BREAKING: Tinubu Finally Speaks On ‘Operation Amotekun’

BREAKING: Tinubu Finally Speaks On ‘Operation Amotekun’


BREAKING: Tinubu Finally Speaks On ‘Operation Amotekun’.

BREAKING: Tinubu Finally Speaks On ‘Operation Amotekun’

All Progressives Congress National Leader, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, has finally weighed in on the debate over ‘Operation Amotekun’. The APC stalwart called for private discussion between the Governors of the South-west and the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice, Mallam Abubakar Malami, over the initiative. He said the foundation of the country had not been put at risk with the South-west regional security outfit launched by the governors of the zone in a bit to confront the insecurity in their states. The former Lagos governor, however, warned that that fabric could be torn by what he called the “dangerous rhetoric of those who should know better.” In his first intervention in the controversy surrounding Amotekun, Asiwaju Tinubu said: “Those claiming that this limited, inoffensive addition to security threatens the Republic have taken themselves upon a madcap excursion. READ ALSO: AMOTEKUN: Those Who Are Afraid Are Criminals – Odumakin “Those claiming that the Federal Government seeks to terribly suppress the Southwest have also lost their compass. Those who occupy these two extremes have sunken into the dark recesses of fear and political paranoia that can undo a nation if such sentiments are allowed to gestate”. Titled “The Public Discourse Over Amotekun,” the statement personally signed by him reads: “Amotekun. This issue has dominated recent discourse and media headlines. Distilled to its basics, it concerns how best state governments can assist with the safety and security of their residents. This is a matter of serious concern entitled to sober thought. However, it has been turned into a political tug-of-war. Fierce, often unthinking rhetoric, for and against, has crossed the lips of too many Nigerians. More subjective talking than objective thinking has been the fuel of this outburst. “Question those in favour of Amotekun. Most have but the vaguest notion about it. They know few details yet vigorously attribute to its opponents the most negative intentions. Ask those who oppose Amotekun. They are equally ignorant of its provisions. They oppose the initiative not on its merits but merely because it was proposed by their political opponents or because they don’t see an avenue for personal gain from it. “While colourful, the rhetoric has been disconcerting. How people have mishandled this matter demonstrates that we still have far to go in perfecting this democracy. Too much energy has been spent distorting this issue instead of seeking a resolution that supports local enhancement of security while keeping the constitution intact. If this becomes the standard for how we handle disagreements then we will obscure Nigeria’s path forward with our own rubbish. “In this matter, I do not see malign intent in the differences of opinion between the SW Governors as authors of Amotekun and the Attorney-General as the primary law enforcement officer of the Federal Government. Shorn of the overly dramatic language, what lies before us is but a step in the evolution of our federalism. This is an opportunity to more clearly define that federalism; but one cannot attain this better, more functional definition through overblown, emotional language. Objectivity and calmness are required. To a significant degree, the enduring quality of our republic will be established by the sagacity with which we handle disagreements regarding the division of power between federal and state governments. Such disagreements are inevitable. This is not the first. Nor will it be the last. We must devote our energies more toward solving problems rather than amplifying them. “Seeking to fulfill their mandates by helping protect their people, the governors of the Southwest collectively established a program to buttress existing security mechanisms. Seeking to protect the constitution as best he could, the Attorney-General offered his opinion on what he believed the governors have sought to do. No one can blame either party for seeking to fulfill what they genuinely see as their public duty. “Until now, I have deliberately maintained a studied silence regarding Amotekun. Many have tried to goad my swift public reaction. Those who have taken this road did so not because they care about Amotekun or even the people it intends to help protect. They did so knowing this had become a delicate and emotional issue for many. These cynics did so with the adversarial hope that, in haste, I might misspeak or misstep in a manner they could twist to their political advantage. “Such people are possessed of a mercenary aspect that permits them to sacrifice almost anything, even jeopardize the very foundations of our political unity, if they might exact personal gain from the upheaval. In that they know no nobler purpose than their own appetites, we should feel sorry for them. However, we must not allow our sympathies for their barren condition to persuade us that there is worth in their destructive misconduct. They must be left to the consequences of their own devices. “If truly I am a political leader as I am often described, then I have not the luxury of hasty, ill-conceived utterances. There are those who will use inflamed words to spark the passions of others. This may bring transient applause. But when the cheers fade, we shall only have further descended because their words were never inclined toward resolution and long-term improvement but toward short-term popularity and perpetual confrontation. “I believe in this nation and its benign prospects. I dearly love its people, all of them. Over the years of our existence, they have suffered much. Yet they still hold forth with heroic patience and an extraordinary optimism born of strong faith. To these people, I owe my best. I shall not treat them cheaply or bandy their emotions like some errant football. The welfare of these good and decent people is my overriding concern. “Equally, I do not cow to the demands of those who press for me to make a premature statement on an important issue. Again, that is a game devised by those who care more about political cleverness than the quality of governance. I chose to talk when my position has been made ripe by a collection of the facts and a reasonable assessment of those facts. “As I view it, this matter can be divided into three major parts: 1) Substantive merits of Amotekun, 2) Decision-making and consultative process and 3) Recommendations on the way forward. AMOTEKUN, GOVERNORS, AND SECURITY “As the highest elected official in his state and thus the individual embodiment of the will of the people, a governor must view safety and security as a foremost priority, integral to his mandate. To turn a blind eye to these concerns would be a grave dereliction. That the SW Governors seek to work together to complement the extant security architecture is, in principle, a commendable undertaking. In embracing this concept, they have acted in consonance with the spirit of their offices for the better interests of their people. “As Governor of Lagos State, I confronted a burgeoning criminal menace. I could not sit idly in the face of the violence and property destruction that struck genuine fear in the hearts of the people. The police tried as best they could, but their coverage was thin. They simply did not have the personnel or material wherewithal to be everywhere at once. We formed Neighbourhood Watch to help fill the gap. “Our aim was not to replace existing structures but to complement and augment them. The mission of Neighbourhood Watch was to monitor the wards and neighbourhoods of the state. The group would gather information and intelligence to pass to the police and security authorities. The Neighbourhood Watch also provided an early warning system to keep citizens from harm’s way. The idea worked. Crime and violence reduced significantly. Even the overreaching Obasanjo government did not contend against Neighbourhood Watch. “Judging from the public statements of the governors, Amotekun is meant to be structured along similar lines. As I understand it, Amotekun is to be another set of eyes and ears to assist the police. As such, it is but the second generation of Neighbourhood Watch expanded to a regional scale. Conceptually, there is nothing wrong with this. It does not appear to insult the constitution. However, my position regarding Amotekun is not blind or uncritical; there are several organisational and functional aspects of the proposal that could cause some problems if left unresolved. “First, the stated mission is information gathering by civilians. Such tasks are always and everywhere best done in low-key fashion. Some aspects of Amotekun seem to undermine rather than enhance this function. Second, equipping Amotekun with showy paraphernalia may cause the public to misconstrue the role of Amotekun, incorrectly believing its mandate is more expansive than it is. This possible disconnect could impede the good aims of the program. “We also should consider that the Buhari administration has approved implementation of a policy of community policing wherein additional recruits from all 774 local government areas will be added to the force to help protect their own communities. As the Federal Government emphasizes grassroots policing it is uncertain how well Amotekun can complement the police force as the force moves toward greater decentralisation when Amotekun is organisationally leaning in the opposite way. “We have been fighting for local and decentralised policing for a long time because we know that too much centralisation impedes performance. In regard to the actual performance of its appointed tasks, Amotekun should have focused on grassroots local organisation at the state level without a regional command hierarchy. The regional approach may undermine efficiency. There is no compelling logic why the same personnel providing security & informational assistance in Ado-Ekiti should be under the same functional and operational leadership as those providing assistance in Lekki or Akure. This will not lead to optimal performance. “The regional approach has only limited benefit with regard to the procurement and maintenance of vehicles and communications equipment because this wider approach allows for economies of scale. The regional approach also helps tackle the growing incidences of interstate criminal activity. Some things need to be corrected before Amotekun becomes operational. If not, it will not live up to expectations. Thus, the current formulation of Amotekun is in need of repair before it takes to the road only to quickly slip into a ditch. CONSULTATIVE PROCESS BREAKS DOWN “The governors state that they consulted regularly with the police and security agencies. This was the right thing to do. However, their failure to include the office of the Attorney-General in these discussions is the fount of the current public uproar. This was an unfortunate omission the governors should regret and seek to remedy. However, the conceptual merits and positive functional aspects of Amotekun should not be tainted by this procedural defect. “While the Attorney-General is a conscientious public servant, he is also human. Not having been consulted, he was suddenly faced with an unexpected public announcement regarding a matter within his official ambit. He likely feared the failure to consult him meant that federal prerogatives were being encroached. To blame him for this conclusion would be to blame human nature itself. Though his negative reaction was understandable it was also unhelpful. “The Attorney-General acted hastily in rendering a public statement that was more inaccurate than it should have been. Amotekun was never proposed as a “defence” agency; the Attorney-General erred in using this description. The use of uniforms and brightly coloured vehicles may not be the best ideas but they do not render Amotekun a defence agency or paramilitary group any more than a designated school van carrying uniformed students constitutes a paramilitary deployment. “Believing the governors had crossed the line, the Attorney-General should have reached out to them. Before going public, he should have sought a private meeting so that he could have a better factual understanding of Amotekun. This would have enabled him to give the governors any specific constitutional or other objectives he might have. In this way, the two sides would have engaged in private consultations to reach agreement on the way forward. This cooperative process might have helped to correct some of the organisational lapses above identified. Such a diplomatic and wise step also would have prevented the current public acrimony now surrounding the issue. RECOMMENDATIONS FOR RESOLUTION “This matter cannot be resolved on the pages of newspapers or by attributing negative motives to either side. The best way to resolve this is still for the two sides to enter private discussions. Either the governors should seek an official but private meeting with the Attorney-General or the Attorney-General can initiate the contact. Since Amotekun is their initiative, the governors bear the greater onus in seeking the meeting. “The meeting will initiate further discussion on how to resolve what appears to be a misunderstanding caused by an unfortunate lack of communication. Remedy the gap in communication and the misunderstanding will begin to disappear. Last, I again stress to well-intentioned Nigerians to shun those who employ heated language to inflame emotions. It does us no good to rush toward exaggerated statements that suggest calamity of the highest order. Don’t allow yourselves to be fodder for those who seek to divide us. “The fabric of the Republic has not been put at stake by Amotekun. However, that fabric could be torn by the dangerous rhetoric of those who should know better. Those claiming that this limited, inoffensive addition to security threatens the Republic have taken themselves upon a madcap excursion. Those claiming that the Federal Government seeks to terribly suppress the Southwest have also lost their compass. Those who occupy these two extremes have sunken into the dark recesses of fear and political paranoia that can undo a nation if such sentiments are allowed to gestate. “We are one nation, 200 million strong with 36 states and a great complex of federal authority residing in dozens of federal ministries and agencies. If everyone is allowed their democratic expression, there are bound to be disagreements. This is inherent in the federal structure. Nations that have practiced federalism much longer than us still frequently debate over where the line between state and federal power is to be drawn. They have hundreds of court cases each year on this very issue. Yet they do not attack each other as we do. We must all learn to be more restrained and judicious in our reactions when such disagreements arise. “Before leaping from our seats to lift our voice to the high rafters in profound indignation, we first would be wise to properly discern the situation. We must ascertain whether it merely is a tempest in a teapot or whether our house and all its teapots are swirling in a real tempest. Despite the ominous headlines and heated talk, an objective analysis points more clearly to the former than the latter. The resolution of this matter is not beyond us if only we allow ourselves to be the democrats that our better conscience and the very documents of our national existence call us to be. “In trying to help resolve this matter, I have initiated communication with the Chairman of the Southwest Governors’ Forum, Arakunrin Rotimi Akeredolu, with a view to meeting the southwest governors to explore amicable solutions to the avoidable controversy. I am sure that, at the end of it all, peace, security, and progress shall reign in our nation. Thank you.” More on Headlines Read more: Channels Television

These people are funny! They Are an embarrassment to the human race Britain will be taking over very soon to the man with many natural resources and knows not what to do with it shall be given to that with only one resources proven and satisfied Finally Jagaban have spoken.let the government of Buhari listing to asiwaju of the universe.i see a lot of wisdom in it.

Amotekun is another regional divisive plot by western politicians loosing political relevance. It’s not a national solution to security challenges but will become one and would require national resources to disband them after their regional purpose has been achieved. I wish they put in as much energy in canvassing for state policing as they are for amotekun, It’s a selfish plot.

Amotekun is another regional decisive scheme concocted by western leaders who are loosing political relevance. It’s not a national solution to security concerns and would and would difficult to disband long after it has served its purpose. I have seen many celebrated and uncelebrated comments. We need a clear distinction between APC and Yoruba race, so Tinubu’s reaction is a respresentation of his personality and need not be over-flogged!

The Jagaban, I so much love you. You're a hero, true Democrat and Nationalist 👍. You're the headache of the opposition 💯.... Long may you live for us 🙏 Support the house, and the house soldiers will lead and guide you anytime. Double speaking Tinubu, trying to save his neck from being chopped off by the Odudua people and saving his chances as the next president of the contraption called Nigeria come 2023

AMOTEKUN has come to stay and there is nothing anyone can do about it even Tinubu or no Tinubu, all I know is dat AMOTEKUN has come to stay

BREAKING: Tinubu finally breaks silence on AmotekunBREAKING: Tinubu finally breaks silence on Amotekun WednesdayMotivation WednesdayWisdom WednesdayThoughts ReadThis Ok How is this a breaking news🤣

Why must over 20 million people wait for his opinion? Someone has lost his senses all cos his wild goose chase. He can't be President. He has lost votes in d South West, North zero, South East under zero Tinubu does not speak frivolously. Kudos to you sir! He analyse the situation and proffer solution. Jagaban sir, you have done well

Truly an embodiment of wisdom He said much without saying anything really. He is just trying to save face by sitting on the fence! Shior! Thank you for taking Uncle Bola....we needed to hear your voice on this matter. That's jagaban for you He must be confused.....all d grammar and yet nothing to point to, should we call dis wisdom or stupidity


BREAKING: Finally, Tinubu clears the air on AmotekunWe are a quality, national, newspaper with credible and dependable information. Leader. A well delivered press speech and it is only meant for the wise He ended up saying nothing he is not for it and he is not against it

He speaks like a 'fencist', neither here nor there. I can understand though. He is speaking from both sides of his mouth. Neither here nor there. This operation will just favour the sitting governors on election period You can't but just appreciate Tinubu. I Stan tinubu I must say that it was well written, concise and solution was proffered. He made use of the phrase be quick to listen but slow to react very well. They were all threatening fire and brimstone over something that a simple communication would have solved.

I pity Tinubu. He has no understanding of the after-life. This reminds me of the poem 'politicians two mouth' don't know whose side he is in. Duplicitous. He is neither here nor there! Duplicitous. I can’t read all these jare Amotekun will be well positioned to attack Igbo in particular during elections. Oba of Lagos did it and repeated in last election.

BREAKING: Finally, Tinubu clears the air on AmotekunAll Progressives Congress National Leader, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, has called for private discussion between the Governors of the South-west and the Attorney Musa run and buy recharge card for me.Nonsense! Clears the air or foul the air?

He is speaking from both side of his mouth, I would rather support another norther person as the president than him. 'Operation policy, and Consultation with the office of the Attorney General,' that's the summary of the lengthy 'write up' Goodbye to your presidential ambition for supporting SW governors against AGF. Myati Ala even said it that support them and lose 2023 presidential ambition. The 2023 game has begun. I will get my popcorn 🍿 and soda 🥤 because the 2023 movie has started showing 😂 😂 😂

So he truly wants to go for president 2023? Hmmmmm

Tinubu finally breaks silence on Amotekun – Daily TrustAfter ample pressure, the All Progressives Congress (APC) National Leader, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, finally broke his silence on the establishment of the South-West regional security outfit, Amotekun, calling for dialogue in resolving the controversy over the initiative. Amotekun was launched by six governors of the south-west under the Western Nigeria Governors’ Forum (WNGF) penultimate week … I don't think Tinubu has anything good for the Yorubas. He didn't take position on Amotekun. Will he step on the toes of the man who will make him king?

BREAKING: Tinubu breaks silence, says Amotekun not threat to national unityShey looto? Okay Make pressure no kill u in other to save face

Tinubu calls for dialogue on Amotekun - The Nation NewspaperAll Progressives Congress National Leader, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, has called for private discussion between the Governors of the South-west and the Attorney Better Zombie o oh zombie!!!! Now Osinbajos tone!!!

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