BREAKING: Nigerian Government Calls New York Policemen On Anti-Buhari Protesters | Sahara Reporters

BREAKING: Nigerian Government Calls New York Policemen On Anti-Buhari Protesters | Sahara Reporters

9/25/2021 6:08:00 PM

BREAKING: Nigerian Government Calls New York Policemen On Anti-Buhari Protesters | Sahara Reporters

It was learnt that Nigerian security agents and members of staff at the Consulate confronted the protesters, almost resulting in a brawl.

Sep 25, 2021Personnel of the New York Police Department were deployed at the Nigerian House, Kudirat Abiola Corner, Manhattan, on Friday evening after members of the Yoruba Nation and the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra protested against the President Muhammadu Buhari administration.

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A report by Tribune stated that the protesters shouted on anyone perceived to be a government official, giving the detachment of law enforcement officers a hard time to keep the crowd in check.SaharaReporters MediaThey were said to have hounded the Foreign Affairs Minister, Geoffrey Onyeama, one of his predecessors in office, Babagana Kingibe, and the Director-General of the National Intelligence Agency (NIA), Ahmed Abubakar, from leaving the premises.

The protesters were initially calm as they protested alongside pro-Buhari protesters on the opposite side of the road for most of the time.The protesters accused those at the government building of being aiders and abetters of Fulani herdsmen who they accused of killing members of other tribes in the country.

However, the police quickly arrived and created a wooden cordon around the entrance of the building.They thereafter prevailed on the protesters to maintain their distance behind the cordon as they continued to express their anger at the state of the nation.

They carried banners with various inscriptions including: “Break up Nigeria to save lives, Buhari is a life patron of Fulani terrorists, Fulani pose an existential threat to indigenous sub-Saharan Africans”, “Fulani are terrorists, Free Sowore, drop all charges against him”, “Stop giving loans to the Nigerian government, End Fulani terrorism in Nigeria.”

SaharaReporters had earlier reported that two Nigerian groups with conflicting ideologies confronted each other in New York over the President's visit.The groups had converged at the Nigerian House on 42nd Street, 2nd Avenue, airing opposing views about the issues of insecurity in Nigeria and its unity.

The One Nigeria group members carried placards on which were written, “Stronger together”, “Unity in diversity”, “Genocide in Eastern Nigeria plain propaganda”, “Nigerians want national unity, not secession”, “Nigerian Christians not targets of genocide or ethnic cleansing”.

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They were, however, opposed by some anti-Buhari protesters who had been organising protests for days calling for a referendum to determine the fate of the country. Read more: Sahara Reporters »

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That's serious madness, if you don't want protesters and you're doing well, just resign. The office isn't your demostic place for a residing for God sake. Nonsense So it has gotten to this level... Hiring fake people to claim they are Nigerians.... Shame on Nigeria government. Gb78p Asiritu 😂😂😂 That is Nigeria for you.

Calling New York Policemen to do what?! To assault or kill protesters? Do they think Nigeria is the US? If they like try to bribe the New York police, it will fall flat. Buhari is a touch of incompetence and nepotism, running Nigeria to the ground. What will NYPD do for such contraption rejected by her citizen.. NGRPresident JohnCampbellcfr IpobosisiomaLga

I think the US Military and Nato need to take Nigerean Government out of power and start helping the Nigerean people its about time someone comes to the Nigerean peoples Aid... Fuck Nigerean Government When a government is routinely using corrupted police to fight opposition at home, calling police on an abroad trip is only natural.

ipob_family Those guys suppose to go to jail, non of them is from Nigeria or even base in Nigeria so how can they done such an evil thing to Nigerians? Because of ordinary $50 per hour or ther about? Is high time we stop all the evil that is going on in Nigeria now

Pro, anti-Buhari protesters clash in New York [VIDEO]Some protesters on Friday clashed in New York while President Muhammadu Buhari addressed the United Nations General Assembly, UNGA. The clash was between These pro-Buhari protesters are cursed and irredeemable

Someone should enlighten Nigeria government that NY police operate democracy to the letter. There's rules of law here and freedom of speech. They are not corrupt to go behind and bribes. No peace for the wicked 🥲 Do anyhow, see anyhow.hmm Nigeria politicians think say new York be Abuja or Lekki tool boot. ...time will tell soon the strategy to get them out of power is very glare and blinking ...Green light for the next mass rally all over Nigeria. ...soon...

He has not seen any thing yet No Fulani in yankie , Wahala They thought U.S is Nigeria where police can arrest & jail peaceful protesters shameless fools parading as leaders go back to the zoo Nigeria where you come from New York is for civilized and reasonable people not for you Nigerian leaders you all are failures.

Okotorigba! To do what na? Vexation of the spirit! Oyibo no be Naija. And what happened? They thought they were in Nig where they can send Army or police to shoot Protesters? They came and created a hoddle to make the keep a distance knowing its their right to protest. They didn't stop them. Fulani people no dey NYP.

Federal Legislators Ask Buhari Government To Secure Release Of Nigerians Illegally Detained Abroad | Sahara ReportersThe House asked the federal government to facilitate the release of those who are illegally detained abroad. Many Nigerians Are in Ghana, Benin, Burkina Faso, India, Kenya, South Africa Prison, Both The Men, Women And Young Girls, We don't know What They Are Going Through HouseNGR NOIweala AmnestyNigeria NGLawyers FMoCDENigeria Ecowas_cdc

The so-called colonial masters are behind what is happening in Africa. Until Africans realize that, there will be no development in Africa. Break Nigeria and save lives As we have no peace Nigeria. Our God will not give them peace until they leave this planet Buhari was in the east not too long ago, and you guy could not do anything. Ipob only know how to intimidate the powerless in their eastern region.

They think New York is Nigeria ba 🤣🤣🤣🤣 The terrorist forgot that he is in another man's land where human rights are protected and not abused forcefully. He will never know peace until he conducts referendum. New York is not Abuja or Lagos Bubu will never have no peace as long as he’s killing innocent in people in Nigeria

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Shameless gangs who called themselves leaders, they probably think the NYPD is an extension of the highly corrupt n nearly useless Nigerian police.... SMH

Nigerian Soldier Who Threatened June 12 Protesters Loses Brother To Boko Haram Attack | Sahara ReportersSaharaReporters gathered that Muhammad was sadly among the 25 soldiers killed by some Boko Haram elements in the Monguno area of Borno State on September 15, 2021. The Internet never forgets... RIP to the departed soul Once they are serving in the military, most of them always forget that they are once a civilian and still gat civilian families. Karma is a b*tch He serve am hot hot for him I don't know why Nigerian Military and Police are the most useless and dumb in the world, all they're good at is oppressing civilians and keep licking the ass of Polithiefcians instead of kicking them out by force either via coup.

ayemojubar They now know their pro Buhari protesters are very weak , the problem is indeed bigger than the solution 🏃🏃 October 1st UK rally will definitely hold and we'll tell the whole world again about what's going on in Nigeria including the British government who are pretending not to be in the know of Nigerians suffering, its called awareness for the world to know, Nigerians must be free.

So NigeriaGov continue to disgrace themselves in another man's country? US is not Nigeria 😂😂😂 Omo ita govt 😂😂 Dem don carry their terror acts to USA, nigeria government too de terrorize After the police came what next that happened because we actually want to watch the drama ok. Or hear it well, please just break it down.

NIGERIAN GOVERNMENT HAS NO ATTITUDE LET ALONE ONE TO DISPLAY Dey (NigeriaGov) think sey NYPD na NigeriaPoliceForce? Buhari in pain. World wide humiliation. So APC govt can stoop so low to show herself outside to d outside world They're now telling our stories on our behalf to d world They think New York is Nigeria pls tell them New York is not Nigeria where they lawlessly kill peaceful protesters like what happen in Lekki toll gate

BREAKING: Court Remands Lagos Policeman Who Killed 18-year-old Admission Seeker, Monsurat | Sahara ReportersThe court sitting in Yaba on Friday ordered the remand of Phillips, a dismissed policeman who allegedly killed 18 years old Ojuade who was awaiting admission into a university. He will be free later when the whole thing die down Because the girl is a northerner had it been she's a southerner they would have release him..Sahara why are you people not reporting a police man that rape a student in abia state?

ayemojubar 🤡🤡🤡🤡💩💩💩💩 Buhari's govt took their madness to New York UNGA?.. disgraceful tyrants' Very good! They are irritants. there is a terrorist here Ibnbazo Zoo demons Funny nigeria government, I didnt know whether they think America is like nigeria unlawful government. There is a thing called the right to peacefully assemble and the right to protest as enshrined in the United States constitution, surely that might be strange to the Buhari adminstration known for its blatant disregard for the rule of law, but said sentiment isn't shared there...

America is not Nigeria where they bully, kill and incarcerate protesters for demanding good governance They think New York p0lice are s£nseless just like Nigeria Olokpa. ayemojubar They think they are in a Shithole Nigeria 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 No peace for the wicked

Buhari Government Issues Security Alert Ahead Of Nigeria’s 61st Independence Anniversary | Sahara ReportersThe Minister advised residents of the Federal Capital Territory and its environs not to panic. Failed country Who even wan attend the shit? 😃😃😃 I think this bandits should test FGN security strength Eaglesquare i hope they can think about it

This is them bringing the widely felt discontent in the country to wider international attention, which is the object of the protests in the first place. I'm quite sure Body dey pepper Buhari to bring Daura Senseless Service DSS officials & Buhari zombie soldiers to rain live bullets on those annoying protesters😂😂😂😂😂

Police can’t do any how. This isn’t Nigeria. These ones are hired criminals and thugs, they should be treated as one That's no breaking news. I know how embarrassing our government can be. The question is: Did they respond? If yes, that'll breaking . They think the Police over there don't think before they act.... Useless Cow called Buhari

🤣🤣🤣they think that NYPD are terrorists in uniform like theirs... mad people everywhere! Must Nigeria government display their autocratic attitude everywhere. ENDNIGERIANOW. They will learn that the NY police will not shoot them but probably ask them to disperse. If it is them they'll order them to kill the protesters. KeepitOn

N20billion Judgement: Igboho’s Lawyer Reacts To Plan By Buhari Government To File Fresh Charges | Sahara ReportersMalami had said the Nigerian government may file fresh charges against Igboho after his recent victory in an Ibadan High Court. Let the Fulani govt pay the 20b first before filing any useless charge. 20 billion after the Africa diaspora sponsored ethnic extremist leaders orchestrated the beheading of people in the south west and tag it herdsmen to win followers to their cause and everything has stopped after his capture confirming they were responsible

They know the law and we never do anything stupid