Buhari resumes work – Daily Trust

Buhari resumes work


Buhari resumes work

A Presidency source said President Muhammadu Buhari resumed work yesterday without receiving any visitor. The source said President Buhari was still working in his office as at 2:30pm but did not receive any government functionary for the usual briefing. He also endorsed the postponement of meeting of Council of State earlier scheduled for today, Thursday, …

The source said President Buhari was still working in his office as at 2:30pm but did not receive any government functionary for the usual briefing.The Presidency had on Tuesday pruned the number of personnel working in the Presidential Villa in adherence to the restriction in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) against gathering of not more than 50 persons at the same time, at any venue to maintain social distancing.

The personnel of the Department of State Service (DSS) were seen enforcing the restriction measures in the presidency.

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We want to see him on TV not just picture saying, he resume work. This picture could have been taken years ago. Reminds me about Umaru Musa Yar adua period of death. Mr president should come and address us himself not a picture Where did he go to IDGAF AddressTheNationPMB Was our President on holiday? What do you mean by 'Buhari Resumes Work' Other elected officials of other nations are talking to the people that voted them at this critical time. Ours must be pushed to talk to us. Which nation or home will the father keep silence in trying times?

Lol With his infected status 🙄🙄 if truly Buhari has resumed work he should please address the nation like other world leaders are doing. May God continue to protect Mr And VP against every evil imagination of the wicked wishers as He has always done, dis appointing craftiness of the wicked and bringing all their desires to nut and cause them to taste of their wick and evil wishes IJN

Which work? Has he ever resumed before?

COVID-19: CUPP reacts to Coronavirus test results of President Buhari, Abba Kyari - Daily Post NigeriaThe Coalition of United Political Parties, CUPP, has expressed gratitude to God over the Coronavirus test result of President Muhammadu Buhari, which Was the result 🙄🙄

There's nothing hidden under the sun. Very soon we'll know who was flown to Cuba today. Resumed work form where? Was he away ? Is MBuhari working from home also? Resume work in the UK abi? An unconfirmed report has it that Buhari and Abakyari has been flown out for medical attention. If this is true, then it's high level of insensitiy of our leaders. God, have mercy on this nation!

Which office ooo ? Buhari and Abba kyari are in UK now taking treatment for CoronaVirus. Agreed, what had he done today in office MBuhari We thank God From where? Was he working before 🙄

Aisha Buhari calls for total lockdown in Nigeria – Daily TrustFirst Lady Aisha Muhammadu Buhari has called for a total lockdown over the coronavirus pandemic which has claimed one life in the country. Mrs Buhari, in a post on her Facebook wall yesterday, said the decision of governors to close down schools would be counterproductive if parents are still going to work. She advocated that … aishambuhari lock down without adequate provision for food, water and basic needs Unless they are provided to the masses,.then we can have total lockdown, Allah ya tsaremu baki daya Is she going to provide for the masses Hmmm, Her husband MBuhari is the commander in chief!!

Whc work He wasn't working before na, see his mate Donald Trump Has he not been working since? Audio resumption somebori should please help us to tell Baba to do giveaway... everybody is doing it 🙏🙏🙏🙏 Which work? Was he on vacation & if so, was he supposed to be? And in these dire times? Is he even truly the President? Because Presidents KNOW what to do/say ALWAYS & Buhari doesn't otherwise Nigeria wouldn't have recorded a single case of COVID19 for the disease was imported.

Was he on leave? naijama naijama Resume which work ? FAKE NEWS...Buhari is Sick with Covid 19 Maybe resumed work in za oza room

Coronavirus: Abba Kyari tests positive, Buhari negative – Daily TrustPresident Muhammadu Buhari has tested negative to coronavirus following a test conducted Tuesday. The test became necessary after his Chief of Staff, Malam Abba Kyari tested positive to coronavirus. Kyari, who was sighted after Jum’aat prayers on Friday, was not seen at the Presidential Villa, Abuja today He was believed to have contracted the disease … Coranavirus has once again proven that vanity upon vanity all is vanity. The world is humbled and reminds us of the Almightiness of God. All of the sudden jobs, money, traveling, none of it matters, we just want to be alive and stay healthy. Na lie Jor. 😆😆😆😆 bubu na positive I know they can't say he is negative. Build hospital dey know hear . now e don happen🤣🤣🤣 God please answer our prayers!

Masha Allah. Allah ya karama lafia shugaba. Ameen Was he ever on leave before now? Panic response to a dare situation. Ya kyautawa kansa Ok and they want us all to stay at home. Nah only him want collect salary😠😠😠 Which work has he resumed, se though he has been doing something Let him talk to us oh...we are all witnesses of how other country presidents are proactive ph!

Pls show us pictures to buttress this point. The Media dances to his tunes. Will he address Nigerians on his status and update the nation MBuhari Buhari ikon Allah

Buhari meets security chiefs as coronavirus spreads in Nigeria – Daily TrustNigeria's President, Muhammadu Buhari, is currently holding a meeting with the country's security chiefs. The meeting is holding at the... Good Old picture why the lies Is it this same Buhari that is Corona positive?

Was he on vacation or break in the first place? Why is 'resuming' work🙄 MBuhari I know takes his time to do things.Most times he takes decision almost when it's too late. Base on this he couldn't have rushed to resume back to work after testing negative as they claimed, he would still want to take his time...i feel you are trying to hide something.

So u are telling me buhari did not get d virus ,am soo sad how could u break such a sad news to me ,I was only waiting to type RIP Baba Good Welcome back o President Buhari.. lol capt_drysz Why is he resuming work? Where was he before? I wonder how y’all are still allowed at the villa? 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅 we play too much in this country

Alhamdulillah Good to hear Next thing now they will say braking news..baba Will be traveling.

Buhari grieves over soldiers’ killing in Borno – Daily TrustPresident Muhammadu Buhari has voiced “grief and sorrow’’ over loss of soldiers who were ambushed by terrorists in Gorgi Village, Borno state. Is grieving enough? I pray Nigerians do not grieve soon. Mtscheew.... Audio grieves That is all he does🙄

Hahaha was his sleeping before Which work,has he been working,what has he done in all these. Let him talk na May almighty Allah forgive him and and protect him's Was he on sick leave? To resume means that he was absent before. Was he sick? Did he travel? We might have more than 20 buhari in that Aso Rock. Nigeria is a joke

Halleluyah for sound health As if he has been working before? Congrats baba Resume work in daily trust with brown envelope abi.

Buhari meets Masari, others – Daily TrustPresident Muhammadu Buhari yesterday held a closed-door meeting with Governor Aminu Masari of Katsina State. Masari went to the villa few hours after news broke that the president had tested negative to the coronavirus (COVID-19). The president also held another meeting with the security chiefs, including the National Security Adviser, Major General Babagana Monguno (rtd.); … I taught he was in self isolation himself KTSGovt GovernorMasari Yaka mata Gwamna Masari yayi zaben kananan hukumomi,

Let him talk to the press please. We need to hear his voice Let him come on live TV. All politicians should be tested for corovid in their state hospital Some people will not like this news lol My faith is the victory that overcomes the world. I believe God's Word that says He that has the Son, has life. Therefore, my health shines forth from one level of glory to another. I am walking in divine health every day of my life; sickness cannot prevail over my body.

And yet aso rock is on half lockdown.... Can't fool us no more It's a lie...they will never be tired of deceiving Nigerians From were Which work is he resuming?😒 Which Yeye work for stupid man

Is this even a story? Suleey7 Stop telling us sakamaje jare Should we be Happy or scared? May Allahu SWT protect us all against this killer disease. As if we have ever felt the work he has done before With this post, it's true, Buhari has contracted the virus... They wanna distract our attention Kai Ku fadi mana gaskiya

AmadeusObinna Where was he working before? WHERE ARE WE GOING? EVEN AT THIS TIME, WE DONT KNOW WHAT THE TIME SAYS.

For the umpteenth time... Daily trust! I don't trust you not to even talk of it being daily... I guess he himself was quarantined And so Resumes work? As in which work Wetin him don do since this year? Congratulations. And what does that means, a good thing or a bad one thought we are asked to stay at home why is he working or resuming back to work? Nigerian politician with so much deceit..........mtcheeew 🚶🏾‍♂️🚶🏾‍♂️

Has he arrive London yet? ThisIsNasB Those who wish death on the president should watch their backs. Those who did same yesterday are deeoly under the surface of the crust now. Every man will die only when God wills he does. Lie lie ppl

U have tweeted this shit twice ds morning Something smells good 😋😋 Lie kill una MBuhari A lazy Nigeria president that just resumed work, was he suppose to stop work in the first place. He should go on vacation to England, France, or Russia How are we sure that it is the original buhari 😏😏😏 Lies show us video

All this show something is wrong I don't trust these people It just have to be daily trust😆😆 Hahaha some ppl will die for this news,this man abi na iron Man! Hahahahaha 😊😊😊😊

That's great. More grease to your elbow sir May Allah safeguard you my president Lol... E go London before? Abeg e should do a live broadcast e. Make we see how e dey be😉😊 Show us video Which work? This breaking news everyday I’m not understanding again We didn't even know he was working before so which did he resume exactly?

Good news We will believe only when Buhari do a live broadcast (daily). Yeah! Just like Donald Trump & Boris Johnson or like other presidents & prime ministers. A lazy president that just resumed work, was he suppose to stop work in the first place. He should go on vacation in England. This one sef na news?

Great Masha Allah In Daura Ok Was he working before? Inactive claiming active . hmmmmmmmmmm ok Was he on leave before or because his right hand man is Quarantined I don’t understand the reason for this spin Was he on vacation? Was he employed before?

This is a pure lie Hmm Lie lie Which work? Which work Address the nation! Pls his office should be equipped with a TV set. The way he pronounced covid-19 shows he hasn't at least been watching TV. let it be true oo Where does he work? Which work?

He should be proactive by addressing Nigerians just like other world leaders are doing. Lol. Wish you Long Life our Dad Mr President Who cares You believe when they reported Cos is corona virus positive. Why is it now you don't want to believe them Alhamdulillah he should have been the first person to contract the virus rubbish

Stop displaying this old picture of him, show the current picture of the man I saw that addressed Nigeria in 23 seconds Resume work by 6am? Something z fishy😂😋😋 which work 😂, when there's no covid19 baba dey work before? 😂 😂 😂 free baba oooo UK dey hungry him 😂

May the almighty continue to protect him and us all Was he working before? Lies, lies and lies. Jeez!!whaaat!!He should wait for 14days before resumption as the guidelines demands. Unless you guys has been lying to us about his health status on coronavirus otherwise he ought to have followed the protocols

Alhamdulillahi he has seen d way d poor masses are struggling with their life when it comes to health issues Others are testing positive now that it’s buhari and the Vic presidents turn,automatically they tested negative and you’re telling us he resumed work...I thought they suspended everything....who are you people deceiving....mtchewwwwwww

They hate this Since wen do dey start telling us wen he resume or closes work hmm is dis not giut 😮 Stop deceiving yourselves!

Lies everywhere,resume work by 6am But he has been working naa Masha Allah! May Allah continue to protect you and increase you in health Baba. May Allah protection be on u Baba Was he working before? When will President Kyari resume work? Was he on leave before Oh I forgot our de facto president Abba is sick 🤒

Alhamdulillah michael_asah Una no dey hear He should wait for 14 days befr he mingle with people Which work.where? Maybe in za oza room. We wish him well,I hope he now knows d importance of investing in d health sector since body Don tell them small

Akuko you guys are all bunch deception always trying to lure people and scared them K I see this as a ploy for him to travel to London in the name of a conference .. What work See baba see covid19 Oshey!!!😅😂

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