School Reopening

School Reopening

[BREAKING] School reopening: FG considers morning, afternoon classes

5/27/2020 7:38:00 PM

[BREAKING] School reopening: FG considers morning, afternoon classes

Kayode OyeroThe Federal Government says it is thinking of sectionalising classes for primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions in the country ahead of school reopening amid the coronavirus pandemic.The Minister of State for Education, Emeka Nwajiuba, stated this on Wednesday during a briefing by the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 in Abuja.

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The minister, who faulted the reports that schools would reopen in the country on June 8, said the government could not afford to take any costly risk, especially as it regards the safety of pupils and students in the country.He said, “Until we are sure these children can go to school, return safely and not bring up with them COVID-19 and infect people who are more susceptible than they are, then we are running a huge risk and God forbid, in our hurry, something happens to our children, I am not sure how anybody will be able to retrieve what has been lost.”

VIDEO:Police detained me for eight days because my husband criticised Lai Mohammed -Dorcas JolayemiNwajiuba said the ministry is being guided by the advice of experts as well as those of the World Health Organisation, noting that the decision to reopen schools in the country would be carefully arrived at because education is on the concurrent list of the Nigerian Constitution.

He appealed to private owners of schools in the country to co-operate with the government in ensuring the safe reopening of schools in the country.“We are going to publish a specification on what we expect COVID-19 or post-COVID-19 reopening to look like. We are not talking about coping with COVID-19 but in spite of COVID-19, we expect that we will adapt.

“For a country that has over 115,000 primary schools, you will understand that 35,000 of these who are private must agree to set up the same standard in other to allow children to go in.“We may have classes in the morning and classes in the afternoon so that we will have the whole of the infrastructure divided provided they can serve us. I am not sure we will have classes at night. But we can do with morning and afternoon for now,” he explained.

Nwajiuba said aside ensuring that social distancing is observed when schools reopen, said the ministry is working on sanitation in the schools, noting that the government wants to ensure that all schools could deploy pedal-push handwashing machines.DOWNLOAD THE PUNCH NEWS APP NOW ON

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Perfect ideas In as much as I care about the pupils and will not want to subject them to further risks, but my greater worry is the level of risk these kids are exposed to when their parents have gone to hustle. The risk factor in school will be milder compare with them roaming the streets. We have not controlled spread of coronavirus amongst adults its the children we now want to test.

Better start planning on how to start utilizing online learnings system for kids, do home schooling etc. Provide educational Tabs, get online apps, send textbooks, workbooks and curriculum. Teachers can also send lesson notes via WhatsApp etc. Assessments can be done online too. Can we adopt this method, since we're know to be adoption of foreign policies whether good or bad? After, we will be claiming we got independent in 1960 stories that touch.

Oga, you can't handle reopening of schools at the moment. Don't expose those children to danger. FG are just a clown, you mean corona virus will be held captive in the morning and afternoon. Don't forget that you are still battling with IPPIS! This virus is merciful ,it should have wiped out all our corrupt leader's. Toying with academics is ur next agenda to loot money?

'FG considers morning, afternoon classes - like we've been having night classes before. If school opens, children will share their nose mask. Imagine this: your nose mask is fine, can I wear it and see? Madness Please let's be realistic in planning. There's no point splitting the classes because it will not really change anything. It's even not possible for highly populated classes and I don't think the school owners are ready to pay extra to teachers, except government plans to do that

Lol.. fed govt Na just pure vibes. So are kids going to wear face mask through their classes? And the teachers, they’re gonna teach morning shift and evening shift in one day? On top how much wey Una dey pay dem 😂 😂 I think we should wait a little bit Are they going to employ afternoon teachers? Primary schools had night classes before?

A government of too many Scams and less Ideas Let first start with your own children Hope you are ready to pay their teachers double money. Abeg leave school ...This our clueless government don’t add to our worries abeg...funny enough they don’t have what it they’ll say they are borrowing to feed school children!!

Did we have schools that had classes at night? Schools have been operating morning and afternoon I just don't understand what they are saying are we operating night schools before 🤦🤷 Does Covid-19 have time it now flies? Who gave them this stupid advice? I still repeat again and again the Government and their terrible Presidential Taskforce Committee on Covid-19 Team Led by Boss Mustafa are disappointment and disaster!!!!!! AmtiredofNIG

Bad idea. How can children wear mask through out the whole of class section. That's gonna hurts, is sickness already. The world should come for child's rescue in Nigeria Will u be paying the teachers twice their salary or what. Employe more cos I don't get this man. You want to over work them. Think outside box. Mr Minister

Please before you reopening the school consider all dis children, bcos dey can't avoid playing with each other Then they should get ready to pay teachers double of what they are receiving Shebi covid 19 na night time e dey catch person Are they expecting the teachers to be in school from morning till evening....

Consider this a suicide mission. Shikina! no patience for second wave.... kmt all at once NCDCgov WHO are no experts. They don't have monopoly of knowledge. We need to be able to take our own decisions based on our data for God sake. Be like this virus na agent of darkness What about those in boarding schools?

Thank goodness that it is still a deliberation. Bella_hot_ I fb instantly Eleribu Sunday school? a_yee_sha this is what I was talking about Noooo, not yet!!! 😣😣😣😣 The possibility of this is very low, except we have another Nigeria that I am not aware of. 🤵🤵🤵 Nigeria na scam bro.. I advice parent to keep there children at home this Government cannot ensure safety of our children

I wonder how parents who work from 8-5, will cope with this kinda guideline. Lagos especially where you cannot say you want to rush somewhere and come back quickly. Ibadan is in trouble. The public school children will be the easiest carriers I think the virus don’t exist, if not you will not be talking about opening schools or sending young one to death...

Dey should employed teacher to reduce d lack teacher in some primary and secondary schools for successful strategy put in place for reopening of schools. Teachers will be at the receiving end This is the idea been use in Kaduna and some part in North . ehigymetor What has d Govt done to improve d Public schl System, during this break ? Are d teacher havin Seminars, are d schl buildings/ tech system being worked on? Have u inserted History back in2 d curriculum? You are resuming to d same old shambles u called schls, schlsfordpoor

Even before the pandemic, a lot of public schools do morning & afternoon classes. I guess those school in particular will have evening classes now? I can give egs. of these public primary and even secondary schools. This pandemic has just exposed us, we’re not a serious country ehigymetor Don’t open schls ( Primary/Sec schls) till September. Loosing a term won’t kill any & US with all their advancements are not opening till August. Why are u in haste, this period shud be used 2 re-arrange d Curriculum/Administrative frameworks of our schls

ehigymetor Secondary and examination classes (primary 6) can open with the morning and afternoon classes but you see crèche and primary school please they should leave them at home Would this really work out fine lower class level? Can safety measures be effectively instilled in this regard? Naija_govt with funny strategies formulation.

I am in total support with the FG, education is key we cannot allow our children to go fallow just like that. This is the best time for Nigeria to build more on our e learning. Opening of schools now is very dangerous for the nation. Is a big risk of life Just leave primary school for now. Just re-open tertiary schools. Adult can take care of themselves. Kids can't.

Because corona only operates at night abi Good one! School should reopen peeiod!! ... Y'all should not be blind to d fact that they are politicising covid19 in Nigeria. abeg Mk dem free ous jor Abii wayrey nii FG wa nii,shey na night una wan do school before niii Back to the 60’s se? As opposed to? So parents would really send their kids to school, these people are not serious

They want to start school feeding to fake students... So that they can tell us they fed 2million students with 10 billion ooo... Morning and afternon classes could be appropriate at the tertiary level as the students are adults but for the primary and secondary school level this arrangement may be somehow cumbersome.What about the pupils that are in boarding school? How is it going to work with them?

Lool, did schools open at night before? Someone help me out here please!!! Lol una wan include night class before which kind country be this My son is not going anywhere ☹️ najeybat The consequence of this on traffic in Lagos will be enormous Makes no sense. Just leave it closed if you think there really is a threat. Kids should be protected.

This idea of morning and evening classes for primary and secondary schools will be killing for parents who have more than one children in different classes. Let the schools still be closed down until otherwise proven. Parents' opinion is highly important here too. This nose masks suffocates when used for long. Children are vulnerable.

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Because the virus is only outside at night. Ore_akiinde Someone just say this is FAKE news toluogunlesi NoDatesYet Is the virus over in Nigeria? Did they have securities that will protect our kids against the kidnappers after evening classes? I wonder why they want to consider themselves as the country to be reopened schools...,kennedy86956221

Have they also considered the traffic situation especially in Lagos? I can bet those attending the afternoon class would get to school when classes already ended and still get stalk in traffic on their way back. Except the school is closely. beerat_arike Those who insist that schools should not reopen are definitely not teachers and neither do any job chain related to education. The online teaching cannot be very effective considering different factors for now. It can't be like when you are one-on-one with the kids.

scam talk Afternoon classes indeed! When will our cluessness stop? mine is we should resume abeg, anybody that want to stay till 2021 should sit at home , there is no guarantee there will be work even if we graduate so plss let's nt waste our time This goes to show that the whole covid-19 thing in Nigeria is a sham.

This is apparently nonsense, FG is saying schools should resume just because non of the politics appointees have children schooling in Nigerian schools. You keep increasing cases of covid-19 everyday and yet schools should open? All of you ranting need to actually read it first Are they tired of feeding ghosts

Truth is we need to learn to live with virus . I think this will help a whole lot. Teachers will be overwhelmed but it's a good idea . 3 shift will be better morning afternoon and night No enough teacher, the salary is not encouraging School should reopen abeg am tired of their wahala in this house And overnight, too.

Useless govt. No online teaching platform.. Shit dy worry this people Maaryam_xoxo e be things! join our WhatsApp Group to learn how to earn some cool cash: What is the use? what do they teach in Nigerian school apart from corruption. shame of a country in Africa. the Certificate of their President is evident a school is useless

FG please think well. World Bank may not give the $1.5billion if you re-opening. Nigerians knew the game plans. Money will finish one day PMB remember and NAME will be your reference.... Good names is better than richest and gold .. Be nice and share the palliatives for us.. We must sustain this discussion on re opening schools. Schools should re open as soon as possible, although with appropriate measures and procedures to protect our children.

Do we have night classes as a norm here? What has night classes even got to do with Covid-19? 🤦 Covid-19 is not active at night,?🙄 Let the virus go away first... Reopening of primary and secondary schools goes with a lot of question mark? What measures are in place? have you become the president? For Primary and secondary schools bruh!.... channelstv clarified this

Let's wait and see. Hmmmm How about church service Calm down people ! Calm down ! Calm down everybody ! Take a deep breath and hold your chest while you say the words “I voted these clowns” , it shall be well .... You've been considering since February oh...odé govt Schooling environment should be fumigated as well as their buses, students/pupils evenly provided with protective gears; teachers and all school employee's as well. If the system wasn't mediocre, e-learning would have been our ultimate go-to option but what do we know.

This is serious which one is morning and afternoon.again hope they will double teachers salary When are they opening clubs pls The best solution is to educate students on why they should use sanitizers and face mask and every risk involved there in What the hell does this even mean ... Shey the classes were at midnight b4?

Hmmm, why didn't federal govt changed plans bcos of Ebola and others? Why are we deceiving ourselves when we know there is nothing to fear. When will they stop linking every sickness to covid19 and when will people open their senses to know what's happening, this matter tire me. We are not ready for this and we know it.

Put midnight classes join mumu _ari_da You need to provide maximum security for those children afternoon and evening classes because of all those bad kidnapper Better If anyone complains of sch resuming, then you are sick, in the first place, I don't know how you are all believing the number of covid 19 patients, nobody on this app or reality has a friend or knows anyone that has the virus, is it possible, its only the govt that knows, clowns

Morning and afternoon ko evening and night ni' Make I no talk wetin dey my mind.. OfficialSwazzi Streamswazijollof swazijollof Are they crazy? How are the private schools going to pay the 'over -laboured teachers that will be there from morning till evening? Learn to Create Mobile Apps that Runs on both Android and IOS. Join us now, register with just 3k, class to starts soonest. Or send whatsapp message to 2348034436977, also follow us on Smarttechschool iokeakwalam flutter education science

Ifb If it will prevent COVID 19 theorenimi They want to start running part-time and full time classes for Primary Schools lmao U guys are joking right? Shey all dz pple sabi how many pple dey go school sha How about Madagascar Covid-19 cure, any update abi una don hale am to anoza kwantry wey fit need am?

jonas_iyke lolahray3 Children will always be children Firstly,they should lift this ban of no interstate movement. Then they should open secondary and teritary institutions for the main time. People in secondary and teritary institutions can try take care of themselves and observe d advice of NCDC Please openn ohhhh... I'm tired

ultimax dats too harsh from ur end though cos u shouldn't talk dah way as a parent or parent to be...Ajeeeee They should allow final year student to resume as soon as possible please 🙏🙏🙏, house tire person elder_sir Teachers and students are bored home I think the federal government should be more cautious in considering morning and afternoon class as most of our government schools are already on that system, also Islamic school and programs would seriously be affected by doing that. .

Wetin be all this one😂 IdrisTolani Talktoprogress 🤨🤨 They should open tertiary institutions first Most parents won't even bring their kids to school. Safety first. Students would be doing morning and afternoon shift. iamceebrownn I suggest we leave school till October until virus is off totally I think inter-state travels should be addressed alongside school re-opening! Many students and thr parents will have to travel inter-state when schools re-open.

No please don't 😑 You had forgotten that children are not commodity you can just go to the market and purchase please ask (Agan) or Those who has married for 30 years without a child then you will realize the risk involved....No Resumption date. It won't be convenient for government workers that closes by 4pm or more. Or do you want them to expose their children to afterschool care or take them back to office.

I'll follow everyone that likes my comment and while I follow you make sure you follow back to avoid unfollow Morning and afternoon classes? 🤔 As e dey be now; make we dey follow each other to the promise land. Like; I follow; U follow back gaskia😎 We don't attend lecture at night This was the norm when I was in the primary school in the late 80s. I think it was later canceled in early 90s.

If yall wanna resume how u guys plan on controlling the virus?.. Or is there really no virus and this is all a hoax?.. This shit doesn't make sense Rubbish it isn't safe to consider it. Plus government is not even willing to give what it takes for schools to reopen like China did. I wonder if FG follows ncdc on Twitter

Oh my lord Comman see Ola_Owo_ He said, “Until we are sure these children can go to school, return safely and not bring up with them COVID-19 and infect people who are more susceptible than they are, then we are running a huge risk and God forbid, in our hurry, something happens to our children'.......

Most Nigeria says corona is a scam, now FG want to reopen Nigerian still scared. Let the FG reopen school and expose our government on covid19 Are these people normal like this? Which school? The federal government are mad And will parents cope with this idiocy? In Lagos kids leave home at 5am and dont get back till 11pm is anyone asking parents and school owners their views?

'se fe pa mi ni' - *in naira Marley's voice*😔 When I was in primary school I attended morning classes, while some other pupiils attended afternoon. Talking of late 70s to early 80s. The government then was better than what we have now though. Schools close by 4pm so which other afternoon classes is FG talking about

I love this country because we are being lead by illiterates and clueless beings as leaders Make den never resume ooo Money No dey I don spend my school fee 😒😒😒 Who are the brain behind this shit..... Confusion deyawa otipoju kariri etc [BREAKING] School reopening: FG considers morning, afternoon classes

I thought they were already doing that in public schools school dey open for night before ni? Everything should go back to normal by June 1 biko, Dan allah, ejor & forget this fake virus Finally they have come out to agreed to the fact that classes are over crowded in most Nigerian schools boyfromthe90s

I'm in support of school not opening yet. But what about the economy? I think that should be reopened since our beloved govt isn't ready to help the citizens' finances Wait!! who on earth graduated from one of Nigeria’s institution doesn’t know that lecture time are fixed for morning and afternoon...🤷🏾‍♂️ abi oriyin wa buru ni....

Are you comparing private to public schools, your public schools are a dump, you care nothing for the kids. FYI no child of mine is going to school this year. Mchewww Toba tidi from 8am to 4pm corona ma waa offline awon Omo school maa wa online. I talk am na Covid-419 Dey Nigeria 😂😂😂 Corona in the morning & afternoon

It's obvious all the folks saying school shouldn't open aren't student and they ain't seeing the reality behind COVID in Nigeria. Cos Corona takes a little break to let students study. This is another valid point for those with conspiracy theories... 1. The number of cases are inflated/false... 2. The government is just desperate to open back economy without thinking of any 'implications' since there's no VIRUS

FG is totally confused abt dis reopening of sch... Which one b morning class, afternoon class How is this possible? When our education infrastructure is worst than our health sector.. Is it the public schools that most don't have chairs....lolz Are higher institutions included Ori yin ko pe rara!!!!!!!!

This fuelless generator is a new source of power that is completely safe, free and efficient, the durability and design is Top notch. This generator, unlike every other generator doesn't have an engine which consumes fuel/gas and makes noise. You can contact us on (09053597845) Please open school so people can start going to school no covid here you all know

FG dey ment This is another valid for those with conspiracy theories... The number of cases are inflated/false... The government is just desperate to open back economy without country any 'implications' since there's no VIRUS Finalist,I just want to graduate Abeg, before una comment make una dey read the article first. Nobody said school will be reopening soon. They are forcasting on the modalities to use when schools finally return. Shey we dey like update; Dem don update us. Una Good evening

Bare morons in these comments 😭😭 Yeah, that will solve the problem of overcrowding in classes. It's been done before in the country and it worked, so it can be done again. A ma wa ni class Corona ma stay indoor thefutastudent Ko le work Interesting Are they going to maintain social distance in class The way this will skyrocket if schools are opened will be shocking. People have to travel miles to get to their various universities.

I don't think the FG has plans to end the virus. Who is going to allow his children to go to school? Hello Everyone. Here is the official account for the FG swift Global Motors. We are a Transportation organization which en-route every state in Nigeria. We also move from Nigeria, Benin, Togo and Ghana. Thank You

Ifb They dare not consider night class ohh e get why IFB ASAP NO CHEATING The virus itself might only reduce but I doubt if it would be eliminated completely I beg make we resume to write my Final examination and be waiting for youth service. No time 2 check time Thanks God o Good idea! Please let them open it. Universities

FG is not compulsory you talk..,..You guys are making no sense Nah only night coro dey move? Hnmmmmmm..... Morning Afternoon dere evening class bfor ni .... Nigeria gov sha ... Mk dem sha provide face mask nd hand sanitizer for the public schools .... I swear, punch just they use this shii dey carry traffic. . . Corrupt journalism.🤮🤮🤮🤮

it's still too early for Nigeria government to open school.. The italian government are considering opening schools in September Please you people should reopen We have moved on fake news Mobile punch you should ask them what about the strike The teachers will suffer more. They should just forget about school opening now.

If state and federal government can not control elderly ones, how can they control school children. If they want to reopen schools let them reopen universities first or they should wait. Why this rush to open 🔓 schools? Na night class we dey do b4 ni Nonsense Great idea Make dey just open Sha some people have want to konjilize at home 😂 opening school is their last prayer

Lmao what difference does this make? Una de cap shit sha 😂 Something that's being done provincecollege before corona-virus, this wouldn't be a problem though!! E be things.. My children aren't going anywhere til 2021, we must actually know d way forward in this country. HOW will I wear a baby of 3yrs face mask ooo n he will wear it till school over? God forbid it, one doesn't buy children in the market ooo so I can't afford to risk mine PERIOD👌

Most students barely assimilate in the afternoon due to the hot sun A welcome development Have they call of the strike? Open the schools if you are considering churches. Put adequate measures in place for resumption. Who are we not to. Wouldn't night classes be interesting? At least we have electricity 24/7🤣🤣

FG reasoning like almajirai, Include night clasees too na!! That's d way to go but let schools remain closed ,especially nursery and primary Night classes nko, is needed too It won’t be easy on the lecturers ooh What happens to boarding students Lmao. Shey primary school and secondary school students do night classes before🤦

NYSC should pity us too, we're tired of staying home.😒💔😩 Ndi ara 😂😂 Were we supposed to learn in the night biko? OpeyemiDavid_Ib Once you join this regime, you become brain dead Just let schools improve on their online platforms Shijuade1 TRUST FUND INVESTMENT PACKAGES 15k to get 30k ₦20,000-----₦40,000 ₦40,000-----₦80,000 ₦50,000-----₦100,000 ₦100,000---₦200,000 ₦200,000---₦400,000 ₦400,000---₦800,000 Call or Message the Admin in charge On:09047317724

kayceee_xvii Won to sick olohun knows sicklings _Thedamdam I have just 2 online exams to go calm down pls It's fake news. Simpleton Corona is real but am sure it's not up to the number the government is saying but anyways they should give us a date so that people can start preparing Pls even if it is midnight, I will attend

Will teachers get double payment for double service(s)? Which classroom? Is in the rooms without chairs where teachers are not equipped let alone paid. Their Morning and Evening classes proposal is rubbish. Does Corona Virus has specific time of the day it doesn’t infect people. Then they aren’t talking about the teachers and how it will affect their output. They should think about something better.

Because coro walks only at night abi? FGN stop playing. Look, u guys should roll out new curriculum for online study nd stop wasting d time of these kids. Expand on what we have at NOUN. FM Education can create a system/portal for online primary, secondary and tertiary education Finally, Covid is opening our eyes to some good paradigm.

....and universities? the biggest calamity to befall Nigeria is to have infant mortalities due to covid-19,heaven and posterity will not forgive us if innocent children die of covid-19 as a result of our carelessness let's think carefully before reopening schools. I can see that schools will be reopened come June .

A very bad idea Nigeria Govt never in their life time do anything, all they know is to CONSIDER ☹️ anafricandiva see dem o Then what have we been doing lmao I can’t imagine myself sitting like this in the exam hall😭😭😭😭E don red Even if private schools pulls it off what about public schools where we have over 50students in a classroom. Some of these public schools don't even have good room ventilation.

deshewa_ kofeeeeeeeeee I'll follow anyone you likes this comment follow back Awolowo still be special adviser on education bicos I remember during early 80s ppl dey go school in the morning and afternoon. Awo tenkiu buh nah morning pay us pass now 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Universities excluded obviously They should not do any morning or afternoon shift. They should think of convenience of parents who do school run.

Well its just the regulations,schools are not going to reopen anytime soon,so let's just forget what fg is saying . We are not OK in this country Poor crisis management! No plans for the teachers and other non teaching staff that will now operates morning and night Forget about school for now pls until this virus goes away

WO this is too riskyyy phree_dah DanielKuboye Themi_tee hardeybayo7 Nastythealien Nothing new under the sun. That was the norm when we were in primary school due to infrastructural challenges. 3 sessions set. 8am - 11am; 11am - 2pm and 2pm to 5pm. Desperate times calls for desperate measures. This too shall pass🙏

Kolewerk Some school in some states don't have the manpower to do it.what if dere is only one mathematics teacher in J.S2,what happen. Meaning he or she will run from morning to evening. There are no problems with the private schools. They can still operate the normal routine considering the number of students to cater for but the public schools? Hope someone will take into account the security factors?

You want to kill teachers? Just think rotation Did u hear this clueless govt ? Are they going to recruit more teachers for afternoon class ?/What about private schools & higher institutions. This is dead on arrival ! The teachers should be paid for extra time too I really don't understand how this shift is going to work especially for tertiary institutions.

Is it too hard for FG to understand we have moved on Wow!! Great news... To Learn More About StocksToBuy, Investment & Financial Market. Use The Link To Join Our Free Mobile Training Center on Telegram👇 So na only night coronavirus dey operate abi? 😂 Every school can get safe and hygienic face masks for their pupils from us. We design, produce and distribute customized face masks (with your school logo on each) at affordable prices. Call/Order now: 08183758688.

I suggest we leave this till September for Christ sake Please do oo... Any type of class please except online class This ain’t gonna work. Maybe for private schools.... Buh the public schools pupils are much in nr...morning and afternoon sections with smaller class room. How is that going to be possible

dondekojo It won't take up to two weeks to put up more structures for kids to be able to have more spaces, but no. We must take the impossible route Tor, i think the FG need a time table for Corona since u are considering Morning and Afternoon🤔🤔. Just reopen Schools should be Mon to Saturdays... Batch A~ MON, WED, FRIDAY batch B~ TUE, THURS, SATURDAY Social distancing... No assembly etc....

Our government have failed us. Please sell this country and bring the change so we share. That's my own opinion. Our educational sector is not even good bfor but u pple wanna scatter it more now ok ooooo What of the feeding of school pupils are you people not feeding them again Now schools want to reopen because more funds, they have finished looting

Dem dey open for evening before, school have always been in the morning and afternoon. Ahh. Nigeriaaaaaa like some set of students will attend morning class and the other will atend in the afternoon abi? mi ò ro bóyá ẹyin FG wá okay.... shey na dsame lecturer wey u neva pay for normal single class u go dey ask make he/she take dsame class twice? jus reopen oo

They should also consider increasing the salary of the teachers. dondekojo Haha corona comes out in the afternoon. When many other countries have actually had a positive impact on its people during the height of COVID-19, our FG has been considering some things for over a month now e.g. free power supply, cash support through BVN, food aid, etc. May we not consider things endlessly

There must be input and consideration of parents in any policy that affects the Nigerian child, it is unlawful if otherwise. Nigeriagov must provide school children with facial masks and equip each child with a plexiglass. This is a standard, and Nigeria is not below standard. Dem dey open for midnight before?

Just open fess. Leave morning and Afternoon fess When So I Would Be Giving a Free Lecture On mini importation from China, Turkey etc and how you can source for goods 10 different site with cheap products yourself. This webinar is coming up on 30th May Paid class inclusive. Click here to join the class We need date 😔

Nope to that pls let them prevent the spread NGRPresident are you tired of looting? let me no I'll follow everyone that likes my comment and while I follow you make sure you follow back to avoid unfollow Good Coro don't operate in the morning and afternoon God knows my baby isn't going anywhere Please can someone here assist me with 2K or even 1K to buy Foodstuff at home ? pls don’t let hunger finish me please , I don’t mind any amount sef even if it’s to buy foodstuff even if it’s Only Garri and Beans that i can get . pls help me retweet also 🙏😩 My Dm is Open pls


BREAKING: FG to release guidelines on school reopeningPlease can someone here assist me with 2K or even 1K to buy Foodstuff at home ? pls don’t let hunger finish me please , I don’t mind any amount sef even if it’s to buy foodstuff even if it’s Only Garri and Beans that i can get . pls help me retweet also 🙏😩 My Dm is Open pls Ok now they have finished looting When jhor.... Don't comman be telling us FG to release... Give us date n time abeg

Rainstorm destroys houses, school in Badagry - The Nation NigeriaAt least 30 houses including a primary school have been damaged after heavy rainfall at Iragon-Iragbo community in Badagry.

Rainstorm destroys school, several houses in LagosRain is a good tool of test for government projects Follow lobsney will follow back This is pathetic..

Almajiri school system bastardised, says Nasarawa AGDr. Abdulkarim Abubakar Kana, Nasarawa State Attorney-General has said that Northern State Governors did not ban Almajiri system of education, but rather that the system had been bastardised. He sa…

Lagos initiates ‘read-aloud’ project for school childrenThe Lagos State Office of Education Quality Assurance has designed an initiative tagged ‘Read-Aloud, Lagos’ to create and stimulate the interest of school children in reading books. Director-Genera…

COVID-19: Philippines’ Duterte Says No School Until There Is A VaccineCOVID-19: Philippines' Duterte Says No School Until There Is A Vaccine This man has being manipulated by the higher authorities of Covid-19 So what if they fail to get d vaccine ds year which is likely to be the case.... We al need to move on nd educate ourselve on selfmedication. That means Philippines students will not be going to school in at least 2 years.