BREAKING: 'Repentant' Boko Haram members arrive Maiduguri from Niger - Premium Times Nigeria

BREAKING: ‘Repentant’ Boko Haram members arrive Maiduguri from Niger


BREAKING: ‘Repentant’ Boko Haram members arrive Maiduguri from Niger

Twenty five ex-Boko Haram members laid down arms and surrendered to the Nigerien government.

Abdulkareem Haruna Related News Former Boko Haram members and their wives who recently surrendered to troops in Niger Republic have arrived Maiduguri, the Borno state capital. The former terrorists arrived at Maiduguri airport in a military aircraft in the company of soldiers led by Bamidele Shafa, a major general who is the coordinator of the Federal Government Safe Corridor programme. Mr Shafa said, “We have just delivered 25 persons, comprising men, women, and children,” he said. He said the ex-Boko Haram members laid down arms and surrendered to the Nigerien government, who contacted the Nigerian government to take them home. “So we have brought them home safely and handed them to the Borno State government for onward rehabilitation as part of the Operation Safe Corridor de-radicalization programme,” he said. “We are using this opportunity to encourage those that are still in the bush come out because the president of the Federal Republic has given them an open arm to drop their weapons and embrace peace.” The Borno State Commissioner of Women Affairs who received returnees said the state government “will provide them with psychosocial support, feed them, clothe them, and give some form of education and skills acquisition.” She said a centre had been equipped by the Borno governor, Babagana Zulum, with skills acquisition tools that will enable them to gain skills “before they are reunited with their families.” More details later… Read more: Premium Times

Mouth floor like runingwater from the rock It will end in tears. Sometimes I can't help but to think how do you get to know the whereabouts of these people this much? If so we have this intelligence why can't we use it to Track and End then?.. But rather the government is proposing a federal welfare for then killing it citizens. Hmmmm💔💔💔

And now they've awarded a N30B contract to create roads from Kano and Jigawa to the same Niger; God is still on the throne Same old story, season 6 of the bokoharam seasons movie Nothing Adele no go see for the other side And what is FG doing about their counterparts living in IDP camps who were forced to leave their ancestral places of abode?

These guys are not Nigerian, and Buhari has refused to deal with them. He just keep bringing them in to “rehabilitate” them with our hard earned money. I hope this is a ploy to get more of them to surrender and then PROSECUTE or BURN THEM ALL!!! The real boko haram can never allow their repented members to live freely. I don't know where these repentances are coming from.

What type of nonsense is this?

Why I sponsored bill to establish agency for 'repentant' Boko Haram members - SenatorThe sponsor of the bill that seeks to establish an agency for the rehabilitation of repentant Boko Haram members, Ibrahim Gaidam, has explained why he introduced the bill in the Senate. Yhu should be arrested have no 'why' All I read was rubbish..bias country .lets do same for the criminals in prisons “Repentant criminals A replica of Niger delta but his sense didn't tell him that we are dealing with Terrorist here. Politics of envy and greediness.

SMH The gods must really be crazy... awokoyaola so i should join the army after this nonsense Nigeria agrees to even take the 'repentant' BH guys from Niger? ah o pari o! Agenda loading. repented Boko Haram.... Who is a killer.. Hmm may God help us I don't know whether to laugh or cry. The harm Buhari's govt is doing will require 30-40 years to reverse and he's not even half way into term 2

This is happening and PDP so-called opposition can't talk Everything about this is just wrong . WRONG! They come to collect their salaries

Boko Haram is frustrated – Buhari'All the latest news (Politics, entertainment, sports, funny videos, Internationa news and politics) FFAWeek Nigga WE are frustrateder! Nigerians are frustrated by your lies and gross incompetence MBuhari !

What nonsense is this.. Upon this corona problem u are still bringing in terrorists who might even b infected.. Our airports are very free to roam about no checking... God please blow d universal trumpet Omg so nigeria is their dumping ground? Hidden agenda ooooo Choi How do we know they are Nigerians and not foreigners? This looks like a subtly way of letting these jihadists from neighbouring nations into the country. Who coordinated their arrest and interrogation to verify they are 'repentant'? This is disheartening!!!!

They will rock Maiduguri like fire works Say God forbid and see if it’s will ever get better by prayers alone! Faith without work! The Biafrans were right afterall. So sad. Imagine how those their loved ones have been killed like the late Pastor Andimi, UNIMAID student and others will be feeling now? I remember 2015 promise of PMB and Apc. We shall overcome!

Fantabulous, government is doing well. Ooin This country is warped. They hang petty thieves and release terrorists that kill thousands.this is crazy Kini colour problem wa in this country gan gan sef😭😭😭

Humanitarian ministry joins fast, prayers against Boko Haram – Daily TrustThe Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Sadiya Farouq, on Monday urged staff of the ministry to offer special prayers to God against Boko Haram insurgency in solidarity with the government and people of Borno state. May Allah swt accept our ibadat The most shitty news ever! Africans, always believing that prayers will solve everything. Faith without works is dead! Security should be beefed up. Mercenaries should be employed. Madam minister has set the ball rolling,the ministry is gaining momentum.your attention to IDPs on the Plateau Ma.

Kini colour problem wa gan gan sef😭😭😭 So unfortunate this is really happening W T F Nothing Musa no go read for 9ja news.... These men are going on tour now... Buratai should recruit them to fight dia ' colleagues' in sambisa. This country is s joke. Lord why this kind of president ☹️ Let them be useful in Niger now. Haba!

Buhari scam govt.

Boko Haram: Borno residents hold day of fasting for peaceGovernor Babagana Zulum declared the one-day fasting on Friday. Make una continue to fast o, it will stop Boko Haram

Okay ooo FeralJack_ Weird flex Hahahahahahaha. Another chapter of madness and settlements begins...More soldiers and civilians are going to be killed in a bit.I dare ask,do they ever retrieve any information from these refurbished BH killers and If the answer is YES,where is shekau,Leah sharibu and other SCAM

CNN BBCBreaking Imamofpeace __yellows Uhmm What's happening here? It is better to import rice! Is this our president's version of GEJ's amnesty? Ehhhhh oluwaa 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️ Sell that country! By the time this govt is done with Nigeria ehnnnnnnn

Before We Grant Amnesty To Boko Haram, By ‘Fisayo Soyombo - Premium Times OpinionIt’s bewildering to see that the government indeed thinks captured Boko Haram members have any choice other than repentance. Which amnesty? They should be killed and burnt to ashes

Buhari's regime now importing Boko haram terrorists from Niger into Nigeria. Close rice border, open terror border? APC government has no shame. NGRSenate y'all should stop the Visa at the point of entry policy ASAP. If you don't, millions of foreigners (nonentities and terrorists) would become Nigerian citizens and the country would be doomed!

This Fulanization of Nigeria agenda is becoming apparent Repentant Boko Haram 'from Niger' arrived Nigeria, for what? Why are they coming to Nigeria? Why is the Nigerian government's romance all about? I'm not understanding This is giving back to the society what it deserves Evans the repentant kidnapper should be allowed to go and contest for Anambra guber election. With his boys, Anambra will be a safe haven security wise. Ighotago! That is how we roll in my country 😎

All this are just steps in preparation for something only the northern elites know about. They've infiltrated the military and police, they are everywhere. Sooner or later, whether you are a Buharist or not, you'll have to pick a place. A war is coming. The Nigeria of 2020. He is on cause, but God pass am

How Boko Haram threw child into burning vehicle – MarwaAnd when such an animal is arrested. Our government will pardon, 'deradicalize' and reintegrate them into the society. Shame of a nation These same Boko Haram murderers are both hated outside & loved inside. You may not understand. Some day, they'll be emirs & kingmakers in the North. Yeah but someone wants to creat an agency that will make sure that human being enjoys his retirement after working with Boko haram

Someone wants a Niger-Delta situation in the Northeast by all means. Oil money won't last forever though. My heart is boiling aswearugad. 😡 What will the rest of the world think of Nigeria? How are we supposed to be in the same country with these specie of Northern Leaders? How can the leadership of a Multi-Religious, Multi-Ethnic country like Nigeria be in the hands of Terrorists?

Hahahshaha!!!!! You will compose this music and you must do the dance as well.Very soon you will have a mass qoir!! Repentant until they carryout the most heinous act ever Take the illegal gun from him, give it back with rights to own, do and undo with it while paying him with tax payers money... urdoingwellsir thank you

How i wish Osama Binladin also repented... jibolaowo na wa what is going on Recruit and Train them to fight their own people, no more freebies. Disgraceful The only boko haram fighter I want to see is the dead on

You are welcome brothers. Why Maiduguri? Don't they know Senator Geidam's house? What does repentant terrorists mean? Then, they should go and covert their brothers. But what actually makes them repentant? Dear Nigerian soldiers, for the sake of your fallen comrades, their families and other victims, henceforth, kindly hand over these cretins to Chad for appropriate action. Thank you.

People that should be bombed Why won't America and other sensible Nations issue visa ban again Nigeria. This country is a sick joke 😪 This govt is a complete hoax Another set again, hw do u stop terrorists then when de government is busy releasing terrorist batch by batch, this government is evil, heartless, barbaric & dangerous to be associated with. Buhari is nt fighting any insurgency he should stop wasting d country resources on arms

We now import them too 😂 For long I new that these northern leaders have an hidden agenda The Obama boys😁 MBuhari is this the change you promised us? Wasting resources on this wicked souls. God is watching and will reward you deservedly Damn this thing is actually a thing?No matter what the higher ups reasons for these are, it’s still not right. It’s not just right. Because not only would it not bring an end to BH, it’ll make all efforts of those who gave their lives to curbing this menace,vain.

Blood4Blood kawai Repentant and none of them can tell us the location of their leader and how they are being funded Next step: Government to open up rehabilation centres for repentant Boko Haram in Edo, Osogbo and Ebonyi We all know what happens next HOAction 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️

Buhari's Agenda is becoming glaring day by day. Hmm! There's fire on the Mountain, everybody is watching, no one is talking.

Let's split already.. USA should ban Nigerians totally But Lord why?😢😢🌚 Why did you give us this fish brain as President. Tell me Buhari and co don't have hands in book haram, I'm hearing you! Lovely. Continue This situation is getting unpleasant by the day. Oh they can repent now when there is possible monetary remittance. They can as divulge necessary information how to nab the gang leader and defuse the group. If truly they are repentant members of the bandit group 'Boko Haram'

What criteria was used to measure the level of repentance after committing sacrilages of the highest order? 😡 Only an Igbo man will handle boko haram. You send a brother to kill a brother Buhari is importing Bokoharam. Where is elrufai ? Under GEJ he was screaming. Why so quite now

Welcome to a five star treatment Buhari and conspiracy. This country is compromised. We need split. The commuters should just do the killings themselves... So Nigeria is the haven for all 'repentant' continental terrorists? Thought they were invading foreigners from Libya etc Ajatz02 Something about this doesn't seem fair! So these murderers will get rehabilitation after all the atrocities that they committed? How will their victims and their victim's families feel?

As we are deradicalizing them, we need to have adequate monitoring of their dealings. BadManIsABadMan I weep for this country On seeing them I will open fire on then, If I'm a Nigeria soldier serving in Borno JinaduMoshood See how quickly they acted towards bringing back our brothers just to save them from being executed like in d case of Chad? Twitter Generals we're doing well OOIIN.

MalachyOdo1 They should kukuma buy houses for them in banana island Who actually repented? This is a big business. Jesus weep! What's all these rubbish I'm seeing like dis 🤦‍♂️ Shekau for president. SAI SHEKAU 🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿 What is this nonsense? Jesus Christ! We must fight against this. The way this Buhari government is pampering Boko Haram and Fulani Herdsmen is and eyesore. Easy for him to declare IPOB a terrorist organization and clamp down on IMN. This govt is diabolical.

I'm not understanding!!!! Arrive Maiduguri from Niger Republic (Not Niger state) E go shock Una say na Strategy Till They land in Maiduguri and join their own .. This people should be in jail Them suppose tag this guys with something dey don't just roam freely

🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️....A confused country in disarray.... Lol...God! Crucify them, hang them, murder them, finish them The said rehabilitation is a scam ooooo Dogs will always be dogs Pigs will always be pigs Men will always be men Boko Haram's will always be Boko Haram's Immediately they are captured, they are already repentant set to be freed

hysho_gbeminiyi These one are repentant Another sad day for Nigeria 🇳🇬 jidealexoni Just yesterday, it was reported on TV that a Soldier opened fire against his colleagues, killed four, and killed himself. That's Boko Haram in action. They're prepared for collateral damage once fully integrated. They're alright with senseless killings. They can't repent.

Let all the soldiers from the South leave the fight against Boko Haram, Bandits and herdsmen men. Because the way Rulers from the North are going, this War will Never End. Mai malari Barack is already filled with Graves and the killers are being rehabilitated. Stupid government. 😳😳😳 This is madness! Nigeria is opening her border to terrorists!

UK citizens that fled and joined ISIS were barred from returning back to UK. Some had their citizenship revoked already.They are all in Syrian camp along Turkish border. But this is Nigeria under Buhari airlifting murderous terrorists back to Nigerian soil in the name of amnesty. emmaikumeh uche_egbunonu

Let's welcome Buhari's boys🚶 Someone should shoot them o We cannot divide Nigeria again. We all must die here. Rubbish I hope he goes back to what he's doing Since we all don’t want to have sense in this country. BH is classified into- Sponsors, Field Commanders, Hardline Fighters & the Conscripts such as the ChibokGirls BuniYadiBoys DapchiGirls. If you are REHABILITATING Conscripts, it is understood but Sponsors, Commanders & Hardline Fighters, it's a NO NO. Let's see where this leads

Divide this country now o, Buhari and his people up there have an agenda. By the time they are through, Afghanistan will be better then this place,

From Niger? Another country? Oh my goodness, Other countries are driving them away but Buhari and his rogue terrorist enabling govt are importing them into Nigeria. Nigerian most important citizens under PMB administration. If u want to be recognized and given the presidential treatment. Join the insurgents, kill innocent people and say 'I repent'.

Ok na! Will our children look us in the eyes and call us fools for staying or brave for demanding a separation? Only time will tell. I can't imagine what's going on here, I just dont understand this, seriously. Mtewww Ok So, what will the 'repentant' boko haram's be doing now that buhari has brought them back from holiday? '(teaching the locals how to swallow a bomb)' ? By the time this killer's start making in road's into the south.. enh ! The sleep will clear from our eyes. conspiracy

Let the entire world ban Nigerians from visiting their country and our political elites children should be deported anywhere they are then we will begin to think at the same pace. What kinda madness is this?

For all the people planning to put their heads down until 2023 to vote - meet your new co-voters. Even if your votes counted, their underage children will vote, while yours hope you make it home to them. Keep waiting for 2023. Hmmmmmm This isn't getting funny any longer. What's repentant BokoHaram? AmotekunSw Boko haram is part of scam Nigeria is still living in, I knew the north east elite wanted it. That's why a former general also cannot reduce the fight against this insurgency. ' OTA Ile' is involved. GOD WILL EXPOSE AND JUDGE THEM!!

Hmmm...there is no devil anywhere. He also repented Please can we split this country already. Can those that want to pardon Boko haram members go live with them. I’m so upset, what is going on Nigeria!!! Are you kidney me 😥😥 AmotekunSw These bastards are meant for life in prison. But here with their Master, they are living large while their victims are groaning in pains.

Amotekun oooo 😭 Yet MBuhari is surprised that THE BUSINESS still exists

Arrive location 😂 how will the families they have hurt see them.... God help us So we are shipping them in now!! They even fly them to the country 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ Let all states be at alert, very soon they will start moving them in large numbers to southern Nigeria with the argument that all Nigerians have right to live anywhere.

I have so much to say about this but let me keep it to myself because I am choking in emotion of anger and pain. 💔💔💔💔💔 Iru ilu wo leyi 🙆‍♂️ Can someone get me out of here please! Bastards!!!!!!!! GMB product. I hope this will boost our GDP. Since this is the only new product this govt can think of producing

How monitored them in Niger to co firm they are now repentant bokoharam? This network of bringing foreigners to integrate them into the Nigerian society is absurd

Lol hahahaha premium times ma pa mi na Why are people surprised thats what Nigerians voted for. This country is a joke To resume their usual killing business They have come to receive their settlement allowance for a good job done for their principal, Buhari. What a cowntry The president should go and welcome his boys

Rubbish and nonsense, what is the difference between a murderer that is sentenced to life in jail and boko haram that has being wasting souls for the past decade? Turning the already polarized state into HEADQUATER for Terrorists I'll continue to sat it there's nothing like repentant Boko Haram! The word 'repentant' is a ploy to laundered public money and channel more money to the North East.

The height of corruption and evil in Nigeria. Did the govt announce amnesty to them? Pls put bullets on their heads. They are not needed again.

Another batch of the mercenaries have arrived I sorry for Nigeria, I sorry, sorry oooooooooo Femi Kuti once sang..... This is now pure business. Soon former Boko Haram members will start protesting non payment of their allowances. Naija we hail thee Things never seems to amaze us again in this country I like how you put repentant in inverted commas

Nigeria my country

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