we will not divide God punish Buhari God punish Gunmi God punish everybody

What's this man problem sef DSS, please what is your comment or view on this man's suggestion ?. Nigeria biggest guy man.... Uncut straight. Some of the ' big men' in our society are benefiting from banditry and kidnapping: it can't end anytime soon If Nigeria has a sane leadership, they would have arrested this man for long; they would have named him a terrorist! How can this man come out to make this kind of utterances?!!

Is this Gumi normal?so Cbn should start paying bandits and boko haram? jhybow_whiskey Ah what effrontery

gumi get mouth pass federal government. He knows what is children will do This is serious Nigeria ENDDSS Does this man really exist or someone is just using these images to push an agenda. How can someone openly support banditry and our security forces just keep quiet. Clueless DSS can't do nothing to him.

Pls CBN kindly pay 100m to save the innocents students. Nigeria president is absent Very very sad, indeed. This is face people terrorised Nugent Imagine how gumi is cashing out in broad daylight... 100m

May the almighty God help us in this country. This man have questions to answer. See the way this man talks, let's just settle the score once not paying Ransom here n there biko Useless country called zoo This country is clearly sliding towards anarchy, we can never be the same with these ethnic bigots.

We pray for the best & God will definitely take control This guy has to stop speaking to the press. He can go to govt, dss,sss to pass is info if they need one, because he is really polluting the airwaves and mindset of those who are yet to pick up that evil trade. The world can see their motives and Religious agenda loud and clear

God will punish u play your game And this man is still roaming around freely. Let SavvyRinu just say small thing now, her account will be blocked and youths will be killed. I have scores to settle with the Angel that push me come to country. Army got 1trillion & wasted it! You guys have finished Nigeria's money, now government want to reduce worker's salary!

Where is Abba Kyari the poster boy when you need him This Gumi guy is collecting shares from ramsom payments? Because that's what the govt had planned with them. Some politicians and the negotiator are likey beneficiaries as well. Very soon those good in weaponry either form their own groups or join them since it is now the highest paying job - banditry. Can't be for only one region.

Shame on UN UK_LET_BIAFRA_GO Nigerians ntoooooo What do the bandits use the money for? Why paying ransom to bandits to be safe? Something is definitely wrong.. the security agents are not smart enof to handle dem; or d security has a hand in banditry. O ma ga ooo Abi were ni okunrin Gumi yi ni ? FG should get this man arrested because he has connection with this terrorist, he is among the people sponsoring them.

Not surprise if he’s getting cut though Pay so he will get his share no time. So many ways of cashing out in Nigeria. CBN don't keep Gumi share waiting. We know the game

Buhari is a cursed on Nigeria and is hypocrite is 100% because if it's someone from Southwest or South East or members of PDP that says all this you will see the whole Nigeria Force's in is compand you will see Lai , Garba shehu , saying rubbish that he most be arrested . This is a business and this guy is their spokesman. They are generating funds for more weapons and buhari is enjoying funding it

These people wan to suck nija dry they want their own share of the national cake another news it’s going to surface again these time they are going to say 200 million GUMI is an Advocate of Bandit , he is an Evil man, sucking blood demon . The blood of innocent lives wasted by Bandit Wil not forgive u

Oga DSS are you awake ? The same man that said they want to use the money to by harms and pay informat? They should arrest this man pls In another way, the cleric is saying the CBN pay ransom to the Terrorist or they will kill them. Can the Nigerian government simply stop this man🤷🏿‍♂️ “I dey come” no be address. Please inform at least one person of where you’re going. “I dey one side” no be location. Please let at least one person know where you are. “I dey with my guys” no be update. Please tell at least one person who you are with.

I knew this man is the sponsor of bandit and kidnappings in Nigeria .is the middle man between government and bandit This man should be question

And this guy is walking free Chai this country nah wah This Country is Totally useless How many will they keep paying? Sai Baba Sai Gumi Sai Guyman Imagine! CBN should pay 100million ransom today Tomorrow NPPC will 200million Next tomorrow FIRS will 400million Where is God self? This man get % out of this money coz me no understand this advocacy

Gumi is supposed to be Arrested & Tortured to Death by now to release those behind the Kidnap of those Innocent Greenfield students but DSS will not go after him but rather chasing after Citizens expressin their Mind towards the bad leadership across the Country. Thunder Fire dem Chukwu nna! Why is this man still walking freely ?

The no even talk FG, na CBN e message direct, say make dem print the monet down cos FG fit nor get the bar for hand

Abi ko fe da fun gumi Who is making money from this kidnapper? Follow the money How can this man be clamoring that kidnappers/bandits should be paid before it is late. While it might seem like a genuine appeal. Something smell fishy... We have no intelligence crime investigators in Nigeria. If the Nigerian government really wants to get to root of this matter i think this cleric man Gumi should be the first suspect to be apprehend. I strongly believe that he knows much about this kidnapping issues

Hmmm very distracting so Gumi now order CBN to print money before too late terrorists rules Nigeria God help us oh Gumi ? What is your percentage? 10 or 20? Gumi the terrorist and thief And this man once said they are not bandit but Boko Haram. Why is he advocating for the payment of the ransom? They know where the money dey sef..choi.

He is Above the law and he knows this, arrest him and see a surge in kidnappings and killings. WE ARE IN A SERIOUS TROUBLE. Can you please tell him for me that he's mad?

Someone should give me a gun let me lunch this idiot to Mars.. Gumi should be arrested I think he is a solicitor for the bandits This man need to be suspicious Let us end Nigeria nowzoo Why is this man still walking free is my amazement Divide Nigeria now to save our future lives and heritage Endnigerianow

Now that we all know people like gumi behind the terrorist attack, the government won't take action. Instead, they prefer tormenting the lives of innocent citizens. This administration is just a perfect definition of failure and misplaced priorities. Shekh, You are a man of God. Does it mean you are supporting this bandit or what. It has become a business. Very soon God Almighty will speaks .

Please you help us ask him? How much be in share inside? Useless people Guyman is hustling for his 10%

No, you got it wrong Malam...! Mr terrorist chairman we hail o So Gumi is sincerely advocating and supporting the idea of continuous ransom payment. Interesting!!! Really? So you people are looting our money via kidnapping us? I see, the time is near when you people will be the kidnapped. EndNigeriaNow