Buhari, Osinbajo Have Been Earning Half Salaries – Adesina

Buhari, Osinbajo Have Been Earning Half Salaries – Adesina

3/31/2020 10:28:00 PM

Buhari, Osinbajo Have Been Earning Half Salaries – Adesina

Buhari, Osinbajo Have Been Earning Half Salaries – Adesina

  President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo have been receiving half of their monthly salaries before the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19).The Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Mr Femi Adesina, disclosed this during an interview on

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Politics Today.“Already, the President and the Vice President are earning 50 per cent of their salaries, they are not earning 100 per cent,” he stated on Tuesday during theChannels Televisionpolitical programme.Adesina explained that both leaders opted to be paid half of their salaries since the inception of the present administration in 2015.

Although he did not disclose what purpose the unpaid halves were used for over the years, he believes both leaders have done well and will be making donations to tackle coronavirus at their own will.Asked whether the President and his vice were donating their salaries just like the members of the Senate and House of Representatives chambers of the National Assembly, he said, “I can’t say for sure; the members of the federal cabinet are donating 50 per cent of their March salaries.”

“Already, the Vice President and the President are earning 50 per cent. Right from the beginning of the administration (the first term), they had elected to earn half of the salaries they should earn … to ask them to do more will be a voluntary thing,” the presidential aide added.

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They shouldn't earn any salary atall So they are even still earning!!!... Who is deceiving who? They stop earn salaries while some federal workers are not yet paid. Shameless leaders! And Adesina full Salarystop fooling your people ok Handshake? Hnmmmm! Bloody lie😤😤😤 This shows that Mr President and his VP are truly a given leaders.I say thank you sirs

Yet for his Excellency to get his hair cut per year is 30 million..him get hair for head Ni..pls I want to get down from this bus cos it's going nowhere April 1st, 2010. Just captured the folly of these lots Scam... Wat about the money de have been defrauding the country!!! God de That is they own cup of tea Do you think they can fool us

To support who? Bullshit The thunder that is waiting for Adesina is huge. Like ogun huge. This guy dey talk rubbish on a daily. U this Adesina God will gorge u Why not half of their allowances ? These guys in presidency thinks all Nigerians are stupid and unintelligent abi? Tcheeeew What do you think that would translate to when you have crippled and brainless managers in the affairs of managing the country's economy.

Please say something else They should earn full salaries and forego their allowances. Next useless headline plz Why can't they sacrifice their 3month salary? I dont think is that hard to do. Aga aju onye🙄 Since when, and he can travel up n down with the half salaries....who has benefited from that please..

Who are they out to impress? Let them meet somebody that doesn't know what allowance is compared to salary. There allowance is hundred times their salary. Let them deceive themselves. They should not even earn at all at this time. They have enough. Did they also say no to the bonuses? 🙄🤷🏼‍♂️ But will still be paid hardship allowance

While others are not even paid.Congrats to them. That not our business 💁🏻‍♂️💁🏻‍♂️💁🏻‍♂️ Why not half their allowance? Since when Oga Liar? Channels TV haha naaaa.... you messed up We dey hear am but we no dey see am for budget. We should take it like that. Lol seunokin Can they even spend all the half salary in a month?

What about you ,are you also earning half or not loudspeaker Are they supposed to get paid at all abi werey ni bra yi ni sorry abi ori boy yi daru ni and so? Please what are they using their salaries for since they are living on state resources Who let that one out of the bag again..... Should buhari swallow the whole of Nigeria 🇳🇬 he still won’t get fat. Ask him about the 2.8 billion dollars (PTF) in 1992.

And how does that affect the lives of the average Nigerian And so.. Since when? Just look at His head🤨 seunokin Really how is that true ? While some Nigerians haven’t been earning a dime or nickel 🤮🤧 I’m also a Nigerian but I’ve being earning nothing Does it include allowances? Nonsense! Before the pandemic or during? Because, this virus became intense in Nigeria last month

Story that touches Please pay then their full salary, we are not feeling the impact How much is their salary? Deception seunokin How much is their salary that we are talking about? Less than 1.5million naira or there about, why not half of the total package including their allowances. FemAdesina I pity you because karma will soon tail on you

Who cares? Will knowing put food on my table? Yes sir. Wonjebi Show us their payslips We need right bills. Every thing is not monetary. Give us a system that works is what matter. This is just simphaty giving!!! Hahahahahahahaha, who is fooling who? Do you see tribal mark on me? So? How did that improve our lives.....

I pray o U guys now report what they tell u, without investigating Seems u are fast becoming an APC station I thought this was common knowledge, It has been half-salaries for a while now. So we should jump for joy right? Shebi femi say no be buhari style to talk to Nigerians. Mteee them try see half me that don't have nko ?

They said so when we elected them in 2015. that's is promise kept. We also need to cut cost of governance This should have started when the country's economy started retrogressing. THIS IS SUPER STORY!!! Have been how; was it not just last month 😂😂 Stupid news What about allowances? They should donate their allowances and their security votes, then we will know that they are doing well. Adesina should stop making mockery of himself!

Give us better news. Nonsense talk. Next pls 'Its not their style'. They should be earning half of their allowances. PresidentCovik VicePresidentAcademic Who is talking to? Nigerians? Is it Nigerians that state what their salary shld be? What they and others take as salary is even a big cheat on Nigerians with other benefits they get at the expense of suffering million of Nigerian are battling with. The Almighty will surely judge

That's there own benefit. But, we're leaving at home also in poor environment and poverty. Actually, we lack government And stealing billions....... This is a corrupt station How and why? It has been so since 2015 they were elected as NGRPresident. Our supposed leaders, most of them don't love Nigeria, only love themselves, family and few friends. The streets love Nigeria much more, that poor dude will buy N100 bread and N50 zobo for that poorer dude to survive, keep hope alive...greater love than clown$' cut. coronaminus

Aregbesola is that you? Rubbish The Yoruba’s are the problem of Nigerian, They should stop there trickery ways that doesn’t help matters. Shame to them. Since when? No body believes you any more because you are full of lies. Just tell us it'd April fool. Even Fc Barcelona has 70% pay cut and theirs is even 50%.

What do they need salaries for Okay good for them and the rest citizens who are locked up without their daily income what do they earn? This shouldn't even be a news. Says the man who talks from both sides of his mouth. So what, do they want awards or praises? I swear , dis people wan make God vex more with all the lies

We can see that u are out of ideas So? What sort of useless information is this? Who that one help Who cares. When u earned full or half who e help... You guys are worst than the chinese virus. May God give you guys same treatment as you give we the citizens. Ame. seunokin Do they earn it daily? Why use have been earning when Corona is just about a month old in our country

Half of the millions they are getting is still a good price so.. idgaf!!! Who cares? As if they depend on their salaries 🙄🙄 They should earn half of their allowances instead Smh... Since when? Stupidity from the depth of hell itself... cluelessness at its very height. There is a reason they call us blacks and it’s not because of the color of our skin

Alaye corona virus 🦠 never reach 3 month This APCNigeria TV station should stop fooling us, perhaps what's salaries compare with other incentives they receive all time😠 Do they tell you they depend on their fucking salaries? You can share with us better news rather than this meh!.😠 seunokin Scam Insolent

This man don start o. Why must we focus on the silly things. How many ventilators have they bought during this period in preparation for Covid-19? Who cares about their salary. We all know a 🇳🇬n elected official's salary is what he/she uses to buy 'chin chin '. The real money is elsewhere. Since when?

seunokin April fool, heavy Wahala dey oh And we have not even gotten quarter salary of previous months. ThisIsNigeria APRIL FOOL seunokin The president is in charge of the entire wealth of the nation. Let me now ask; who pays the president? But full allowances and office paraphernalia. Guess its April fool😏

What about other Juicy Allowance? Great men 'HAVE BEEN'...since when has he started? Liar. seunokin And we are yet to feel the impact What about there security vote and other allowances?...They should continue deceiving us but God is greater than them. If I hear,please add all the allowance is it not enough so please stop talking like you are talking to toddlers.

seunokin This channelstv no well again May God forgive you Adesina, Sometimes i wonder how you feel after all this lies Nonsense seunokin Let me have their job I will not earn a salary till I leave the office. Okay, we don hear Should I believe that? April fool seunokin What about their exorbitant allowances!

Is that suppose to be Nigerian problem if Femi Adesina is earning half salary? ...and allowances as well? seunokin Since Adeshina said it all na washeee seunokin 🤣🤣😁😁 see stupid news, so what impact dos it have Good for them. Who them help? Y all this? This is April fool All the best mbuhari I am moved to give out money today. The 1st five people to DM me their account number from now to 12:01pm, will receive a miracle alert of 5,000 from me.

FemAdesina shoe shiner allowances and other packages no pass salaries? Is he supposed to earn anything both salaries allowances and other packages ? What is he doing to earn a salary at all ? Las las all this show off na scam... Something that they get triple of it back Who cares ? We still don't have electricity in our hood yet we pay the bills

That is their problem How those that affect an average Nigerian life ? Its not our problem... We need the one he so call promised to share if not no one will remain at home hungry With 100% of their allowance When did this start? 2015? This issue of COVID19Nigeria just really started, even ministers just announced that they will and not that thay have. We really need to know when they started getting their half salary.

As if they need salaries to survive at all. Another episode Aso villa What's this shit about Story for the gods... Okay. Noted ✍🏽...🚶🏽‍♂️🏃🏾‍♂️back to lockdown What an April fool Look Channels i like una but e be like say una don dey elf-up...what a rubbish headline dis cool morning And the have been embezzling big salary 🤔🙄

Half salaries, we agree Where is the remaining half? We want to know That doesn't make them the greatest dude on earth. And so what How true is this? And how do you justify this? Lier Is this April Fool ? Be deceiving yourself Talk to my ass Actually April Fool to the people 😂 Who cares?! Scam What of half Allowance?

Apc channel E ni kure sir And so? That's a first step, what about emoluments or pecks of their position. MBuhari ProfOsinbajo must know that some Nigerians have not been able to earn N0 in the last two weeks, some people's businesses no longer exist and now in a lockdown, it's banding them to the phillistines.

So..... Tell allowances nahhh Deceiving your self Nice Earning half salaries since when? What about their allowances? Bed stories again Benefits nko..... Salary is just a warm up Stop all your allowances for the rest of the Covid period and I will agree you are serious. Abeg give us something else to talk about jare..

Lmao Like we care. Who pay them the half salary Why Who is paying buhari...shakau? so-called GIANT OF AFRICA.... funny country. What happened to all the other monies unaccounted for? The N5.1billion Bubu spent on travelling alone between 2017 and now? Or is it the looted funds? Naso That's their problem Who does that help

Another 💣 bomb... At least Mr. Adeshina and have not blame the past government for Covid 19 humm Adesina is like a covid19 Awon eeyan Aregbe Who that one help Laughing in igbo.. I and millions other toiling 9jas never take a dime from governments, even 1nce. But leaches, thumping chest...we suck half blood now 😱

Hope dis lasts a very longtime Who cares? Their complementary benefits is more than Perm Sec gratuity after retirement of 35yrs in public service. Na people wey no get head like u u go tell that one. Audio one Adesina again? That man's brain is under his armpit. Lies from the pit of hell. What of N-Power volunteers that are earning 30k, is that up to their half salaries, Please Sadiya_farouq pay March stipends to N-Power volunteers o, don't let hunger kill us for house. With lockdown n no food, how do we survive?

It is good gesture, legislators should also cut their salary to one-third, if they are really good leader Since when? It’s just a month now Half salary with full looting. Nonsense When did they start earning half salaries and what about there allowances ? The press is part of the problem in Nigeria. The 3rd leg of the corruption tripod. They give politicians awards, remember the shameful ARISEtv awards? make documentaries for State gov., covering fictitious projects. They never investigate because they need their patronage

Ole Vampires,witches,bigots,hatred and stupidity everywhere from their comments you will understand what exactly i mean. May God help us in this country and delivery us from such people Adesina is a big liar He is a big liar Lies and propoganda of apc ,they have been feeding Nigerians too What about their allowances? What about the 'kickbacks' from contracts and others? Please stop thinking, you can get sympathies from the public over this statement.

Who ask them to reduce their salary? But they still allow the delivery of luxury vehicles when it's not necessary The money thief have been contributing will be taken by him with others own too join They are planning another move Lockdown has not reach one month, the are now saying bubu and njo are earning half salaries We can't believe because they can't prove it

Adesina Koni ragba fun e omoale jati jati Lol 😂 The Nigeria government is a joke Stop telling stupid lies in Nigeria...please na let's know what we are actually facing, Virus or you Stupid leaders trying all their best to make us look stupid What are they smoking over there at AsoRock Common sense is enough

Adesina can lie for Africa Ndi ara! Story for the gods Baba come fine pass Osinbajo...wahala da ooo! They are about to start paying half salary Mr. Irolabi their allowances alone its times hundred of the salaries u are talking about monthly, even the salary means nothing to them but let's take away the allowances, the we go see war.

Millions of Nigerians have been earning no salaries 😶😶😶😶😶🙄🙄 Half Salaries For Who? Who cares they both deserve these. Story story. Allowance is the real deal here. Do they need the salary at this time? They should keep all the salaries and benefits, what Nigerians demand is leading with a vision not clueless and incompetent leaders , without direction. You don’t lead a country just because you want, you must have direction and vision

Your breakfast, lunch and dinner are lies , so no one believes a single word from your mouth Can't these fools stop fooling us. Half salary fine, what about the bank breaking allowances and emoluments? Why is this government always lying to the citizens? Do we know how much they earned per month? So we should applaud them abi that's nonsense. So they are still collecting half salaries in this current situation. They tried Sha.

They still chop niger money regardless So we should start dancing Hit Like if it is none of your business. You mean to say official 'Basic Salary '? Channels!!! How did you collect for this Are we lacking content now? How much? Give us light so we can stay home and stay safe . So landlords can pump water , that'll enable us wash our hands properly . We want to hear news not generator engines . FG do right by your citizens , if not God will wipe d evil leaders with this virus

😆😆😀😅 Tell the petty trader in lock down Lagos Those that don't earn should do what? You can give them yours!! Half salaries can be a pure water money. Talk about the bonuses that comes big with it. Story for the gods... Lie Mohammed and adesina I don't know who lie more. No truth in them. Channelstv does dirty job for buhari.... Everything messed up! 😂😂😂

Who really cares? This topic does not make sense at all oooo Shut up ur mouth there Oo boy they try oooo This Adesuna is a fool of the century.......what people that don’t have a cent to eat? This looks like that Tourist Taxi Scam. Dictators have used it over and over again that they forget that they have used the same trick more than twice on the same people who are not going to fall for it. LIARS

Won ku ori re o All this are still audio announcements to me....wat impact has their action had on d lives of d average citizens pls? So untrue. Where are the beneficiaries? And they are still in power, story for the gods.. But we ain't feeling impacts bro🤷 I think they should tell this man called FemAdesina to keep quiet for once pls.

femi adesina your portion is waiting for you for continuously telling lies to gullible Nigerians Keep deceiving fools..... Ori yin ti buru. Channels t.v i swear u pple are useless 😂 😂😂😂😂.. I really found this funny Can't this man keep quiet 😡 Tell that to the North, they will believe your super story.

Earning half salaries is their own problem we want to see this country progress.... All liars are liable to die Young Story land Ogun ni o pa omo oniro I don't understand o is it a weekly salary or since when have they earning half of their salaries 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Audio government FemAdesina that is story for the gods.

Chan musu Scam Where's the money goin The money that you should sent to the banks for them to be sharing it into our bank account so that we can have something to rely on after this Corona virus you are just keeping it in extra pulse. NGRPresident NGRSenate Thieves Wetin dem take salary dey do?They dont need it.

Crooks Since when? sho!!! Mad ooooo Audio talk 🙄🙄🙄 Smelling talk Oga park well🏃🏽‍♀️ Thieves This I know before they assumed office. The president earns 14million but MBuhari takes 7million While the Vice President ProfOsinbajo earns 6million from supposed 12million The fact that the 8th assembly, even the 9th didn’t follow suit is a topic for another day.

That is what they told us when they first resume office in 2015 Afolabibayor What a joke 😂😂 Since when? Abeg next please? Continue leing for your children. Thunder that will strike you all is under reserved Shameless! Approximately Lifeless! This Adesina nah mad man o🤷‍♂️ How we go know We don’t care, We expected them to protect us, quarantine those coming into the country before the virus got in, now they are administering medicine after death

We don’t have a choice other than believe.l wish we had a choice. Can someone just help me to tell this man to sharap😂😂😂 That half salary is my 20 years salary Give me their BVN, I want to check something. People wey be say na God go punish them... 'Have been earning', since when🙄.... Corona wey never reach one morth for Naija, it means they've earned multiple times in less than one month

Pls tell them to show us prove! Afolabibayor Probably that's why they've underperformed! Is it not better if they take their full salary? Let's open a gofund me or take from covid 19 donation, if there's no enough money to pay their full salary! So they both can work full time & stop this hide and seek form of governance

Whether half or full, ......... Mr President is enjoying full life in Aso rock. Our parents da don't gt salaries at all nko? Story story How do we know? Please stop this salary thing. Please let all political appointees take full salary and give up all allowances Story for the gods...are they the ones footing their own hospital bills, transport, food, security etc... Give me all these too and keep my salary...

This Bastard is still talking, I just wish this Corona will visit you and never leave till you Die, Adesina or what ever your call Uncle.... Your lie has grown wings ehnnn. U have Phd holder in lying why your senior man lair Muhamad has Professorship...... I know you will tell us one day that Buhari have not been eaten since Cofik one nine enter nigeria😏😏

'Yet another one'.. In DJ Khali's voice. Afolabibayor Story for the gods Nonsense lies.. Has this problem been up to a month sef... Or has naija started paying weekly When SERAP tell ona to declared ur asset u said no oh but now u want to us to believed this? Stop this nonsense! Please earn full salaries and make life better for average Nigerians.

For how many months? When did this outbreak became alarming that they started collecting half “ gini.?” Make we hear word jare? Is this a press release? Say something else please, that’s no news. We need to hear real policy issues and applicable strategies to better our economy. All those that stole money and that want to steal money, U better don't try if U do COVID19 will kill your generation.

Wetin concern me🚶🚶🚶🚶😒😒😒😒 Hmmm How much is their full salary self Do we need this for now? Channel make una look for another news. This dou never care about salary when there's trillion to loot Why not half allowances Is that all and what happened to the remaining half Parrot 😤😤😤 Many people are earning NO SALARIES... Pls shift

Lol onye ka anyi ga aju 😂 😂 😂 This Adesina is a real case. Hypocrisy! But Buhari's daughter went to snap pictures the other day on a presidential jet. Mr. Adesina, kindly remind Nigerians of who beared the cost. Penny wise, pound foolish! I’m very sure say adesina pikin go Dey her too oo This adesina is just a mad man

They have been earning half salaries and stolen more than a state budget. Everyone now is giving away half of their salary, which is a very small amount. If they are serious they should give away half of their allowances and return the ones they stole. Really😏 Who asked you na Tell us about their allowances which may be even bigger than the salary. Actors on stage

IkudayisiJ How we go know.. Who go deny am Sakamanje What about the students, what are they going to do about it NGRPresident MBuhari ProfOsinbajo Quality Information Wey No Concern us ! Ije Iroshina Mchewwwww Pls we prefer your silence What have we don't to deserve this 'old wives tales'? Will you keep quiet 🖐...waka

Are we supposed to be impressed? Earning half salaries mean nothing to a country. What will their half salaries do for Nigeria. Their typical clueless approach. How about allowances? Which one is bigger: full monthly allowance or half salary? Five star deception. Plz another useless story plz Hmmm Hw we wan take know 🤷‍♂️ ? For this kind Naija of today? I no sure o. Men Dey gather every penny, these ones dey share their salary Half. Bros talk another thing

And so?😒😒😒😒 Who cares What of there allowances Can these people stop deceiving themselves. Telling us this thing is insulting to our sensibilities Bros Femo, to lie no dey tire you? Shuoooo! How long have they been earning half salaries? Does that cover for the lapses and insensitivity of this government to the need of Nigerians? By the way, is this supposed to be a news ?

Who that one epp? Na wa oh!!! Naija are in serious mess Who fucking cares? All the ones they've stolen nko? They can even go without salary, they will be fine.. He should go and gather children at his village and be telling them all these gibberish!!! How does that affect us? We need all there allowances not salary!

Ogbeni get the fuck! Ta ni yen kan That's their business Audio half salary I guess 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Smh If u really want to collect half your salary and u want to be faithful with it add all the allowances and take half.nonsense If I am the president of Nigeria what do I need salary for. where does the salary goes to, are people life affected by my government positively. You enjoy so many privileges that ur 20yrs salary as president can not solve. Build people, the economy and provide security

Mtchewwwwwwwww Pls make una help beg accessbankplc Oba Adesina road, Akure to release my wife money. Abi they wan coronavirus it? Story for the Gods Most useless topic I've heard so far this year. Channels please don't make fool out of yourselves God punish your enemies. They should receive full salaries and not receive security votes, then I will be impressed.

Enough of this half salary stuff, can they survive with their salaries in this country? Abegi! Half salary ko. No just start. The humongous bugetary allocations for feeding, travels, etc are for me. Bring us money and stop this noise At least they didn't take that to from the VP.... Salary is not the issue, it’s the benefits that makes the large chunk of the their remuneration

Nonsense Since when Liar God will punish you for everything It won't shake them. Who is paying them? How much are they earning Do you know how much MBuhari wasted on medical trip so far All of you should keep quiet. Just eardrums pain he went to UK for surgery. Useless set of people They should show us the prove o

No wonder they needed contributions for nomination forms Why can't you transfer money into people account. let them go ahead and buy food stuff and stay home😭😭😭😭😭 God will judge you leaders Yes... Since they resumed office 2015 With full allowances and free food for thier entire village people. Make I no talk further as them tell us say them be saints before.

Change this topic... Citizen are nothing in this country What concern me 🤷. Rubbish! Come You guys should get a reasonable headline and not this trash! You guys can do better. How about allowances What kind of Game are you guys trying to play and besides whose paying them the salaries that they have been receiving?

Story for the gods People's donation to fight coronavirus will enter to some people pocket Fools It's none of our business People are here dieing of hunger Useless country Who that one epp? Wow!!! God bless the duo. No noise! Coz they don't do it to show off or for ratings. Story Really? Where's the remaining half going?

Super story

Buhari signs COVID-19 law - President Muhammadu BuhariThe President last night signed the law declaring COVID-19 pandemic a dangerous infectious disease.A statement by his Special Adviser This man is a fool oo. U people should tell him am tired of staying at home. Without anything to eat Lmao 😂 what’s the motherfuckin law I don't understand signing law in what way

COVID-19: Buhari appoints Osinbajo as chair of economic sustainability committee – Daily TrustPresident Muhammadu Buhari has approved the constitution of an economic sustainability committee to be headed by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo. To be used and shelved again What is this? What is this? What is this? What is this? What is this? What is this? What is this? What is this? What is this? What is this? What is this? What is this? What is this? What is this? What is this? What is this? What is this? What is this? What is this? What is this? It will hurt them

Osinbajo Defends Buhari, Says Lockdown Order Is Backed By LawOsinbajo Defends Buhari, Says Lockdown Order Is Backed By Law Law or no law I support it. Health first.. Oh really and in the the law there’s ought to be a package for people you keep at home Law or no law put the citizens first,we are dying of hunger home,transfer cash in to our bank account,😷😷😷😷😷😷😷

Buhari gives Osinbajo new appointment - Daily Post NigeriaPresident Muhammadu Buhari has approved the formation of an Economic Sustainability Committee. The team will be chaired by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo. Congrats For what purpose Hmmmm! New appointment indeed

COVID-19: Buhari hails Pastor Paul Enenche, 2face, Tinubu, Adenuga, Emeka Offor, others - Daily Post NigeriaPresident Muhammadu Buhari has hailed the gesture of captain of industries, corporate entities, missionaries, musical artistes and individuals who have You mentioned Tinubu, but failed to mention Atiku who was the first person that open the floor for donations. Pls Mr. President, can you slaughter 45 cows for us as ur own personal contribution to easy the pain Nigerians are passing during this lockdown. Pastor Paul Enenchi, may God bless you.

COVID-19: President Buhari Hails ‘Public-Spirited’ DonorsCOVID-19: President Buhari Hails ‘Public-Spirited’ Donors 🤦🏻 Hmmm Mtchewwwewe😡😡 rubbish