Worship Centres

Worship Centres

Buhari to decide on worship centres’ reopening today – PTF

6/1/2020 10:30:00 AM

Buhari to decide on worship centres ’ reopening today – PTF

Our ReportersThe Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 on Sunday met with the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), and discussed the next phase of reopening of sectors in the country.The PTF Chairman, Boss Mustapha, said one of the recommendations submitted to Buhari was that Nigeria would enter the second phase of the battle against the pandemic.

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Mustapha, while briefing journalists after the meeting at the Presidential Villa, said the task force had made recommendations to the President.According to him, states should now manage the pandemic, with coordination by the Federal Government.[READ ALSO]

UNIBEN undergraduate: Perpetrators’ll be brought to book – AdeboyeMustapha, while responding to a question on states reopening worship centres, said the issue was discussed at the meeting.He said, “That is part of what we have considered in its totality. We await Mr President’s decision on that. Once I receive his approval, going forward, as to certain recommendations that we have put in place, we will see how that happens.

“I can assure you of one thing: the ownership of the next phase will be the responsibility of the states under national supervision and coordination, because we have gone into community transmission. Where are the communities? The communities are in the states.

“So, the ownership of the next phase will be that of the states, the local governments, the traditional institutions, the religious leaders at the different levels of our communities. That is where the problem is.”YOU MAY ALSO LIKE:Obaseki, seven APC govs meet Tinubu, plan President’s meeting

The SGF also said the PTF had reviewed the issues of places of worship, schools, and businesses, saying “we have made the appropriate recommendations.”He added, “But you know that Mr President is the only one that can take decisions in respect of that. In the framework, the states are sub-nationals; they have their own responsibilities too. So, it is in the exercise of those responsibilities that they met with religious bodies and agreed on the protocols and guidelines on how to open up. But in the framework of the national response, we are taking that into consideration.”

When asked if the economy would be opened soon, the PTF chairman said, “After we receive the approval of Mr President tonight or tomorrow (Monday) morning, we will now know which (other) segment of the economy is allowed to open.”DOWNLOAD THE PUNCH NEWS APP NOW ON

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For how long are you guys deciding one issue? I don't know why God has not killed you all. after some people hv die for hungry finished School should reopen please When we have less than a hundred cases nation wide, the country was on lock and keys now we have above 10+ you clueless Gee men sent us out. Is this shit for real self? Making me want to doubt it but when I watch Aljazeera reports on the death toll on Peru I chill

Secure ur car from theft Monitor the activities of ur driver Recover your stolen car Listen to conversations in and around your car With just a tap on your smart phone. Be proactive. I'm just a DM away ayemojubar Reopen in of schools should follow Schools can reopen but churches? Nooo we don’t need church and religion right now pls wtf is wrong wit this country? Anyone who goes to church to shout amen and receive blessing is a big fool and has not learnt anything from this pandemic.🚶🏼‍♂️ There would keep eating your money!

🤣 Buhari or PTF? fucked country.... cases will increase 20times the usually... make una no expose us(students) to danger by opening sch... if we become top in the world it wont be funny reopening? and my church has been opening, another matter to settle fah! What about schools? Nigeria needs to wake up to the reality of political Engineering, churches will open before schools, so many religious activities will divert your attention from the realities of the country because you are busy catching up with your blessings.

Abeg school jhor We are tired of you people and your talk,you people are failures, audio president and audio vice president Audio president 10k rona cases ooooo How did the Church descend to this level? is it part of obedience to government or lack of leadership? God have mercy on us That said they’re both clueless but I disagreed with people say such things....was it true one is a tweeting master and the other person is Mr good for nothing? I doubt that to be true!!!

I think, it will be much more better if schools can be reopened too..... We've waited too long, we need to get back to our lives as students before the idle hands become the devil's workshop..... Reopenschools.. Decide already... Why waste our time but know that opening churches and not schools do not make sense. The parents going to church, the market, don't they still go home to meet the children. Just allow us to live. Ebola is still out there, HIV/AID, even malaria.

Schools toooooooo abegggg So I Would Be Giving a Free Lecture On mini importation from China, Turkey and how you can source for goods 10 different site with cheap products yourself. This webinar is coming up on 6th of June 2020 Paid class inclusive. Click here to join the class Schools Schools Schools Schools Schools ?

Open everything o, ee ni ya weyrey o So we are waiting to see an 'edited' live briefing. We hope he will address the nation today. Is he a worshiper😥😥 Open schools too MBuhari Only worship center?! Schools nko? If you'll consider reopening worship centres before schools, then that's really dumb Why is he attaching suspense and intrigue to the whole issue? Anyway everything about him has been a horror film.

Many youths are lazy they don't like reading they're only commenting nonsense Waiting to hear “My fellow Nigerians” He better say something good Afterall no sense comes out of his dead head Open up the general social life and the economy About Covid-19, we have known the truth and the truth has set us all free

What about school? I think General Muhammadu Buhari is so inlove with PTF, Petroleum Trust Fund *he never render account to Nigerians till date* but as it dawn on me now that he's still in continuation with PTF - Presidential Task Force. our government love force and not service.PoliceForce/Service How many kola nuts and what brand of alcohol was used to appeased him?

And Schools will remain closed church is very important na You are not bright at all Better decide on schools too eseciall higher institutions Buhari or jubril wish one, well anyway let him not forget schools 🤦 Nonsense and ingredient Very funny Pls schools too need to reopen, I can't take sitting at home anymore, I need to get back to work asap

Hope they wount postponed it again this time 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️ With no plans on ground ba? BUHARI or JUBRIN ,,,,, he should decide fast😒😒 What bout school?😂 He should open Nigeria Airports It has to be a positive result 🙏🏽 Great job, I am overjoyed to hear that. Opening up schools and worship centres when the covid figures are on the increase is very dangerous. A battle between economics and public health.

Shey this man go remember schs like this 😭 Shame no the catch una? Na only picture we the see, wetin happen to nta live coverage Always using same image Open the schools & stop playing with our children's future. Your own children won't be affected, it's the children of the masses who will bear the brunt. Nigerian evil politicians will prefer those children become hopeless political thugs. Uneducated masses are easy to control.

What about interstate lockdown, not all students school in the same state. Anyway, we shall know better by tonight or tomorrow morning as stated. To God be the glory Biko schools no get importance baaa Chei Consider reopening schools too abeg😢 What's about interstate traveling Students are waiting 😂😂😂

Please remind me what is Buhari’s position in Nigeria again ? Who is he ? Worship centres and schools. It is well Hmmmmm. .. Open every every oh bubu ....burders ...schools ..considered the teachers ... Mk we see watin bubu go talk 2day .... Hope bubu don prepare mk we no hear say bubu no dey talk today again ooo...

If worship centers are to open then schools should open too Meaning we have Movie to watch today, Hope the script is Complete So I Would Be Giving a Free Lecture On mini importation from China, Turkey and how you can source for goods 10 different site with cheap products yourself. This webinar is coming up on 6th of June 2020 Paid class inclusive. Click here to join the class

I don’t even understand anymore. What about school resumption? Ghana have ordered opening of school, what's Nigeria waiting for This one go wait make person do bfre en go do. Take action, initiate things so that others would follow. You dumb af Places of worship should be open, the religious leaders and stakeholders should ensure people observe social distance, use facemask and hand sanitizer. May we live to see the end of the pandemic

MBuhari when will school resume pls we dey leaders of tomorrow no hope Our priorities now should be economy, lifting of inter state travel ban, opening of worship centers before thinking of opening schools. People need to build up themselves financially in order to meet up needs. The CBN governor has also plead for reopening of our economy.

What about school o Ewaa ,what about school? Every picture, buhari is always far far, as in very afar in his sitting room. He no get official office or ever appear formal. One man business president! Is it only worship centres Even when the numbers are skyrocketing ? you must be one of the foolish president in the history of this country.

So, reopening worship centres are the most important thing? Those Churches and Mosques abandoned their folks during this difficult time and all you folks are thinking is to return back to the worship centres instead of focusing on rebuilding your lives! Africans mumu no be small How I wish Abba Kyari still occupied Aso Rock? May his soul continued to rest in peace!

If they reopen Churches, I know I won't go to church after one month I will review it. What about schools.....? Idiots, worlds are opening economies it's worship centers that doesn't pay tax you're in a hurry to open. Follow 4 Follow who is ready?👍💁🏼‍♂️🙏 Does Buhari have religion Decide when Coronavirus is real?

Baba should just yarn better this time ooo. There is every tendency that after reopening of worship centers schools would surely follows. What about d reopening of school's? Hmmmmmm!!!! Another edited photo again is okay o We don de pray already mukam ai Why is it now that the numbers are increasing daily that they deem it good to consider opening schools and worship centers?

The schools needs to open Biko What of the feeding of school pupils How long Bubu.. That man doesn’t even know anything On God What of school now? The children ain't smiling now When will he decided on schools? How about school ooooh

INTERVIEW: Coronavirus: We've made recommendations to Buhari on schools, religious houses - PTFMembers of the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 (PTF), on Sunday, met with President Muhammadu Buhari at the Presidential Villa, Abuja. I begin to wonder if these Nigeria leaders/government have conscience, countless murder and kidnapping is seriously going on, and they all pretending the country is peaceful. SHAME TO MBuhari administration. Blind man dey control traffic 🚶

JUST IN: PHOTOS: Buhari receives updates from PTFJUST IN: PHOTOS: Buhari receives updates from PTF MBuhari Who cares? MBuhari Worthless pile of crap Buhari MBuhari Am not expecting any negative outcome from this meeting cos we Nigerians are tired of staying idle We are not lazy

COVID-19: Buhari, PTF Delegation Meet In AbujaCOVID-19: Buhari, PTF Delegation Meet In Abuja Follow me I follow Back ASAP ❤️ They should open gate abeg. Another way of milking

COVID-19: PTF submits report to Buhari as second phase of eased lockdown endsPresident Muhammadu Buhari met with a delegation of the Presidential Task Force (PTF) on COVID-19 on Sunday. The delegation was led by the Chairman of the Task Force and Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), Boss Mustapha, to the Aso Presidential Villa. PTF is expected to submit a report on the second phase Yaaaaaaaaay 🙌🙌🙌🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 Buhari shouldn't listen to anything contrary to opening of the economy and schools with guidelines. The monster they are scared of in the virus is worse available in the lockdown. Thanks to Almighty God, we are fine now. MBuhari open schools!!!!!!

JUST IN: Buhari receives updates from PTF - The Nation Nigeria NewsPresident Muhammadu Buhari was on Sunday updated on the developments surrounding the national response to the COVID-19 pandemic by the MBuhari Is this a new who is the prf supposed to report to before. All this failed media just be posting rubbish. MBuhari PTFCOVID19 Yrhe the prf is supposed to brief or report to the president in every short moment, so is not any new thing for the prf to brief him. This post looks childish 😡😡😡😡 MBuhari PTFCOVID19 Worthless pile of crap Buhari

COVID-19: Buhari receives briefing from PTFPresident Muhammadu Buhari on Sunday received briefing from a delegation of the Presidential Task Force (PTF) on COVID-19 led by its Chairman and the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (… Abi another lie I follow back immediately 🥴 OfficialTero When are we expecting his speech