David Lyon, Supreme Court

David Lyon, Supreme Court

BREAKING: Supreme Court nullifies Bayelsa governor-elect’s election, declares PDP winner


BREAKING: Supreme Court nullifies Bayelsa governor-elect’s election, declares PDP winner

Bayelsa State former governor-elect, David Lyon Ade Adesomoju, Abuja The Supreme Court on Thursday nullified the election of Bayelsa State governor-elect, David Lyon and his running mate, Biobarakuma Degi-Eremienyo, who were already preparing to be inaugurated into office. A five-man panel of the apex court led by Justice Mary Peter-Odili ordered the Independent National Electoral Commission to withdraw the Certificate of Return issued to the All Progressives Congress’ candidates as the winners of the November 16, 2019 governorship election in the state. The apex court ordered INEC to issue fresh certificates to the candidates of the party with the next highest votes and with the required constitutional spread of votes in the results of the election, which are the Peoples Democratic Party’s candidates. READ ALSO: Opposition hired miscreants to boo Buhari in Maiduguri – Presidency Justice Ejembi Ekwo, who read the lead judgment of the apex, made the orders after disqualifying the APC’s deputy governorship candidate, Degi-Eremienyo, as a candidate in the election. The court upheld the November 12, 2019 judgment of the Federal High Court in Abuja which had disqualified Degi-Eremienyo in the election for submitting forged certificates to INEC. The court ruled Degi-Eremienyo’s disqualification had infected the joint ticket with which he and the governorship candidate, Lyon, ran for and won the November 16, 2019 election. DOWNLOAD THE PUNCH NEWS APP NOW ON Receive Alerts on: Read more: The Punch Newspapers

Like imo like bayelsa. Please APC should take back bayelsa and give Kano to PDP And their family members had finished preparing to start living in government house oh I sincerely congratulates PMB that the Judiciary is doing very well under his leadership. It is left for APC leaders of our great party to learn from error of Bayelsa primary selection and in future primaries of party candidates to do screening processes RIGHT .

Can some one help me ask Father Ejike Mbaka how the spirit of prediction couldn't help him this time around.... Tge caliphate wants to completely Install their puppets in all d eastern states. Bayelsa people una mumu don do “In 1999, there was a similar case in Bauchi involving Governor Adamu Muazu. D court found dat his running mate was not qualified 2 contest dat election & d Supreme Court nullified the election of Governor Adamu Muazu and order INEC to conduct a fresh election.

The election should therefore be re-conducted. What's wrong with the supreme court? The election rather be nullified than given the mandate to someone people never voted for. The supreme court now imposes leadership on the citizens. Oh! What a country.😭😭 Sir, I know you will not believed it, but it has happened. Please take heart. All the fault and mistake is from the party APC, and the so- called committees who are just good for nothing but to just collect money & propaganda. No screening at all.

Mr Lyon is the architect of his misfortune. He knew his deputy had a terrible issue, but decided not to do the needful by replacing him. Maybe he was under pressure and made to believe in Federal Might for the usual magic. He lawfully contested election without a running mate. BayelsaDecides2019 Bayelsa Bayelsa

Supreme Court upholds Lyon's candidacy for Bayelsa gov'ship electionThe Supreme Court has upheld the choice of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Bayelsa State to field Lyon David as the party's candidate...

Isn't there suppose to be a kind of repercussion on Inec for every cases like this. Maybe then they will be more serious and upright, Inec is the cause of our powerless/useless democracy in Nigeria. Alas, every system in this country is faulty. God help us. What sort of madness is this? BiafraGadi Apc Gov of Buhari in Nigeria is very very bad so Biafra must free .

Oluwa kilon supreme gan? The basis for this judgement is incomprehensible; there have been clearer cases where the SCON judgement was also absurd. The judiciary, the last hope of the masses, is seemingly 'hopeless'. Have many cared to ask what happens other parties failed to meet other requirements aside total number of votes? This should be the worry as it does appear that none of the other parties had the required spread in the election. This could be yet another legal logjam loading.

Useless country like nigeria 🇳🇬 ruled by brainless imps. They just want to use this bayelsa case to justify the travesty they did in Imo state. Well, they can only fool the gullible ones and not the woke ones like me. MAD PEOPLE EVERYWHERE IN NIGERIA! This report is not entirely true. OfficialPDPNig was not declared winner

Supreme court on steroid!

Bayelsa Guber: Supreme Court rules on Gov. David Lyon's election - Daily Post NigeriaThe Supreme Court on Tuesday affirmed David Lyon as the governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, under whose platform he emerged

Our electoral process is failing indeed. INEC would need to do more to redeem itself worthy of public trust. Almost every election is disputed because the process is ill. God bless Nigeria. I'm sure many of you people here didn't read the whole story before commenting Na wa ooo Are You In ENUGU , Do You Have Passion For Acting ?, Register With SOUTHEAST FILM ACADEMY PRODUCTIONS New Haven Enugu As We Are About To Shoot our New Nollywood Films . Call or Whatsapp 08036329801

Fake news from obviously partisan medium. Show where SC declared PDP candidate winner. Let's pray and hope that Tanko won't tanko dz judgement Whoa Nigeria is now moving towards development in judicial sector......and not justice with ethnicity and favouritism....... After teaching Dickson a lesson, they went back and gave Diri. The same guys who gave Lyon, gave it back to Diri... To secure his loyalty, and PDP in the state... My analysis... Jonathan and Patience did something here!


Bayelsa gov'ship: Supreme Court upholds Lyon's nomination – Daily TrustThe Supreme Court has upheld the primary of the All Progressives Congress, APC which produced David Lyon as the candidate of the party. A five member panel of justices presided by Justice Mary Odili on Tuesday also dismissed the appeal by an APC governorship aspirant, Heineken Lokpobiri, challenging the nomination of Lyon as the governorship … Congrats. That's what we expected.

Pdp all the way....🤣🤣🤣🤣 Correct!!!!....but what was APC deputy governor thinking, that he would present fake certificate and expect to go Scott free?.... This is fair judgement from the supreme court! VAR show face for extra time and cancelled the one zero they were playing since. I talk am say one zero no be winning...

If Deputy Gov elect dies before inauguration must the Gov elect also die with him bcos of joint ticket? Honestly, this verdict seems like compensation for PDP over Imo State governorship tussle btw Ihedioha and Hope. Very painful. But it will not subvert the will of the people to reject darkness and sadistic satanic evil man.

Chi bo anu ozo 😱. So, elections can't be concluded now without politicians going to court? I hope they won't wake up tomorrow and announce the person who came 4th as the winner. 🤔 O di kwa egwu o. 🙆 🤓 Uwa na eme ntughari. Let's see what happens in Kogi's case Electoral Reformation is the key

Supreme Court Affirms Lyon As Bayelsa All Progressives Congress Candidate | Sahara Reporters Supreme Court Affirms Lyon As Bayelsa OfficialAPCNg Candidate | Sahara Reporters The apex court dismissed the appeal filed by Heineken Lokpobiri, who had challenged the emergence of Lyon, claiming that he was winner of the September 4, 2019... READ MORE: OfficialAPCNg Hope Uzodimma (Jersey number 4) is gov of Imo. This kangaroo court cannot surprise us any more than that.

Checking VAR if it is inconclusive 😱 Trade-off for Imo. So we spend billions printibg ballot papers and waste people's time only dor sone people to decide the evntual winners. This man don't even look prepared to govern Ok Are all these coincidences? 1. Tape circulates of a hearing in USA on anti democratic acts of Naija supreme court 2. Rumor spreads that Lyon is dragging appointments with HE Sylva, his apparent godfather 3. SC fires Lyon, One day before his swearing in as Bayelsa Gov

Why didn't the man present affidavit? After all, it was accepted for someone Smh.... We thanks Almighty for this great success So sad that, it was his deputy that rock his boat. Take heart David Lyon. This happened in Nigeria? 2020; this will go into history book.

Group dares Uzodinma, protests against Ihedioha’s removal in OwerriThe Imo Concerned Citizens (ICC), yesterday protest against Supreme Court ’s removal of Emeka Ihedioha as governor through a judgment of January 14, 2020. This can't get PDP back to stealing ways in Imo by all means... He should give it to them very hot since their desperation to keep stealing is deluding them... Hopeless idiots. Just relax. You didn't come with a good motives.

This man looks mean Since Supreme Court has the final say, no need of INEC again in this country. Punch punch, did the supreme court declare PDP winner? Why do I have a feeling INEC will push Nigeria into some crises soon? Adams oshomole should face Godwin obaseki and leave bayelsa people to have peace ✌.

var sef beter oo How can a man who doesn’t have the required spread (2/3rd) of the total votes cast be declared winner ? The S/C didn’t say PDP. It said the next person that scored the 2nd highest votes and 2 /3rd should be issued certificate of return. Who’s that ? follow and I follow back asap thanks

When will call it Zoo u understand Since supreme Court now has d final say of what use is inec? But please oh dat abracadabra dat happened in imo state must be reviewed

PDP flags removed at Bayelsa Govt House - The Nation Latest Nigeria News, Nigerian NewspapersBy Mike Odiegwu, Yenagoa Flags of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have been removed from a roundabout leading to the main gate of the Bayelsa State Government House at Onopa, Yenagoa. The roundabout was, however, decorated with the flags of the All Progressives Congress (APC) ahead of formal takeover of the state’s governance by … It was going to be left there? Get busy!

This shows the rotten state of the judicial system. When the Executive made an attempt to address this anomaly, Nigerians were crying 'rule of law' where is the rule of law? We have rule of injustice. Despicable judiciary with justices who are worse than thieves & armed robbers PDP should start another protest tomorrow to reject the judgment this is the same supreme Court they are castigating

The forging of certificate only favor the president through the principal of immunity. Other politicians should be careful and sure of their files. APC is the architect of its misfortune here. Haba Punch! Did the Supreme Court declare any candidate as the winner? What a Country. D Court s no longer d last hope of d common man. 4 me wit dis result, Inec shuld b scrapped since Court nw decides who wins an election. 2023, am contesting as a Governor in my State don't ask me d State, I wil only campaign, afta d elections, straight to Court.

I see 'Pasiparo' exchange of something here. Wherever law ends, tyranny begins! 😂 😂 😂 😂 Tea a nice one

Good job, that uneducated man is an insult to our collective intelligence Why blaming the supreme court? Who were the body saddled with screening the aspirants ?When the process is compromised, we shouldn't pass the buck .The case of Bayelsa is quite different from that of Imo state that is begging for justice .

Congratulation to P.D.P at list using it to honour the former president. It won't be long before those hoes start to switch parties again. God is wonderful. Must be must be Where will former President be hearing this, after voting against his party candidate. Kai. Why Mbaka no see this judgement? Beautiful news

God is working this is not man efforts All the aso Bri Ithe wife has made ,

I hope they arrested the 'deputy gov elect' after the judgement! The puppet show has began Still waiting for Mbaka to announce it 🙄 What a joke of a country Mm mm, dis shows how badly INEC and our electoral laws have failed us as a nation. We need serious electoral reform NOW! Supreme court favours PDP...

This is Nigeria,look how we living now Meaning we didn't have a best governor in 2019 with this latest development Judiciary is working... PDP

This is why I withdrew from Nigeria politics it's all a movie. Let's wait for more seasons.. Nonsense PDP only gets the win if 'they scored the highest valid votes and had the required spread as requested by the constitution' so says the Supreme Court If you won an election don't celebrate wait for supreme Court to decide in other to avoid heartbeat💔, also applicable in EPL matches coa VAL also breaks heart💔 too.

E be things What a joke! So sad news on your part(Lyon) and a celebration to another person. The reason for your sack is clear Our democracy is in danger In africa our leaders are operating under the same time zone in sierra leone member of Parliament were kicked and replace by the second in terms of just bcz they are the party in power by our stupid supreme Court

What an irony! They compensate PDP , they collected IMO state and live bayelsa for PDP

Is very unfortunate that APC lost Bayelsa this time around. As a party of progressive the people will continue to remain resolute and compassion in the Party activities. Lmao..... Nigeria and it's jokes sha It can never be well in Nigerian government and it's body Which kind wahala is this? After full 90 mins and 5 mins extra time, ticket still cut. His plans to give it to his wife hot hot hot tomorrow has been shattered shattered shattered. 😂 😂

People of Bayelsa being inadvertently robbed of their right to choose their governor due to party flaw. Would have been correct to fine Bayelsa APC and call for new election. There should be no victory by default in critical elections! we do not need INEC again, Supreme Court are now returning officer

Wawu! Nawao.. So it has gotten to this... SMH I don't know what to call this, should we say that the electorates don't have the power to choose who rule over them? No!!! But when the INEC refuses to clean the mess in our election, the court get the power to declare who the winner of an election is. Hewu!

Demikiwala is silent! This Judgment further underscores the need for political parties to conduct a thorough vetting of all it's aspirants before handing tickets to them. One day, one drama God bless Nigeria forever! What happened to those PDP members that defeated to APC? Lol Gbam!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Well done Supreme Court 😂

Shame to APC Substitution mood in Nigerian government to balance the equation😁😁😁😂😂😂😂 My annoyance is that the INEC chairman who conducted the election have not been penalised for conducting incredible election. He is still keeping his job as INEC chairman that's the highest level of mediocrity in this government of buhari.

Nobody gets jailed for electoral crime afterwards, INEC staff responsible for all these rubbish should be punished accordingly. The Electoral act has guidelines which INEC and party agents keep messing up

Na wha oooo this kind village people strong. *PDP MUST LEAD A PROTEST FOR THIS RULING* That crazy driver must be recruited to do more crazy Moves again. They are just looking for a Narrative to back n Justify Gov.Ihedioha's sacking.. They Once Shiny Supreme Court has been turned to rubbles in matter of Months by Tanko Everything Almajiri Touches Turns to Dust.

Blood pressure would go up in Bayelsa It is better as the S.Court have retraced their steps. Turning Nig politics into 1party system through them is disastrous. You may be in a higher position today, what about 2morow? Let the S.Court complete their good work by reviewing Imo judgement so as to save their good name.

Dissolve supreme court Am just waiting for one judgement to know whether. Let me hold it there At this point I think INEC is a useless waste of taxpayers money! What then is the essence of Voting? This is a great news indeed. Congratulations to the PDP This is a sad tale, no matter how you see it!

Inauguration rehearsal earlier today in Bayelsa State. Supreme Court sacked him when he was attending the rehearsal Same Supreme Court... Different Judgements. PDP: **In Imo** Our democracy is under attack. Supreme Court must review judgement. We must protest. **In Bayelsa** Justice has been served. Our justice system has done well. 🤡🤡🤡🤡

Democracy is pivotal to transparency. It's 1:1 btw APC and PDP. IMO (APC) vs Bayelsa (PDP) Democracy is a government of the people by the Supreme Court and for the people Waiting for the sack of INEC chairman APC only wants to balance the equation This judgement is more sensible than that passed in favour of APC's Imo State Governor

Well, you win some, you lose some. The Court has spoken and that's final. Oh, note how APC didn't protest Odili's membership of the panel. It is PDP that is evil and must die. Supreme indeed

Save yourself the headache of Bayelsa Davidlyon SupremeCourt and follow AfriCanadaVisa AfriVisa and get your stolen sanity restored. Hmmm this is unbelievable but the Deputy governor caused the failure A day to enjoy the glory of being a governor, Lyon gets booted. Lesson for the rest of us, vet and revet whoever and whatever you want to make use of. Thanks for attending my TED talk.

Nigeria politics... A game of football Players: party contestant Referee: INEC fans: Masses VAR: Supreme Court FA: ruling party Lyon, o lo gbe oloorun t'ira May God God deliver this guy from the spirit of near success. God don catch APC, all the people they massacre to rig this guy in. The day reckoning is here.

PDP WILL CONQUER NO MATTER WHAT. SOUTH SOUTH IS OURS I don’t respect or trust our judiciary anymore, all hopes on it suspended until the current CJN abdicates the position for a more knowledgeable justice , not divisive , not a sharia trained lawyer who had his law school thrust upon him in Saudi Arabia.

Wow good one for PDP Let's the drama continue in this country. Many more to come. Crossing my leg to see more😅😅😅😅

Democracy is in danger Is a lie 🙄 yeeeeeee _Habidiz thekashope keeps winning! Nigeria Judicial has been the problem of the country since... Was that a collective responsibility? Big hell of a joke Hahaha... Olagbara o Chaii.. Dey no even let d Lyon start at all 😃😃😃😃🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️

Gbas gbos government Their criminality is catching up to them. Bad news 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Damage control 1/1 Tanko ain't getting any props from me for doing this. Na audio smokescreen. What they did in Imo will taint the SC forever Hmm! After BABA's judgement, let's do the right thing. Sc makes a u turn. What a bad Valentine Gift to these celebrants! Will they ever forget Valentine Days moving forward?

I bet Tanko wasn’t on that beat ..but how does a deputy forging a certificate affect the main gubernatorial candidates 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️ Jesus ooooo

Daylight robbery Thanks but we are waiting for same supreme court to reverse their ruling on Imo state thats daylight robbery What do we say to the God of democracy..... 😂😂😂😂 Compensation for imo disaster, this tread is really bad for our democracy. Supreme Court will destroy the country This is just a modality to balance the equilibrium against the anomaly that occur in Imo and Kano states....

If you look at Imo state and Bayelsa State judgements, you will know that Supreme Court didn't do Atiku well. Politics: It's always a NEVER say a NEVER particularly in Nigeria! Supreme Court indeed...🤡🤡🤡 Hmmmm, just sit down dey look here. Nigerian judiciary!!!

I feel sorry for Lyon the way I felt sorry for Ihedioha.. this one na fake certificate saga. I wonder what INEC is doing while court now make decision for them, I believe judiciary should just take over Interesting times What exactly is inecnigeria job with pre-election verification?. INEC is actually a big problem to our electoral system. They are grossly incompetent.

This a win but not a yardstick for the injustice in IMO state Deputy Governor forged certificate they used it against Governor, what the hell are they talking about. You guys should watch out, fight will soon start now. After doing victory party, one stupid court is now telling me that I'm not the winner again.

It's a shame that politicians have messed up our country, using forged certificates is a crime punishable by law. Therefore he should be prosecuted. I pity Lyon who is the greater losser. APC and Results Forgery...... Like father like Shildren What do I know self 🏃🏃🏃 If God be for you, no man can be against you.

A confused man is the CJN all the governors will be watching their back now since they don't know who's next

Away with him, away with him. Lol. wiilkilz Scam!!🤯 Nigeria is just a theatre nothing more That is what we see when education is restricted only for a few.. Give Nigerians education irrespective of their demographic affiliation.NGRPresident MBuhari officialnyscng free NOUN IMPLEMENT2018NOUNBILL What a wawu!!

Nigeria has become a jungle. Anything is expected at anytime. Abi they want to compensate PDP for the national embarrassment called jugement they did in Imo state. Nigeria political system has grown bitter and the judiciary is just a VAR to scatters people joy. Father Mbaka did not see this. Congrats PDP will u guys protest this one too?

🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Will not bee better we save time, money and energy doing elections and allow the Supreme Court to vote and determine our leaders for us? Methinks it is better.

Does it mean that INEC never screened the candidates before the elections? Nigeria is becoming really scary. INEC must put asides partisanship and do the job it was mandated to do Is over in this Naija inecnigeria see where una Don drag Naija reach.. Una selection method isn't what we gonna used to decide the process further more

What about kogi Is this what people call 'Painful Exit'? Chineke The states that have concluded on their election appeals in the supreme court should thank their gods, else we would continue to witness this 'take this and give me this'.... SUPREME INEC Supreme Court of Nigeria with different unfold drama What a nation

Timi Alaeibe incoming oluwaloninyo They use him as collateral damage ...they want to use it to compensate people to like APC but they will keep APC Governor in IMO state I hope democracy is not in danger anymore 😂

Good for APC, I pray that will also happen in kogi State too Is Buhari qualified to remain the president? To be honest, nothing to celebrate here. It just shows how badly INEC and our electoral laws have failed us as a nation. We need serious electoral reform NOW! Consolation goal. Imagine the damage done by our electoral commission....unorganised election leads to bad governance

Hope some of you opened the link before making comments here? Why didn't he swear affidavit Which kind drama be this? The rogues have been found out!! APCNigeria fkeyamo MBuhari can now drown in any nearest lagoon!

Bombshell of a lie People claiming that OfficialPDPNig is not complaining should point holes in the judgement like we did in the Imo judgement. What is this again? What exactly are this hunter Chief justice Tanko want to do with Nigeria 😲. This is not funny at all. Reform this election law before these 'in'justices of Tanko supreme court sets Nigeria on fire.

var decided The Same supreme Court that nullified imo state election? I'm confused 😩 The judgement however final seem shallow.Kind of to compensate for Imo.A concrete, more defined reason should be a reason to disqualify a deputy governor candidate and nor in joint APC and certificate forgery are just one and the same. Just like Buhari, they are an entity of fraudsters

I love this country, what a nollywood country Bad news ever.... 😭😭😭😭😭😭

🤣🤣🤣 Why submit a forged certificate?,end-time deputy Governor.Very painful one That means APC will come out to protest the judgement, waiting for that move.... idiots and predictable set of pple This judgement is not built on solid rock. Deputy Governor forged certificate you sacked the Governor!. I hail the odilis

Please support this hustle by retweeting 😩😩🙏 I have Glow in the dark 3D Wall Stickers for sale They come in 100pcs, 50pcs, 35pcs, 25pcs, 12pcs or 6pcs in a Pack for N1,000 Depending on the design. Location is Lagos. Pls Help me connect with customers. Thank you 😁 😁 Habaaa! Shame on INEC. The best thing is to scrap INEC.

Ohhh BAYELSA no be owerri o.... People are about to lose their lives. Jesus In Nigerian politics & law, it never rains but pours! Honestly Mary Odili is very corrupt. She was behind many shady deals during GEJ presidency. Victory for democracy according to PDP

The destiny of the Ex deputy gov elect of Bayelsa state has affected the destiny of the ex gov. Elect. Lyon and his family will never forgive the deputy thy kingdom come Las Las na Supreme Court go take their imolate themselves. Confusing judgements everywhere. I hope PDP wont be saying Supreme court is dead

Why is democracy fluctuating between being in danger and not in danger like this 😀😀😀 Wow, so another additional years of suffering? Wawu Oya PDP should protest this one too. Wow! What a news oooo! APC with forgery are like 5&6. From their tyrant ruler to the least person. Useless party! Victory for the OfficialPDPNig .. Now GEJonathan should hid his head..he never supported the PDP candidacy due to Dickson overbearing influence and now, the supreme Court had vindicated the bayelsa people for been PDP stronghold.. Kudos to PDP..

Which kind of country is that court is the one deciding who win election and not the actual voting process? This is becoming a circus. Yeye dey smell. Nigeria and the judiciary system is a big joke

😂 😂 😂 😮 Good I don't even want to hear that name APC is anoying When you think you've seen it all another one happens.. This is Nigeria Imo former Governor chop small money before they removed him. Lyon never test the seat. Lyon saw the promise land but didn't enter it like Moses🤣 Can we now applaud the Supreme Court? Can we now hail the Judiciary? Can we now clap for Justice Tanko? Can we now exonerate PMB not interfering with Nigerian democracy? Can we now end the protests? Democracy in action in Bayelsa. Democracy in danger in Imo.

Thank God I'm wondering why Honourable Justice Mary Odili didn't recuse herself from this matter, seeing that her husband, Chief Dr. Peter Odili was/is a staunch member of the OfficialPDPNig. All the same, congratulations to Senator Diri and the PDP. Same people though. If I am to blame anyone, I will blame INEC, I will blame the electoral acts.

APC is a party that has refused to learn Zamfara, Rivers and now Bayelsa. Edo and Ondo loading Expect more of the same Get rid of that Chairman that has outlived his usefulness NOW PDP do not need to campaign in any further elections APC in their folly will do the job for them NaijaFlyingDr Democracy is in danger

Lol! God is great! Oh!! Sorry added affidavit to his false information See as deputy use fake result spoil person own Lmao in how many days to inauguration How dangerous is this to Democracy, OfficialPDPNig UcheSecondus Did he not add affidavit to his fake certificate? Free market country Who you follow, indeed, determines what follos you!

I tell you the whole arm of government is in mess. Sometimes I just wonder is it because we overdo things or we just see others as a minor to what we have achieved. LocusBendi

Good news. The people of Bayelsa want to have nothing to do with Dickson anymore but supreme Court and APC will not allow them. This case was pre-election, they could have sorted it out but no, they just have to go this way. The third state they are losing because of negligence. The judgement is very sound. Fake certificate saga. Don't expect to eat your cake and have it.

Congrats to him. Hmm, I'm short of words. It's a shame how the deputy governor screwed the governor. What is now the need for INEC then if the electorate can no longer decide who will rule or govern a particular state funny how we fold our hands watch everything go down in this country Nothing usher no go see for church door

This Politics Dey Confuse Me. At One Time They Will Say A Vote For The Party, At Another They Will Say Vote Of The Individual. My mother in-law just called me now from Bayelsa, this is actually happening. How did this happen...

PDP all the way 💪💪 Do we have electoral laws in this nation? Supreme Court is only trying to appease the PDP, using Bayelsa State to say PDP we are sorry for that historic mistake on IMO case. They knew the strength of dent that ruling has brought to the Apex court and Nigeria govt before the international community. Smart game there.

Bayelsans desperately yearned for APC, but then when they are so zealous to not put their house in order, the laws will always expose the shortcomings of their candidature. That said, this is not victory for PDP, they messed up in Bayelsa, but we hope they learn a thing or two. Big joke 🤣 Do me I do you, God no go vex 😂

Hope PDP will allow us to rest today it Favours dem you will hear the judiciary is the last hope of a common man our electoral process is a mess in this country The didn't even allow him to act as 'One-day Governor'🙂 Calamity! He only ended up as Governor-Elect 🙆🏿🙆🏿🙆🏿🙆🏿🙆🏿🙆🏿🙆🏿 Him village people wicked o chai 🙆🏿 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

When did the supreme court become the electoral institution. They're just nullifying elections left and right, why bother voting again?

So the people's vote no longer count...supreme court automatically turn to electorate Those of you who accused the Supreme Court on Imo Governorship Election Judgment, what do you have to say on Bayelsa NOW? In a sane country, it's the deputy that would be disqualified... But in my dearest country Nigeria where everything is becoming jokes, the Governor Elect was disqualified because everything now is beyond repair. May God have Mery on us. Very sad story

I very happy to hear dis at least APC should not enta d core Niger delta state, delta bayelsa and river State 😆😆😆😆 Hmmm,President Goodluck ooo,Gov.Dickson is happy now Supreme Court again? Ah! ElRufai has not visited them Father Mbaka watagwan I'm confused This man resembles Ashley young!

what is INEC responsibility in making sure justice, fairness, unbiased results collation and transparency prevails in the ballot, since what we see this days is nullification of a supposed previously declared winner of a particular election? lately is was IMO now it's BAYELSA Its too bad that Inec has been rendered irrelevant.

Wait. What's going on exactly? They should go back to imo and re-nullify again bcos the technologies used in that judgement is faulty. God bless Nigeria 🇳🇬. TA LEQO TA KOMA wickedstepmami Nigga what What a luck this time The most funny thing about these Judgements is the reactions of party fan boys! What is it with these PDP and APC e_warriors wanking themselves over these things when these politicians barely know you lot exist? Tueh!

AlexAgbo23 VAR has decided, It’s a penalty. I don't mind a PDP governor in Bayelsa State, to be honest I don't in all circumstances, My concern is the levels of alcohol🍷 in CJN Tanko Mohammed brukutu God'! Who's next, Nigeria 'don Jagajaga' 'Fela!'

Kiss but no bite na them give this man. Justice Mary Odili again? Apc should know better by now well democracy is safe now. I was so sure Justice Mary Odili was on that panel. Sure woman... Nice one!!!! Buhari forged certificate you also went to forge. There's an adage in my place that says ' a rat that contests jumping on trees with monkeys will certainly have a broken leg '.

So this guy was still a Governor elect, why did he say he won the award for the most performing Governor Bayelsa so una get confirm weed sha!!! Maybe, just maybe the Supreme Court will one day end democracy in Nigeria Rubbish,to appease pdp for IMO state judgement.revisit the imo case joor What is wrong with dis country judicial decision,they removed PDP in IMO,now APC is being remove in Bayelsa.I suspect politics is being played here.

Dickson has laughed finally Are we marching to the US embassy or not?

😂😂😂😂😂😂 Politicians and forged certificates sha. The more u look the less u see, shame to Nigerian Judiciary . interesting....Naija judiciary to the world! This is great news. Democracy is working. Congratulations to PDP. We seemed to have forgotten that goodluck visited buhari recently, what do u think the meeting was for? U think it is to seek advice from goodluck about bokoharam, they av sealed deal of scratch my back, I scratch yours

I don't like APC one bit tho I wanted to see what Lyon could do as Governor considering PDP really messed up the state. Well, let's see. Balancing the equation Jesu Chaiiiii this thing can pain... May these near success syndrome never befall us in Jesus name!

Hmmm. My country my country Nigeria politics is madt🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 How come? Let them kukuma scrap INEC since Supreme court is now deciding who wins election. INEC is loosing its credibility everyday in the hands of our Judiciary. How do u use a deputy furged certificate to nolify election ppl actually vote for the governorship candidate not his running mate the courts r part of our wahala

So ballot box no more decides election results but the courts. Demo-crazy I expect the APC leadership to also protest this ruling seeing as PDP think the constitution empowers them to challenge judgements of the Supreme Court On what grounds ? Having a bad day just read Nigerian headlines and be sure to 😂 🤣🤣

seunomoakinola seunomoakinola well played 👏, Game on👍. powermustchangehands Imo, now Bayelsa

Shosholosho What? Heart attack for APC Can u imagine Probably a consolation from the Imo saga Ah, serious, Nigeria is changing Really?! iam_Daposh Oya PD-PIGS what do you have to say about this 🤷🏽‍♂️ Yawa don gas !!! Yubee_lfc predominant112 Hmmmmm ManchiRalf

Democracy is active now 😂😂 Minority ruling the majority like Imo like Bayelsa E don happen With the Supreme Court nullifying the election of APC candidate in the last Bayelsa State Governorship election, I hope PDP will still continue with their call on international organisations and countries to come and save Nigeria's democracy which according to them is in danger.

Democracy is in danger ' where are they? 😂😂😂 What a development. PDP 1 APC 1 - can we now move on? No more rigging of election Bayelsa has paid the price for Imo state. Can PDP rest now? Pdp Justice Mary Peter-Odili was part of this evil in beyelsa again

Shey you dey wine me ni? Beta

Boko Haram insurgents ready to lay down arms – Senator

Boko Haram is frustrated – Buhari

Magu didn’t say corruption caused Coronavirus, EFCC insists

Gowon leads ‘prayer rally’ against insecurity in Nigeria

Police recommend SARS operative’s dismissal over Sagamu footballer’s killing

FCMB reports man to EFCC after $54,000 deposit

Buhari pledges aggressive campaign to rout Boko Haram

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