400 Bureau De Change Operators, Boko Haram Sponsors, Muhammadu Buhari, United Arab Emirates

400 Bureau De Change Operators, Boko Haram Sponsors

Buhari govt not interested in naming, shaming terrorism financiers - Femi Adesina

Buhari govt not interested in naming, shaming terrorism financiers - Femi Adesina - Punch Newspapers

9/21/2021 11:10:00 AM

Buhari govt not interested in naming, shaming terrorism financiers - Femi Adesina - Punch Newspapers

Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, has said that the govt is not interested in naming Boko Haram sponsors

“You don’t take people before the court without investigation. The EFCC chairman spoke about it recently.“Investigations are going on about it differently, at the level of the EFCC, at the level of the National Intelligence Agency, all security agencies would be working at it so that when those people eventually appeared in court, there would be prima facie case against them,” he noted.

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Adesina’s comments came days after EFCC Chairman, Abdulrasheed Bawa, said that Nigerians would know the identities of terrorism financiers in the country at the right time.“Of course, transparency is one of the bedrock(s) of this administration, of course, I am not a spokesman for this administration, but I believe that at the

right timeNigerians will get to know those that are financing terrorism in this country and beyond as well,” the EFCC chair had said.Terrorism financing has become a concerning issue in Nigeria in the last few years as some unnamed politicians have been fingered of complicity with the marauders. headtopics.com

This newspaper had earlier reported that a former Navy Commodore, Kunle Olawunmi, said that Boko Haram terrorists mentioned names ofcurrent governors,senators and Aso Rock officials as sponsors during interrogation but the President has demonstrated an unwillingness to go after the high-profile politicians for reasons best known to him.

In September 2021, a former deputy governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, the late Obadiah Mailafia, also claimed that aserving northern governorwas a Boko Haram leader and moneybag. Read more: The Punch Newspapers »

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Us will name them soon That's exactly saying that Buhari is interested in covering, protecting terrorism financiers. They are the sponsors nah,they can’t name themselves… Fools Zeblun20 But got interest in naming and Shaming Igboho and Kanu. Does it means his govt is by the terrorist and for the terrorist?

C as Baba Dey look self 😊 How i wish this man is very close to me now i would have blessed him with an anointed brain resetting slap, he has refused to expose them because he's part of them, he's hiding them for some interior motive, this is very embarrassing.... Since na Aboki full the list why una go name them..this Bastard is a failure to his kids and Clan..He should always bury his Head in Shame and his Family also should be greatly Ashamed..only sectional arrests and intimidation na him dem sabi..oniranu

I’m sick of seeing this headline Ok every woman should sign via this link How would he name-shame those who chose him as negotiator?

Article of Faith: Prayer of redeemed against fear (2), By Femi Aribisala“Let me not be afraid of man whose breath is in his nostrils. Let me not be afraid of men and thereby lose my fear of God.”

Because they're part of it This is embarrassingly stupid. Did they really said that? With this disclosure; I don't know what Buhari is still doing at the UNGA! If truly those countries that constitute the security council of the UN are serious and wants to be taken seriously; he should have been on the next flight back home this morning due to the implications of

He's intrested in protecting the names than Nigerians. Are you serious? Nonsense, they are only interested in IPOB and Sunday Igboho...... Someone would come and start saying Buhari is fighting corruption and terrorism..... Ndị ụ́chụ́ This is absolutely nonsense. You don't want to shame terrorists but you go about chasing people asking for self determination. It's only an insane human being that can pamper terrorists

Simply because Buhari govt loves terrorists and terrorism Crazy talk

Femi Fani-Kayode: The Judas Of Oduduwa? By Ozodinukwe Okenwa | Sahara ReportersHe was formerly with the APC but decamped to the PDP and now he has gone back to the APC. Perhaps tomorrow or after 2023 he would come back again to the PDP!

Adesina, by this has confirmed that this PMB and his Admin are in partnership in terrorism. How he name them when he knows that when the string is pulled, they will all be pulled? What a misfortune of govt! Nigerians are 10 step above uits very clear apc govt knew those who are sponsoring BH, majority of them are apc card carrying member's.

Mad men in power. Na dem dem… No noise please! But he can run after Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Igboho. Chai, what a country. Why should they not be exposed, is it because it affects your interests? Then how about the lives, properties and assets lost, any recovery again? Chai what a country!!! FemAdesina at least if my oga send me mumu message, I go still use sense deliver the mumu message. FOR ME O… “SENSE RAN AWAY FROM NIGERIA 🇳🇬 MANY YEARS AGO.

Coz he's one of them, and they would implicate him. Lol We know that, what we didn’t know was that a clown 🤡 would let it out, just like that… Lol funny clowns

Femi Fani-Kayode: A victim of our disordered society | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World NewsIt seems that as a Nigerian, one can not completely avoid commenting on the affairs of the nation no matter how determined you are to watch events from the side-lines or from the back row. Who ever wrote this article should be checked if he/she is bank rolled. The only sense in the write up is the last paragraph. MEDIA...... He is a Victim of his own misfortune. Betrayal and judas

How can a terrorist be interested in naming his trusted evil killers.ReferendumNow FreeMaziNnamdiKanuNow But interested in call iPod terrorist group and detaining secessionist And that's bcos he's the leader of the sponsors Basically... Enablers of terrorism shameeee DrFabiyi Is you were the one, will your shame yourself?

Person fit shame himself? Really ! Evil o l'orúkọ méjì...

Nigerian govt will not expose sponsors of terrorism - PresidencyFemi Adesina, spokesman to President Muhammadu Buhari , has said the federal government is not interested in exposing sponsors of terrorism. Adesina stated “Naming and shaming won’t be the motive. Rather, bringing malefactors to justice would be it. Nigeria is not interested in naming and shaming anybody. Rather, it wants to bring them to justice...' Yes...Nigeria government cannot expose sponsor of terrorist because they are the one sponsoring the terrorist ,kidnapping people to push money out to purchase weapons to the terrorist. Because they are government of terrorism

How can you name or shame your self ,it's not possible. Na them them joor . MBuhari you are the worse president I have ever seen in my entire life . Abeg gettat

Nigeria not interested in naming, shaming alleged terrorism sponsors - PresidencySix Nigerians are six among individuals whom the UAE recently suspected to be terrorist financiers. You don't name and shame self. Clap for yourself. Meanwhile its ur choice to name n even jailed the secessionist.....rubish Na them

Buhari borrows for development, not to pocket —Adesina - Punch NewspapersThe most widely read newspaper in Nigeria Once upon a time i use to Love this man. Spits! SinzuMoney = Buhari Spending = Osinbade Shameless man! Which development has he to show in the last 6 years he has bee on the seat as President of the country?