Buhari mourns as 47 troops killed in Boko Haram ambush

Boko Haram Ambush Troops

Boko Haram Ambush Troops


Buhari mourns as 47 troops killed in Boko Haram ambush

The President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.) John Ameh and Olaleye Aluko The Nigerian military on Tuesday said it lost 47 soldiers who are troops of Operation Lafiya Dole to a bomb explosion in Gorigi near Allargano Forest general area of Borno State. The Defence Headquarters, Abuja, which stated this, noted that the troops were conveying bombs in a convoy during an ongoing operation, Ayiso Tamonuma, when Boko Haram fired shots at the convoy and the bombs exploded. The Coordinator, Defence Media Operations, Major General John Enenche, who confirmed the “unfortunate loss” said scores of the Boko Haram fighters were killed during a clearance operation in Allargano Forest, and the troops were returning when the explosion occurred. He said, “Troops of Operation Lafiya Dole have dealt another crippling blow on Boko Haram terrorists in the North-East part of the country. This was achieved at Gorigi in the Allagarno Forest general area of Borno State. “The routing occurred when the Land Component of the operation conducting clearance operations along the Allagarno Forest axis, as part of the ongoing subsidiary, Operation Ayiso Tamonuma, came into contact with mounted Boko Haram terrorists. “Accordingly, air assets, including an Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance platform and fighter jets were immediately scrambled to provide close air support to the troops. “While the ISR platform provided situational awareness to the troops, the fighter jets engaged the terrorists, immobilising a gun truck and neutralising some of the terrorists. “Sadly, we suffered some casualties in the unfortunate attack. We lost 37 soldiers and we later picked up 10 more corpses. They were not killed by the terrorists; they were killed by a bomb explosion because they were conveying bombs meant for the operation. “The Defence Headquarters commiserates with the families of our fallen gallant heroes who paid the supreme price in the course of defending our fatherland.” Meanwhile, the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), is in grief over the death of 47 soldiers, according to a State House statement on Tuesday night. He expressed “profound grief and sorrow’’ over the attack on the soldiers in Gorgi village of Borno State. “Sacrifices of our gallant patriots cannot be quantified, and their sacrifices cannot go in vain,’’ he was quoted in the statement by his Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Mr Garba Shehu. Buhari noted that the death of every soldier caused deep pains because he knew what it meant to be a soldier, and fully understood the extreme risks associated with the profession. He added that “despite the tragedies and incidents, we cannot allow anarchists and mass murderers to hold the country hostage.’’ Buhari appealed to the military “not to allow the incident to affect their morale’’, assuring that his administration will continue to motivate and equip them adequately in order to cope with the complex challenges of unconventional warfare. “The Nigerian Army has dispatched a team to assess the situation and report back to the government,” the statement added. Copyright PUNCH. All rights reserved. This material, and other digital content on this website, may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or in part without prior express written permission from PUNCH. Contact: DOWNLOAD THE PUNCH NEWS APP NOW ON Receive Alerts on: Read more: The Punch Newspapers

May God help us fight this battle IJN May their souls rest in Peace. They have paid the ultimate price for protecting the Nation. May God comfort their families in Jesus Name. Huh! Dis civil one-nine is really making out leaders to reason well. Despite clarion calls to do so since 2015. Truly, badgovernance doesn't pay at all!

He his coughing out loud now in one UK hospital not mourning, please be straightforward with your news!🤷🏾‍♂️😂 Who killed them? The Boko Haram PMB claimed has been defeated? May God grant their souls eternal rest. He will console himself by pardoning these same group of persons, wait for it! Na so Buhari have never mourn anyone in his life, he is so insensitive to life and security.

Buhari's mourning has not started. I pray them soldiers find peace. But for Mr President, the journey is far. The tables will soon turn The chief of army staff and others came from Borno State and will they claim not have strategies to handle one of their own. They are diverting the money into their private pockets.

Buhari should mourn himself.

Boko Haram Kills 47 Soldiers In Borno – MilitaryBoko Haram Kills 47 Soldiers In Borno – Military. No be 70 soldiers again ? problems every where in this country, God help Nigeria Later you guys will publish recruiting Info for young boys and girls to go and die..

I'm lost Quite unfortunate that another set of families thrown into disorientation. Very sad It's time the Nigerian police and SARS take up their national responsibility and go after these boko-haram boys Because soldiers are trained for war And not to catch one set of boys in sambisa Forest Golden mourn!!

God save our country Nigeria our solder are currently in war with boko haram , our medical scientists that ought to fight war against corona are currently doing Uber driver because they are jobless Crocodile mourning How is he mourning them, by posting something in the newspaper? 47? When aljezeraa news is reporting 92

It's a pity may dia souls rest in peace The dead is crying for the dead

How Boko Haram killed 47 Nigerian soldiers - OfficialPREMIUM TIMES reported that about 50 soldiers lost their lives after Boko Haram staged a deadly ambush on a moving convoy of troops around Alagarno Make this guys consider say covid19 dy na. For God's sake the military should be provided every single thing they need to win this war...its the least appreciation the country could show for their commitment. If locals weren't collaborating, the war would have ended long ago. However, the war can only be won if all factors aiding the terrorists are adequate considered. Locals, corruption in the army, finance of the terrorists and so on. This has to stop.

Buhari mourns kwa?😃 Audio Buhari you mean. Haba!! so you no longer go by Gen buhari? We take note. A whole 47 troops, Haba, there is an insider. An informant. It is indeed sad times... Malvin_mi I think I'm tired of hearing/reading news like this. Your men can't be murdered en masse every other day and the best thing you could say/do is 'you feel bad' about it. This situation is too ridiculous!

Best mourning president Yeye man general MBuhari dead 💀and lifeless fellow. When do we get to mourn this evil mourners sef?

BREAKING: 47 soldiers killed in Boko Haram ambushWe are a quality, national, newspaper with credible and dependable information. These BH guys have no respect for COVIDー19. I would have thought that they'd declare a cease-fire & join us to defeat this global health challenge. It's a pity. Aww,so corona virus is not to tell us that mankind is nothing. Another news say 50 Boko Haram die

Mourned when. Creator of the bokoharam Can you do better? did you see him shed tears or did he tell you that he is mourning anyone? Respect yourself, let their families mourn in peace. Thank you for your service,God bless your Souls & let those behind your untimely death join you ASAP. Lol where Una see am?

He's not mourning anyone. He's a useless president. They said it not boko haram..it there ammunition tank or vehicle that exploded and kill soldiers I guess punch did not see THAT Alaraka, which yeye mourn is that? Have you seen a robot mourn before? May Allah help us I'm still surprised that no single captured bokoharam member has been tried and executed since they have been killing innocent souls. Nigeria not worth calling a country!

Shame on him 79 not 47 stop reducing the number they're humans

Buhari Expresses Grief Over Killing Of Soldiers In Borno Boko Haram Ambush | Sahara Reporters.MBuhari Expresses Grief Over Killing Of Soldiers In Borno Boko Haram Ambush | Sahara Reporters The President said the death of every soldier causes deep pains because he knows what it means to be a soldier, and fully understands the extreme... READ MORE: Are you sure he cares about the soldiers, enough to grief? MBuhari It's really painful. May Allah protect our gallant troops MBuhari NONSENCE

No need to mourn... since he has refused to take action. Rip our gallant men... I believe their is insider that leak nigerian army plan and strategy to BKH in order to ambush the Nigeria troop.those who are undermine d effort 9ja Army shall paid by their blood from his /her generation to 15 generation 4 d curse they place on themselves &family.

How did he mourn? Which mourn? Change service chiefs but no is the answer. All the blood of innocent soldiers and citizens you people have been wasting, you will soon pay for it, your children will also partake of it I feel bad for the young military men let down in the battle against Boko Haram. We here say na 70 so na 47 concern you abi. The remaining 23 offend u ni

Mourner in chief of the federal republic of Nigeria! What's the budget for defense in the country, a figure we'll below the budget for the leadership of the house's salaries. Our troops aren't robots they bleed too, train them well, provide them with better weapons and gears and pay them well!, then you'll see change

They send our brothers, our sons, our husbands, our fathers and our friends out there with bad combat gear, an outdated assault rifle and terrible tactical training, they send them out to their deaths and they say the president is mourning?

Boko Haram: Buhari reacts as Nigerian soldiers die in deadly ambush in Borno - Daily Post NigeriaPresident Muhammadu Buhari has expressed profound grief and sorrow over the loss of soldiers who were ambushed by terrorists in Gorgi Village, Borno This same buhari will still release the terrorist That's what we have been hearing from you any other thing I thought MBuhari was going to eliminate boko haram in his first tenure, false promises. You ain't doing shit as President to be honest

Terrorists from other countries are self isolating except Boko haram. Awon bastards From 70 to 47 who are u fooling Nigeria government. How do they know he is mourning? I have said it before now, if your brother is still alive in the battle front pls tell him to come to the village to see the village head. He needs some elderly advice if he doesn't know how to drop the uniform for the govt.

47 or 70 ? That's a troop of soldiers in about 10 trucks... Nigeria is in a big mess in wrong hands. Sir do you mean 47 or 74..because it was 70 as at yesterday...do your math well sir How do u define ur mourn? Cus am outta here confused Which Boko Haram? The Boko Haram that has technically defeated? May the fallen Soldiers rest in peace. May God grant their families the fortitude to bear the loss.

Chief mouner, federal republic of Nigeria Mourns in isolation

How we lost 47 soldiers in B'Haram ambush, by DHQThe Defence Headquarters on Tuesday gave the figure of the soldiers killed in the Monday ambush as 47, contrary to reports that 70 soldiers... So painful..... 😭😭😭😭😭 This is very disheartening Somebody in the Army must know about the ambush. If none of the compromised army chiefs knows about this why hasn't any among thousands of the so called repentant terrorists led them to where Shekau is? Who is hiding Shekau?

Baba dey cough you talk say he dey mourn Òsè bubu our great leader sharing our pain even in poor health. Una try😂😂😂 Wow.. That's shooking.. YES! Shooking Baba way dey cough Dey died in d field fighting for us and U dey indoor and be dishing out rubbish. Since when did you see someone without conscience mourning? Pls allow him to flex in peace & pray that 2023 comes fast. May God avenge the death of these gallant soldiers fighting what they don't know of.

Buhari paid for their death by rehabilitating those animals. Now their belief is that they can kill as they like since buhari will pamper them later. I pity the people they are using You are a total failure The dead mourns the dead.... Time dilation is the difference. Bokorona virus (Boko Haram and Covid-19) will be more devastating loss to Nigerians.

Which Buhari dey mourn If I tear you hot slap mtcheww radarada Did he tell you he is mourning them? please take your time.....Your reporting of event is most annoying. Mourner Buhari... If I hear! Iffa hear. Mourners bawo Buhari mourns!!! How? Na today? Mourning with golden morns and milk not the troops killed by boko haram.

Don't die for Nigeria...It doesn't worth it! The so called leaders are thinking about stealing...and nothing good in mind for the poor masses! Imagine, Buhari 80... scared of COVID19 when young doctor are fighting the virus!! Buhari no mourn anything. If they repent,they will all be pardoned,cover your head in shane Mr President,you have failed humanity. All of you will be judged accordingly.

Mourn kill you there, stupid government F**k this man mehn! I wish say I get gun oh Shey u want to be president by all means... The blood all the gallant troops dat died ar in ur hand... RIP gallants 💂👮 Yobe state 😢😢, 47 or 70 sth? Biafrason123 Mourn for your life. Look at his hand. He is coughing seriously

They are not 47 dead but 150 soldiers. Why lying to the people. I thought Boko Haram has been technically defeated? I haven't seen him mourning ooo and if indeed he mourned, what will he do after that because mourning won't bring them back to life neither will it stop the barbaric act.

So sad I don't know why the govt are just risking these people lives to be fighting bokoharam, bokoharam since all this yrs that they've not capture their leader, bokoharam that is within the govt itself,mtshew Buhari mourns? Can we have another joke please? 😂 RIP to our gallant soldiers , may your names be written in the scroll in heaven for a remembrance.

This is the time to take the virus there. Give them 14 days and they start running for help then you attack. Common sense! 47 soldiers? Shit! Conflicting reports 70 here 47 there. Are there two ambushes. Nice one but what about the other result? Mourn how? In a fit of coughing? Unfortunately this media house are talking from one side of the mouth,according from a reliable source the number is almost 80 soldiers killed,this country is not worth dying for

It's seems so

But Boko should be working from home, isn't it? Tomorrow now the will free another repentaned Boko Haram, una papa 'Buhari budgeted ₦37 billion to renovate National Assembly, ₦150 billion on National Assembly members, and $500 million to renovate NTA. But he did not budget money for building hospitals, because he felt he could always rush to UK. Now he is STUCK!'🤣 🤣 💔 💔 💔

We Nigerians demand a video to confirm this news 70 soldiers liars... We'll elect him, he's a military Gen. He will make sure Boko Haram becomes a history. Nigeria and Nigerians are so gullible. Here's is Trump, not an army Gen. Before Trump ISIS bows, no nonsense in the world stage. Governance is based on previous track records.

After mourning you will still send these guity terrorist abroard to enjoy life. Shame. I thought it was 70? Who said he's morning? A big fat lie... He's smiling and happy more money will be diverted into personal account. Our leaders are sacrificing our soldiers in exchange for power and money. May the blood of all those innocent soldiers purge those looting monies meant for them.

This are mostly Christian soldiers Sent to a direction and informed the jihadist to go and attacked them and get them killed, Go to churches in the barracks It's mostly women Their husbands are dead in the battlefield God will judge you jihadist And you won't excape His Wrath

Which Buhari? Am not sure he's even aware such occured.... May God save this country That is all he can do.... As in he dey cry abi? Mourn ke? Una think say the man care. 47 lives is too high a number. May their souls rest in peace. Who ever sent them on that mission without adequate support has to be held accountable

We will also mourn u soon Really.., Who mourn Who? 😂😂😂 Baba that is thinking aloud about Covik One Nine Virust Presidency yi ti ya werey se. Mourns In isolation? Under 'ventilator'? Anything to distract us from the main news. Una wey dey 'run' this country instead of the president, fowl yansh don dey open small small. Continue to hide him

Which Buhari?

Somebody that is about to die is mourning, how possible Audio mourning Statues don't mourn Mourn fire, that is the least of his worries, he about leaving aso villa coz bubu has been infected with covick one nine Mourning and coughing, it is well. God grant the gallant soldiers eternal rest 😭Sm women r now widows, sm children fatherless, sm families lost bread winners! Can’t we all c nig is headn 2 doomsday. Let’s divide nig now 𝗽𝗲𝗮𝗰𝗲𝗳𝘂𝗹𝗹𝘆 2 save lives! Who knws hw many of us that ll still b alive if this country shld break violently.

Pesin wey dey sick fit mourn?, SMH! How Buhari wey test positive to Covid-19 carry dey mourn? I saw 70 yesterday now 47 Audio mourning 😏

Mourns? When? How? U people even reduced the number. Buhari lol Eeya Fake mourning ,let him prepare to mourns very well when corona have come and stay in aso rock and national assembly so they can enjoy the poor health facility in Nigeria, thank God I love these,pay back time for them Coughing and mourning at the same time Nawaooo

He mourned where? Yesterday was 70 now its 47..eti yawere How, I mean when?! First was 70.. now another source days 47.. naiiijjjaaaa

Lies! He cant be mourning for the fallen heroes. If he is mourning it's for the hospitals his govt and past ones didnt equip. RIP to our gallant Force men. Baba is more worried about his current health situation now than anything. wetin dey occur?. Person dey Cough una say em dey mourn. Una dey whine us ni

Bad luck Where is the technical defeat of Boko Haram. I thought they have been technically defeated clowns I thought Presido is in the ICU ? Which mourning is he mourning Audio mourning. sigh. RIP Gallant soldiers. 🙌🏼 Even punch becomes humble, PMB is no more General During this period.

Which Buhari? I heard our Buhari is coughing but he's negative Abi dem rig the test Heard 60 soldiers were killed last week and now 47 more gone. Who will now fight this coronavirus for us? 😭 😭 Mourns ko 'moan' ni If he has mourned in the past and still mourning. Mourning should not be done every time when right measures are put in place. Each time I see politicians mourn, they know what to do, but they don't do it, so why mourn?

may God save the world... its not more the 'end time is near' its nw the 'end time is now' nd may the soul of all those who are putting their lives in danger to save us rest in perfect peace nd may the almighty God be pleased with them Moron mourning. Mourning from corona bed? He should mourn for himself in advance.

Is his son amongst this batch of dead soldiers? He is mourning cos he is dying soon or what? Always mourning! Damn

The same set of people you catch and still rehabilitate?........You can't mourn,nah Which of the Buhari Always mourning but no solution to end terrorism..Erun Ko... JubrinBiko How possible 47 soldiers are not fully equipped/armed to repel such attack? Jubril At the end of the day they will catch these Boko haram members and our stupid president MBuhari will claim they are reformed and give them scholarships, Buhari by far is the worst president Nigeria has ever had. What a useless man

Chief mourner Everyday Gee d mourn Mourn, where pls ?

Chief mourner Who will help us take Corona virus to sambisa 😭 This is the hand work of bad governance. I thought it's 70 troops 45 or 70...which? Mourns? Show prove of tears to the related headline Some reported 92, others 90 and this one now 47, which one is true now. What is wrong with you people Chairman mourners association.

He no dey mourn anything Stop deceiving us! Which Buhari dey mourn person wey Dey fight for him life as we speak. He’s praying the result is negative. Be deceiving urself Punch you want to change the news ?

Moron!! What are you mourning when you are busy releasing them after capture in the name of rehabilitation and re-integration into the society. Ethnic Agenda is not good. RESTRUCTURE AND BE FREE. IT WILL CONTINUE TO HUNT ALL OF US. U hold somebody down, you are still down there Boko Haram is still working? What happened to working from home?

Mourns He's oblivious. His handler is incapacitated. -We have no president now. How can he be mourning the soldiers that his administration betrayed? 47 abi over 70? No wahala sha, I know say Coronavirus has come to deal with Coronacorruption. Buhari though non-existent isn't mourning, He sent them ill-equipped to fight his creation.

😥😥 Sympathy for the unrepentant and now another harm bush . This is worrisome. Baba picture sef dey cough

Lol oga bubu It's unfortunate but we need decisive actions That is all he does, mourn! How will someone who is sick will be mourning some unknown troops? But I read 70 on The Punch online yesterday evening? Why this criminal disparity now? I will like to feature you on my blog directly if given the opportunity....... Please retweet Follow me I need 5million followers ooo Click the link for latest new both national and international Follow me Please

All these far left media houses we have in Nigeria, dragging journalism to the mud *Nigeria mourns......🙄 BLOODY PEASANTS🤬 Which of the Buhari? Rest on our Gallant Soldiers. One day, all these will pass

Did he even know if they were killed I thought boko haram as been technically defeated? May the souls of the dead rest in peace. 70 not 47 Madman Which Buhari dey mourn? The one who Aunty KemiOlunloyo says he's 'busy' presently or the one called who reports say wanted to be brought to Lagos? There are so many Buharis in Nigeria o.

Tell us he is mourning his twin brother instead Abba Kyari Useless people. Buhari that is in Intensive Care Unit, cannot mourn anyone. Bubu stop putting ur hand in ur mouth nonsense .. These Boko Haram boys no dey tire? U wil join them soon no worries..14 more days

You mean the sick Buhari ? Lying anyhow Mr President something most be done immediately. So u telling me u saw gen buhari crying coz of d death of our soldiers and by d way I doubt if he feels anytin for their gallantry coz it obvious he doesn't. R.I.P to all our foreign hero tho Buhari wey sick Next week now you and the incompetent chiefs will be granting the Boko boys forgiveness after all these acts of wickedness

Is he mourning soldiers killed by his pet project Boko Haram? President Buhari is the only world leader who Pampers terrorist , the only leader who doesn't call terrorist their name instead he calls them bandit or insurgents so he should mourn no more . Oh God innocent souls are gone again 😭 Military are catching BH,our government are calling then repentant BH why are they not going to kill our gallant soldiers in ambush .May God forgive those senator that implement it into law

Mourning kee you there! Imagine soldiers of a nation like Nigeria being butchered like chickens! Your administration is far worse than others Savalake

Buhari should Motivate this Troops with Good Salary....... Our Government are Ungrateful Buhari that I know will never mourn. He's a stone hearted man That’s a wrong caption guys . The nation mourns is the right stuff. Audio Mourning If only they should be publishing their names . I want to see something

We're facing something that is more dangerous than Covid-19 which is Boko Haram. 😂😂😹 Please kindly state clear the Buhari you actually referring to. Lets not misunderstand ourselves biko Person Dey mourn inside ICU? Mourns ke? Buhari that is worried about contracting coronavirus

May the soul of these our gallant troops rest in peace. May their death not be in vain and may God console their families The buhari you are talking of is sick. I sanitize my laugh Why are they changing the numbers. Will boko haram rest now and work from home? They mourn, but later they will protect the so called “ repentant” BHs , keep them in idps and send them abroad. Oshi

is it that people are assuming for him or what? 1. You didn't have to change the figures. 2. He is NOT aware of anything Next lie please This terrorist attack has proven to be more deadly than COVID-19. Lord have mercy, too many turmoil in the world rn! Someone being isolated 😒😒😒

Person wey dey cough dey mourn Kai Baba, this not fair nw, you just want to make sure we lost all our brothers to your BokoHaram people why Mourning from ventilator or where? Lol...Garba shehu mourns. Person wet dey flight for his life dey mourn 😂🤡 Mourn kee you there. Repentance boko haram who is fooling who

47 or 74? Where exactly did you people see him mourning?

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