Ebubeagu, South-East

Ebubeagu, South-East

BREAKING: South-East sets up joint security outfit codenamed EBUBEAGU - Punch Newspapers

The most widely read newspaper in Nigeria

4/11/2021 8:00:00 PM

BREAKING: South-East sets up joint security outfit codenamed EBUBEAGU - Punch Newspapers

The most widely read newspaper in Nigeria

The South-East region has launched its own joint security outfit codenamed EBUBEAGU.This was after governors and stakeholders of the region held a security meeting in Imo State today.The governors of Anambra, Abia, Ebonyi, Imo and Enugu states were present at the meeting which also had in attendance Navy and Air Force Commanders, the Inspector-General of Police, Ohanaeze Ndigbo and other stakeholders.

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South East Governors ...una well done ...this is good. Please let it be gazetted and properly funded. Bringing in another security outfit when the ESN is already effectively in operation is somehow fishy. This might result in some level of friction cos one part will surely claim legitimacy over the other one day..

We don't need it! Ebubeagu to fight ESN. The fulani puppeteers are really playing these eastern governors. This is big distraction, if you are sincere to yourselves you would have supported ESN the formidable security outfit in Biafra. Igbo Biafra governors are not sincere. We already have the best security network in the South East, The eastern security network,ESM, we don't need any distraction from those puppies you called South East eastern governor's, we the people of South East have no regards for This lazy fool's, that are good for nothing.

Copy,copy. Waste of time.ESN we know We buy used diesel Generator Perkins Cummins Danyo Don't let them just lay there, they don't add value but depreciate We sell used Generators too 20kva -2500kva WhattsApp pictures 08038236695 Retweet/like & I will follow U pls follow back MaziNnamdiKanu please advise ESN members not to associated themselves with members of this security outfit from the governors. They want to use them to investigate and start arresting ESN members. It is obvious they are going to include fulanis police. Don't associate with them

Without signing an anti open gracing bill into law. Ebubeagu will be a failure

90% of ppl you will recruite is Ipob,, so More Unknown Gunmen have gotten new Sponsors,, MNK is ahead of you guy's Parallel Government. Divided nation What I understand is the federal government set up Operation Crocodile Sperm with the consent of South East governors. Una don finally wake up? Movie actors

Setting up a security outfit without banning open grazing is Nonsense.EBONYI massacre should Teach our leaders lesson. Fulani herders and the manner police handle it, is the main cause of Security Challenge. the security issue in the south East is more of reactional phenomenon. To me, I think they can cooperate to be one. Or better still the ESN join the EBUBEAGU since they have one agenda so that it does not cause collusion and disaster.

At last! Congratulations to them!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 nigeria will divide Finally.. something useful

So where were these idiots all these while that Igbos have been begging them to set up a Joint Security Network to secure the Southeast against marauding killer and raping Fulanis?. Any attempt for your Security network to go at crossroads with ESN, will be greeted with war, NOTE These idiots should know that the people are already with ESN. Let them keep provoking the people further by wasting their money duplicating roles. That is what Government in Nigeria at all levels have been doing wasting people's resources and that is part of their downfall.

Can this people really work together? Imagine! Ebubeagu in Yoruba means amotekun! Pls must it be the same as amotekun? Finally Naija have reached a point of No return...Buhari shud be proud of his handy work... ESN vs EBUBEAGU It’s about the fucking time. Regional police is way to go. IPOB need to re-strategise to save lives as these politicians are bent on turning Igboland into a war zone. Eastern Governors are the problems of Igboland, they have sold their birthright to the Fulanis just like the Yoruba politicians.


Glory of the Lion😍😍😍😍😍 Better late than never. I hope they don't go the way of the bakassi boys? Anything govt put hand no dey eva work out. Make everybody just gettoutt!! Na money dem come here to share o, no let dem fool you. Where is the position of Judaism in Security Equation of the Southeast of which without Judaism the Security Tripod cannot stand.

You've woken up because they're at your door steps. AjuzieMichael1 Kamnukwa okeeeee Now they are talking. This is laudable but late. However, l smell political moves geared towards control. Why create EBUBEAGU now, when there was every opportunity to create one before the setting up of ESN. How will the governor's handle the inevitable clashes that must happen in the future?! 1/

Wow. They still did the same thing the attacked Nnamdi Kanu for! NK is a foresighted man. Jokers

Amotekun/Ebubeagu. What's the difference. They are all political creations aimed at making some people happy. Will it work Another conduit to drain our lean resources, what's wrong with adopting ESN? Ana ezuzu! Better ooooo All these supreme Court governors sef, tufia! 😒 We only recognise ESN dead this rubbish now!

Bunch of jokers May thunder from one Nigeria scatter all of them iykebufo Ebubeagu na-eche agu. These guys are happy slaves