Buhari congratulates Iran's new president | Premium Times Nigeria

Buhari congratulates Iran’s new president

6/21/2021 8:29:00 PM

Buhari congratulates Iran’s new president

President Buhari urged Iranians 'to brush political differences aside and support Raisi to succeed...'

“once again reinforces the centrality of the will of the people to the success of democracy anywhere in the world.”In a reaction to the outcome of the election in Abuja on Monday, President Buhari said that “Raisi deserves his victory in the presidential election.”

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The Nigerian leader explained that “democracy affords voters the opportunity to change or re-elect their representatives by peaceful means.”He described Mr Raisi as “a consummate politician with experience to lead his country to greater heights and a better future.”

President Buhari urged Iranians “to brush political differences aside and support Raisi to succeed in efforts to help the country overcome its challenges, including the impact of COVID-19 pandemic and the crippling sanctions imposed on the country.”While congratulating Mr Raisi on his victory, President Buhari advised the President-elect “to unite the country for the sake of protecting the common interests of Iranians that transcend party lines.” headtopics.com

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Via which means of communication please? Meanwhile the Iranians are mainly Shiites, same sect Gen Buhari is persecuting here in Nigeria. He should just ignore it..

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