BREAKING: Peter Obi dumps PDP - Punch Newspapers

5/25/2022 8:05:00 PM

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Peter Obi

BREAKING: Peter Obi dumps PDP - Punch Newspapers

The most widely read newspaper in Nigeria

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I don't really know when igbos be will be wise I just love this your move we need a new party different from Heists APC and PDP. Sir your image is bigger than PDP. Its good as you pull out. With all these PDP has again lost the election and APC is happy. He saw it coming. I warned, abi no bi so? God bless Nigeria.

I like the fact they are using the word dumb.. Lolz PDP is a useless party and very useless opposition, before they can smell the presidency, it will be around Twenty Forty Something 🤔🙆😜🤪😂 The thought by each politician to be bigger than a party is the bane of Nigerian politics; either what they want or they 'dump' the party, only to do same next bus-stop. No ideology goes by that. Perpetually moving house doesn't make one house owner.

Winner never quit when you realize you're more PDP-like than most PDPians... while being a raging APCian ...the fight for Nigeria's growth and development is possible and we must get it right this dulling ! O pari.The end

BREAKING: Peter Obi pulls out of PDP Presidential race, dumps partyBREAKING: Peter Obi , former governor of Anambra State and running mate to the Presidential Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the 2019 election, has withdrawn from the presidential race. PDP can never change, it is an unjust political party. Nigeria deserves a better opposition party but as it stands no party can fits in. Did he withdraw or he joined another political party?! What kind of nonsense is this?

Damn PDP... Anywhere Obi goes we go... The writing was on the wall. The PDP candidate will be between big spenders Atiku and Wike. Same cabal like APC. Millions of Nigerians have realised how powerful, relevant & useful the Presidential Aspiration of PeterObi has become in Nigeria Political space & current affairs. Whatever, the future holds for the PeterObi brand, he is officially lunched & he is a topic of nationa discuss.

O Peter one politics na ur mate The game has started, Lack of integrity is part of the game. Polithievecians. We move with peter obi... DNT YOU KNOW DAT IS A BIG WIN FOR PETER OBI IF PDP AND APC CHOOSE A NORTHERNER OR A MUSLIM FRM THE SOUTH AS DIER PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE....THE WHOLE WORLD WILL VOTE FOR P.O IF DAT HAPPENS...🤔

I wish we can see another new party emerge .. Time to get rid of these thieves I need a voters card asap

BREAKING: Peter Obi resigns from PDP | TheCable Peter Obi , former governor of Anambra and presidential hopeful, has resigned his membership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). He disclosed his intention to resign in a letter addressed to Enipe? ISI Gini? Details please

PDP is finished he knows they won't give him the party ticket he is a wise man is going to draw so many crowd out of PDP to the next party is going 😂😂👇🏻👇🏻 I go with him anywhere he go, man of the people carry go Must be that Atiku and PDP told him that VP will be going to Ekweremadu. Every Street had one wicked Baba like this when we were growing up 💔 PeterObi OfficialPDPNig channels_sports SaharaReporters renoomokri people

I know from the onset that the system wouldn't allow him, and that primary of a thing there's no sincerity when it come to the issue of delegate you just need to do the needful, even if you change to other party except u're been nominate. His deserving of the position but democracy is no system of govt for the qualified to rule in Nigeria. Especially when the majority are not enlightened and impoverished. The oligarchs sure know how to play the game. Better to leave with your dignity intact. Nice decision!

I admire Peter obi,but said on this platform that he's not going to get PDP slot ,so he read the handwriting on the wall and decided to throw in the towel ,I wish him success in his future destination One stupid man I no wen he was given the opportunity to run has VP he never dump party ooooooooooo now u have seen that he might not be given ticket he now dump party. It show u have noting to offer.just after his pocket.


BREAKING: Peter Obi Dumps PDP, Quits Presidential RaceA former governor of Anambra State and frontline presidential aspirant of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has resigned his membership of the party and as Peter Obi should rest abeg, he's becoming desperate like them. I wish him best of luck That letter didn't say he quits He said he going to pursue his ambition via other route Quack reporting

As he should The dramatic difference between the politicians is very clear but am with you anyway see now i no fit eat, Peter Obi please tell us ur new party. anywhere u go we go We take back our country from the corrupt inept old gang.... vote PeterObi whichever party he joins Best news Don't join any party Stay out and watch pls

We moveeee✊🏿 OBI is our man and I'm a Yoruba man. Regardless the party you go,I will vote for you come 2023 . You're the best man for the job Just as any political pundit worth his/her salt could have predicted when the PDP started playing games with zoning. That said, the dynamics of the field has changed. Significantly. Expecting one more ‘dump’ from the siamese APC.

Good riddance to OfficialPDPNig bad rubbish. Brave move PO! We're relentless in our quest to see a working Nigeria. We eagerly await your next move!✊ With this, every youth should know that we are not in the future plan of political parties.

Presidential bid: Coalition asks Peter Obi to dump PDP for another party | TheCableA group known as the Coalition for Peter Obi (COP) has asked the former Anambra governor and presidential hopeful to pursue his bid in another political party. OfficialPDPNig PeterObi PDP isn’t gonna give him the ticket What other party will be able to give him the ticket? OfficialPDPNig PeterObi No matter the plans of those evil people, they will never succeed. Amen. OfficialPDPNig PeterObi Ibo are minorities in Nigeria based on Geopolitics. Even if he moves to another political party, his diaspora media team have given him negative points. The IPOB killings of the Northerners will contribute to give him zero votes except the Ibo votes in general election

They should just join hands for us to get our own country, that is the solution and leave theirs for them We will follow PeterObi to any Political party he goes . Seriously 😳 🤔, I think say na fake news, na true?🤥, Nawa ooo Anyway, wishing you every best in your adventure and ambition…. Lol 😂 PeterObi Sir I want to congratulate you for making the right decision, the PDP and APC are the most disorganized and corrupt political party in Africa, I appeal to you, to collaborate with MoghaluKingsley and the ADC this will be a big win for Nigerians. God bless you sir.

So let us see the party apart from PDP can get you just 0.1% of northern Nigeria. I said this guy would never pass PE. This drama no be here.. I just want Okwute on the ballot paper.. Pdp and Apc would be surprised with what hit them come next year general elections Are you interested in studying in the UK, US, Canada, and Australia? Landmark careers ltd offers you the best admission processing into world-class Universities of your choice.

He dumps PDP for? Where is he going/joining so we can know where to land PDP is worst in opposition and so shall it remain. What a Dip

BREAKING: Peter Mbah emerges Enugu PDP guber candidateA lawyer and financial analyst, Mr. Peter Mbah has emerged the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, governorship candidate for the 2023 general election in Congrats Congratulations 👏🎉.

we are voting Good heart future not party PeterObi for president i gave him 48hours to tell us next party. anywhere he goes - i go with him If this is true then it's over for PDP for 2023. e b things So our permutations are right, PDP is rooting for the guys with greenbags? let go on our on PeterObi Peter Obi is President Buhari dark horse.

Why na😭😭 What kind of 'dumps' abeg? 😅 Must you be president ?, why not leave this dirty game for them ..? Useless country ,Mtcheeew!

2023 elections: Peter Obi sends vital message to NigeriansA presidential aspirant, Peter Obi has called on eligible Nigerians to grab their Permanent Voters Card, PVC, before the registration elapses. The former The message should be to the delegate of his party Get your PVC 🙏

He's off to Labour Party... Loud It! Is this playing 😹😹😹 (In King Solomon voice) 🤣😂

All rights reserved.former governor of Anambra State and running mate to the Presidential Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the 2019 election,.Peter Obi, former governor of Anambra and presidential hopeful, has resigned his membership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).well withdrawn from the 2023 presidential race.

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