Buhari Loan, Reps

Buhari Loan, Reps

BREAKING: Reps approve Buhari’s $22.7bn loan request

6/2/2020 5:31:00 PM

BREAKING: Reps approve Buhari’s $22.7bn loan request

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Loan request for what exactly? For what These borrowing is assuming a disturbing dimension. Reckless borrowing could be so dangerous tomorrow. Nigeria watch it. Lol, these people There's not like buhari in Nigeria,,, does Reps are sharing d money within them selves Is so sad that the political class has continued to damage the future of Nigerians. History don't lie this was the main reason for the 15th Jan. 1966 coup d'etat by chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu a very intelligent officer.

Is so sad that the political class has continued to damage the future of Nigerians. History don't lie this was the main reason for the 19th Jan. 1966 coup d'etat by chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu a very intelligent officer. All the money una don't give this man wetin he use ham do. This is a good decision because what government decided to do or not is a policy

What are they doing with the borrowed funds Everything is money but money is not everything. Sinzu money gram about to hit new cash out. Na another country we go go stay Las las Na the only work this very senate know. After N27bn bribe in the name of renovation Borrowing to fund and survive your adminstration while you don't think of the future and it's not that the money borrowed are used properly to reasonable things... They will finally sell this country last last.

What's the purposed of this borrowing. Really? Like seriously? Chai.......what I see sitting down, they can't see it even when they climb the tallest 🌲, anyway I can't wait to go back to my base. Onyenweanyi nonyere unu I doubt if there would be a country called Nigeria after president buhari because of debts. Our debtors may ask for a change of name and composition because of total mortgage of our commonwealth. How will Nigeria come out of these unprecedented debts?!!!

Be careful of how you borrow loan.Think of the future. Until all of you finish Nigeria treasury and degenerate our economy then una go rest...Bunch of fools This is crazy I have missed the count 24million plus 5.5and counting na WA o. God when? 😢😢 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂.. E Fe Ku 😂 😂 Cry the beloved country! They kept sharing excess crude revenue in good old days other than saving for the rainy day!! Now the chips are down and Nigeria is damn broke!!! We are left with just one option: Borrow, borrow and borrow. Can we sustain it? Let's tighten our belts now

I pity the next president of nigeria. He has so much work and payback to do. We are finished 😢 House of commotions and confusions. Stooges that destroy without making. A collection that ought not have been. They should just sell us nowband pocket d money. Not like d loans have any impact. Loan ke ? Why again

Do the lawmakers actually know the political economy of Africa is destroyed by unregulated external loans borrowing? What Imprints have former loans borrowing left on the ground to justify more? Why will it not swiftly approved it when massive 22.7bn was approved for its renovation which can be used to erect new structures better than the present one even with some change unspent.

Jesus Christ....... 22.what billion dollars? Are you shitting me? Is better to sell the country onces and for all Why is Abacha’s loot recovered ? Abi that one don finish? Cash to por Is plenty sinzu nation The matter don tire me Please Let’s Support Agriculture When The Loan Arrives!!!! Inter Magafarmer Venture Officially Welcome You To The Home Of Modern Imported Poultry Equipments Machines And Birds Sales Arenas

It's very good giving money to the dead Legends For what?.. SMH It is a pity, a rich man living on credit, how rich is he ? They will definitely approve it,this government is a shame,and its the worst thing that ever happen to this nation Nigeria is doomed mehn No hope for this country Always borrowing without any positive Agenda Imamofpeace

compromised bunch of betrayals That means abacha recovered loot has been spent already...okay...approve more😎 As long as DrAhmadLawan remains the Senate president, every trash will be approved because he is part of looting gang. He should just but FOR SALE ON NIGERIA ALREADY. Wtf his he waiting for gan?

Cash out lord Bubu credit your boy too nah, nor be so o 😂 Another cashout😭😭😭 Baba GOD! OBJ said it that Buhari isn’t an economic man meaning he doesn’t know anything about economic management. Events have actually proofed OBJ right. By the time Buhari is done Nigeria will be gone Baba don cash out oshey opor opor sinzu money

Make una juju sell Nigeria na Bunch of fools leaders. All this old people has nothing to offer. Dead 💀 heads We've been sold off to slavery again Na who we go blame ? They don sell this country Spending 😂 Until all these people you all keep borrowing from will come and pursue us away, that's when it will Dawn on us that Nigeria has been sold

How much is the kick back to the National Assembly? Sinzu 💯 Sinzu!!! What happened to the 850bn they approved few weeks ago ? Sinzu money, cashing out soon Dis County go die inside debt This is only thing we good at this country....Nigeria is finished 😢 Useless Leaders Oluws o If corruption didn't kill Nigeria, am sure debts will. Moving faster than our shadows.

Another cashout Should Nigeria break, no region will pay the debt. Borrow 1 Trillion dollars but give us 200,000 MegaWatt of electricity and best Agricultural practice in the world Future sold Guys let’s get serious n come out En-mass to protest these borrowing else they will never stop These lazy reps are part of the problem. Tell buhari to dig up the solid minerals scattered all over the country and raise billions from that to finance to economy n infrastructure instead of allowing the Chinese to be digging d whole country for these solid minerals

Another one 1⃣!! Theirs is to be approving. After all it's not their money! Jesus Christ. Pls save your people Announcement!!!! Everyone. Incase we wake up n buhari says we are now Chinese. Plz and Plz call me Chun Xin Hiu. What will I call you? Wala aye yin niyen This country. Toh may Almighty Allah help us.

Keep borrowing debtors.... I think is high time MBuhari should sell Nigeria in cause of loan to foreign nation, the high rate of borrowing is becoming something else More funds Boss 💰 Zoo reps 🇳🇬😡 This guys are senseless.. and clueless God help us all Presedent Buhari, what are you really try to turned Nigeria to. A.p.c govt there is God o, I pit the next govt that Will pay all this debt.

Alot of money Sinzu baba mi steady cashing out .. ride on jare I disagreed The frequency of these loans is alarming! Borrowing to maintain their lifestyles. The comfortable elite Nigeria has been sold! The sad part is that the general populace didn’t get the money, it went to less than 1%. Lol 😂 Arrh...from where again ? Chinese?. please don't sell Nigeria

please what do w need such amount of money for now? The one from oga Abasha what did he do with it? Can we turn Nigeria to marlians nation too much of debt Why won't them approve it when they knew it going to their bank account. Does that suffering the poor masses of Nigeria will be perish with their generations🙏amen

Everywhere don stew Nigeria is finished totally Mehn This looks like a movie to me Basically why I tend not to read Nigerian news again because all that trend is corruptions and inhumanity This part I’m tired of We need to save ourselves Spending baba mi Rubber stamp Assembly Rep approved $22.7bn!!!! Senate approved $5.5bn!!!! What have we done wrong to deserve this bad minded past and present leaders🚫🚫?

WE ARE FUCKED!!! Same loan that didn’t include SE I keep saying it SE leaders are the REAL ENEMIES the Igbos have. Only Abaribe raised his voice, the rest are clueless selfish men. Smh Another Loan!!! Nigeria is a failed state under Buhari's administration. Quote me anywhere! We're in trouble in this country. God, where are you? Save us from the hands of this clueless government, please...!

This is absolutely incredible and only God can rescue us. Loan to do what again abeg? Upon the loads of debts already incurred? It is well. And you think this country can be fixed? Forget it! See foolish people Why can’t Buhahi find buyer for Nigeria. Enough of all these loan request Hmm Omo ope, cashong out on a steady. Golden boy🙌🏼

These are stuffs we need to agitate and talk about , gosh for Christ sake we enough problems facing us and what I don't understand is why Nigeria celebrities ain't talking shit about this instead they on social media talking bullshit about America, smh God go help una Sharing and looting loading Nigeria has been sold off but Nigerians don't know 🤔🤔

But seriously the rate at which this country is loaning money is getting out of hand .... Worse national assembly Sinzu money Congrats boss more wins 💪🏼 Rubber stamp Senate and legislators What is really going on in this country? What’s breaking about it? Agba Yahoo ...useless They just keeps approving the loans without questioning🤔

More keys g🦅 What of the abacha loot, where did d money go, please I need an explanation Not AGAIN! Who will pay back all these loans? More funds!! Sinzu money ! All this generational loans this govt is taking, what modalities are in place to repay it in due time? Naira has lost it place among world currency and this incessant borrowing will worsen everything.

Is this government trying to sell this country ?all this every month loan me,I don't understand again ooo,someone should explain this o. My own be say, dem no dey announce when the money enter and when they pay it back. This people are gradually killing us Now they have sold Nigeria,cello Nigerians,your destiny is in your hand,find your way o

They wouldn’t hesitate to approve such, because of their selfish interest Robber stamped legislators This government are just embezzling money all in the name of collecting loan Very disgraceful and unpatriotic representatives! Only Political reasoning. I remember when akinalabi told us that this bill going for 1st hearing doesn't mean it has been passed! Well....we can see it now! Well....let th

Sinzu money.. More wins Amigo But he jus borrowed $5.5bn recently E plentyyyy Make una kuku sell Nigeria, ignoramus Hmm...way the will not a prove it because they know that they will have their own share.....9jaa Am currently following people, like my tweet and i follow you. U must follow back Wait for the massive cash out soon 🤣🤣😂😂

This money won’t be enough o. Senate should please approve the other $513bn external loan 🚶🏾‍♂️ God”abeg buhari go kill us oooooooooooooooooooooooo This thing pass something of it’s well.use thunder and fire 🔥 now oooooo How will they settle this one now ...very soon we will start hearing Nigeria for same

Must see🔞🔞 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 Later they will blame PDP government as always leaving behind tons of debt for the government. APC hasn’t any different either. The approve money they will still go behind curtains to divide. Shaking my head What is Buhari doing with all these loans Welcome to the end of Nigeria.... Buhari done finished this country

Are they mad or something.... mtcheeeew Rubber stamp For football BETTINGTIPS search for the Page 'HUBSBET365 ' on Facebook and join Before the end of June 2020, another loans from the clueless regime loading.... Hmmmmmmm Waiting remain again nah, second round of colonization is coming. ATTENTION!!! AbadaJulius - make una continue

They Will approve anything/everything including the sale of Nigeria. Buhari sure got his dream Parliament. Fresh one Always giving out loan the ones giving before there is no feedback on what it was used for. Slavery isn’t only about chains and shackles on our hands and legs!!!! This people are gradually enslaving us with these loans!!💔💔

Borrow borrow government. These guys would approve for Bubu whatever he sends to them. Even their collective preeqz!!! The kids of end beneficiaries of this loan would flaunt 10 Rolls Royce next Eid...don’t be alarmed when they do so. Now I'm hungry, let me go get something to eat This country is messed up

It's only loan they know how to approve of.. We have been selling oil for over 50years now where are the money.....most we borrow This buhari is using charm trust me? Pls dnt borrow from china o...de are planning to take over everywhere in Africa... Hmmm Nigeria's future while be like that of Othman empire

Are we going to continue borrowing, until the country is down. Is anyone seriously surprised? I need $1k from that loan when it's collected period Thought it was $5.5billion😕😕 Awon werey Reminder to get my passport ready Dis country na fucked up, everyday loan. Na everything Rep must approve Na God Punish All Of Una , Money Wey Na Generation No Fit Pay Finished ,, Notting No Go See 4 Dis Country

This man (president) supposed to enter Forbes List as the number one presido who like to borrow Baaaaad Haaaaaaa..... Tiwa ba wa Sinzu money dn cashout again 😂 Yet no account of anything Nigeria is gone!!! E don be Hahaha. The partners in crime must approved the loan request after all that black Country called Nigeria is running a banbiala almajiri Government for the beggars by the beggars for the looters the reason that country is doomed.

Haa What is the meaning of this nonsense 😠 Allah save nigerian's Another cashout..... Borrow borrow make me rich. E no de work. Nigeria don turn ponzi This is the beginning of the end!! Is that a breaking news? We all know the runner stamp legislature will surely grant him his wish, not minding the effect on the masses.

These guys need to be voted out Awon were, OfficialAPCNg egbekegbe We been knew... rubber stamp Ahhh ....I pity the next government Sha😂 Fantastic news! We need it. I trust President Buhari. I've been seeing what the previous loans are being used for. God bless President Buhari. To be sincere we are sorry naija

What kind of nursery school did Buhari attend ni tori olohun😢 which kind Almajiri kind of life is this Reduce the cost of governance and stop some of the opaque socialist interventions you guys are using to drain the country. 🤡🤡🤡 We are totally messed up big time It’s this a typo or what... I thought it was $5bn earlier

Until this administration place tax on the air we breath-in they won't stop seeking for loans. If you notice anytime this govt get any loans there's corresponding taxation on one thing We are been ruled by wicked animals,jst looking for a way to sell the country out Una never sabi Sinzu.😂😂😂 Low level people who can think of better ways to make money. Always staking the future of our children. Lazy nassnigeria

Cash out I expect nothing less from the rubber stamp Assembly Aza man 💴💴💴 15_Benjee see Whatever Buhari wants, Buhari gets .. what's new ? 😏😏 As it is, we have an external debt exposure in excess of US$85bn and you want to keep adding to it? Come to think of it: this debt exposure is even more than our entire foreign reserves. And most of this debt was incurred from 2015 to date. How are we ever going to pay back?

What is he going to use the money for Nigeria should now be call IRAN ONI GBESE What do you expect from rubber stamp. I trust Dogara and Saraki. Rubber stamp!!? lmao. Ijoba Sinzu, set awon spending. o porh yeah yeah Chei Na ijo òpé remain like this....Sinzu aboki wire is back! Smh akinalabi see what you and your colleagues approved. Very shameful

9ja pple...slavery don start I wasn't expecting anything other than this, Reps are bubu's watch dogs Loan Rubber stamp rep Since big-assed exotic cars were bought for Members of the House of Representatives, that House has approved anything and everything Buhari brought! Is the price on the head of your constituency the cost of an exotic car?

It's over for Nigeria...with the situation of our major source of income(Petroleum)... He's still borrowing hugely It is too late to cry when the head is cut off Why all this money for . What is happening in this our fucking country rolly__yo Cruissseeeee 😂 More fundz sinzu Sinzuuuu spending Spending 😂😂

Just tell us how much una sell us femigbaja DrAhmadLawan ...... Las las Lai Muhammad go cash out $500m to transform NTA to CNN 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Buharist una Weldon ooo Sinzu money 💰 don collect funds More wins OG MBuhari Sinzu ti cash out What is the money used for again Incurring debts for unborn generation.

Why wouldn't senate approve loan? 25% goes to them Payout day When I saw this tweet the first question that came to mind was HOW IN THE WORLD CAN WE SUE THIS GOVERNMENT FOR THREATENING OUR FUTURE WITH DEBTS? Haaaaaaa! Approved fresh loan? Follow me up PhilipsPhotogr1, i follow back real quick This administration and loan na 5&6. It baffles me that they cannot devise other means of raising cash. Loans that future generations will pay. Na wa o

Audio money to its citizens we won't feel the impact. Loan again! Is buhari and those useless and greedy reps go finish this country, dem go still colonize una again.... MBuhari TundeEddnut WeAreTired of the loans too.. You all we die one after the other if you continue to spend the government funds without any tangible results, mark my words fools

Ekwensu e romance eh mami water😥😥 Not even surprised at the borrowing. It is the money lenders I have word with. Set awon omo ale, oniranu, alaiinironu gbogbo! Shioor!!! This people are just shameless simple See whalla,just some days ago China collected some infrastructure in sir lanka on an 100year lease because of her in ability to pay back the loan borrowed from China to build them, I just pray and hope we will not end up like this in future. We need to come back to our senses.

When do we get to see the change we want to see with this borrowing all the time. Puppets MBuhari should sells off this country at once and stop collecting loans upandan Nigeria is finito Buhari is just bent on destroying this country, can he account for the money he borrowed earlier? Some buharist will not see anything wrong with this incessant borrowing, because some of them are tribalise and others are waiting for power to be handed over to them. Nonsense

Sinzu unchained. What do you expect from useless set of thieves? Worst NASS in history AkaaEbubeAgu Spending is at it again 🙄🙄🥺 Ifb Economic imperialism brooding. Nigeria economy is already a debris. This borrowings will forever cause its value to weaken. What happens when exchange rate increases? Hasn't Paris club debt history taught this government a lesson?

Pls let me know the next vehicle to togo Ah! Ah! Ahah! Sinzun FG will seek for another loan before month of July run's out We are in trouble in this country. Please are these assembly men cursed? They're all in this together 😏😏😏 The same thing was happening in Jonathan's period, and buhari was against it.. now the table is his and he is collecting even greater loan.. the next government when they are in charge will still seek loan because the country is seriously in debt.. Which way Nigeria?

This is Nigeria re govt is limited to d incumbents person without considering his successor Dear Nigerians, put down the names of your current representatives so you can identify those who helped mortgage your future and that of your children tomorrow. This is insane. Is this not too much? Loan every time.

We have been sold.. house abeg drop Nigeria Reciept The country suppose to once and for all put up for sale so that we can rest of borrowing everytime Wahala Not naira o Dollars. Chai. God help us all. Las las they will sell Nigeria DoctorEmto For whaaaaaaaat? last Nigeria is enslave once again Well done Mr President. You're really the messiah.🤗

But why? Rubber stamped lawmakers....Not expecting anything less tho This is worth protesting though because it's not funny. who de borrow us money gan gan The future of Nigeria will be rough and tough . All of una know wetin una dey do . Mtcheeew Behtee 😂😂😂. Dear NASS members, Amadioha kill you all for approving this loan....

How will we pay back this money? The rep and buhari are d same.... very soon una go use us for collateral... Dem suppose dey need picker for all this funds nah... Lol Jesus For what? Next year still dey. House of Reps approves Buhari request to borrow $22.7bn. This was a loan the Saraki & Dogara 8th NASS rejected saying it will put Nigeria is serious trouble. The Aso Rock clown has finished this country.

Nigeria!!!!!!!!! Giant of Africa.we should have been the on offering loans to African nations,even to some EU .Which way !!!!!!! Una sure say $22.7bn go do like this? Keep stealing I need to switch to phone calculator o Naija matter ...hmmmm we are finished,oo oo please let them share the money soo we can stay our own oo oo,because we can not pay all this loan loan loan

The news is if they didn't approve. This is no surprise, it was 100% expected. Have reps rejected anything concerning money coming in the country n4? Reps and buhari continue, there's God. Lord let us not sell ourselves!!!!! Make them kuku sell the country We should be asking 👇👇 This country is a big joke

This old men has no plan for the future generations of this country, they just want to sell this country and chop the money then die. Congratulations Nigeria has been sold. We are just not aware yet. Until you sell all of us for this Country . Lol.. before nko... no be them go share am strong_truth Looters club.

And Nigeria as collateral...... 2020 budget 😅 May God deliver us all. Them done broke again . Rubber stamp senate, we are in deep trouble Nigeria is a joke Stuffs like this shouldn’t be in a news since the money will be used for their selfish interest Hehehe. Dis rep go finish this country before 4years o Rubber stamp era

A whole $22billion... Are these people really serious at all? 😔😔😔 Rubber stamp (X10) I know they can never reject it because they are all cabals they are sharing the money withing the house.9ja I Hail 💪.🤣🤣🤣 Make una continue....God is watching With everything that was realised during this period....still requesting loan

Any pastor wey tell me say make I pray for my country again na fight go end everything 😠 Why are people like this? Our reps are not fools, they knew the country can't be run without borrowing. When we have rubber stamp representatives watin una expect before? By the time Buhari leave office, Nigeria no go worth 10kobo again.smhhhh

Seriously which way Nigeria Come 2023, let's try other parties cuz the two big parties gave failed us all. Vote individuals with academic, moral and administrative Integrity. Not popularity. To do what exactly? Yes, countries can borrow fund, but what's d MBuhari led NigeriaGov borrowing for? What happened to all d abachaloot collected & some funds borrowed by this same admin gone into? HouseNGR why are you guys so indifferent about d rising debt profile?

U will all see that buhari will still borrow like 2 or more times before 2023. It is finished! This Reps just dey approve debts Lordoye1 This is what buharist mean when they say saraki and dogora are the cause of buhari under performance. both saraki & dogora will never Grant all this loans to buhari. Lawani/Gbajabiamila will help buhari to take Nigerians to the promise land.

Make una kuku sell the country..... Oo Again $22.7bn is even more than Dangotes Net worth ooo. I am afraid🙆 Hmmmm nawa o One day loan borrowing no go dey possible again... What will they resolve to? We Dey shout Say No To Rape & Stop The Killings Upandan 😒 Baba Dey Busy Dey Sell Naija in Tranches 🤦‍♂️ Scam country

Congratulations! crazy people,i am tired of this set of evil leaders. Cash out successful. Congrats Sinzu Money on your latest cash out!! Wailers, let’s go. Doesn't the who country deserve to know why our leader is borrowing money? I'm just saying Sinzu has cashed out again! Has the national assembly ever rejected any of Buhari requests? What a country

This same $22.7b loan request without the inclusion of a region 'The South East '.on projects. Watching Of course they would. They were put there to serve the master not to be independent. They do as their master commands... no question!!! Bring in more loans please... ilori_olatunde All these reps are voted in, so wise up, vote them out, hold them accountable

Which sounds worst? Una don mortgage this country already !!!! 😭😭😭😭😭 Lazy government ever You will see them doing one audio analysis now about how rich the country was from the 1960 .....lol Sinzu Money is Steadily Cashing Out sha! 🤦‍♂️ This people go kill us ooooooo with boro boro. They will approve sotey they will tire.

This ones na National Approved Assembly in action! Na now dey for send restructuring bill go for approval If we don't borrow which money do you expect to you executing the projects in the country? Some ppl love making themselves happy by thinking the country is richer than to borrow not knowing you are far back from rich beyond SA / EGYPT all these are still borrowing too.

We are finished Taking loans is not a bad plan like misusing is, especially when the necessity for it is apparent. I think Buhari is a better to entrust resources. Only that many around him aren't wonder4ulworld Na now i see why igbos don't like buhari! Yahoo govt...and I’m telling you people,this our oga isn’t aware of all these money they are borrowing

FOLLOW ME Alubarix ⊂_ヽ \\ AND \( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ⌒ヽ / へ\ / / \\ I レ ノ ヽ_つ / / / /| ( (ヽ | |、\FOLLOW | 丿 \ ⌒) | | ) / ノ ) Lノ BACK (_/ Chai, Reps approves another National Gbesé... Thanks to Buhari Nigeria is finished! Loan go soon kill this man That's how loan will kill Nigerians, you people that are close to your graves you're always collecting a loan, we youth that cannot pay back.

APC will sink this ship and still blame PDP... 😎 Chai ! We are finished in this country called Nigeria. You get things of this nature when we elect person or people with no intellectual capacity or capabilities. Beautiful oya let the big big infrastructure begins Good job, rubber stamp national assembly. Hope you negotiated the percentage coming to you.

Hmmmm tajudine2013 That’s great news 👍 🤣🤣🤣 them don quarantine the country financially PMB IS THE BEST PRESIDENT IN HISTORY OF LEADERSHIP IN NIGERIA. We are very luck to have him as President. I am sure he's taking us to next level of debt. Hmmmmmm So pathetic Na we dey RULE. Na we dey for POWER 💪. If you no like am, GO HUG TRANSFORMER. MBuhari, ABEG, Send the Next LOAN REQUEST.

He owes them so they have to do according to what he wants not otherwise Elon musk, please Nigeria is for sale, will you buy? The plan now is to dip fr. He's always collecting loan as if he's doing LAPO. Where are all the money EFCC recovered ? It will get to a stage creditors will start weighing Nigeria's value before granting loans. The way it is going Nigeria's debt may ended up out weighing the country's value.

Dis man will wreck d future of dis country Sinzu don cash out again One day you'll here that buhari have used this country as collateral to collect loan. This fuelless generator is a new source of power that is completely safe, free and efficient, the durability and design is Top notch. This generator, unlike every other generator doesn't have an engine which consumes fuel/gas and makes noise. You can contact us on (09053597845)

Won ti ta Nigeria.... them don sell this country sinzu Why wont they approve the request when be say na their pocket the money go still enter Anyways I dey sell plain polo 1300 Hmm.....Follow for Follow back Who are bastards borrowing them seff Our growing national debt is a threat to our national defense and to our domestic priorities, including research and development, education, health care, and investments in our economic growth. From the look of things, the coming generation would have a lot of work to do.. sigh😪

Dats d only tin dey will approve/discuss of Dey didn't see all dis protest against rape and police killing a small girl Useless country with senseless leaders Mtcheeeeewwwww BlackOutTuesday You ppl should be approving everything oo shey gbo 🙄 Small time nah, nah to carry us do loan remain . Mtcheew This country self

Zambia mode uploading to Nigerian CPU... Very soon all National assets will belong to the Chinese. Airports,Seaports, Rail way, NNPC , Police force .. Brace yourselves for the impact of all these loans ... 😧 Borrow and embezzle. Nigeria go pay. The senate are criminals too, for allowing a president to loan cash for his own private use. They all are shameless. Shame to Nigeria govt

They should just fucking sign off to sell Nigeria, since every bill brought to them is been approved. What a system l. This borrowing is getting too much........... Let follow each other, hit follow button now while I follow back Buhari set to cash out He’s primary assignment is only to take loans. Gbese untop gbese.

All of una nor get sense Who is surprised? Two deadly viruses are killing Nigerians: Covid-19 and the Politicians. Av been telling third government to give me my own share of the 2020 budget cos I don't need their infrastructure, I will do it myself. They av scam me enof. This is crazy. Foolish government 😡

Kill us olready These pple are cashing out like mmm mavro oo, Kai. So it's another cash out for them. Matter don settle .... Buhari don sell nigeria in advance etz_Stephen again? These ones just approve anything Baba says..... mtscheewwwwwwww 🙆 My fellow Nigerians,get ready to be taxed for having red blood cells. Let us first see who will borrow them the money.

When we they auction Nigeria? These are your number one Rapists !!!! Before won't you approve money that you will get your own cut.... Who dey decieve who? More gbese I think MBuhari should just sell Nigeria and share the money let's buy another citizenship.. Something is definitely wrong with Presidency, there is something going on in this country... All the people that has their signature in this loan should not and never run away after 2023 😒

All these politicians know very well that Nigeria may not last long, so they borrow recklessly. What is wrong with these people? 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ Those people don't know anything they daft, dumb and very useless to the Nigeria people,sometimes you will wish the national assembly to collapse with all this agents of SATAN inside,so that 🇳🇬 will be great. Just when you have a clueless president to deal with, then N. A pop up

Countries and financial institutions borrowing MBuhari are accomplices in this mess. NigeriaGov What does he do with the loans? Everymonth a new loan request and it's been granted Uncle_sidney Yahoo yahoo administration 🤣 🤣 Next week another one until the country is sold. General MBuhari what is your plans with this huge amount?

Naija🇳🇬 Unto wetin Na loan naim Nigeria dey talk ooo. clueless Buhari would sell Nigeria. We keep on borrowing money but we have not heard of any cut in governance especially that of the National Assembly. Why not? Since they would all share it together What are all these loans for? Who is supervising d use? Those layabouts at NASS can't be trusted. What are the projects tied to these loans? Buhari has finished this country. How can we borrowing money like people that are on a drunken spree? What is d current debt profile of NG

If I de owe, abeg no vex. Even Nigeria still de collect What exactly is the purpose of these loans when it doesn’t reflect in the life of the average Nigerian. Zero accountability and the fucked up youths here are finding it funny smdh IfePlug spending ti cashout Rubber stamp legislators, l didn't expect anything less from them. Garbage in garbage out.

Continue looting You will face your judgement This country will be sold at last agba yahoo Arrears of the ex corps members should be paid from it please. DrAhmadLawan DrIsaPantami NArrears officialnyscng fkeyamo ZShamsuna Sadiya_farouq GarShehu FemAdesina BashirAhmaad Laurestar let the Arrears be paid please.Youths are suffering 🙏🙏 🙏. SALAKO54549519 🗣️

8.7 trillion Naira for buhari Government, Nigeria can't be able to payback all this Loans buhari have been collecting oo. But the question is what have they been using all this Loan upon loan to do Them don finally sell the country Jokes is on you all. 😭😭 To those this may concern 👇 We will all remember you for putting our generation into huge debt ahead.Thank you for being part of this damage Cc:MBuhari ProfOsinbajo DrAhmadLawan femigbaja NGRSenate HouseNGR SpeakerGbaja OfficialAPCNg OfficialPDPNig

Na them them!! It's remaining to write invoice to the person we have sold Nigeria to Sinzu money 💰 agba 44 - 4 baba 40 Is this wat the people voted for...to borrow!! Approve it for what now All these loans our government is taking, when will they pay it back. God help us🙏 Nigeria is in deep shit Rubber stamp legislators

It is expected, 🔔 🔔🔔 Auction sales... Borrowing away the future of the country....God help us🙏🏾 Continue... 🤣😂🤣 These men just want the sharing to continue. The assembly has been pocketed Future Generations are going to pay debt tire 😂 We're plugging deeper and deeper in debt. How long are we to continue like this?

Jeez 🤦‍♂️ Rubber stampers? Him no dey collect small children loan .... Again Maddoooo Nigerians really need to recall their members esp those in the pension club. A moment of silence for my people🤦‍♂️ Rubber stamp..... another day , another senseless debt to be paid by hard working Nigerians who will not see the utilisation of /his fund for any good us.

Something in there for them. Chop i chop There was a country O God save Nigerians Stupid county, stupid government, they crippled the voice of the people already What the f*** even after all the recoverd abacha loot ? Fcuk what ? FG is collecting another, chei Baba🤔 Why, what's this money for and who advised him to borrow? MBuhari BashirAhmaad NigeriaGov NGRPresident

How come this man never dey forbes list One day Nigerians will wake up to see that their country has been shared according to the debt owned The best decision you will ever make in your life right now is to find any means and leave Naija period. E get why The way these clowns approve all these loan requests.. E b like them get 10% on all withdrawals lol 😂...

Smh. Cash out in a bit 😂💔 Who expected less, well, it's a 'rubber-stamp' legislature So finally this loan passed without the inclusion of the SE. It is well!! my country is in a wrong hand...God help us in this country. NGRSenate you people are trying ooh, that’s why we voted u people to be approving loans without asking questions and how the previous loans were use..ona try well done

When Buhari want to collect loan that's when our Senate always seat.. Sinzu won cash out soon But wait o What exactly is he doing with these huge amount of money? Ooh Lord 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ Wire Wire 👀 Buhari will wreck this country soon They’ll eventually milk this country dry 😂 Loan, loan, loan, loan... who will pay back all this monies? 😕

Awon weyrey This what those potbelly legislators were elected to do... To ruin Nigeria through Cluelessness. Na curse this zoo called Nigeria? 9 trillion These fools and morons are here approving loans and subjecting this country into more debt instead of looking for stiffer punishment for rape,and police brutality.Hisses.

Ashake__ E no go reach us still... Sad💔 We will wait to see the FOOLS who will lend Nigerian Government money at this time. But instead of borrowing why not sell this country and share the money to everyone. Why should the most populous black nation be depending on oil alone as a source of income. Yahoo government !!! Sinzu money !!! Another cash out !!! Over 2.5... 👎🏼👎🏼

Make bubu borrow d one wey even the fifth generation no fit pay. Nonsense He will never rest till he and his gang eat his great great grand children future and go for them to pay .. When they know their going 2 share it between themselves The money recovered from Abacha loot has been swallowed This country on its own is like it's been stolen

Those pussies approves everything🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬...they are scared of everything more reason they allowed saraki and dogara leave at all cost.....wtf are you borrowing for Like WTF!!!!!!!!! Yunkiss2 The legislative arm are not even helping matters Let them sell this country already Not surprised. It will soon finish and he’ll come over again

Another cash out coming thraaaa! I still wonder who will pay off all the billions.. Abacha is already tired ooo StopRapingWomen Cashout!!!!!!!!.... Elastic rubber Buhari is a total disaster and those who enable him are bunch of moronic creatures. We are finished.... It will never be well with this govt Anyone fit do me subscription here 🙏

I pray God saves us. Baba won cash out again Awon werey government... But wait o What has been going on with the Abacha's recoveries It can't be well with Nigeria as a nation o Forget it ..just pray for urself as an individual Wow 😯 Wt r this pple doing with all this money Nigeria Government: Mallam Sinzu will soon get another alert. Mumu_mmadu boohari is the most corrupt person in Nigeria! He loots by proxy( using his foolani kinsmen to loot Nigeria's treasury)....boohari is a born thief. Tufiakwa!!!

I guess this lawmakers don't know the reason why they sit there,what are this funds used for,what benefit has this funds helped in improving every sector of the Economy nassnigeria is the money spent accountable? If you come across this tweet Like I will follow but please, follow back D loan is to balance up d budget deficit peeps Price of crude oil crashed our major source of income How do we balance up the trillions of naira we need It through borrowing Dat borrowing is necessary dats y it didn't take long B4 approval

Again make him kuku sell the country no need of loan abeg Ah.... Eh.... Na everything dem dey approve Chai, Nigeria my country Which way? dondekojo These people are just trying to bury Nigeria Spending May God not let baba bubu to use our creator as collateral This man will ruin this country. Loan upon loan. Who will pay back the loans? Meaningless borrowing.

Loan.... 💔 Shizu funds 🤣🤣🤣 Chia dondekojo Not surprised FOLLOW ME ⊂_ヽ \\ AND \( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ⌒ヽ / へ\ / / \\ I レ ノ ヽ_つ / / / /| ( (ヽ | |、\AND I FOLLOW | 丿 \ ⌒) | | ) / ノ ) Lノ YOU ASAP (_/ koni da fun yin se SPENDING!!! 😂😂😂 They are not telling us what they are using this money they borrow for Before nko. Why una no go approve.

Buhari will soon loan extra life one day Nigeria will become a collateral, the loan approval's are too much. amklinz Kai, all we hear is borrow and approved without seeing any project been executed. The country go paralyze before Buhari comot. Na their work na... Sinzu cashing out U Ppl are mad Anyi consensus kenan... My senators, My people 🤗 tuwale SIRs 🙌

🙆🏿 Now I know is not Buhari selling the country, the Reps! SOMEONE MIGHT NEED THIS Don't just use all your precious time on social media. You can learn some skills for free and make money with your Android phone. Click this link to join 👇👇👇👇👇 Awon ole Ok oh .. congrat🙌 Awon werey Sinzu money strikes again

BREAKING: Reps kill motion to suspend implementation of 7.5% VATThe House of Representatives has rejected a motion seeking to suspend implementation of the 7.5% Value Added Tax(VAT) Act in the interest of Nigerians... They are the same with their President

BREAKING: Reps approves new MTEF, orders abolition of excess crude accountThe House of Representatives has approved the review of the parameters for the 2020\/2022 Medium Term Expenditure Framework and Fiscal Strategy Paper. The House differed with the recommendation of the executive on the oil benchmark of $25 per barrel by increasing it to $28 per barrel. The other recommendation is the scrapping of the excess

Reps urge AFDB Board to stop further harassment of Dr AdesinaThe House of Representatives has urged the Board of African Development Bank (AfDB) to halt further harassment of the bank’s President,..

Adesina: Disregard call for fresh probe, Reps tell AfDB boardI love this! US should come out openly, not this their politics. If I were to be MBuhari I would've worked with NOIweala & akin_adesina these people are technocrat and a good driver in GEJonathan adminstration. Nigerians misses these duo. Amerikkk leave our man Adesina alone.

Boko Haram: Reps want recruitment of additional 100,000 soldiersThe House of Representatives is calling on military authorities to recruit additional 100,000 soldiers to make up for the shortfall in... Just to go and die in the hands of foolish set of people who don't know what they want... So them go sacrifice nau, as human being na suya.. Blood don de hungry dem

Reps decry neglect of oil communities|p style= This is no news Is it not thunder from above that will strike them. We suffer fire outbreaks on our farm lands thereby destroying our farm produces, whereas the largest percentage of the money from this oil is embezzled in Northern Nigeria. hmmm...Reps are waking up but still slumbering though