BREAKING: Tinubu visits Masari in Katsina

BREAKING: Tinubu visits Masari in Katsina

2023 Presidency, Katsina State

1/16/2022 8:23:00 PM

BREAKING: Tinubu visits Masari in Katsina

The national leader of the All Progressives Congress, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu , on Sunday, met with the Governor of Katsina State , Aminu Masari .

The former governor of Lagos State also met with the Katsina State Executive Council members.Though details of the meeting were not disclosed, it may not be unconnected to the 2023 presidential ambition declared recently by Tinubu.

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Igbayi laaro...We understand the motive na... Tinubu 2023 Politics. Hmmmmn Terrorism and banditry afflicting the north is from God to punish Fulani jihadist sharia north for inflicting Fulani herdsmen to maim, kill and kidnap in the south. Until Fulani jihadist north repent and desist from marauding in the south, they will have no peace.

Let him visit all nothern state we will not vote couse he is too old So thiefnubu when to katsina to condole with them? Hmm Yeye de smell. Where was he all this while when thousands were massacred sent out of their homes. but now because of his selfish and evil ambition he's suddenly now become compassionate. Nigerians in una want be fooled again.

NO THE FIRST TO REGISTER FOR SCHOOL DEY CARRY FIRST FOR COME FIRST FOR EXAM.... ME NA PROF. YEMI OSINBAJO I GO VOTE FOR O How is it our business? I keep saying this. You can’t act like you are looking for a solution to the national problem when you are part of the problem. This is systematic support and it’s devilish. Why aren’t you telling about other candidates and the travels?

I weep for northerner Let em visit all d northern state but we will not vote for him So he didnt knw dat northern state meant sometin to him till nw dat he want run for president.. the northerners will not vote for a person hu didnt believe in one nigeria NWSBayArea SokotoTweets InsideKaduna_ I'll rather vote than a northerner

Masari reopens fuelling stations, cattle markets in KatsinaGovernor Aminu Bello Masari of Katsina State has ordered the immediate reopening of all fuelling stations and cattle markets closed down earlier due to Good Like father like son! Nothing come out

God of Justice He is permitted to visit even the demons of the underworld. One thing is for sure : you will not rule this country, for you have been weighed and found wanting. This old man is just wasting the remaining energy he has to stay healthy, chasing shadows. If you like visit Hell 🔥 you can't rule this country with this your evil plan.

May pain is why KashimSM is busy following this manequine up an down. No to old rogues TeamWhiteNigerian TeamAmSaleem He is yet to visit lucifer Socio-economic and political afflictions shall not arise the second time in Nigeria. Nobody will ever vote for this man,just by looking at him,he looks unwell

Oga they hustle hard but I pray he wins because everyone is upset Oga dey hustle

Banditry: Masari Orders Immediate Reopening Of Filling Stations, Cattle Markets In KatsinaGovernor Aminu Bello Masari of Katsina State has approved for the immediate reopening of all filling stations and cattle markets earlier closed down on account of cattle rustling and armed banditry in the state. The governor however instructed the two Emirate Councils in the State to admonish District and Village Heads of the affected … Continue reading Banditry: Masari Orders Immediate Reopening Of Filling Stations, Cattle Markets In Katsina Good governor I thought money changes all things, including Looks o!!!👀👀🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️ The man wan cry ?

Election is not won on Twitter and I'm afraid people who are begging for urgent 2k will vote for the urgent 2k Truth be told Tinubu is making moves, e go shock una wen e win the election. The two musketeers Good move.... Afterall Ibi tí Okanjua eyan bá so-sì ni won tí un-ka All this visit, just to continue from where Buhari will stop. We will not tolerate our ancestors to rule us again

We run democracy not autocracy man For criminal ambition why forcely plan to lead a nation, who does not want you to be a leader over them ? Bamayi pa gaskia

2023: Makinde commends Tinubu during APC leader's visit to IbadanThe former governor of Lagos State and some of his political associates visited Mr Makinde at the State Government House, Agodi in Ibadan. Are you aware of Twitter Space, if yes, join us today, by 7pm. Topic: 2023 Election - Your Interest as a Youth in Politics. Follow AGreatNigeria3 Set a reminder for my upcoming Space! Good The visit is timely.

Tinubu Pays Condolence Visit To Makinde Over Soun, Olubadan, Akala's DeathA former governor of Lagos State and All Progressives Congress (APC) national leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu , on Saturday, paid a condolence visit to Beggerdorf

Tinubu and stolen voices, By Wole OlaoyeI think Tinubu ought to issue a statement dissociating himself from any 419 statement of endorsement stealing other people’s names.

Nigeria Not For Sale, Osinbajo Support Group Tells Tinubu | Sahara ReportersThe group dissociated itself from any agreement from any secret quarters that might favour Tinubu for the plum job in 2023. MUKBANG: OKRO-MELON SOUP, SMOKED FISH, GOAT MEAT AND GARRI When will they start releasing heavily damning documented evidence against one another, in their bids to win APC's Presidential ticket of 2023? May they help to destroy one another for the untold socio-economic and political calamities they've plunged Nigerians into since 2015. Remember Tinubu brought Osinbajo to the dance.