BREAKING: Supreme Court Dismisses Lyon And APC’s Application For Lacking In Merit

BREAKING: Supreme Court Dismisses Lyon And APC’s Application For Lacking In Merit

2/26/2020 4:08:00 PM

BREAKING: Supreme Court Dismisses Lyon And APC’s Application For Lacking In Merit

BREAKING: Supreme Court Dismisses Lyon And APC’s Application For Lacking In Merit

 Updated February 26, 2020A file photo of a courtroom at the Supreme Court complex in Abuja. Photo: Channels TV/ Sodiq Adelakun. The Supreme Court has dismissed an application for review of the judgment which sacked the governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Bayelsa state, David Lyon and his deputy, Senator Biobarakuma Degi-Eremienyo.

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According to Justice Amina Augie who read the judgment on Wednesday, the application lacked merit and the decisions of the court are final.She added that the applicants failed to point out errors, stating that the judgment is final for all ages.The apex court judge said the judgment is final in the ‘real sense’ and no court on earth can review the judgment.

“There must be an end to litigation even if we review this judgment, every disaffected litigant will bring similar applications and the finality of Supreme Court judgments will be lost.”She added that the applications are frivolous and vexatious, and awarded the cost of N10 million against the applicants to be personally paid by their counsel.

Justice Augie added that the counsels of the APC and Mr Lyon are to each pay Governor Douye Diri, his deputy Mr Lawrence Ewhrudjakpo and the PDP the same N10 million. Read more: Channels Television »

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يمكنك الاستمتاع بالفيديوهات والموسيقى التي تحبها وتحميل المحتوى الأصلي ومشاركته بكامله مع أصدقائك وأفراد عائلتك والعالم أجمع على YouTube.

What I understand is that the supreme Court has been making questionable decisions this past few days and it is not fresh at all for our dwindling democracy PDP_2023 APC HAVE LOST BAYELSA FOR EVER The right move I thought Lyon won the match against juventus, so why is the court dismissing them. 😂 I think I'm getting high on weed.

Excellent I told them earlier that, they will just go and waste their money A! So quick!! Did they even look at it at all? How can having multiple names become forgery? I think they should have simply asked him to prove that he is the same person bearing the additional name on the NYSC Exemption letter

Blind leading d blind...lols Great for our democracy. Thank God,atleast democracy is working otherwise it would have been in danger... Awon werey gbogbo... 😂🤣😅😄😂😁😀🤣😆😄 As soon as he walks out of that court, he should have been arrested for forgery. 'There must be an end to litigation. This is the final court of the land and is well settled that decisions of this court are final. It is final in the sense of finality, it is final forever and final for all ages, only a legislation can alter it.'

APC and its National Chairman, have you heard? Can Justice Amina Augie's residence be attacked again? Nigeria Politics is Sweet o, Wise Men Dem Case closed In a rigged system no one is safe Since oshomole came on board, confusion has become APC middle name. No one is calling out Hon. Justice Mary Odili again. Supreme Court will never disgrace one of their own.. same thing will happen in Imo. That of Imo will also be upheld too. Any changes is capable of creating crisis in that state.

Is not a day job to uproot the 16yrs of strong roots in all organs of government. From flying pan to fire. 20m fine. Gbeke I Love that part of the Judgement which says the lawyers to Lyon and APC should personally pay a sum of Ten Million Naira to PDP and it's candidate. This will put an end to some these senior Lawyers making unnecessary applications before the courts.

Injustice can be painful; celebration of Injustice is pure madness. Supreme has earlier determined pre-election case of unqualified, over the certificate of APC choice of Deputy Governor candidate as mentioned by the Judge. But APC party executive ignored the judgment, why the party failed to replace him. Our judges are vindicated

Yeah the appeal lack merit simply because the cash Ex Governor Dickson gave you is too good to start stories. Pathetic! Furious Was Oshiomole not present in court? Why will he allow this kind judgement to stand when he knows that it's against our constitution for anyone to be governor in Bayelsa....yeye man.

So what happens to all those prophecies of another taking over? It's very unfortunate that OfficialAPCNg took this route,i wrote against this and we expect the supreme court to rule against itself and the honourable justices when it's not an issue of life and death. Imo state have a good case if not it would have been strock out without further delay.

BUT CAN I TALK TO THOSE POLITICAL PROPHETS EVEN THE ONE THAT SAID GOD SHOULD TAKE HIS LIFE IF PDP WINS ON THE REVEIW OF THE BAYELSA CASE TO GO AND HANG HIMSELF. PLEASE ENOUGH OF PERMUTATIONS IN THE NAME OF THUS SAITH THE LORD. the most painful part is the involvement of senior lawyers in this application for Supreme Court to review their judgement. Chief Afe babalola and chief Wole Olanipekun are not really help us

Good Let APC focus on Diri case Deputy now I think the supreme court should roll the path of honour, they should do what is right, inrespective of party differences Democracy is in shambles if it had gone against OfficialPDPNig. Democracy is only working if it is their favor It is well... That's the only way to avoid further chaos.

AdamsOshiomhol4 gloria_adagbon OfficialAPCNg How market? 🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️ They should investigate his forgery case, so if found guilty he should be prosecuted. That is y I love obj unlike uncompleted President buhari All these VAR judgement is aim at one thing; Timi Alaibe is d 'thing' watch d space.... Nigeria is finished with this kind of suprem Judges

Democracy is intact 😃😏 Instead of them to correct their errors before presenting fake certificate and affidavit candidates,they are seeking redress.. Shameless sets of leaders leady ill-mannered party. I am surprise this news supreme Court is doing well? Lawyers just carry dia money chop clean mouth

Democracy is very safe until they rule on Imo and democracy will be in danger again. 😁 Lyon or PSG whatever your name is, go and rest!!! From Supreme court to Almighty court Robbed Paul to pay Peter. We are waiting for jail next! It's final of course no jupiter can change it. If you like describe or describing it as DODGY JUDGEMENT. The oracles have spoken.

So Case closed.... Opari My question now is, since he was found guilty of forgery are they not suppose to jail him. Good riddance to beautiful nonsense. Congratulations to all members of the umbrella force. This is what FELA will term look and laugh, wetin this man no sing about his country called Nigeria

Case close APC and Buhari social media boko haram, come and see something ogundamisi It is victory for democracy I sing Lyon's fate is sealed All the applications for review of judgment whether from apc or pdp will follow suit. Chai How do they even think that supreme court van reverse it's judgement Finished!

well finally they have exchanged Imo for Bayelsa... I dont think they ll do anything different in Imo review Oshiomole can you see your life So where are they heading to nw Mary will always win in these cases! So should forget about it and blame themselves So we know where the rest will go....Lacking in merit! Next pls.

Oh sorry , waiting for APC chairman alias osho baba to give statement on that So bad Sorry ooooo oga Lyon, come back another time 😂 Before nko Where are those prophesies? Some Pastors contributed to this nation's plights 😹 😹 😹 😹 Kikikikikikiki Mad oh!!

BREAKING: Bayelsa Governorship: Supreme Court dismisses APC's review applicationThe Supreme Court on Wednesday dismissed an application filed by the All Progressive Congress (APC), asking it to reverse a judgement that sacked David Lyon Now APC is studying today's nullification to know if the party can file a REVIEW of the REVIEW of the judgement (REVIEW PART 2/3). Going back to the drawing board is the better option for Lyon and APC. And they are to pay 10m to the first, second and third applicants Instead of them to correct their errors of presenting fake certificate and affidavit candidates,they are seeking redress.. Shameless sets of leaders leading ill-mannered party.


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