BREAKING: Six-week-old baby dies of coronavirus

4/1/2020 11:21:00 PM

BREAKING: Six-week-old baby dies of coronavirus

April 1, 2020Kindly Share This StoryA six-week-old infant is believed to be the youngest patient to die from the coronavirus, Connecticut’s governor said Wednesday.Governor Ned Lamont tweeted that the newborn was “brought unresponsive to a hospital late last week and could not be revived.”

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“Testing confirmed last night that the newborn was COVID-19 positive,” Lamont said. “This is absolutely heartbreaking. We believed this is one of the youngest lives lost anywhere due to complications relation to COVID-19.”(AFP)DOWNLOAD THE PUNCH NEWS APP NOW ON

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Dear God, please heal the world We sef dey I.T medicals na... I dey laugh... who do the test..? I wan catch the doctor for questioning. Let him explain paediatric procedure for testing a baby with flu like symptoms... Now, this is very disturbing... Oh!This is a painful news Jesus ahhhhh 😩😩🥺🥺🥺 Lies from the pit of hell . Stop the fear folks .

Rest in perfect peace. Thank God you haven't known what's sin. Unnecessary news.... Heartbreaking 💔💔 EDOHODANIEL1 😣 Pls we have been receiving different kind of news about this face mask imported from China that's is COVID-19 positive we don't know how truth is this.... Pls 🇳🇬 government run a test on this to clear our doubt & pass the information to the public ASAP

Chai RIP baby Sad fam I don't know the reason why punchnewspaper always post news without specifying the State My God! Baby didnt get a chance to live life at all Chai! So sad I feel so emotional! May they beautiful soul rest in peace Amen 😥 What a sad world What what Sad.. I really wonder what is 'Breaking' news about this. Everything is breaking news. Just to drive traffic. Very insensitive twerps.

My God console the family and the entire country in general, in Jesus name Heartbreaking! All is well So sad.... Baby had no chance surviving Where baby go see Corona? Anyone.who dies these days is killed by Corona? Abeg Nigerian Corona stories are just hypes. We know countries with serious Corona cases. Malaria has killed more people that any other sickness. Why not lockdown for malaria

Stupid editor! 😥😥 This is so painful!!! God have mercy Your information is not clear hence misleading. Please act professional. That happened where Too bad Is not possible Ahhh 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️this shit is not cool ☹️ Must everything now be Coronavirus ? How is this possible ? So does it mean another kind of sickness can’t kill a little child ?

How is this even possible? Hope the mother isn't affected also This shit is getting scary 💔💔 Sad Oh my God😭 😭😭😭 Irresponsible journalism.....anywhere belle face journalists. Copy and still under controversy.. So sad A day old died in US 😭.... May God help us to fight this coronavirus Another ogbenu tan... All is well

This coronavirus is a chronic fever in Nigeria but in overseas it's difficult for them because they don't treat malaria. So stop putting fear in ppl Please stop telling us all this lies So sad the death cases in Europe is alarming So sad....Dear Heavenly father please hear our humble cry, put an end to this deadly disease called Coronavirus in the hallow name of our Lord Jesus Christ.Amen

Oh Christ😭😭 Punchreportaccurately Punchdontinducefear Report accurately and stop inducing fear in people. Your strategy might last but not long, because people might decide not to be tricked for more times to get an information they can get through another reliable channel. AkibaDuke Where kwa😭😢

maimuna_maims Kai this is sad.... Can you stop already? 😭 Now this is heartbreaking Punch is now a junk! God help us Maybe it’s best, this world is full of wickedness, it’s better the child rest . May God help the parents . R.I.P little champ . US Oh Lord have Mercy. 😞 helltridax May the parents be consoled.

so sad This one pain me sha😭 May the baby rest in peace It sure would have been hard for him/her & agonizing on the parents. God help them God have mercy on mankind. God as u hear our prayers in Nigeria pls, heal UK, Italy and every other nation ravaged by COVID-19 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

The poor baby never had a chance to live. Sad indeed. CoronaVirusUpdates 😦 This our present day government doesn't care about her citizen. Up-till now, necessary measures haven't been taking to curb the in flow of migrant from State where their are report of confirm cases of Covid-19 into KWARA state. They should deployed Army personnel to borders.

This is capable of igniting fear among Nigerians for not being specific. We can do better in this critical time to douse fear and anxiety. You are a reputable news outfit that shouldn't be dragged for this kind of sensationalism These is really sad😭😭😭😭😭 Baby, rest on. So sad This is heart breaking Rest In Peace little one

Punch newspaper which country?. 💔💔💔 This is so sad....😔😔😔 And our government thought it wise to open our markets daily from 10-2. As if the coronavirus has a pause button for infecting people ....Rest in peace child In Nigeria on where Jesus! What a sad news! Innocent baby. Which country God have mercy

So sad💔 Jehovah in heaven please God mercy lord mercy heavenly father So sad 😞😞😞 Bad news 😭😭😭 Chisos God😭

Zulum closes six entry points to Borno, sets up COVID-19 centreGovernor Babagana Zulum of Borno State has closed six entry points into Maiduguri to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Why those called a government are not use their original brain that God gives to them close down the road without put things on grounds is now affected masses because this Corona virus is for government 100 bed spaces is far from enough! It should be the 1000s. What about the medical PPEs, ventilators and testing kits? Same advice to every State in Nigeria.

In Africa, six nations seem so far to be spared coronavirusSix of Africa’s 54 nations are among the last in the world yet to report cases of the new coronavirus. Africa COVID19 Coronavirus

Only Six African Nations Yet To Record Any Case Of COVID-19Only Six African Nations Yet To Record Any Case Of COVID-19. Come to tink of it F.G should ask nepa of data base dem take dey share bill I bet u food go reach u and me...only nepa fit do am Please, name them. Name

What you need to know about six African countries not affected by coronavirus – Daily TrustSix of Africa’s 54 nations are among the last in the world yet to report cases of the new coronavirus. The global pandemic has been confirmed in almost every country, but for a handful of far-flung tiny island states, war-torn Yemen and isolated North Korea. In Africa authorities claim they are spared by god, or …

Truck crushes six in LagosI thought there is a lockdown, what is the truck doing Them no dey indoors? May their soul rest in peace Even with the stay at home order?Arrest the driver fast and burn that Truck.

Amidst lockdown, truck crushes six to death in LagosAn unregistered Dangote Cement truck has crushed six people in a taxi to death, an official has said. The accident occurred at Epe Long-bridge How How Stay home people no go hear Is quite unfortunate that it ended in death, but truth be told how can a full grown citizens be mandated to seat at home without being compensated. Have you thought about those who live from hand to mouth just as in the case of this taxi driver.