Buhari, Farouq

Buhari, Farouq

Buhari’s minister, Farouq reacts as Nigerians declare feeding programme a scam

Buhari’s minister, Farouq reacts as Nigerians declare feeding programme a scam

5/22/2020 12:13:00 PM

Buhari ’s minister, Farouq reacts as Nigerians declare feeding programme a scam

The President Muhammadu Buhari administration has stated that its plan to feed school children at home is not a scam. Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Social Development, Sadiya Umar Farouq , spoke on Thursday. Many Nigerians on and off social media have been condemning the policy, insisting that it was not transparent. On Wednesday, the Nigerian

over the programme.“Pumping money into school feeding programme while the schools are not open is a little absurd. It is a redundant, unworkable palliative. In a nation where there is no standard numbering of houses, how do you get the food to the beneficiaries? This is more than laughable. It is tragic”, George declared.

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But Farouq has defended the government’s decision to spend N679million on the programme.She spoke in Lagos at the flag-off of food items distribution under the National Home Grown School Feeding Programme (NHGSFP) at the St. Francis Primary School in Maryland.

Farouq was represented by the Director of National Commission for Refugees, Immigrants and IDPs, Margaret Ukaegbu.The minister said feeding children at home is an internationally accepted practice to check food insecurity and malnutrition.“The idea of take-home rations is not unique to Nigeria, neither is it a scam. It is a globally accepted means of continuing to have access to nutrition and nutritionally-rich foods, despite disruptions to the traditional channels of school feeding,” The Nation quoted her as saying.

Titilola Adeyemi-Doro, Special Assistant to the President on NHGSFP, said 37,589 households were selected out of 112,767 pupils benefiting from the school feeding programme in Lagos.The official explained that the team “engaged the community to formulate the definition of being poor and not being able to provide for their wards”.

She said priority was given to “women, widow-headed households, households headed by persons with a disability, households whom the head has lost his or her job and have no or little income among other criteria”. Read more: Daily Post Nigeria »

If not a scam, then what is it? How do you locate the children that scattered all over the places, It is a perfect way of doing away with the funds allocated for the programme Really. Zaa camera.. Are you happy now? NaUnaNOW ZaaGobeMent I don't understand. If every Nigeria parents can afford 3 square for the family,and our system is working well do we really need this program?. Permanent solution to be provided.

Madam,you are a disgrace to many Nigerians homes and abroad as this programme of feeding at homes is a big scam. Turning Nigerian children to almajiri is a mirage created by u to steal money as many ministers had done in the past. Embarking on unpopular programme is wastage. Who are they deceiving.... do we have data base to know the kid home address... pandemic as turn to scarmdemic

I can totally understand her position, she is the one spending the money, how can she be wrong? This woman is worst than diezani madueke how many Nigerians received alert, nonsense full of lies Yes it's a scam Sadiya_farouq your feeding programme is a scam if the programme is 'nation wide' but if not then it's not a scam

If it is not a scam how come till now we still have Almajirai going about with empty plates begging for food? Does Buhari govt. really care about school feeding? This is the ultimate scam legalized 'Yahoo boys' It is more than a scam.. they created minor means of looting but God is watching. Is a big scam, fraudulent act led by MBuhari OfficialAPCNg NGRPresident FinMinNigeria

Pawn of mediocrity, the most confused of all the finance ministers in history It is a big Scam someone somewhere is making millions from that feeding program who is going to school now or are they taking the food to there parents to feed them when money supposed to be sent to parents like other countries , we are here feeding children at their homes

But it is. Even the 20k the other time she spoke about, that has been spread round the 36 states too it's a lie. Rapacious punks. Prove em wrong Now our eyes are opened If it is not a scam, it is the most unreasonable government program of all time. This woman should be sacked It is a big scam ever in the history of Nigeria. How can you identify and feed children who are at home due to the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic?

The truth is well known. Brainless woman. The magic woman that fed 17.5 million children from the comfort of their parents home without visiting them Big scam!!! Look, this is a simple issue. When your people do not trust you or your programmes, it falls squarely on you to make them understand or trust you. It is not out of dissent that your people do not trust you. It is for lack of transparency and comprehension that there is no trust.

Hmmmml Of cause it's a scam. This guys no rate us. What sort of primitive thinking is this? Feeding children while on lockdown? I don commot my hand for this country Public office holders do not seem to understand that when your people do not trust you or your programmes, it falls squarely on you to make them understand or trust you. It is not out of dissent that your people do not trust you. It is for lack of transparency. Simple!

Chemical reaction Dear Nigerian leaders, We find ourselves in a country we can not do anything about the lies you share with us. Please try and give us some credit when talking about policies. It was designed to be sch feeding program not home feeding. It is still a scam Original Scam..Malnutrition is only in the north!

There's no Census and Citizens have to pay for their Identity - so how was the vulnerable identified? I'm Ghana the school feeding is compulsory to all Ghanaian kids and not poor or rich. How do you even determine it? Solution is free Id and proper IRS records. Wuru wuru and mago mago per excellence school feeding program. Every right thinking person can see through the minister; that she is stark naked shamelessly hiding in plain sight. Some politicians just can't see how embarrassingly ludicrous their self serving explanations are.

She's just obeying orders from the Aso powers. They fooled us with Kemi Adeoshu and now Aisha - next will be Musa... na so we see am ooo for the place called Nigeria It's not only scam but scandalous What a disaster of a minister. Have you settled your Npower people? It is a scam It is a scam It is a scam

It is a shame and regretfully when someone you looking unto as a role model to turn him/herself into a public thief. Before nko! Big scam for that matter Even my unborn Child knws dat its a BIG SCAM....Corona thieves! Very primitive minister indeed. Na so na Feeding program not a scam but feeding none existing children is a scam.

Yahoo Yahoo government 419ners... be quite. Everything about Nigeria government is a scam. You can’t brainwash able citizens. Yahoo government 😠 Is it not a scam how many children don chop belle full for my yard here she's worst than a scammer she's a fraudulent minister 😠😠😠😠 I don't like to see her face

The universal standard is steady power supply. When will Nigeria start experiencing 24 hours uninterrupted power supply? CNN BBCNews channelstv This is real scam Big Scam and all of you knows about it US and UK that is hailing This Govt is this how you rule your own country? Why can’t you pple tell Africa Leaders the Truth for once or it cos the stolen funds are stacked in ur countries?WTF

She looks like a scammer by default Regardless of party affiliations,this program is a complete scam nothing but scam You are a yahoo girl.. You and all the people you claimed that are over seeing this official scam will not run from Jail. You will be another Diazani.. Wicked people.. Reviving our moribund industries can't be priority rather school feeding is a priority...whos decieving who. This minister has no shame. So primitive in reasoning. Things that will benefit the people are overlooked.

Even the gods knows that itz a scam.. Next news plz.!!! This woman eh?! I wonder who places such in position of power. Fraudster.... Yahoo-girl. She should resign.... Madam finance minister what is the solution, because we are not paying you to tell us about the problem. Kindly come up with a solution or you leave the office. NOIweala will give us a solution, rather than problems.

It’s a real scam.... EmmanuelWeje Why isn’t it a scam? Who is going to school? Who are you feeding while there is no activity? Do you take the food to their respective homes? It’s a big scam during the lockdown She must resign cos npower beneficiaries are crying very loud If you said it's standard worldwide, but is our country of to that level where we can make a home grown feeding as our top priority?

The biggest scam ever after Abacha You disrespect the whole citizens. And destroy the great Nation. Thief I swear you're disgrace to human As government is feeding school children at home They would have feed their parents too The programme would balance Wetin did she talk? SARS supposed to have arrested her by now I don't know what they are still waiting

This womannis too dull to even speak coz nothing dey her brains chuwa chuwa of the highest (NEXT) LEVEL Everything about the minister of Humanitarian affairs is a Scam. Legit abi ? It is You're a wicked woman madam To pay Npower March and April stipend is difficult for you. You're too heartless, is that what your religion thought you to be wicked and heartless, use what happen to Abba kyari learn oooo. Wicked woman

Patricia Etteh the second Madam minister u better tell us that the money got bunt at accountant general office than this ur cacambu Story this children will soon ask u some questions soon Totally scam, don't even like dis woman Everything about her is scam,don't know how she became a Minister. Bubu babe.... hybrid scammer

That is true how can you scam Nigerians this is a total scam The programme should be discontinued till wen school resume. Ma, we are waiting for ur reply regarding our stipends 😏😏 what it is? if not scam. how on eath will find this school children. are u ppl going into their house or what. please you shld think of some thing better. may Allah lead u to right way amin.

Even the npower are yet to receive their April stipend Everything about her is scam Yeah! A big scam. Ole!!!! Scam

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