Otedola Bridge

Otedola Bridge

BREAKING: Many injured in tanker accident on Otedola bridge

5/21/2020 12:40:00 PM

BREAKING: Many injured in tanker accident on Otedola bridge

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Y always otedola bridge? The bridge needs to be raised to equilibrium with the hills It’ll be better for followlasg to look for another route that tankers needs to take. Everytime tankers and otedola bridge are 5&6. Again? Otedola Bridge needs prayers... That bridge is a curse I think its high time to put bumps on that bridge to reduce high speed.

What's the problem, Otedola bridge and tanker mishaps? Becoming too common this days. 'Otedola bridge' Sounds familiar. Una sure say dem no bury live cow for the foundation of that bridge? One death, too many! A random story A river in a village caused so many to drown as they tried to cross to the other side. Some villagers started worshipping it while some avoided it. A lad from another village built a bridge across then the death rate reduced.

this 🌉 bridge matter tired me self.. Like witches dey leave within d bridge That bridge needs deliverance!! Hmmmm again This bridge and tanker accident is like 5&6 Abeg, make them change the name of that bridge, make it no spoil good name. Death they too much for that road. Can we just change the name of this bridge for good!?

So Sad! Is there some kind of evil forces on that bridge? It wide. Double lane. Nylon tar. What could be causing these deadly accident there everytime? Again 😳... What is it with this Otedola bridge sef? 23rd of this month it will be exactly 7months that bridge took away my colleague and friend with the help of a reckless truck driver.. Who no fear that bridge no fear God

That bridge is cursed. This Otedola bridge 🌉...! This otedola bridge self....'Shey Ejo 🐍o ti lowo ninu bayii' 🙄🙄 Who gave Otedola bridge🤔? RIP to the dead one & Quick recovery to those injured. Sad. What's wrong with this otedola bridge ?... na there the thing dey? realFemiOtedola sir, I feel you should petition that the bridge be renamed, constant association of your name to these occurrences will have a damaging effect sooner or later.


Everytime accident on this bridge🤦🤦 This particular bridge has claimed so many lives in recent years God come and see your poeple .... Saw this live this morning on my way to work... May God rescue their lives and grant them speedy recoveries. Kindly change the name to Dangote bridge....... This bridge again. What's up with it tho?

We going consure government concerning this otedola bridge in Lagos State Nigerian because hv cost many problems killing many peoples That's the way of Nigerian government.when things happen first them know user to take any Action immediately until killing many peoples before them can find solutions about that 😭🤦😂🙉🚑⛽❌🔞🚜🇳🇬 if can be possible thos things can reduce tanker out break

What's with this otedola bridge na only you be the bridge every year ahh Wishing from their never finished Welcome to Nigeria. This Otedola Bridge again 💔💔 Bullion van won't fall from Otedola bridge and splash cash on the road, it's always tanker accident. There is something’s attached to this otedola bridge, haba na only this bridge Dey Lagos hmmmm I smell something cha

No other spot consume human life like the otedolas bridge. Holy ghost fire 🔥. Otedola brigde every month. I think followlasg needs to change that bridge name from otedola to something else Why must it always be on this Bridge? Something is fishy! 😔 The problem is with the tankers. Some owners buy truck head meant for 11k litres and attach 33k litres container to it. Now when its time to pull the excess load uphill, it fails. FRSC officials dont monitor these thing. Also, try and check the tires of the next tanker you see.

I think there used to be an evil gathering on that bridge which normally demands for blood. I can’t count the number of accidents been reported on that bridge this year. It should be demolished!!! Otedola Bridge ☹️☹️ Otedola bridge sha 🤔 That place is becoming Ojubo Esu This particular spot is now turning annual point of tragedy for tankers....

Otedola bridge and tanker related accidents Segsoye Again. Hmmm Anytime i go through that bridge my heart is always on my hand. Something is not right about that bridge. May the souls of the departed rest in Peace. Reply me with your hand and I'll follow you on Twitter. Just follow me, great and funny content loading

Corona meeting NIGERIANS! When we say you can work from home or anywhere with your PC or Android, this is the real deal. Cryptocurrency is a Digital Money, and we are working as a team to accumulate ETHEREUM, since we all missed BITCOIN. Join for more INFO here: Ha! Na wetin dey Otedolate for dat bridge?

I'll follow whoever likes this tweet Something is Wrong with this bridge Otedola bridge always Otedola bridge again? God, have mercy o otedola bridge yi noni.. Everytime🙄 Awon conspiracy theoriest would start saying something about otedola now Won't ti so otedola lenu Why is it otedola bridge....,long bridge no dey der...or third mainland bridge or magboro bridge...pls govt should look into this...🙄🖕

That bridge is something else o... Jesu ehigymetor It's hightime they cancelled that Otedola bridge. The number of tanker incidents there is becoming something else. Otedola bridge and Tanker are like twins. Otedola again This otedola bridge, what kind of spirit that is there? Season accident or monthly accident? I believe the government should do something about it. Maybe divert the road from the bridge. Everytime tanker, tanker, tanker. Enough is a enough to this wasting of people's live.

Road Safety Corps, Police & perhaps VIO- Is it not time to examine why trailer tankers are always crashing on bridge? The witches and wizards on that spot are out again to suck blood. This bridge everytime That bridge ehn There is something about that bridge. Not again Play me another one by dj khalid....... Otedola bridge back to back

This thing tire person jare....but I think the govt needs to identify why this is reoccurring and find a lasting solution to it....not everything is spiritual....simple logical investigation could be all we need to avert this menace. There is something about this bridge This bridge sef, Otedola brjdge again, that bridge they drink too much of blood haba?

What is wrong with Otedola bridge? Always sucking blood, I hope it is not money rituals hmmm Otedola bridge Otedola this life self no balance again 😢 Only on otedola bridge Somethings never change. Accident and otedola bridge 5&6 Nothing spiritual connected to the bridge...it's definitely the way it was built

Hmm... This bridge again hmmm it is well o Again😲 is there a year there won't be an accident in Otedola’s bridge Otedola bridge again? This bridge again? If there's an alternative route for these tankers they should start passing there cz this is getting too much 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Something is really wrong with this otedola bridge

This bridge again💔 That bridge dey drink too much now haba! This Otedola bridge hennn! What's wrong with this bridge? Bad things always happen there

BREAKING: Many feared killed in accident on Oteldola Bridge, LagosA tanker and a fully loaded commercial bus were involved in an accident Thursday morning. The incident occurred around 9:00am on Otedola Bridge , Lagos. A number of motorists are feared killed. The crash happened at the lane inward Berger. The situation has resulted in heavy gridlock up to the Lagos State Secretariat in Alausa. Emergency This bridge This same otedola bridge...nawa oo Is there something abt this bridge we don't know? God help ur children pls

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