Buhari has failed, but he's still better than Atiku -- Balarabe Musa

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Buhari has failed, but he’s still better than Atiku — Balarabe Musa


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jamaalhb It was failure that made the house of Assembly to impeach you as Governor. None sence.

Story we don't want Buhari ok

I agree with Alh. Balarabe Musa. PMB has failed our expectations, Atiku on the other hand might have the competence and capacity, but lacks character, PMB on the other hand has character but lacks competence and capacity! Nigerians will decide what trait is more important.

Why must it be between the two of them? Why do we limit ourselves? Please make an effort to listen to the vision of people like MoghaluKingsley. We do not need to short change Nigeria!

When last did you leave your village sir?

Atiku all the way

I like that.

He has failed. So,how can he be better than Atiku Abubaka? Please educate us sir.

You admitted that buhari failed then let him go home and rest.

Idiotic statement failure nah failure buhari back to daura

No daddy with due respect.....buhari is death......atiku is sickness... Death is final.... One can recovered from sickness.

Renoomokri, Kperogi and their cotravellers, listen to voice of reason.

Look at Nigerians...read comments from youths.. that country is a fail nation

With much respect sir, I strongly disagree.

Better than atiku, Incompetency wise?

He has not FAILED as no one has yet to point out any area where he failed taking into account what he met. Unofficially BANKRUPT country with bandits every where including BOKO HARAM. Give credit where it due. ATIKU is a FRAUD and people afraid to say so is worrying.

Only those who really hate Nigeria will vote Atiku

So what's his point? Old fool

balarabe Musa has gone mad again, are we trying failure? Nobody can fail more than Buhari, he is always the last in class

Everyone has right to his/her opinion. He can't he can't trust former thief with our money simple

Vast majority of Nigerians are blinded by Atiku's campaign strategy. Atiku is never nd never be an option to Buhari come what may.

Hehehe speaking from both sides of ur mouth For me atiku has my vote

Lol am just looking for a boyfriend

I concur 💯 'A known devil is better than unknown angel.' The supposed angel might not even be an angel.


how much were you paid?

How else do you want him to be tested? As a vice president he headed the privatizaton committee and he sold nitel to himself, Jennifer his wife collected $40million bribe on his behalf from siemens, what other prove do you need to know he is a thief


We cannot conclusively agree with Balarabe that Buhari has failed. Never!

😂 😂

Trial and error mode activated....


There is no but. He was an abysmal failure in 1984 when he drove Nigeria to recession and repeated same in his second coming. Buhari is the father of BLAMATOCRACY whereas ATIKU MEANS JOB.

This is clear truth Sir.

Point of correction sir. A person only fail when he fail to try again. U become a failure wen u stop trying

Balarabe musa, itsay sagay, lai Mohammed, all of your are nothing but a bunch of bunkums. In Igbo, we call people like you (Elder aruruala)

Who is this fool again

Two times president and he failed? Please give Atiku a chance

Don't we have any other candidates apart from Buhari and Atiku?

If Buhari has failed and you believed he is still better than Atiku, then vote him to become the President of your home and put him in charge of your business. Ba wahala! Kinji ko? You better get Atikulated fast.

A stupid expression from a myopic mind,octogenarian of out of today reality. Northerns need value reorientation

Sir, i may agree with the one and disagree with the other

csllormike241 Atiku is not the only presidential candidate but iits laughable when mushroom/village council presidential candidates and some know too much Nigerian do not eat without the fear of Atiku. Let us decide whoever is to lead Nigeria in 2019. Perform or out in 4 years is new order.

csllormike241 Please forget about 'still better than' and point out one significant achievement of this government in fair and balance perspective in a secular countrt like Nigeria. Also tell us why the one he is better than is not fit to rule. Generic personal assumptions is ur opinions.

Thnk God u knw that, or ya let's try Atiku nd see

You are a fool

How can a failed person and government be better than someone you have not tried to know his ability?

Whatever you think of Atiku is your personal opinion so never dream your opinion is superior to others. Keep your opinion to yourself sir. I am obediently Articulating.


If Atiku could be Vice president for 8 yrs and did credibly. If Atiku could manage large family, if Atiku could manage business conglomerates, if Atiku could manage friends across Nigeria and well loved for his nationalistic disposition towards all, then he is not a failure

Let’s try Atiku for one term, if he’s not good we vote him out. Better than trying someone that obviously can’t make things work. Everything retrogressed, Inec, rule of law, democracy, federal character etc Buhari is a self centered, nepotistic, backward individual.

At least you agree he has failed. We will not reinforce failure.

To you. But any day any time Atiku is the man for Nigerians

Let's try Atiku, if he fails, we impeach or vote him out!

Solid words

I don't know why some berry foolish Nigerians will think of Atiku as an option not to talk of an alternative to Buhari. Better people know that Atiku and his 40 thieves are only regrouping to steal us dry.

Rubbish.. Absolute baldadash.

How is PMB better than Atiku when both are not being compared on equal basis? Buhari as President we know; Atiku as President we don't know. This comparison will be objective when both have served as Presidents.

What's the NOISE about atiku ? You have 79 Nigerians contesting to become the PRESIDENT OF NIGERIA. Make another choice. All of you should SUPPORT another guy as to defeat MBuhari

Suffering from a disease called 'Senile Decay'.

You guys brought this on us. We the people will take charge of our own destiny this time around. Retire cos u r tired. Let's take charge. If Atiku fails us we'll push him out also so that others will be more careful

He is entitled to his opinion which is quite sentiment but no trouble at all for atiku as the next President 2019

ApostleDavidOdi We will take our chances with atiku.

How can someone that fail better than untested person? 👆🏾👆🏾👆🏾😂😂😂

Balarabe Musa you've not tell us the truth about this your new found voice on Buhari

There you go folks, you just heard from our past leader. And you wonder what happened to Nigeria.

How can someone who has failed and you acknowledge this deficiency could still say he’s better than someone who has not been tested as a president? As the trending saying goes, you cannot justify Buhari without appearing stupid. This person fits the profile of these people.

What you've said doesn't make sense. What's the rationale for such pedestrian submission. Atiku has never been president. We are all aware of his ordeal as vice-president under the government of Obasanjo. The truth be told, Atiku was victimized, made to be the enemy of the state.

Atiku is not an option.

You have not tested atiku as a President like you did to Buhari and you're saying Buhari that is a two-time Recessionist is better than Atiku. Sir, with all due respect I think you are not Normal

Buhari has failed woefully and atiku is far far better than buhari.... Buhari must go 2019!

The fears are real but seldom comes to pass in Nigerian politics. Ask all the godfathers and kingmakers.

Well said Sir, there is no where in the world failure is recycled.


ApostleDavidOdi I tot Balabre Musa has retired from politics some months ago.

It’s a shame that a elderly man like you can not be bold enough to say the truth

At least you agreed that Buhari has failed. When we try Atiku, we'll compare apple with apple. Buharihasfailed

Buhari is better than millions Atikus. Atiku is the candidate of Nigeria's enemies. The supporters of Atiku are the ones chanting 'Biafra or death'.

Old Age Dey Worry Papa Berebere, abẹgi ignore the old guard

Kai! Don't even mention it!! Are you speaking with Cow sense!

You're on point sir. Buhari has failed.

That's your opinion


Failure is failure. Atiku has certificates. He has successfully run businesses. He reads. He established schools. He’s not perfect but he can do the job of healing this country and putting the economy to work again. Leave Nigerians to decide at the balot

Baba, please go and rest🙏🙏🙏

He has failed, yet he's better than Atiku What kind of useless statement is this?

And we should continue with failure abi

Since Buhari has failed, the best thing to do is to give Atiku a chance.

Baba it is on record, you don't reinforce failure.

He is a man with conscience, some Nigeria leaders have sold their conscience for money and these are the people some youths are following. ' your children and grandchildren will asked why you mortgage their future for tribe, religion and personal hatred.

How do you know that Buhari is better than atiku when Atiku has not been given the same responsibility as Buhari.

Sai Baba 2019 no more looters

so we should reinforce failure?

Who are you to judge a person when you have not given him a chance to see what he is made up of sir Balarabe?

This old farmer what is your problem,tell us now so that we can help you solve it and keep quiet

Just stay on your lane old man. You are one of our problems. Keep shut!

Wannan Dan hefunfa yahaukace.

You will later Confess to us your problem with Atiku, Buhari has failed Nigerians we know and he do not deserve to come in 2019 , but we have not tried Atiku as a president, we will vote him come February 2019, if he fail we will vote him and try another until we get it right


And who are you to say? Let the masses be the judge. Buhari have been tried & tasted. He was given a second chance yet he failed.

Who ask dis wan sef? Taaah!

What is dis wan saying

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