Buhari orders distribution of 150 trucks of seized rice to Nigerians

President Muhammadu Buhari has ordered distribution of 150 trucks of rice seized by Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) to the 36 states...

4/7/2020 1:25:00 AM

President Muhammadu Buhari (MBuhari) has ordered distribution of 150 trucks of rice seized by Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) to the 36 states of the federation.

President Muhammadu Buhari has ordered distribution of 150 trucks of rice seized by Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) to the 36 states...

By Agency ReporterPresident Muhammadu Buhari has ordered distribution of 150 trucks of rice seized by Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) to the 36 states of the federation.The Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning, Mrs Zainab Ahmed disclosed this while fielding questions from journalists at a news conference in Abuja on Monday.

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The news conference was on the fiscal stimulus measures in response to COVID-19 pandemic and oil prices fiscal shock.Ahmed said the seized trucks of rice had been handed over to the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management for onward distributions to Nigerians.

She added that in addition to this, the president had also approved distribution of grains from strategic grain reserves across the country.The minister stated that as part of the effort to support the farmers, the president also approved reduction of the price of fertilizer from N5,500 to N5,000 per bag.

Read Also:She added that this was another measure to give subsidy to farmers in view with the economic crisis caused by COVID-19 pandemic.According to her, more measues will be taken to provide broader benefits to the citizens.“We don’t want to rush and announce measures that will end up benefitting only a few of the segments. Our interest is to make sure that as much as possible a lot of Nigerians are productive and have liquidity in their hands.

“This will help to increase the consumption thereby assist to improve the economy.“This is not something we will announce in a hurry without consulting with the central ministry and also without consulting with the key participants in the sector” she added.

The minister noted that the emerging health and economic risks resulting from the COVID-19 Pandemic and decline in international oil prices posed existential threats to Nigeria’s economy, healthcare system, national security, as well as the lives of the citizens.

She emphasised that extra-ordinary measures would be required, as the situation evolved, to address these challenges. Read more: The Nation Nigeria »

MBuhari Well-done baba MBuhari Anything given to politician state governors, ends in the wilderness. It's always a sad story of diversion and wickedness. Our democracy is the most wicked in the world. Sometimes I wonder why Aso Rock is the unofficial headquarters of the ruling party at any point in time.

MBuhari I thought the rice were seized because there were poisonous?! ..... is the president giving Nigerians poisonous rice? It’s a shame MBuhari Well it's a good idea but presidency should first investigate if the rice reach that amount, PMB has been scamed....... I missed Abba Kyari in this game, no nonsense man..........

MBuhari Distribute equally as directed or the wrath of God will be upon you MBuhari The so called contaminated rice ? MBuhari It will still end up in Kano alone like the money. We know that MBuhari MBuhari Are you sure that 150 trucks are still intact 🤔🤔 MBuhari Where d rice dey. NCS never sink the rice since!!.(wetin dem doh option on higher purchase). Na joke MBuhari dey..... No rice anywhere, nor be Naija we dey.....

MBuhari It will end up in the state bureaucrat and red tapeism and some state governor's workers will cart them away MBuhari Hope they not expired. MBuhari 1cup per citizen ABI? MBuhari We know which part of the country it is headed MBuhari What happened to the homegrown rice 🍚 🍛 ? yeye ppl MBuhari So if convic19 had not entered Nigeria, what would have happen to the bags of rice. I'm sure someone would have use them for campaign during election

MBuhari .......to the north MBuhari So the 'poisonous' rice was still waiting till now to be distributed? Have they removed the poison ni? MBuhari Audio? MBuhari We hope say dem never expire ooh MBuhari Humm, I thought these were contrabands and some are plastic rice MBuhari Alhamdulillah That's good , our prayer is always with u Mr president ✊✊✊ , & i wish u more shiriya together with the rest of our Nigerian leaders 👌

MBuhari Audio rice!!!🤣🤣🤣 MBuhari But they said we should not foreign rice again that they are poisonous 🤣 SheunDam MBuhari As if we dont have choice🤔 MBuhari MBuhari The same rice that is injurious to our health.. MBuhari You mean to those in the north only MBuhari 😒 MBuhari Just read & understand your portion well coz it won’t get to you

MBuhari Wike will still cry that he should get the same as Lagos....funny guy MBuhari E pass 15trucks MBuhari like the one below here right MBuhari I hope the rice is still available... MBuhari Wait, what happened to the homegrown food policy? MBuhari Please assuming Nigeria is not going through all this things that's happening at the moment where are they going to put all this rices

MBuhari Course food MBuhari Like how dey wan do this kain give away now🤔? MBuhari I hope we see it in Taraba State cus this our Governor Hmmm... MBuhari It will go the same way others has gone. Na today! MBuhari Na hear we go hear We no go see am Audio_Rice 😁😁 MBuhari So we should start eating contraband rice🙄

MBuhari Dem don already move d rice since MBuhari What is so interesting MBuhari I think this is another one. MBuhari Summary of Tweet: Let's do giveaway with stolen rice! MBuhari 150 trucks of menene MBuhari Who ask am MBuhari It's only gonna end in North MBuhari Ok MBuhari Hope it will get to the south!

Buhari orders distribution of 150 trucks of seized rice to Nigerians - Finance minister – Daily TrustPresident Muhammadu Buhari has ordered distribution of 150 trucks of rice seized by Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) to the 36 states of the Federation. Good I hope it will reach ibadan We just dey read all these for news, the president must ensure it reaches the grassroots

COVID-19: FG to Distribute 150 Trucks of Seized Rice across Nigeria - THISDAYLIVEBy Sunday Ehigiator In a bid to provide food security to Nigerians, the Minister of Finance, Zainab Ahmed, has revealed that the federal government has taken possession of 150 trucks of rice with the Nigerian Custom’s Service and would commence distribution to poor Nigerians across the country She made this known Monday during a live … Welcome Development! Abeg make we hear word Start acting and stop talking please....... The government too talk, that include d state governor and Local government.

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