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Ahmad Zakar, Chris Okonkwo

BREAKING: NLC, TUC suspend nationwide protest fixed for today | Premium Times Nigeria

BREAKING: NLC, TUC suspend nationwide protest fixed for today

9/28/2020 7:07:00 AM

BREAKING: NLC , TUC suspend nationwide protest fixed for today

They suspended the rally after a late night meeting with a federal government team at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

According to him, the technical committee membership is as follows: Chairman: Minister of State Labour & Employment – Festus Keyamo; Minister of State Power – Godwin Jedy-Agba; Chairman, National Electricity Regulatory Commission – James Momoh; SA to Mr President on Infrastructure – Ahmad Zakari; NLC member – Onoho’Omhen Ebhohimhen; NLC member – Joe Ajaero; TUC member – Chris Okonkwo and a representative of electricity distribution companies, DISCOS.

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Mr Ngige said the committee would also look at the different DISCOs and their electricity tariff ‘vis-à-vis NERC order and mandate.’On PetrolMr Ngige said all parties agreed on the need for expanding the local refining capacity of the nation to reduce the overdependence on the importation of petroleum products

“NNPC to expedite the rehabilitation of the nation’s four refineries located in Port Harcourt, Warri and Kaduna and to achieve 50 per cent completion for Port Harcourt by December 2021, while timelines and delivery for Warri and Kaduna will be established by the inclusive Steering Committee,” he said.

ADVERTISEMENTHe said the national leadership of the Nigeria Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG) and Petroleum and Natural Gas Senior Staff Association (PENGASSAN) will be integrated into the Steering Committee already established by the corporation.

“The Federal Government and its agencies to ensure delivery of 1 million CNG/LPG AutoGas conversion kits, storage skids and dispensing units under the Nigeria Gas Expansion Programme by December 2021 to enable the delivery of cheaper transportation and power fuel. A Governance Structure that will include representatives of organized Labour shall be established for timely delivery,” he said.

General interventionHe said the government will facilitate the removal of tax on minimum wage as a way of cushioning the impacts of the policy on the lowest earners.He said the federal government will give the labour unions 133 CNG/LPG-driven mass transit buses immediately and “provide to the major cities across the country on a scale-up basis thereafter to all States and Local Governments before December 2021.”

He said 10 per cent of the ongoing Ministry of Housing and Finance initiative will be allocated to Nigerian workers under the NLC and TUC.“A specific amount to be unveiled by the federal government in two weeks’ time which will be isolated from the Economic Sustainability Programme Intervention Fund and be accessed by Nigerian Workers with subsequent provision for 240,000 under the auspices of NLC and TUC for participation in agricultural ventures through the CBN and the Ministry of Agriculture. The timeline will be fixed at the next meeting,” he said.

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Union speaksSpeaking separately after the meeting, the president of the NLC, Ayuba Wabba, and that of the TUC, Quadri Olaleye, confirmed the content of the communique.Mr Wabba also said the technical committee will work out a lasting solution in addressing the electricity tariff including the issue of metering.

“Other issues are very clear, palliatives that needed to be extended our members and Nigerians that will cushion the effect of these policies. So it is, therefore, the decision of organised labour as represented here to suspend the action and we are going to convey our CWC to present it to them,” he said.

PREMIUM TIMESthreatenedto embark on a nationwide protest on September 28, if the federal government fails to revert the prices of fuel and electricity tariff. Read more: Premium Times »

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LOL Loud but empty how much did you received to do this to Nigerian workers So how much is fuel n electricity tariff now? Sell outs every where. Ogun kill them... They've been bribe Shame on NLC This people are worse than the govt itself. Ifb And after 2 weeks, it continues.., even Discos won't listen to them.., corrupt ppl in exalted positions

SMH The 7pm brown envelopes really worked. This was expected. Why am I not surprised? Next time they call a strike people will just laugh. I have never in my entire life wishes for a national strike in Nigeria like this one, a government meant for the elites only. We know get time for una dream.... Chineke akpoo unu oku

Midnight bank Alert. Cruise! As expected I'm not surprised at all.... Ndi oshi, ndi ala. Onijekuje ni awon labour wa Ah! Nigerians have suffered... It is now clear that we are so on our own. First it was the political leaders that failed, now the labour leaders have been totally compromised. APC, I salute your craftsmanship 🙃

Empty drums. It's a good idea During Jonathan they followed Buhari to protest almost a a week together with him but now he is on power they will keep obeying talking about strikes during Buhari is just another division God bless Nigeria God bless the president for being a man people trust to take big decisions for the goods of the country. May God continue to bless NLC with right leaders who understand the value of a sincere leader and good policies! Subsidy is gone 4ever!

... are the End results... Poor health system & Infrastructures Poor management & Sickling Education, High Mortality rate, High Crime rate & Corruption, Zero to Non- Employment, and Top of it all is... Lack of Vision, this reasons are strong enough NLCStrike They both working for Buhari they will never against his will

Is better to have a reconciliation As a Yoruba person, I will urge the Oduduwa’s Technocrats & Bureaucrats to start working on various plans for the sustainability of our colony, and same thing with the Igbos and the Arewas, us conjoining has been work in progress for over 60years and here ... Covidiots If na GEJ them no get mouth

Normal level...na their way. Seriously, lots and lots of things are wrong in this country..... So the Two silly bodies NLCStrike & TUC can suspend strike? What was their motive initially? Have they realized the purpose of their motions? I bet NO:::: I swear make we scatter dey go... Engr_Series Who cares? They aren't representing us.

How's it a breaking news? Useless as usual. No one takes dem serious anymore As expected. Disappointed but not surprised. Awon OLRBMSFN! I new it was all a joke,the welfare of the people does not concern them. Labour was simply deceived or bought over so as not to foil the government version anniversary celebration of Nigeria at 60. Labour should go and resume their match past rehearsal against Oct. 1. Suffering and smiling people.

Ahaps. Ai dama.. Alert received and case closed, Nigerians you're on your own, we naija pple believe in Allah After giving us hope that they can withstand the heat all NLC and TUC did was to retreat cowardly at the middle of the night. NLC and TUC are not representing the the minds of Nigeria workers,they have not embarked on any strike since Ayuba waba took over.this is the second time fuel price will be increased in their regime

Engr_Series These one's just know how to disrupt plans. Arrant nonsense! Mtcheeeeeew!! I knew right from the onset this so called presumed strike will never happen. Sincerely speaking there's no NLC in Nigeria 🤷🏾‍♀️ After 2 weeks you will come back to the street to protest. Is it not fulani control government🤣😄

Have you seen this so where wil de moni cum 4rm becos even be4 de meetin Silva stil insisted dat Govt does nt hav moni 2 subsidize whatever they hav been subsidizing Is ur agreement implemented be4 calling off de strike Them go soon carry una go court again Na so e go continue until u tire Yeye NLC Alerts received, case closed!!! We moveeeeee!

Compromised union. All of u that voted this govt, it won't be well with you. Una suffer never reach una bones yet Lol, I knew this would happen after the union meets with government. Engr_Series disgrace if a country NLC our fuel comrades, you think it's only fuel that is a problem in this country, so you leave all the police brutality, Mismanagement of Public funds, killings everywhere in the country and deep corruption. I knew by 5am they would have seen alert and suspend the strike. Fools

all they do is back they can never bite regime of hike in prices of goods and services. So it would have been better if Labour never intervened because it will amount to double jeopardy for the masses. This has always been my concern... Prices of goods that went up as a result of the increase in pump price of fuel and electricity tariff, will never come down with the reversal of the tariff. As they said the reversal is momentary, when it's finally done, we'll experience another

NLC is a sellout, alert have entered. Brown envelope unionism. Nigerians you are on your own. Dey don collect egun'je Not suspension we care but their resolution...Are we going back to status quo? All noise, no action. Worst NLC in recent times. Ayubba Wabba is an APC member.

BREAKING: NLC, TUC Suspend Planned StrikeBy Michael Oche Organised labour comprising the Nigeria Labour Congress ( NLC ) and Trade Union Congress ( TUC ) have suspended Monday's nationwide strike Kudos This na lie o Read the story. No labour leader has said it is suspended Stupid

Join nationwide strike, Bayelsa NLC, TUC tell workersThe Bayelsa State chapters of the Nigeria Labour Congress and the Trade Union Congress have directed civil servants

Govs Warn NLC, TUC, Others Against Industrial ActionGovernors of the 36 states of the federation yesterday cautioned the NLC and TUC against their planned industrial action and protest on Monday. In a Imagine

Strike: Reps meet NLC, TUCLeke Baiyewu, AbujaThe House of Representatives has waded into the crisis between the Federal Government and the organised labour over the recent hikes in the pump price of Premium Motor Spirit... ASUU nko ? Why not ASUU🥺🤦🏾‍♂️ NLC, TUC please don't be compronise for the sake of this Nation

Strike: We’ll enforce the law, police warn NLC, TUCLol who na go too arrest tire Is the strike illegal? What law are you enforcing? Less than 36hours.

NANS mobilises for NLC, TUC nationwide protest - The Nation NigeriaThe National Asociation of Nigerian Students (NANS) has declared it will join the nationwide strike and protest by the Nigeria Labour Its needed, I. Joining too, I wish more Nigerians can as well join, everything is really on a high side now 👍 👍 👍 better