BREAKING: Supreme Court Sacks Bayelsa Governor-Elect, Lyon

BREAKING: Supreme Court Sacks Bayelsa Governor-Elect, Lyon

2/13/2020 3:47:00 PM

BREAKING: Supreme Court Sacks Bayelsa-Governor Elect, Lyon

BREAKING: Supreme Court Sacks Bayelsa Governor-Elect, Lyon

Updated February 13, 2020 The Supreme Court has sacked the governor-elect of Bayelsa State, David Lyon, and his Deputy, Biobarakuma Degi-Eremieoyo.In a unanimous judgment delivered by Justice Ejembi Ekwo, the court ordered the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to withdraw the Certificate of Return issued to Mr Lyon.

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READ ALSO:The Apex Court also ordered a fresh certificate be issued to the governorship candidate with the highest votes cast and wide geographical spread in the governorship election held on November 16, 2020.Mr Lyon was sacked for presenting a running mate with a fake certificate in the said election.

With this judgment just delivered, the governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Diri Duoye with the highest lawful votes and with wide geographical spread will eventually become the next governor of Bayelsa. Read more: Channels Television »

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Democracy is a scam in some countries. Democracy is now working in Nigeria Bayelsa People Behave Gentle and Courageous. Strange APC was already disqualified some days to the election but bcos they like kangaroo judgement they came through the back door by influencing the appeal court. Now they have paid darely for it

Robbing Peter to pay Paul kangaroo judgement What's the score line now between imo and Balyelsa? 1:1 abi? 😆 😆 😆 PDP vs APC This latest hire and fire will course confusion o, who is to be blamed for this, INEC? They should sack Hope Uzodimma,as well. 😁 Gov-annulled Very Sad for Mr. Lyon. inecnigeria has continued to Robb 🇳🇬 people of their democracy since 1999 Yet again, it's the court that is always doing there job since being established A Fraud of a commission 😖

Has his running mate been imprisoned ? *Supaware Innovations* is an inventory management software that helps in the day-to-day activities of a business outlet (Any sales outlet or pharmaceutical stores). It is known for immeasurable functions and advantages, among which includes: Watch out for INEC tomorrow interpretation of that judgement both APC and PDP has no say to that watch out

I am not happy about the situation we are in where elections are now largely decided by a group of people (judiciary)whose integrity is in doubt. OgbontaShedrack PDP and APC are James Bond ...even the devil can not play politics with them and win. Just imagine PDP and APC in the garden of Eden ...the devil is an Apprentice!

Pls APCNigeria are going to share the meat and drinks for bois ? As the d inauguration don burst. This man ought to be sacked for bad English sef. If your village people are on your case, they'll just wait for you a day before your glory to strike. And some people have gone to church to do thanksgiving service o.🤧🤒

1-1. Exactly what APC did to Imolites Na one one bros Waking up Democracy is in danger 😀 They didn't even let him answer His Excellency. Imo state own is better. When did this case go to tribunal and Appeal court? I knew something was wrong the day he emerged Gov-elect. His demeanor was suspicious when he was giving his supposed victory speech. Smh

The weak Lyon would have a disaster in Bayelsa. It’s high time INEC changes the way Elections hold in Nigeria. It would save the Judiciary from a whole lot of stress after elections. A man that can barely communicate shouldn't be representing or making decisions that would affect the lives of over 2 million people at a very crucial time like this.

Another throw into the mix. The confused and confusing judgements of our courts make for a textbook case of legal sanitarium. Partisan flavour in everything! something is definitely cooking...who knows the next news. This is indeed a season movie. How do we get here? 🤔 Oluwa wetin dey sackinate! toluogunlesi But for the PDP governorship candidate to be declared winner, he must not only get the highest number of votes but also win at least one-quarter of total votes cast in two-thirds of all the local government areas in the state. i.e. 6 out of 8 LGAs. He got it in 5 LGAs

Another gbis gbos from the Supreme Court I really think there is no need for inecnigeria to conduct elections since court is the only one that decides the winner. The candidates should all go to court and summit their CV them court will call them back in declaring the winner IbadanCityPlug Wonder shall never end

Lyon you went to market ursef to get all your spices and ingredients it was quite unfortunate that a mad and useless bunch of expired nature tamed your ambition and put down ur soup out of fire I am not a fan of APC, but this is very unfair. APC and PDP haven't learnt any lessons Lol this guy resembles Evans oooh!

This one goes against the ruling Party. Democracy is NOT in danger today. Neeext?! Theres a lot of funny business here..whose job is it to screen certificates before candidates vie for elective positions? 24 hr before swearing in is absurd Where the ALMOST GOVERNOR go con keep hin award ? VIDEO: 'I was awarded best Governor of the year 2019 even before taking oath of office ' - David Lyon

But is INEC not supposed to have verified candidates' certificates before election day? Why all this back and forth? ForgedDemocracy Let us continue to pray against near success syndrome.... Can't imagine how he feels now, the ex governor of Imo State own better pass this one ooh Goodbye to Democracy in our Nation

So father Mbaka did not see this coming? Sack Letter every where I comment not Nice judgement. Na ultimate humiliation.....all the Clothes on credit....Cows bought for booked and paid for....all those babe's standing bye to usher in the political costumers...Haaaaa, person go get HYPERTENSION!

Let Supreme rather organise our elections joor channeltv So david lyon no even collect first salary as governor oooo omase oooo Make una no forget say na primary school una president get If it was d other way round dey will be protesting by nw Craze of the federal republic This is a clear replica of moses story in the bible, he saw the promise land, but couldn't enter it

Congratulations Bayelsans you have dodged a bullet Emeka Ihedioha of Imo state & PDP are in a dilemma right now, cos the sacking of David Lyon in Bayelsa has caused them double jeopardy 😃😃😃 How will they continue to mislead their supporters that the Nigerian Supreme court was compromised & our democracy is indeed in danger🤷🏽‍♂️

If Bayelsa Governor is sacked, Kogi too must go. The two elections were held on same day and there are lots of atrocities committed. We don't expect to see any winner in both states. I expected Supreme court to cal for a rerun in both Kogi & Bayelsa. Why’s it that anytime formal president GEJ visit Buhari, something unusual will happen in his state

What a world!! Lyon saw the promised land but he never entered .. When I hear Nigerians talking about PDP and APC, I feel like laughing at their ignorance because these two are 2 sides of the same corrupt coin. You can’t even differentiate between the adherents of both. Wow Bayelsans were really looking forward to see Lyon as their governor It’s another shame

Nigeria is practicing a 'Hiring and Firing' type of Government.... They hire and fire anyhow.... Thanks to the Supreme Court of Nigeria for returning power to the OfficialPDPNig that deserves it..... Its a big lesson to our politicians. Most of them parade fake credentials. I saw this coming but never thought it will be today. The lesson here is, before any party adopts any candidate as their flag bearer, do your due diligence so as to avoid this tragedy....

...any time Oga Jonah visits Aso Rock, power must change hands in Bayelsa! If Nigeria want to remain one WE need a THIRD party filled with activists and Technocrats. All this Egbekegbe APC and PDP. Their time is near. This is cool. At least Democracy is not in danger on this Bayelsa judgement. Daylight robbery. Nigeria is gone to the dogs

This is where the popular yoruba adage comes in' Akoba adaba Olurun maja ri' Lyon will regret the day he met his deputy. If not dat d Court disagreed wit PDP's argument in d 2019 Presidential Election petition, APC would hv suffered same fate it had today. D 'Brand new boy to the president' has being ejected b/c his deputy forged certificate. I think sum1 shld be charged 4 forgery EFCC over to you

Mr Lyon , pls find the solution of your downfall. Out of all the APC members in Bayelsa, they picked the one with forged certificates as deputy governor candidate..what an incompetent party. Na waoo. The one that seems neat is declared as dirty while the one that is dirty is declared as Clean. Supreme wahala

Please wake me up from my slumber. Insidelife So the APC running mate really forged his certificate and want to be Deputy governor What moral will he teach the younger generation? And APC in the spirit of godfather did not replace him, it serves them right, they shut themselves on the leg. Waiting for APC talking machines.

This 1 - 1. Apc 1 PDP 1. IMO AND BAYELSA They should also arrest the deputy for forging certificate Supreme Court VAR. That was quick. 🙁 Wonderful!!! Mad o🙆😳😂😂😂 This is so unfair.... I’m just tired of this country, so the suffering and underdevelopment continues in Bayelsa... because Supreme Court has decided for us, our voices and choice doesn’t valentine for Bayelsa

APC never won Bayalsa. They took it by the gun. What a wow In pdp vioce( democracy at work) Should be good news for thekashope God don safe bayelsans from having an illiterate as a gov. Is this retaliation for IMO STATE? Will APC take it lying down? Will Lyon call of his boys? Will Bayelsa be safe in the next few days? Alot of questions to ponder over SupremeCourt MakeLoveNotWar NaijaWhichWay NoViolence

So after David Lyon went to T.B Joshua to collect blessings them still sack am, I pity him, what a running mate of failure and dark horse. APC and forgery are like 5&6, Siamese twins. From their tyrant boohari to the last. Useless party! Naija This was fast See how d deputy killed his oga 😂😂😂 Casala don gas

never! Eeehhhh cld dis be for IMO state sake Democracy has been finally alienated of danger! Confusion, wonders everywhere. God bless Nigeria. Very good...heads don dey correct small small This looks like compensation for blunder in imo state. Democracy not in danger as a PDP judge declared PDP candidates winner ok ooo

Lyon to Diri and Timi Alaibe will be the governor of Bayelsa in no distant time. DaraMoren1 Congratulations to Senator Duoye Diri It started like a rumor now we are here. So what happen that the preside is so shielded why . Certificate is the same That's good news ArinzeIfeme Finally. 'Bayelsans' We really need judicial reforms in this country.... smh

What's with these supreme court ppl self, they are confusing on politics. Today affimrms his election, tomorrow sack him. Well this is a big lesson, know your partner. See how running mate just mess things up for this guy. My question,where does this leave the Jonathan's? Helicopter-rigged 🙆 Justice league trailer

iAmThree_siXty tagging you cause you’re pro PDP Drama. Great drama 👏👏👏 in the voice of OfficialPDPNig Democracy is in danger.. Is this a case of the judiciary trying to right the wrong in IMO State from a different perspective because the President also had a case of forged certificate but got cleared by the same judiciary. What a shame!!!!!!

They would have at least allow him to enjoy the office for at least a week 😂 Chi m ooo!!!😲😲😲😲😲 Didn't they see him rehearsing for his swearing in this morning? Ooh my God!😭😭😭 ayemojubar Confusion everywhere So no one is ranting about Buhari now right? Ive said it severally that we the masses are the cause of Nigeria's problem

ayemojubar Dear Supreme Court, the swearing in is tomorrow. David Lyon was even there this morning to inspect the stadium. Program of events all printed. Couldn't you have given this judgement several days before? Does this mean our dear FI D FI is back to power? Long live Nigeria 😍 Nigeria judiciary system is a comedy house.

Political strategy for IMO GbemiDennis Good news. Guys I am speechless 🙆🙆🙆🙆 Finally democracy don d get head The Deputy Governor-Elect APCNigeria submitted fake Certificate to INEC, that is why they nullified the election. I hope he still visit Synagogue Church of All Nation Pls use the same power to dispose Buhari na. Una like his governability

This case was a straight forward stuff.. Deputy forged certificate,inec compromised.. It's a joint tickect remeber ayemojubar Is our judiciary still under siege? OfficialPDPNig O ti o! Democracy is now working He only ended up as Governor-Elect 🙆🏿🙆🏿🙆🏿🙆🏿🙆🏿🙆🏿🙆🏿 Him village people wicked o chai 🙆🏿 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

Another breaking news will be reported tomorrow. 🙄🙄my country 😒 AllyShimmer Democracy in its craziness He is but the sacrificial lamb. Lolzz this country is a joke 😂🤣🤣 Dreamer everywhere Lyon wey don receive award as Best Governor, him village people still use his deputy to push him out, what kind of world is this?😂😂

Nigeria needs 'SUPER SUPREME COURT' be APEX court. Sandaribasatayaba, wao, this is Nigeria, welcome to Nigeria guys... Lemme guess .... ememem ....yes, apc ll apply for a review of judgment Person wey him goons don award am the best gov ? APC always score own goals, they will later put the blame on the opponents

Politicians & Political parties should get their ass together and thoroughly screen their candidates prior to primaries. This Supreme Court installed governors/legislators need to be checked; it is against popular wish of the electorates. Haba! Chei 🤣🤣 How come this isn't trending like that of Ihedioha

KOGI NEXT.... The facts of Imo case and Bayelsa are clearly different. Fake certificate is not the same as nullifying votes. They just playing a's all about game. Lol..someone has just been used as an escape goat. APC are playing game here ,they use this to correct what happen in IMO state, watch out for the next judgement you will all shout

Despite Supreme Court Declaring PDP Winner Of Bayelsa Election; EmekaIhedioha Will Still Return To The Supreme Court For The Review Of The Case That Announced Uzodinma Winner APC Lost Bayelsa State Bcos Of Certificate Issues Of The Deputy Candidate To Lyon, To Make It Clear Wait, what just happened... Daaaaamn

Will the people that gave him best governor award go and take it back? DrA_001 Ndi ala 😂😂😂😂 my country people. Na wa Democracy Not In Danger Cc: EU, US, UN, CIA, FBI, For those of you that can't read. The deputy forged his certificate. So the court uphold the decision of the federal high court abuja. This reasom can be justified not about pdp.

This is terrible Osi gini This country. I'm surprised no one is shouting 'democracy is in danger ' ytddavies olumiide 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Now that the Supreme Court ruled in favor of PDP there wouldn’t be any “democracy is under siege” or “Buhari has desecrated the judiciary” ramblings Dickson's walking stike will be back in full force. It is a game of who laugh last in Bayelsa

So Buhari's certificate isn't forged? Barely 24 hours to his inauguration. Drama..... Which way Naija? Supreme Court be giving us gbas gbos So his running mate cost him his governorship. This one will certainly hurt. Mr Biobarakuma right now: I wonder what the Jonathan’s would do now I may not have liked outcome of d last Bayelsa gubernatorial elections However capricious nature of this Supreme Court led by CJN Tanko & it's decision Making is an embodiment of national embarrassment, everything stage managed to achieve tribal aspirations 🇳🇬 must dissipate.

Nigeria How? What is going on? Dem dey court? Interesting time to be a Nigerian! Why isn't this trending? Bayelsa Point of order. Shambles everywhere Rasheethe But the chief of fake certificates is still the president 😂 Why? The Game! 😂😂😂, We need not vote anymore in this country, lets outsource that responsibility to the Judiciary

Nigeria My country Mad o... Solaxy_Solace It's coming bits by bits no way Supreme court now playing checkers. bitrusjnr Evans? wtf💔💔💔💔💔 Niaja political terrain is terrible Democracy no longer in danger Comedians in the Supreme Court 😮 Deputy forged certificate so, the winner's election is nullified and the electorate's decision doesn't matter. Now that the judgement affected the APC and favoured the PDP, let's see the consulate the APC will take their protest to this time since PDP has gone everywhere. 🤭🤣😅

Wow You say wetin!!!!!!? Wait o...I suspect that PDP victory might be connected to Jonathan visit to Buhari last week... because the ApC guy don go do Thank you visit to Buhari.. which visit would e go for next time, No need for election Supreme curt should be converted to INEC May the Bayelsa governor elect is not loyal to the APC party leaders or offend one of the leader. God bless Nigeria.

Alhamdulillah Who's the governor elect now? Dem no even allow the man to even smell the gonorship seat. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Nigerians, una wicked 🤣🤣🤣 It didn't change anything from the disastrous imo judgement. Nothing can redeem your destructive reputation soon. It needs a strong man to redeem it No need for inec to conduct elections in this country again.. Enough of human lives &time& resources being sacrificed on election date and after a while.the victory would be upturned..Btw congratulations to PDP .

So what the S'court is saying now is that .' Cut the head because the hand is rotten ' is well. Oh really? This is good news😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Which supreme and which case is this? Lmao... Democracy is back from leave.... 😁😆😆😃😀🙈 DrTubo sister 😮 Supreme Court and Nigerian politics... smh Naija and drama .. Two things that will never be separated 😂😂

Supreme Court showing it's Superiority every time and we no get choice 😡 Ah!!!. Let's see who is gonna take his seat. Again?🤔 Pls how true is this This Supreme Court is worsening sha PDP won’t celebrate their win.. we always make noise when it didn’t favour us. Lol is this true Ahaha Like seriously?

Supreme Court Sacks Bayelsa APC Governor-Elect, Lyon - Premium Times NigeriaA five-member panel of the Supreme Court led by Justice Mary Odili nullified the election of Mr Lyon. What's happening, something isn't right again!!!! Beautiful judgment!

BREAKING: Supreme Court nullifies Bayelsa governor-elect’s election, declares PDP winnerBeta Shey you dey wine me ni? Pdp Justice Mary Peter-Odili was part of this evil in beyelsa again

Bayelsa gov'ship: Supreme Court upholds Lyon's nomination – Daily TrustThe Supreme Court has upheld the primary of the All Progressives Congress, APC which produced David Lyon as the candidate of the party. A five member panel of justices presided by Justice Mary Odili on Tuesday also dismissed the appeal by an APC governorship aspirant, Heineken Lokpobiri, challenging the nomination of Lyon as the governorship … Congrats. That's what we expected.

Supreme Court upholds Lyon's candidacy for Bayelsa gov'ship electionThe Supreme Court has upheld the choice of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Bayelsa State to field Lyon David as the party's candidate...

Bayelsa Guber: Supreme Court rules on Gov. David Lyon's election - Daily Post NigeriaThe Supreme Court on Tuesday affirmed David Lyon as the governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, under whose platform he emerged