Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai (Retd.), Sunday Igboho

Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai (Retd.), Sunday Igboho

Buratai acted like Igboho was his property, hastily organised jet for extradition, Benin disappointed him – Olajengbesi, agitator’s counsel - Punch Newspapers

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7/25/2021 10:00:00 AM

'The Nigerian government has been making efforts, particularly the Nigerian Ambassador over there, who is a former Chief of Army Staff – Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai (retd.) – they have been making several efforts to get him back into the country but Benin ...

The most widely read newspaper in Nigeria

25 July 2021Pelumi Olajengbesi, a prominent member of the legal team of Yoruba Nation agitator, Sunday Adeyemo, aka Sunday Igboho, speaks to KAYODE OYERO on his client’s chances before the court in Benin Republic, among related issuesItis over three weeks since the raid by the DSS on the Ibadan home of your client, Chief Sunday Igboho. Are the 12 of his associates arrested and detained by the DSS in Abuja still alive?

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Yes, we believe they are alive. Information got to us confidentially that they are going through difficult times, inhuman treatment. The lady among them has not changed her clothes for the past 20 days. It is a sordid tale and we can’t even say all of these things in public but we know they are alive.

The DSS cannot kill anyone in its custody; it is not possible. Nigeria has not got to that level. We believe that they are alive because the DSS came out to say they have them in custody and that they are investigating.The Federal High Court in Abuja on Thursday ordered that the DSS should produce these 12 persons. Are you optimistic that the DSS will obey the court order?

Yes, we are very optimist until proven otherwise. The reason is because Nigeria is governed by a constitution and we are all under the law; and there is no arm or agency of government that is above the law. So, we are very optimistic that the DSS would obey the court order and ensure that the proper thing is done. These people that are in DSS custody are Nigerian citizens and they are entitled to all the privileges enshrined in the Nigerian Constitution of 1999 and so we expect the DSS to abide by the provisions of the law.

But if the DSS does not comply and obey the court, we are going to swing into action and take up contempt proceeding against the DSS, particularly the DG (Director-General) of DSS (Yusuf Bichi), and it would be shocking to Nigerians if the DG of DSS, who is supposed to respect and protect the law, ends up in jail.

Your clients have been in DSS custody for over three weeks without being given access to their lawyers. What do you think about this?This is a sad commentary on the country’s democracy. What the DSS is doing is simply making efforts to create a crime where none exists. They know that if these people are allowed to meet with their lawyers, there would be no opportunity for them to manipulate facts. The DSS denied them access to legal representation and this is against the law. We are going to take up the DSS on this. This is because there is a need for us to clearly spell out the operations and the organs of government and their duties within the precinct of the law. The DSS cannot be a creation of the law and yet disrespects the law. So, I think that they deny them access to legal representation because the DSS has something to hide.

What do you think the DSS has to hide?They are hiding a lot of things. This is a government that is frustrated. The Nigerian people have actually lost confidence in the government and the government is trying to regain the confidence but it is doing it in the wrong way. The government thinks that the best way to instill confidence in the people is by attacking opposition, by attacking those against the government. This is the reason the DSS came after Chief Sunday Igboho. I also believe this is the reason the DSS denied these people the opportunity to meet their lawyers. It is simply an illegality.

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Before the raid on Igboho’s house on July 1, 2021, are you aware if your client received any notice or invitation from the DSS?Before the raid, there was no single invitation from the DSS, be it by phone or by letter, inviting Chief Sunday Igboho. If he was invited under the law, he would have honoured the invitation but he was never invited. I do not think the intention of the DSS was to arrest Chief Sunday Igboho; the intention was to take him out because the event that took place before his house was invaded was not democratic, it was not normal. There is nowhere in the world where security agents raid in such a manner and have the audacity to say that two people were killed in the process. This government, particularly the leadership of the DSS, would have to account for these things.

Igboho went underground after the raid until news broke that he was arrested at Cotonou, Benin Republic, on the night of July 19. Why didn’t your client surrender to the DSS after he was declared wanted?There was an attempt to harm him and in his own wisdom, he felt the best way for him was to seek refuge. What was his crime? He demanded that there should be protection for the Yoruba people against some criminal Fulani herdsmen who were killing people. The entire Fulani people can’t be said to be criminals but there are some set of people who are killing other people on their farms. He (Igboho) complained about it when the killing was becoming too much, kidnapping was becoming a profession and he wanted the Nigerian government to address it but the Nigerian government refused. And he said if the Nigerian government could not protect the Yoruba people in their land, the Yoruba people should have their own nation. He started the campaign for self-determination and then the government invaded his house, destroyed his property and declared him wanted.

They wanted to take him down during the raid on his house but by the grace of God, he was able to leave the place and find refuge elsewhere. It is not wrong for any prisoner of conscience, for any political prisoner to take refuge anywhere in the world. It is the international standard.

Would you want to tell us the number of days your client stayed in Nigeria before he escaped to Benin Republic?These are security issues and I won’t want to go into that.What really transpired around 8pm at the Cadjèhoun Airport in Cotonou on the day he was arrested?

What transpired was that Igboho wanted to leave the country to a place where he would be very safe. He was arrested and taken into custody. The Nigerian government has been making efforts, particularly the Nigerian Ambassador over there, who is a former Chief of Army Staff – Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai (retd.) – they have been making several efforts to get him back into the country but Benin Republic operates by law and they are ensuring that they do everything within the ambit of the law.

Why was your client arrested at the airport?We know for a fact that the Nigerian government declared him wanted and the Nigerian government reached out to all neighbouring states and border countries to ensure that Chief Sunday Igboho is hunted and that was exactly what happened.

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That's to show you how those Fulani's hated other tribes like passion. If it was other tribe that was justified being a terrorist sympathize as pantami had then, they would have sacked him immediately. They are on a mission based on their swift responses to other tribes issues. Disappointment will continue to be his portion

Imagine making a terrorist an ambassador to a country, who swear for this zoo country self called Nigeria? What a shame Follow me _Heart__Beat I will follow back. We grow together ❤❤ Follow me _Heart__Beat I will follow back. We grow together ❤❤ Benin is a law abiding country, not like this lawless , useless and illetrate set of people calling themselves Nigeria government O ti ta fun Nigeria , alailojuti

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