Buhari Has Put Northern Nigeria In Serious Trouble—Northern Elders | Sahara Reporters

Buhari Has Put Northern Nigeria In Serious Trouble—Northern Elders | Sahara Reporters

9/22/2021 8:07:00 PM

Buhari Has Put Northern Nigeria In Serious Trouble—Northern Elders | Sahara Reporters

The group added that by insisting on a leader from the North, the region is now in serious trouble.

Sep 22, 2021A northern group, Northern Elders Forum (NEF) has described Muhammadu Buhari as a regional president.  Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari.Buhari is from Katsina State, which is in the North. He defeated the incumbent, former President Goodluck Jonathan in 2015 to get into office and was reelected in 2019. 

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 But Buhari's time in office has been characterised by growing insecurity, worsening economy, increasing debts, among others.  The spokesperson for NEF, Hakeem Baba-Ahmed said this during an interview on Arise TV on Tuesday. 

 According to him, the North’s insistence on having a president from the region in 2015 put it in big trouble. He noted that Nigeria must move beyond ethnic, regional, and religious sentiments when electing leaders for the country to make progress.  headtopics.com

 He said, “We have learnt a lesson from the North about this tendency to say ‘only one of our own’. We are in trouble today because one of our own has put us in serious trouble. And if the North doesn’t believe that, they should just look around.

  “If we can’t move beyond ethnicity and religion and think of one country and create citizens of equal rights, then I’m afraid all we are going to do is go in circles and keep repeating the same mistakes we are making.  Read more: Sahara Reporters »

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They have the power to change their people for better, they have the nation's wealth , they have the resources to get the almajinris off the streets but they don't even want their apes obey to benefit from them yet they keep stealing from others. You’re just knowing after 7 years. It’s 1 year and 4 months remaining for Buhari after this few months of the year. He favored you for years, it’s now you’re just realizing you’re in trouble.

How many group of northern elders are there in Nigeria? Pdp northern elders Apc northern elders Only you northerners are in problem! Allah does not sleep, North will surely pay for their stupidity, especially the fulanis. Buhari is better than the man that drafted 1999 constitution 'Abdulsalam abubakar' for this reason North economically will crash and hunger will ravage.

NOW everybody will start condemning Buhari because his time is off, we only recognize these who speaking from day one . GENERALLY, APC is disgrace to Negra, I blame the followers who are searching for food , that is where they supposed to start fighting him. Not yet. More to come by 2023. Yet u always stand up to defend ur trouble maker i don't know who speaks for who in dat region and it's just as much d same mad pipo everywhere

Confused people think they are more wiser than others. It's still a mystery in this existence how backwards people always think they can lord it over more intelligent ones.. Are you just realizing? He was disappointed on what he saw in hell lol Taqiya

Nigeria's Next President Should Not Be Tribalistic Like Buhari— Northern Elders | Sahara ReportersBaba-Ahmed lamented that no Nigerian is happy with Buhari, even those within the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC). Always thinking about the short-term. What is the long-term solution? The problem in Nigeria is a fundamental one, it is at the core of it's creation. 2023 presidency isn't going to solve anything 😂 😂 😂 😂 plz can buhari go a third term make we see as North go be!!! Southern governors don wash thier hands comot from this nonsense! Northern elders are saying he is tribalistic president

Same old story. They already told us that the have the numbers to win another election. Please let’s call a spade, a spade. All these their pretentious behaviour will sink the entire nation if they are not careful. Bubu knows what they are doing and the northerners are all in it. Yes yr Ass in the North is in serious hot soup. Buhari is dead and buried in saudi Arabia u now hv a mask wearer in Aso Rock soon everything will unfold nothing to hide under the sun.

Sai Baba jaree destroy your own! A devil's award is waiting for you! Even though Buhari was a wicked tyrant before his death, to my candid opinion, people should have allowed him to rest in peace rather than to be using his name and face to commit all sorts of crimes in Nigeria. It's sad that people are still adding judgment to his excess.

This is real picture of passed away Buhari not what they are parading now🦜 shameless Fulani people This man has just one goal- to better his lot. He is too unproductive to make anything out of his life outside the free money in public service. You guys should enjoy your Buhari! Which version of Buhari is this one ☝🏾

2023: Nigeria can't afford another tribalistic president like Buhari - Northern eldersThe Northern Elders Forum, NEF, has said Nigeria can not afford another tribalistic leader like President Muhammadu Buhari in 2023. NEF Director of Confused elders. Who are you fooling Confused people

NwaBiaf41772670 When you no, you never see anything yet, k'ill Biafrans, h*te biafrans thy are your Enemies, your politicians are busy fooling you to h*te who can help you tomorrow, but its too late, you will pe'rish in ignorance Sai Sai Sai baba mutumu. The best dementia president in the world history

This amounts to a call for aspirin for a cancer patient in the final stages. That said, Bubu is only one man. He's not the only supporter of militant, intolerant Islam. Enjoy your chickens. Noo, the north is safe oo All the northerners are the same, they all believe in one thing don’t be fooled EricSule2

Lol They were cheering him on from jump 😂😂😂 16 more months. Don't worry. Awon werey. Keep playing political lips service. Na the same idiot say we can't do anything if north produce another president after Buhari. You don't even know the half of it. Awon werey At times when you hear the North talk, you will think they mean what they said

We regret getting rid of Jonathan to elect Buhari, Northern elders lamentThe Northern Elders Forum has said that it regretted that it got rid of then President Goodluck Jonathan to vote in Muhammadu Buhari Chaiii abeg who they talk this rubbish now Shut up there,all these talk,who do you think you are fooling. A very foolish statement

Stop the taquiyyah, we're wiser now, this crying more than the bereaved should hv started early 2016 when he started to unleash his venom especially against the Igbos and indigenous people of Nigeria. Dee_run Very patronising... Don't fall for it! Demarcation done start right away Regional president of Nigeria😂😂😂😂

Well spoken Thank God you know!!😒😒 Buhari na bastard Medicine after death. Don't fall for the north , they're master of manipulation and later play victim , let them enjoy what they have created

Stop reckless borrowing now, Atiku's group tells Buhari - Punch NewspapersStop the reckless borrowing now, Atiku's group tells Buhari Why won't it be Atiku? Abi is he supporting his country man Dnt mind the yeye man,I would not be surprised to wake up tomorrow and hear that china has confiscated Nigeria bcos of the excess money buhari borrowed Like, so that he won't inherit debt or what?

I wonder why hausa people don't revolt against their Fulani leaders, they are comfortable with begging, selling tea, doing shoe shinning, security guard, etc. They don't seem to care. We need to start to educate them massively Enjoy it He is one of you.

Northern Elders Forum regrets supporting Buhari, instead of Jonathan, in 2015 | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World NewsThe Northern Elders Forum has said that it regrets throwing its weight behind then candidate Muhammadu Buhari in the 2015 presidential election, instead of Goodluck Jonathan, adding that Buhari has let down a majority of Nigerians who trusted in his leadership prior to 2015 polls. According to the NEF’s Director of Publicity and Advocacy, Dr. […] Lol Jonathan for 4years, a northerner for 8years, reason for this statement Dey Wyn yourself. All na scam. Don't tell me aboki are wiser than others... If you support Jonathan after 4yrs they will take over and rule for another 8yrs. Then it might be tougher than now! Hindesight is a very good thing !! What is wrong with NEF is that they lack 'forethought' which is a good quality most elders have.

PDP berates Buhari over refusal to expose terrorism sponsors - Punch NewspapersThe most widely read newspaper in Nigeria Buhari Zoological Repoblic Nigeria. How can he expose terrorist when he the sponsor of Fulani terrorist. Bringing ammunition for them always........ so he cant expose them. The UAE already gave the names and Femi Adesina said the govt is not interested in naming and shaming but in prosecution and justice against the perpetrators! Of what use is media trials? I thought the UAE already helped with that? My guess is he's not tryna bite the 'hands that feed him'