BREAKING: Six COVID-19 patients to be discharged in Lagos

Lagos: Coronavirus

Lagos: Coronavirus


BREAKING: Six COVID-19 patients to be discharged in Lagos

Lagos Isolation Centre. Photo: Twitter/@ProfAkinAbayomi Dayo Ojerinde The Special Assistant to the Lagos State Governor on Health, Dr Tunde Ajayi, has disclosed that six of the patients at the Infectious Disease Hospital have recovered. Ajayi via his twitter handle, @thetundeajai, said the patients would be discharged soon. “Six of our #COVID19 inpatients have recovered and will be discharged soon. There is something Lagos is doing right. Lagos takes the lead,” he wrote. UPDATE!!!! Read more: The Punch Newspapers

Great! Healing one after the other. That is their portion. Till everyone is healed! 2132112446 UBA How sure it is A proper check up should made Thank God I love Lagos Let proactive be put in place Alhamdu lillah, we shall continue to see more of this. Why do we need the expertise of these Chinese then it is better to stay at home everybody rest. pray to God to have his way

Afolabibayor God’s got us 🌹 Great News. Praise God. A big Weldone to Gov. Sanwo-Olu and his team for their passionate action towards curbing this scourge... God bless them all

COVID-19: Victor Moses, six Inter Milan players forced to leave Italy - Daily Post NigeriaFormer Super Eagles forward, Victor Moses, has left Italy this week following the mandatory 14-day quarantine, L'Equipe reports. Moses is among seven It's better to survive. Nice one! May God heal u victor moses 🙆🏼‍♂️🙆🏼‍♂️ he is welcome to Nigeria anytime ☺

Thank God Thank you Jesus Masha Allah, that is our prayers, the remaining will also be discharge, insha Allah Thank you Jesus God be praised Am happy but a follow up should be done people discharge in China are retesting positive Good thing They said everything has it advantage & disadvantage, Now mention two advantage of Corona virus 😷😷😷

SCAM! Sanwolu has not just shown leadership but he has demonstrated qualities of leadership......whereas is our Bubu.?

Six to die by hanging for murder in EkitiNot too much,if it's according to law and transparent

Great news. Glory be to God Good news So wht Dey go on nw Alhamdullilah Heard 14% of the patients discharged in China tested positive again 💔 God bless the medical team. Amen to this👌 Halleluya So refreshing

Six internet fraudsters jailed in Lagos - Daily Post NigeriaThe Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Lagos Zonal office, has secured the conviction of Osibajo Oluwamuyiwa, Jimoh Damilola Qudus and For this corona period You shouldn't even bother there's no maga again Rona have taken them out.

Ola_yide Dear loafo government pls can u take up d leadership of the whole country at lest till 2024? Pls help us Interesting news and it made my heart joyful. Praise God. If Covid - 19 patients are being treated and discharged in Lagos, how come Buhari and Abba Kyari are being flown to London against all odds?

Thank u Jesus..thanks to the medical staffs... Thanks u Jesus,thanks to the medical staff.. God heal the rest , heal our land, heal our water and heal our atmosphere (air) with you blood in Jesus name and restore our souls in Jesus name . and we thank you Lord God for those you have heal . thank you Jesus . don't let Nigeria and Nigerians suffer any lost Amen

Must you all buttress the lies posted by BashirAhmaad Amen Ok. Good! More of the good news pls.. God did it

Command nabs six notorious bandits, kidnappers in Zamfara

Awesome Discharge them to where Abeg no rough play 😒😒 🤗 Thank God and kudos to the medical team This what we want to hear Audio discharge, audio naija corona 😂 TB Joshua prophesy is coming true. To all our medical personnels, God bless you all. Thank you God!! Thanks to God

Six bag death sentence for murder in Ekiti - Daily Post NigeriaAn Ekiti State High Court sitting in Ado Ekiti has sentenced six persons to death for murder and attempted murder. The convicts are Oniyelu Olu (63),

God is on our side. Glory to Jesus. We've have found the cure.🤯🤯 God bless, sustain and preserve our health workers. This is good news. 👏👏👏 Thank God I hope this’s real... if so God bless Nigeria, there’s hope. Praise God oo. Atlast we are to discharge patients. Good news rather than confirming new cases everyday.

How? What drugs did they use? If it's curable then why are people dying ? Hope it’s not audio good news good thank god

Six to die by hanging for murder in EkitiAn Ekiti State High Court sitting in Ado Ekiti has sentenced six persons to death for murder and attempted murder.The convicts are Oniyelu Olu (63),... At least corona won't kill them Congrats

Thank God o, Ebola has told Coronavirus that Nigeria will finish him. We shall always overcome Virgoress Best news all week!!! Greatest news dot com Thanks God Health officer God will protect you people Alhamdulillah That's a cheering news Thank God 🙏 This is a very great new. Relieving. An expo on the treatment used may us pls.

Kudos to d doctors and nurses. This is a great news Woah! congrats to dem

Bravo This is the type of news that gladens my heart. Well done NCDCgov, jidesanwoolu Fmohnigeria, all the doctors and nurses involved. God bless you guys abundantly. Great news This is awesome. Kudos to the medical staff and other great people. Thanksgiving service. Pastor don chop belleful Noted PUNCH MAN

Make USA, Italy, Spain come learn work from us😂😂😂😂😂 Na better leaf dem dey use treat them?.... Abeg make dem help Italy. Hope tbeyve bn taken care of properly? Thank YOU Jesus

Isn't it too early? This is an amazing news. God is wonderful 🙏🏼❤️ Thank you Jesus oh Congratulations MBuhari this credit goes to you, without your good and exemplary style of leadership to Nigeria, this couldn't come to reality. Nigeria has some of the best medical minds, both home and abroad but here in Nigeria, they are just limited because of lack of funds and poor medical facilities. Jokes on the government if they don't learn from the mess they put themselves up against

This news is like shouting goal to uplift our spirits. Kudos to all the Doctors and nurses and everybody that is involved one way or the other with their tireless efforts. This is well appreciated weldon Now can we start going out? I've missed bread n beans We shall surely overcome If this virus is going to kill us ... Many Nigeria for don die already, but the aim of the virus here is to re-educate the rich and wealthy people mostly politicians of the need to help develop the health sector in the country. Imagine non of dem fit go abroad for treatment 🤣

Gloryyyyyyy to God

Follow train Make Una still hold them for another two weeks abeg Mcgena4 Have they recovered fully? This is The Punch! Now now? Make them wait smallnto be sure na But please, can you guys tell us the drugs 💉 and medication you gave to the victims for them to recover fro CV19? Or is it audio recovery? 🤔

Thanks to GOD Best news of the week Thank you Jesus🙏 Olorun seun

Even at the fact that our health system is weak... This is a good news Good Energry..that's all we need More to Recover🙏 Praise God 🙏🙏 News like this❤❤🙏 GOD bless Halleluyah 🙌🙌🙌God is winning already Thank God o🙌😃 That’s good news Please don’t release them o ...let them stay with you Kudos to our government and the medical team. All glory be to God🙏

Before they re released pls make sure when the test is done, it is carried out from the lower respiratory system not the top, cuz the virus can still harbour at the lower respiratory system and clear at the top, hence why so many said to be recovered patients end up sick again. God is Great

We pray many more will be discharge. God bless followlasg and everyone that contributed to this. Special thanks to jidesanwoolu God bless you Sir. Are they healed 👏👏👏👏👏👏 Father, thank you Thank You Jesus!!! God bless the medical teams All hail Naija 🇳🇬 Our lord is good all the time hallelujah to the highest may there healing remain permanent

adeyanjudeji atiku OfficialPDPNig will be sad about this, they need bad news to heat up the polity, but God pass una. God bless Nigeria and well-meaning Nigerians Wow. Nigeria of all countries are doing well when it comes to medicals. I am really glad bearing such report. Prayer works guys.

Great news Hope dis is not an audio news oo Media is doing it for them, six covid-19 patients released from Lagos prison. Good news! nothing said about their viral load, did it become undetectable to avoid increasing the pool of carriers in the public space fabolousphantom Good job naija Expecting more good news.....

Please there’s only one person we don’t want you guys to discharge. Thank you Jesus 🙏 hallelujah 🙌 AVE Maria! Thank God for this great news. Does that mean those 19 people have tested negative to the virus and they can no longer infect other people. Punch needs to clarify these.

The best news I read in 2020 thαtѕ grєαt. prαíѕє gσd. wєldσnє tσ αll hєαlth wσrkєrѕ ínvσlvєd God be praised Glory to God... Good news... Thank you medical team, Lagos State, NCDCgov This is super exciting news, more of this kind in the shortest possible time. Wonderful News, the more patients recover the bigger the chance to increase survival rates in the Lagos population...

Barthiwu I believe naija Thank you jesus Amen... Oooo... Bon travail!!! If na true oooo.......

Commissioner of health in Lagos knows what he is doing Alhamdulilah 🙏 Wow. This is a great and good news Herd immunity is working, I guess. Well done Nigerians We are not here to drag who takes the lead or not.....let there be healing in the land. I have one question that begs for answer(s), Would a survivor of Covid 19 be infected again if exposed to the virus?

Great Lagos Alhamdulilahi Thank you God.🙏 I hope n pray they weren't temporarily treated n then are being release back to society. I just hope

anointingose God bless everyone in charge ,i mean everyone from cleaners to the Doctor. God bless you all Good God, may God protect and guide all the medical teams, they re really trying.. God bless Nigeria Alhamdulillah Plz, is Abba Kyari among the 6? Best news of the week even country with facility no discharged person, no getting better. Nigerians are jokers don't be surprised to hear all our senators positive might be healed by next week

Alhdllh...we sick quick recovery 4the rest and my all mighty protect us also 🤲🏾 Job well done 👍 Good news! Kudos to the LASG medical team under the able leadership of Gov. Sanwo-Olu and Com.of Health Prof. Akin Abayomi. Thank you.Private sector support you 100%. Lagos is working.

Can all these people just stop lying to us. Even when things are fallen apart, they are still putting on emojies. Lets see pictures and videos of them Thank God! I love this good news of 6 people who have recovered from coronavirus in Nigeria. We need more people to recover from covid19. CovidNGR coronavirusinlagos COVID19Nigeria ThursdayMotivation

AlaminAliyu_ Good news I’m happy Alhamdullih A__Arteta thank God o This is great news. Hopefully we can get out if this mess before mid-April Lord may your name be praised What’s happening here? Does Nigeria 🇳🇬 possess the cure? Why so much success that eludes the western countries

Thank God Very good news. Thank God If they are discharged it means they were never positive of the virus Are you guys giving these patients hot Agbo jedi? It has to be Abgo. It kills malaria and typhoid and Corona virus Thank you Jesus and bless the medical team To God be the glory Thank God Alhamdullah! May Allah continue to guide us

ICON_ADENUSI 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿 Hmmmmm Naija for show👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 i throw salute oooooo

What a great news Praise be God Thank God Okuuuuurrrrrr Thank God oo...🙏🙏💃💃💃 Hopefully u don't tell us they turned back positive God bless Thank God... God bless the health team and the workers. Well done. Thank you Lord 🙌 The other developed countries for once should come and take treatment in Nigeria

NCDCgov please come and confirm this.

So with no vaccine or renounce drugs, Nigeria is treating and discharging, hope it's well Great job guys Wow... good news at least tension go cool small Were they really patients or suspects Pls keep them there and be feeding them well till we all ready to welcome them o Una sure?....please we don't wanna hear stories tomorrow oo

Thank you Lord 🙏 Sanwo-olu for president orekeelewaaa good one🤗 We're getting there, together we will overcome... God protect the medical team🙏

Wheeeeew. This is actually relieving in so many ways 🙏 I beg, block inter state transport pls.. Aniri wahala oooo.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Thank you Jesus.. Why can't u people just show us a video Good news...but make we tk a cue from the China case...still quarantine dem further 🙏... To God be the glory Thanks to God.

please follow up this story and share the information on how these cases were managed. Good news.

Good news , GOD , help us the more plssssssssss Thank you lord..Good news Good news finally Good news!! Good news Good news... what about those that sneaked out of the country? Ennyjossy To where na ? eddie_udofot Let's have their names. Welldone

Hallelujah Some good news at this difficult moment. Discharged, as in they are now negative? God be praised...Halleluyah! I read they will still be infectious, till after two weeks 🤷, hope they isolate after been discharged.... Can we recommend our treatment situation to Italy and Spain? Al'amdulila Finally good news 🙏🙏

I hope he no follow. Wow great news Thank God

Thank God Thank God for this Thank you Lord I hope Kyari is not one of them. Thank God These are the kinda news I wanna hear now....big ups to the medical team.👊🏾 💯 Hallelujah. Thanks to all the medical teams involved💯😍... God bless u and ur fam Have dey got better? Which one do we believe nah..... read 6 and now you saying 19 again.... God safe us stay home stay alive

Some good news 👍 Good news Thank God Wowww🙏🙏🙏...thank u lord for healing At least good news is needed ALHAMDULILLAH Great news I hear God bless the medical team. 🙌🏾 How true is this

The sort of news worth spreading.... likita_Murtala Thank you God and may you everyone who has been working to save the situation This is great news, God bless y'all that put in effort I said it! Nigeria is truly a blessed country.. Very soon Covid-19 or Coronavirus will soon be a thing of the past. Follow me and I will follow you back Asap

It’s great development Thank God This kind of news we want to hear ...we shall overcome by God grace🙏🙏🙏 Good news farouq_yahaya Doesn't mean they were treated... Please 🙏 let's still stay safe😷

We are winning the war Thank you Jesus 🙏 This is good news. Thank you Jesus Good news I hope these stupid politicians are not among them More of this Thank God but please let's test them well and observe them for a while Hallelujah Good news That's my earnest prayer,may the Lord Jesus Christ be praised

Thank you Lord and thanks to the medical staff. Bless you all Hope🌹 Thank God We have good doctors in Nigeria but what we don't have is facilities Last last the cure will come out of this Naija. and then the whole world will respect us 😂😂😂😂 Good news Hmmm if its true then God is good My question is when the sent them free are the not going to contact the various again

May Almighty God be praised Saeedmaje_ Things you love to see.

Glory be to God! We will fight and win. I pray Courage,Strength and Wisdom for our Medical Personnel in Jesus name. Eko o in baje. Amin. wooow thank God .. Any info on the treatments or drugs being used. ummieeter Thank God Alleluia Great Hope they will not squander the money That is good news congratulations to the governor

There's something Lagos is doing right. Lagos takes the lead. 💯💯💯 I’m glad 🤲🏽🤲🏽🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾

How true is this ....KemiOlunloyo hasn't said anything about this ...I will wait till I hear it from her Thank you Jesus Thank God. Finally Long awaited! Finally a breaking that is not bad! can we do a quick testimony on this street abeg? Good news indeed! Good news, thank God Quite encouraging. Thank you Jesus. God bless the Medical team


That's some cheering news there Good news to them. I also herd that having survive this virus would lead to 'HERD IMMUNITY'. Is that true if anyone knows? Goodnews. May God heal all COVID19 COVID19Lagos peppindelaw68 Glory to God Alhamdulillah 😇 Nigeria we will win... Great news! Thank God ooo barmensah Thank you Jesus...we are making headway....corona must be eradicated💪💪

Thnak god

What a good news Keep them there and run a test after 1 week oo Thank you Lord God be praised! What a cheering news. Thanks to God Almighty, God bless the health workers Thank God Good news, finally! Why is this not on the NCDC official page though? Abeg how long dem don observe this people after treatment? This is Nigeria and I don't trust this development, abeg make them tell us how long dem don observe this people after treatment and last test result, can NCDCgov please explain this to us?

Wow !!! Thank You God 🙏 Wow... dz z good news

Has the 14 days for self-isolation passed? This made me feel so joyful, God is with us..... We will come out of this mess. Lord I thank you Are you sure it was covid 19 or malaria they had. I hope there's no mix up. Good news and GOD we thank you for your HEALING UPON them CoronaVirusIsNotADeathSentence CoronaVirusIsNotADeathSentence CoronaVirusIsNotADeathSentence CoronaVirusIsNotADeathSentence CoronaVirusIsNotADeathSentence CoronaVirusIsNotADeathSentence CoronaVirusIsNotADeathSentence CoronaVirusIsNotADeathSentence

Gud news Good news Allihamdullahi Beautiful Great news 👍

I hope so Good news.God thank you ALHAMDULILLAHI All praises be to ALLAH (SWT) May the Almighty Allah continue to cater for us where there's no one to intervene. YOU ARE TRULY THE MOST HIGH. This is just covid 19 but pple get into their sense like never before. God is faithful Thank God 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️ Praise tha lord!

Are they good to go? God bless all those involved...treating and keeping us safe...😀

Tank u Jesus....Tank u lagos state government...tank u health workers We have hard working doctors in Nigeria, I give Kudo to them. Thank God Lagos is working we God the glory. Great news, well done followlasg and jidesanwoolu. The quicker patients recover and get discharged, the less risk of getting our ICU overwhelmed. I pray God will heal the remaining ones as soon as possible. THIS IS LAGOS🙌🙌🙌

This is good news. thanks followlasg for the good job. God will keep us all alive from COVID19NIGERIA . kudos! bayo_atobalo Good news only if it's true I won't be surprised if Nigeria eventually finds a cure for Covid19 Well done Lagos LSMOH muky_zanna 👏🏾✅ Thanks God for that oo Thank God

Thank God Discharge all of them. Let's resume God's the greatest. Praise to God 🙌 thanks to our medical persons too❣️ God bless Lagos Thank You dear Lord Have they tested negative? Thank you Jesus SpanishKemi All thanks to God almighty 🙏 Yippee!!! Kudos to the medical team!

Awesome🙌 Glory to God. May God keep and shield all the healthcare workers 👍🙏 Discharged Are u sure they are due 🙄 __Raaman I hope this is true, I pray it is aproko_doctor Oyibo_Doctor DrOlufunmilayo please can a cured COVIDー19 patient contract the virus again if he/she comes in contact with another infected person or does recovery guarantee immunity to the virus?

Wow Amen oo Thank God and also those putting in the efforts. Thank you Jesus SpanishKemi Good

We go dey hail!!!! Hail ur name!!! Thank u Jehovah God, for using this wonderful doctor's in our country to perform miracles....thank u Lord cos u never abandon us, thank you Jesus 💃💃💃💃 ʀɛsʊʍքtɨօռ ɨռռa ɮɨt...ɨ ռɛɛɖ tօ ɢօ ɖօ ʍʏ assɨɢռʍɛռt😪💔💔💔 Thank God! Having the Virus is not a death sentence. Early detection still remains the key to survival. Again, some persons die of it due to complications in their health. Some have weak immune system while some allows their condition to deteriorate before coming out.

Beautiful Good news Alhamdulilahi This is the kind of news we want to hear Wow very good news mccoyinnocent We may have to switch Lagos State followlasg for Federal Government NigeriaGov cos of effectiveness n efficiency. We are all Lagosians onwards

We thank God for their speedy recovery, we pray for God intervention in those that are still in isolation. Nd we pray for sound health in every part of the country. We thank you God. Good news... They should remain there till further notice Biko cheering news Finally a 'BREAKING' that isn't bad news :) The kind of BREAKING I switched on my notification for🙏🏾

God bless Lagos state and Nigeria at large. Praise God😊🙌 Good one Something to celebrate. I pray more recover too.

Good news. Alhmdlhi good new,. Some good news finally Great News!!!..It's even surprising why our Local Herbalists cannot contribute anything tangible to the fight against COVID19NIGERIA.Where are our Amotekun and amadioha Geng.Many have turn to money ritualists. Mk our politician to dey among dem oo

Honestly, this is the type of news I want to promote; successes, immune boosters, recoveries. People should be educated more on how to overcome challenges, in addition to taking precautions. samson_physayor 14 days already ? That's good news, at least some people who were bold to alert d authorities have recovered from it.

Onipimpin Thank You LorD 🙏🙏🙏 God bless you and all the doctors in Nigeria, you guys are the real heros

Be like say these doctors don dey use àgbo or it's there something dey are not telling us🙌 To Alhamdulillahi. Thank God Thank God🙏🏽 Discharge them to Ghana. No go whine us o Glory be to God iamKristil 💃💃💃 Ọpẹ o God at work! Good news

Alhamdulillah, may the rest of them get cured too insha Allah, this virus won't survive in Nigeria Wow nice 1 I hope they are well enough to be discharged. good job to the team! But don't politicize this COVIDー19 thing as people's lives are at risk also. The truth now is that not having adequate test facilities/poor level of awareness are the main reasons for the low rate in Nigeria.Keep up d good work anyway

thank God. God bless thee health workers too Hallelujah Thank God, please isolate them again. Wow...Goodnews Praise God NCDCgov is this true

DrOlufunmilayo is this the good news? Amen hallelujah Thank God for them This is the news we want to hear Good news. God I thank you every milliseconds I also pray that this pestilence changes the mindset of our politicians to invest more in the land especially in all the basic infrastructure in our Nation. Amen

Hope they are treated and okay Bless you Lord 🙌 Great

Good news Great news. Very good news. There is light at the end of the tunnel but please don’t enter the tunnel. COVIDー19 COVID19NIGERIA StayHomeStaySafe Alhamdulillah it's a good news Great news. Glory be To God who always make us stand victorious at all times. Hallelujah!!! Source of the news pls? That is highly curable We trust Lagos Govnt.

Thank God Masha Allah

Thanks God Hallelujah. Well, good news tho hut I think they had just malaria!😒 There is hope in the land. Oh Lord help your poor innocent children to pull through this scary pestilence. Amen To where Make them stay there abeg😂 Thank God 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Hope they have been confirmed negative to testing Lagos State Government followlasg is better than federal government of🇳🇬 NigeriaGov I swear down...

This is goodnews. Praise to God Almighty Woooooow

Haa! Thank God ooo! Commendable Good news Good news That is good news really. Well done guys MashaaaAllah This is a good development. Good news Seriously, I think God bless us with capable health worker in this country but unfortunately our YEYE leader didn't encourage them.... MAY ALMIGHTY ALLAH BLESS THOSE HEALTH WORKERS THAT SACRIFICE THEIR LIFE FOR THE MASSES DURING THIS PANDEMIC

Glory be to God. Hallelujah 🤣 Are they okay now? Good news....The whole nation should keep trying to kill d situation Nice one. Thank God ...May God continue to strengthen the workers Thank you Jesus Great news I'm happy to read this news. Thanks to our able doctors. Where did they get the antidote from ...una no well

Finally Good news

That's a good news there This is good news Thank God Ebiwali_ This is a good news Nice one, that's positive news Thank God. Even without the vaccine,that's God of healing at work Dis wat i want to be hearing all d time. Praise God 🙏 Good news Wow great news😀😁😊😂😂😂 now we are talking Why? When there is no known cure

Praise God, somebody, 🙌. May God bless and keep the workers Thank God Great news Thank God🙏 All offices will resume back on we start to hear good news. Some good news Good news...... More good news.... But pls what about that 8,500 FG is giving us any update. Me am seriously broke ooo 😭 Great news

Good news

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