BREAKING: Leah Sheribu Gives Birth To Baby Boy For Boko Haram Commander After Being Forced To Convert To Islam | Sahara Reporters

The source said Leah, who refused to renounce her Christian faith, was forced to accept Islam before being married to a top commander of the terror group.


BREAKING: Leah Sheribu Gives Birth To Baby Boy For Boko Haram Commander After Being Forced To Convert To Islam | Sahara Reporters The source said Leah, who refused to renounce her Christian faith, was forced to accept Islam before being... READ MORE:

The source said Leah, who refused to renounce her Christian faith, was forced to accept Islam before being married to a top commander of the terror group.

by SaharaReporters, New York Jan 25, 2020 Leah Sheribu, a Christian girl kidnapped and held in Boko Haram captivity for over one year, has given birth to a baby boy. Leah was delivered of the baby a few weeks ago following her forceful marriage to a top Boko Haram commander, according to a reliable source close to the terror group. Leah was among dozens of girls seized from a school in Adamawa State by Boko Haram fighters two years ago. Read more: Sahara Reporters

Bokoharam will pay for it dearly... You all amazed me. Someone came from forest and write Leah is alive no pics no video no audio. Leah is pregnant was never head- Leah Gave birth, still no audio,video and no pics,What support this in modern journalism?Whose paying him for propaganda,is he trying to down tensions?!

All these irrelevant pieces of information. This is really ♥ breaking. I feel the trauma and pains of this minor. But totally disappointed with the govt who couldn't negotiate her freedom yet could easily re-integrate ex-boko Haram sect into society. She finally gave birth for a terrorist... What an irony..

Was she resurrected? Have mercy on her Oh Lord Do dead people give birth, you guys told us she's dead are u part of the delivery team? Why always spreading negative information? I hope is not the same Leah sheribu that was reported death by ? Mr shara u well come bck

Leah Sharibu gives birth to baby boy for Boko Haram commander – Daily TrustThe last remaining Dapchi schoolgirl still in Boko Haram captivity gave birth to a baby boy early Saturday, a source has revealed. What news God forbid 😔 Hurray

Religion of sorrow.. Conspiracy to divert attention from the Killing of the 200 level student of university of Maiduguri and the Muchika CAN president. The hangar of the Lord will fall on all these evil doers and their accomplises soonest in the Mighty and everlasting name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I pray with thanksgiving, AMEN!!!

Imagine Lord of mercy But he was abducted by ISWAP. I hope this is fake God of heaven please help ur people. Save us from terrorist. And from bad government. Save us from Buhari and from the zoo called Nigeria. 😥😥😥 This is man's inhumanity to man. They converted your flesh and not your spirit. Commander have been enjoying free pu

Leah Sharibu gives birth to baby boy for Boko Haram commander – Daily TrustThe last remaining Dapchi schoolgirl still in Boko Haram captivity gave birth to a baby boy early Saturday, a source has revealed. What news God forbid 😔 Hurray

Can't be true. I want to attend the naming ceremony😂😂😂 Are the mosques bombed also just for them to convert to Islam? Choose your words wisely Hate is what you breed here nd with hate is how u profit It will blow our mind if Leah Sheribu ever exist!!! Cooked stories !!! Nigerian Politics ..... it tym Nigerian understand what they use in controlling our mind RELIGION 😡

See this big bro Valhalla_X0 🤦🤦🤦💔💔💔😢😢 I taught they said they've won bokoharam. Forced and raped . Illegal conversion All is well 🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐 Longing to attend the naming ceremony In the last parade Boko Haram made of her sitting on a carpet with hijab. I saw her face and mentioned that she was pregnant. So should Nigeria now pay for mother and child or is the news meant to dissuade further negotiations for her release?

Archbishop of Canterbury breaks silence on Boko Haram killing of CAN Chairman, other Christians - Daily Post NigeriaThe Archbishop of Canterbury, Most Revd Justin Portal Welby has reacted to the killing of Lawan Andimi, chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria Think the helm's man is your friend why not call his attention?

'according to a reliable source close to the terror group' So there are people close to the terrorist First question to Saharareporters Who gave you this information The life of a Nigerian is a joke to the government. 😥😥 This is the saddest news of 2020. Where is the government and where is the place of security?

Innalillahiwainnaillehirajiun, from Allah we come so to HIM our return, these people have succeeded their aim on this innocent girl, Allah will judge Nigeria 🇳🇬 has failed woefully Fake news Am I lost? Please guys find me... I really want to know how these reporters get this news. Does it mean they know these BH men and their hideouts?

No comments till I see a video of her confirming the alleged birth. Even if it's true, what could one person, let alone a little girl, do in the midst of those barbarians. Get her back to her family, Christian or not! All I read is Leah Sharibu refused to convert to Islam. Surely her safety should come before any stupid man-made religions on this wicked earth filled with brainwashed fools & morons! Get Leah Sharibu back to her loved ones MBuhari!

Leah Sharibu is a child of doesn't matter what she's going through, she will live and fulfil her destiny. Watch who she'll become in life. I hope These Boo Harams won't demand as ransom that there constant be declare winner of presidential election before they release whoever fall into there captivity

Andimi: 'Why I'm happy' - Wife of CAN Chairman beheaded by Boko Haram breaks silence - Daily Post NigeriaWife of beheaded Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Michika Local Government Area of Adamawa State, Rev Lawan Andimi, has reacted God is in control, Madam remain strong. I gbadu ur trust in Him. MBuhari NGRPresident and FemAdesina knows about the killing Buhari is grand patron of Boko Haram

This is depressing. mbuhari good job! 💔 If this is true, may the Lord who does not judge by appearances bless her initial stubborn faith. We all have our limits of endurance. You won't hear pim from them now.. Unfortunately Who TF runs this media house.....y'all are mf clowns ya know.....ewww 🤧🤧🤧 GwaryJameel

I was actually hoping to see a video clip from the Boko Haram camp or something. There's no prove, so why i believe this kind of report? No fact 🤔 Too bad IF it's the Truth I thought you animals said she had quenched last you? Useless people...

I Am The Best President Nigeria Ever Had By Remi Oyeyemi | Sahara ReportersI Am The Best President Nigeria Ever Had By Remi Oyeyemi | Sahara Reporters I told them I would fight corruption and they all began dancing and jumping up and down. Ha! My supporters, they licked every lie I flailed at them. READ MORE: Remix it's better start from you before role people in 9ja

oro di hun!, oro p'esije o Oro di hun... When is the naming ceremony pls 😌 MBuhari should know by now that we all know that Boko Haram is an Islam terror he instituted to trample upon Christian this is pure lie Sahara reporter should not tell us lies, show us her pictures Is well She was raped by people who preaches that Western education is sin,those who preach against the Christian religion. It is clear that this are group of rascals would soon be visited by the anger of God.

Na only when one civilian yarn anyhow we dey see our Dss, Xss, Ess, Cpc Eqcc, Ps4 in action. They can never do their real work. In my country EU oftern arrived with boats escaping slavery lager war Libya tortured abused pregnant women by Jihadists over there or with little Baby They are welcome for us with sons. Babies are Gifts of God Chistianity not is Jihad Terrorism but Light Peace and Love

How can a govt have hundreds of BH terrorists in its custody n not use them to negotiate for the release of Leah instead of releasing them unconditionally after ill advised rehabilitation. Sad

Amnesty International Urges Lagos Government To End Forced Evictions In State | Sahara Reporters.AmnestyNigeria Urges Lagos Government To End Forced Evictions In State | Sahara Reporters On January 21 at about 8:00am, personnel of the NigerianNavy resorted to assault and shooting during the evictions at Tarkwa Bay. followlasg READ MORE: AmnestyNigeria NigerianNavy followlasg Even when it’s illegal settlement?

In the bloody minset propaganda Jihadists they think women in Christianity in them fake Sharia they repudiated Women have sex with men of others religion. Bring Back Leah Sharibu bloody stupid Jihadists She is welcome back in Christian Community worldwide All Lives Matter Heartbroken. I hope this story is not true. There was a country

Boko Haram have difficulty find honest women? Bloody than idiots We pray for Leah and we waiting for her . The light of Christianity never end Is simply against her will and I will not blame her, Leah is a saint Are u even serious? U are nuts and its crystal clear Last year our dailies reported the death of Leah been killed by BH, now the same Leah gives birth, ghost dey born? Which one should we believe now her death or her birth?

No be same una talk sey dem kill am? This upandan sef Boko haram are not Muslims... Sahara/punch toiletpapers is no longer worthy to have license! Government should act because it's now clear that they're out there to publish trash in order to deceive Nigerians & the world!

Very sad story May God bring her back safely ameen Oh dear!!! The wish of Nign govt. I know the Christians in this evil government will be happy with this news I thought she was reported dead before. Sahara Reporters was this act before or after her death biko Same Sahara Reporters told us she's dead. I feel really sad for her ...God please comfort her wherever she is Amen

'....... According to a reliable source close to d terror group'. Which source. D same one sat told u she was dead? Didn't u report her dead? Wen will u apologize to ur readers for lying to dem? God may your will b done Oh how I pray that the Lord God almighty and His Christ in whose name Leah so believed and refused to be released with her mates leading to her being detained and now violated may visit her captors with swift judgement. What rubbish!

Sowore kind of news via Saha This was what they were waiting for, now can they go get that girl out that pit? HQNigerianArmy This is absolute bonkers Islam isn’t the problem but their belief system. I pray God sanitized them Hmmmm politics 😳 Lemme just drop this here If this is true, then the so called commander should not rejoice for raping an innocent girl; because soon his head will be taken off his head for defiling the daughter of living God. The story is not ended yet!

Only God knows the pain's this girl and her family had been through, may Almighty give her strength, with God everything is possible. Rather, a baby book haram. A totem and a curse to the biological father and his companions.

What did we all expectA religion that force people to become a Muslim,A religion that encourage rape? No wonder their holy prophet Mohammed was a rapist!! Islam my foot If this news is genuine, then we're all hypocrite after all. Dat minz her location wasn't hidden all this while Oh God, how shall you allow evil prevail over good 😭😭 Pls God kill that blood of a terrorist 😭 Yes I'm broken reading this news 😢💔. Congrats Nig govt for refusing to carry out your responsibility you swore to upheld untill she is defiled 👏 may God reply all of you 😭

We thank God she's alive! Evil 😈 men violated her rights and very soon God will trample on them & she will be liberated 👐 Buhari will never escape God's punishment You see your life? Every day different story. What a pity, may God guide and protect her🙏🙏🙏 Christ8ans should never accept this. renoomokri is this true?

Leah Sharibu: No case is closed with God. A living dog is better than a dead lion. Oprah Winfrey had worse in her past, today her case is different. I strongly believe Leah is going to make it. There must be sometin scary about her will and faith that the devil can't overlook.

If true, me, I thank God she is alive. Only the living can serve God. We are all in-laws 😭😭😭 Smh. This makes me very sad really. It's unfortunate what the government of the day has allowed Boko Haram still thrive. They're equally as complicit as the past government was. Absolutely no difference. SAD! What sense does it now make? The other time she wasn't released because she had refused to accept Islam. This according to the source means that if she had accepted Islam , she would have been released , but she refused. So , now she accepted Islam now she's there giving birth to

So the naming ceremony will take place next week. You reported she was dead sometime ago 🙄 How do we believe you again? My heart bleeds, this is sad and painful. Less than a month into the new year, it's been one terrible, horrific news or the other from NE and BH. This country makes me sick. Oh Nigeria ! Oh Nigeria !! How terrible ordinary people are treated. When are we seeing the light?

That lady has seen what she wanted. She hypocritically refused to go with other girls when they we're released on the pretext that she won't convert to Islam. Why has she converted now? She want more Euros to be paid to boko haram.

Let the Nigerian leaders keep destroying the Nigerian youths in this way, God is watching them. That's the cry of the lazy poor Nigerian youths I hope this is not true, if it is, the Buhari government must get ready for the wrath of Christians around the world . Leah Sharibu has become a symbol of Christianity the world over.

Sahara reporters who should know better is a political agent just as we have Boko haram media everywhere! France is their base. The lazy youths don't know anything than to rain abusive words, blame the government. Yet, no question on where arms are from. Buhari will be smiling with this news And who came out with this info How did Sahara reporters get this info And no security agencies in this nonsense Nigeria could come up with this info? This country should keep disgracing themselves

Pmb told us that she was no longer in Nigeria,today we find out that she is still with Boko Haram,may God make buharis daughters experience everything this small girl has gone through in Jesus name amen This really breaks my heart! God😔😔 WHAT KIND OF NEWS ARE YOU GOING TO CALL THIS NOW? 💔💔💔💔💔💔.

Hmmm wonders on earth .oh God why you leave such girl in hands of devils oh God I used to wonder everyday what would be happening to the poor girl. Whatsoever, Jesus Christ- her Faith and hope, in God will definitely see her through.

Imagine how BUHARIG and his APC used this poor girl for experiment? God punish devil! Boko haram is a terror group. The government and military of Nigeria should bring these girls home. In many cases they are only children. The only thing an Islamic group like boko haram brings is cruelty and death. Lmao Sahara,we can see all of your writings on the wall, so after many years of searching without result now your own source is telling us she’s given birth lol, you’re part of NIGERIAN’s problem, infact I think you’re allies to this menace BH

What were you people expecting? MBuhari was designated by BH to be their spokes person . Of course his Government is in collusion with the terrorist Stealers, rapers and killers. Buhari and all OfficialAPCNg zealots are pleased... This 'joke' has gone too far! Please oo how big is this BH location that they can not be found? Are they an entity. How is it that there hideout cannot be found? Is it juju that is working or some people are supporting them. If they have been on the run, they wouldn't be able to have a comfortable base.

Watchout for the Presidency's congratulatory message How can I even say this is not true 😒💔

Buhari's Administration took this case as though it wasn't a top priority and it kept many Nigerians including CAN(Christian association of Nigeria) wondering if really the Buhari's administration cares about the Christian community. This isn't just Right! The bastards frothing in the mouth over a kano girl kidnapped to Enugu are silent now. BashirAhmaad

Boko Haram and their sponsors are filth of the earth, committing this sacrilege on Leah Sharibu and releasing it to the media is meant to change the narrative we had of her steadfastness to Christianity despite her captivity. Shame to our Government, this is terrible news. The whole country failed this poor girl.

Happy she's still alive...God keep u ko Jesus. See what evil is happening to north. Devilish people Daaaamn 😭 Islam do not support this in any way, Allah has warned the Muslims not to compel anybody to do Islam. This so called Bokoharam are doing this for there own personal benefit they are not a Muslim.

Lord have mercy on her and see her through this period of torments and abandoned by her own government, I feel you!!!

Can we see the proof? How come no comment from any Muslim brother or sister here to criticize this act of shame? Probably this is the new definition of a peaceful religion? Poor girl 😨😩 These is serious Seed of a terrorist. I feel so sad for that girl. This is wickedness of the wicked. Who will deliver Leah? And when? God we look up to you

It's most likely the so called Boko Haram commander raped her or has been raping her. And now the result is pregnancy. Who will save us from Boko Haram. The trauma this girl is going through is heartbreaking. May the save her and all other girls in Boko Haram's enclave. For real? This is heartbreaking now.

SaveLeahSharibu from the den of Boko Haram,since her abduction in Feb. 2018. A sad news circulating she gave birth to a child for the Boko Haram leader.The govt of MBuhari doesn’t have any flimsy excuse that her whereabout is unknown. FreeLeahSharibu from rape & sexual trauma. Rape!!!....their tool of hate is okay right? Eventally he will be so sorry, for this wicked act and will be forgiven and pardoned by the Nigerian kind hearted govt. What a shame!

Forced to accept the Religion of peace: 1. Kidnapping 2. Coerced conversion 3. Rape 4. Abuse of right 5. Etc Animal farm Leah told you this stories? A boko haram member(s) told you? Another but escaped victim told you this? Were you told in person of through phone call? Which ever way,i think you have explanation to make to FG.

Nigeria government, God is watching you I can’t believe that all these are happening in Nigeria.🇳🇬 😭😭😭😭 What Nigeria is experiencing is an undertone of a religious war. The more you look the less you see, let's stop pretending about religious tolerance. Only intellectuals will understand. The world want to help but our fundamentalist Government says No we can handle it.

Oh God, why have you forsaken your children in times of trouble? I am speechless. Heartbroken Those ‘pedophiles’ have succeeded. This has been the plan. Wreck more pain in addition to her abduction, and serially defile her. They will say’married to’ but we know what it is. Devilish rapists 4m the pit of hell. My heart bleeds.

In other countries .. failures could warrant an absolute vote of no confidence..impeachment . We r lucky our society is mentally underdeveloped.. but klepto agile. Why this is happened in Nigeria Less pray for For he God is will you my dear

When the leaders are terrorists,what do you expect.. Nonsense country. cnnbrk You too, you are wicked man. The nation failed her. Good to know she's still alive though, there's still hope I don't believe this story What a terrible time she must have had! I don't know if I was in her position if I would consider death a better option Very bad position to be in for Leah Sharibu

Ohh ya Allah,have mercy on this poor child of urs..vengeance is mine says the lord ! I thought they said she was dead, she is just been raped over and over again, no senator is bothered neither are the house of rep members nor the president not even Nigerians care, it’s painful though.

The stupid government did. We have tried everything but what more can we do and expect from a useless government My God this is just terrible 🤧😭😭 Wasn't it reported earlier that she was killed by her captors? 🤔 MBuhari HQNigerianArmy I'm sorry but you guys have failed 😥😥😥😥 elharsh 😢😢 Where is the Apc Mbaka

CAN had the responsibility to violently take her back but no they were busy fighting for political reasons. The church has failed. When you should be praying for the leaders for wisdom to handle matter but instead you insult the President and his team you and me only weaken them. 💔💔💔 This is heart wrenching. I can't even begin to imagine the trauma she might have gone through up to this point. Being raped by subhuman and religious zealots/bigots. My prayers goes to God on her behalf and her family. I pray that God will grant them peace in this traumatic times

Now this breaks my heart completely Is Boko Haram Islam, when were they converted to Islam that they are now converting people. Hoodlums! Tragic. The Bible says 'in all things we must give thanks.' To God be the glory. Amen. Unbelievable, religion of vampires. How did they get this information? renoomokri come o

This is some bullshit 😭 She look cute with that Hijab tho So this poor girl has been in captivity within the borders of Nigeria, not even outside Nigeria, for over one fucking year, and we have a fucking president and military Nigeria is a failed country! 💔💔😡

Whare is the baby boy picture and Leah sheribu Imagine what she must have been put through by these blood suckers full of lust. Vile humans from the stone age Was it not this week or last week that I saw one buubuu army general making mouth any how,saying they won't allow boko Haram to occupy an inch on Nigeria territory.But where these guys are occupying,marrying and also giving out in marriage.Going to market,buying n selling.

This is heartbreaking. This is too much audacity by boko ha-nonsense. Very sad. Too sad. Those who believed everything Sahara reporters dished out prior to 2015 are today, doubting this news, and asking to see the baby to confirm the authenticity of this ugly development. You portions in hell will be too hot! Hypocrite!!

Poor girl, what a shame! renomokri Omg so sad, imagine all she's been through 💔💔💔💔 God pls

SMH *,God* This is so unfortunate and disheartening. What a country. My heart is broken am speechless am just thinking of the terrible things she has endured in her young age. May Gid strengthen her Aww. This is bad. On the other side, I thank God she's still alive. Thank God the rumors of her death isn't true. May God deliver her from these people. Nigeria has failed her, may God come to her rescue.

Nigeria a Nation its leaders are sitting at ease as if all is well. Evil men everywhere, unfortunately Femi is trying hard to sell evil to us. This is so bad. The fact that Boko Haram forces people to convert to Islam is clearly an indication that they dont represent Islam. Their actions are a flagrant disobedience of the word of God. For it is stated in the Qur'an that there shall be no compulsion in religion.

Mtswwwwwww so sad Whr is d baby? And is this her recent pics or old ones.. Sahara reporters.. I don't think u av news to tell us.. Ignorance among the lettered is so endemic in Nigeria especially when an Islam bashing opportunity is presented by equally ignorant press! In this day an age someone still touts the long held albeit falsehood ideas that Boko Haram’s ideology is consistent with Islam!

How did the information got to you? The security agencies claim they don’t know where she is but they know she just gave birth to a baby boy. It’s alright none of my business, let them invite us for the naming ceremony. What was I thinking before I chose Nigeria as my country? I wish I was able to decide. Oppression of highest order

This Leah sharibu's story is really really disheartening. I feel so much for her. I hope and pray she regains her freedom someday. The Nigerian govt ain't SH*T!!! Osibanjo and Co are giving out their daughters in marriage while this girl was left behind to suffer.. You all are truly animals. ANIMALS!!! What's the point of being a Nigerian living like this? Mtchewwww!

Thanks to Buhari and his sponsoring of terrorists She’s not dead again? Or this happened in the grave? What a pity This is not good 🙁 But if can have access to this information, they can as well help PoliceNG with the sources, to track her location and help rescue her. Nigeria Islam! God knows that if I am in the position, there will be no Islam, and there will be no Nigeria.

This is not part of our religion

My God 🙊🙊 This is so sad to hear. I'm happy she's alive but I can't help but imagine the trauma she's in. Oh Lord. No compulsion in Islam, you don't false anybody to join islam, they are evil beings, may Almighty Allah deliver this young girl from these evil elements. This just breaks my heart. Fuck it.

this is so painful 💔💔... MBuhari deceived us BashirAhmaad tell your useless boss that he's mad The pain and anger I feel inside is from the fear that nigeria failed her and we feel comfortable about it that we now host this set of terrorist in rehabilitation centers. I'm ashamed to be a Nigerian, I've failed as a Nigerian and NIGERIA should be ashamed of herself.

But you HERDMEDIAS and TOILET TISSUE PAPERS once reported that she was dead. Was she impregnated in the grave? Please do your investigation very well. Oh God have mercy And some toothless BULLDOG wants to defeat Boko Haram the way they defeat Biafarians soldiers,while they could not even rescue this innocent LEAH.

Buddha was not a Buddhist Jesus was not a Christian Mohammed was not a Muslim Krishna was not a Hindu They were teachers They taught love Religion has torn mankind apart Perfect example Go and argue with yourself This story is all made up. It’s a Cock and bull story. An attempt to make us forget about her. Let us not give up on her yet. She is still in captivity and alive without any child.

😭😭😭😭 God!!! Really ? Proof please Woohoo.....this is pathetic...... What has she done to deserve what she's going through? Religion has torn mankind apart. Guns are our prophets. uchesame OMG 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 We get latest news but it is so impossible to locate these people... Interesting times.. Heartbreaking.

NGRPresident MBuhari have you been briefed of this news? The technically defeated Boko Haram has married Leah Sharibu off to one of it's commander and she has given birth to a baby boy. Nations have gone to war to search and rescue their citizen. Nigeria folded her arms for Leah even though she has an addess & her Kidnappers are on our Government's speed dial. ATROCIOUS.

Are we even sure the bastard didn’t rape her

But what is happening in this country does it mean our leader are not comptent enough to find listing solution to all this happened in this country someone should help Unfortunately my voice is not even loud enof for the presidency to a country with security outfitsssss....that boko haram is still here is what i don't even understand anymore...ahh poor girl became an experiment...Oh God please Set her free please

So sad! The truth is, no matter how many Christians they force to convert, once a person believes in Christ and is regenerated ,the Life of Christ eternally has been sown in the person. They can only force, beat or kill the body. They cant touch the Life Divine. Leah is in Christ. Imamofpeace We pray for her rescue & God that she refused to renounce will save her. I strongly believe God is in control of her situation

💔💔💔 And we have government chai Let thunder strike!!! thatgoddess____ This administration has standardized Incompetency and failure

We have failed her as a nation Chaaaaiiii... Na WA Ooooooooo This is so sad. Bubu is working👏🏿👏🏿🇳🇬✅ Boko Haram sympathizers and people the media call moderates will be rejoicing over this news as a win for their god and additions to their kingdom Despite her rigidity, she can even conceive for a member of Book haram? This makes her actions questionable

False !!! ayemojubar Imamofpeace It's sad and heartbreaking. I'm yet to get over it for hours now but I'm met with little or no surprise as they have done just like Prophet Muhammad will do. Smh

I'm speechless! ekeoma_ogba Someone we have been praying for , damn. Sad Any religion that uses force for conversion is evil. Pure evil. Islam in Nigeria has led us to the ebb. Killed a CAN chairman, killed a Christian student and still unleashing terror. No one person nor group has a monopoly of evil.😡

They broke that girl! 💔💔😭😭 This pretty much sums up who’s leading the nation. Poor girl. 😭 💔💔 See how they just destroyed her life . This is really sad Damn, so she was alive all this while. This is super sad o, sure she's not herself psychologically. I pray she gets home soonest. Jezzz

Abduction, rape & forced conversion of a minor is a horrific crime. Islam is a dangerous religion and must be rejected. 75% of Muslim nations are not in peace.. Convert to which religion And we preach peace again? I tot say she died since, kai media in Nigeria turned to something else You know when someone feels his life is about to come to an end and then he decides to plant a seed that will live after him, I guess that's what the boko Haram leader did, just sad it had to be Leah sharibu the faithful Christian girl

This girl don suffer oh😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭 Yaushe ne Suna ? Tunda Ku en kutmar ouba shirme kuke posting Very painful, and our government pretends all is well. God will punish all boko Haram sympathizers in Jesus name🙏 Sahara liars! o o

I saw pictures in an earlier tweet. How come the pictures of the commander is not released? If there are sources close to book haram to get information from,how come their exact location is not known? Nigeria atexydavid see the news This bura tashi men🙄😏 If Ur able to get such an info ..U should be able to tell our army where Boko Haram/ iswap are ..Why dont u assist them with such Intel to combat the insurgents

OMG! Really sad!God continually bless u LEAH So sad Who took this pic? Where's the new born baby? Male or female? Sahara shud obtain the baby pic too and the given name. Heartbreaking😔 People believing this story cha, hmm

Conji na bastard abdulzubs renoomokri Her crime in this Nigeria was that she went to school. TheNorthWillKillUsAll. So disheartening 💔💔 💔💔💔 GbemiDennis Wtf!!!! Why hasn’t she been rescued So Boko Haram just gives the government regular updates on their insurgency? Inability to secure life and property in a sane society is an impeachable offence

She was not seized from a school in Adamawa State. I'm not surprise, this is what this religion is all about everything is by force. Yet it's claimed to be religion of peace. All things will work together for Leah Sheribu. Does Islam permits forced marriages where dowries are not paid? Where there are no marriage ceremonies, where the bride's parents do not formally gives out their daughter to the groom? If this is what Islam preaches, then anyone who does that will not see the gate of heaven.

Really sad and disheartening. But thank God she is still alive. This is very bad NGRPresident HouseNGR NGRSenate Please, what are we doing to bring this girl back? This is so heartbreaking but then we thank God she’s not dead. I thought you reported she was killed. Hmmm Kai☹️☹️ So painful that she gave Birth to Boko Haram

This is heart-wrenching!! And hard to accept. Huge shame to this govt. renoomokri

Thank God she is still alive, i believe this procesa was done against her will but prayers will bring her out alive someday and very soon.. Thanks to renoomokri for always making her still relevant. Abeg talk am again make I hear you well. How does this kinda news get out? Damn! I weep for this country Your religion abhors Christianity, but allows you rape a helpless Christian girl abi ? Western education is bad giving to the name Boko Haram, but you use explosives,guns and communication devices, all are products of western education. Hypocrisy will kill these mujahideen.

Sowore took the delivery my guess May be she deliberately got to know the superiority and uprightness of Islam over 3_new_tea. Congratulations Sister Leah 😭😭...oh My God..innocent child being forced to have sex most likely ... They need to arrest you and the writer.. You said according to a close source close to the terror group. ProfOsinbajo .what are you people waiting for, let them provide the source.

This is bad, The federal government of Nigeria isn't doing enough to stop the insurgency in the country, and rescue those abducted girls. In a couple of years the boy will also be called upon to do what the 8 year old boy did to the CAN chairman. Please NigeriaGov end this. So Dapchi is now part of Adamawa state? Well, if the story is not one those fake news, then we still thank God that she is still alive. Atimes you don't bother yourself about religion, what is so important is for you to be alive. I will continue to pray for her release.

When’s the naming ? Same way the forcefully converted people in Turkey, is it by force to practice your religion? I have suspision for this religion if really its genuine why forcing it on innocent people ? If SR could get this information from the camp of Boko Haram, then SR are working with terrorists.

May the Almighty Allah in His infinity power destroy the Oloriburuku bastard Book whatever from the root along side whoever sponsor or support them wherever & whoever they maybe. O Lord of Mercy have Your mercy on the innocent masses of this nation and overcome our enemy for us . This is heartbreaking wth.

Islam can not trive without terrorism. Infact Islam is more dangerous than this new virus in China. May God have mercy on the little girl This is the most heartbreaking news I have heard this year. I’m completely out of words to express my grief!!! I hope this is a lie. 😰😭😰😭😰😰😭😰😭😰😭😰😭😰😭😰😭😰😭😭😰😭😭😭😭😭😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰


Shame to all those shouting one Nigeria and supporting evil. Sad She no die again? God is watching, from a distance This is so heartbreaking 😧😟. After everything This is heartbreaking. BH is More Of A “Baby Factory” & “Shayo Gang” No More No Less.. Sahara reporters..... Did Leah tell you this? So much unconfirmed news

If this is true then fuck this country!

Nawa o. The 'source' should mention where she is na so that they can rescue her. Abi ewo ni gan Same leah they said is dead? Thank you MBuhari Islamization in full swing The whole system has failed us, both the religious and political leaders. What has the Christian body done to Uphold the faith of which this young girl holds with high esteem. I weep for my country Nigeria.

This is terrible 💔💔💔 This news is heart broken lord have mercy. I thought it was a girl!! renoomokri are you seeing this? What a country Does it happened before you?

I am ulterly disheartened. 😭😭😭 A government shall arise one day & soon too & Boko Haram will be no more, I so believe! Maybe I am the one that don't know how to use the 'like🤍 button ' on this app. Just 57 minutes after SR post the news, 137 people liked it. Nitori Olohun, how is this a news to like? Is it a good news for them or what are they really liking about the news? FreeLeahSharibu

Though I wish it's just a mere dream So, you guys know a source close to the terror group and you can rely on their information so much to report it?🙄🙄 Why haven't you leveraged that for Intel to help rescue this innocent girl and other innocent victims of BH activities? 😓😓😓😓😓 Sahara reporters will keep spreading fake news about.

This just broke my heart Mehnnn 💔💔💔 May God judge PastorEAAdeboye , ProfOsinbajo & all those fake pastors who brought in this jihadist on Nigeria See as everyone beleive a story without evidence

If this report is true, i know MBuhari will be smiling to himself now for a job well done. chibuzone MBuhari will be like'🔚👏📶' afterall this is the wish of Allah. This hurts so much Tragic If this is true, then we have a huge problem as a nation because there is definitely something the government is not telling us.

Titi_Kabongo And those ones that escaped or released from captivity one way or the other were saying she's fine, none of them mentioned it that she was pregnant 🙄🙄 Someone will just drop a news without a proof n people will start ranting,na wa ooo So many unfortunate & unbearable things happens in this country.

Baby rafiu born in the manger Jesus still loves her, nothing spoil.

Rev Fr APC Mbaka when is Leah Sharibu coming back? Maybe her parents doesn't have millions of Naira to pay for her prophecy 😢 Can't imagine how that girl is living. 💔🤱 You guys should stop blaming GMB for this mess. He's very busy with his tab after returning from the UK. renoomokri she’s alive sir Who ever is doing this level of wickedness to this young girl do not deserve death but life time punishment from God.

Thank God she's Alive We thank the Almighty God that she is alive. We believe God to do the next plans of action, which is her release. A Darling of terrorists can't head a Govt & expect terror to enter bad record. No. ¶ Instead, terrorists are 'rehabilitated'. ¶ Instead, terrorists are called 'militants'. ¶ Instead, we should enter fasting & prayer to ward them off. ¶ Instead, millions of dollars exchanged

So sad. Very disheartening story.

Noooooooooooooooooooooòoo oh no!!! Chisos! 😵😵😵ewww!!! 😱😱😱 speechless. 😯😯😯 Is it Yobe or Adamawa state President Muhammadu Buhari should be invited for the naming and child dedication. jacksonpbn AbdulMahmud01 This is an insult to Nigeria. Very painful 😢 😭 ayemojubar This is Sad marvelnsa This government have failed her in every area.see what she have to endure😭😭😭🤧☹️🤧I am so sad

Govt failed her AbdulMahmud01 This is all that MBuhari and miyetti nonsense represent. Nigeria is bigger than any hopeless religion of terror. AsiwajuTinubu should have discovered his error if his brain cells are still alive. CIA

Oh God where are you, please help Leah Sheribu,save and deliver her from book haram captivity (hope defile makes heart sick) In Jesus Christ name I thought you guys said she has been killed? E good. Let God be God realDonaldTrump please come save your brethren Congratulations to the govt Rumour mongers Leah sharibu was not kidnapped from Adamawa, She was among the 110 Dapchi schoolgirls abducted on 19th/Feb/2018 at G.G.S.T.C DAPCHI, in Yobe State. You have to confirm your source of news from reliable sources. Please.

dondekojo Oh Allah 😰 The height of wickedness.Raped and forced to give birth to a terrorist.But thought the Muslims always claim they worship same God with christianswhy force christians to convert to Islam? His name will be BOKOboy or BOKOjunior Sharia Reporters...Shekau gave you this info huh

Mayoral_OP Ah How did you know? Woe betides the leaders of this country. God's judgement awaits all This is how you reported sometime ago that she has been killed. Awwwww renoomokri 😩😩😩 Everything about this religion is about force. Forced worship. Forced conversion. Forced fasting. Forced marriage. Forced sex. Forced payment of jizya. It's a pity that Leah was raped. May her blood and that of others be upon all BH sympathizers

Father Lord...Pls do something on this girl behalf. She clearly was raped. Very very sad news and I hope we can all put our differences aside for once and work together to rescue her in every way we can. The news makes me sad. Our prayers are with you Leah...Sorry sister 😥😥 💔💔💔 Stupid Toilet paper, Yobe State not Adamawa State

Religion of peace When you see 'source', tell him to see me in my office Nigeria ruins and ruins U.. OMG poor Leah!!!! AbdulMahmud01 Sickening to hear..... My heart goes out to her and the innocent child. 💔💔💔💔 😂😂😂😁😁😁😁😁😁😀😁😁 congratulation to Shekau... Send address and date of naming ceremony........Ridiculous regime

Just Imagine, use your head to Imagine if this was a Muslim girl; 1. Kidnapped by a Pastor 2. Made her renounce Islam 3. Married her 4. Impregnate her. I am SAD 😞 God I won't question you but this shouldn't happen to a young girl of that age. Very sad day 4 me.. imagine what these blood thirsty animals have done to an innocent girl..

Enemies of our country renoomokri hope you are seeing this? We now have second in command of boko harm from a Christian mother who turned to islam Jesus Christ! This is very very sad.

When are we coming for naming ceremony? Liers İ am glad she is alive, there is still hope. Donteewrites Hmmmmmn These are the people Buhari is rehabilitating... Buhari is a wicked man Oh no! I thought the media reported that she was dead? 😢 This is so heart breaking All God's plan so enjoy your gift. Congratulations Leah, you're strong! 👏🏼❤️

😥😥😥 Give us video clip and photos as evidence... So this Govt didn't do anything until those filthy bastards damaged this girl. Very unfortunate Well how true is this news ,is this another fakes news 2020 So sad😩😩😩 My heart is heavy, am in tears. 💔 how true is this info, we are now in 2020 any back up pls.

renoomokri will be disappointed! This hurts so bad

Stockholm syndrome will even be inevitable. This is wicked!!!! Morris_Monye I thought was dead already? Or ghost now get pregnant? Congratulations to Major General; He now has a grand son through Boko Haram Forced to convert to Islam? That is impossible.Her heart still remained solidly in her faith. We will keep on seeking the face of God for this young warrior of faith.

How did you get this news where is the video evidence What a sad time to be a Nigerian. Ironically we have a president living in denial And an armory of sycophants cheering them on We don't know where she is BT u know say she born. Are u sure u are not Boko haram official media house God will surely punish this evil people for doing this to this innocent soul. This is totally unislamic and inhuman.

This is so heartbreaking. Another sordid narrative of how imcompetent our service chiefs are, to rescue the poor girl

AbdulMahmud01 This is really heart breaking if true. AbdulMahmud01 Too bad Wetin be this? ☹️ I thought it was in the news that she was SR confirm that she has a baby boy. Oluwa what is Boying? This hurts So sad 😭 😞 Yet another horrible news we least expected. I’m sure this wouldn’t have happened if she’s MBuhari ‘s daughter. A serpent 🐍 in power!

That boy may be new Moses that will lead his people to the promise land If this is true, then I think the govt knew all along that she was alive Sahara problems not reporters

This is disgusting 🤮🤮🤮 MBuhari NGRPresident Thank you for failing Christians in Nigeria So sad 😭 This is really sad. Congratulations on her safe delivery O my God, against her wish!!! What a sad encounter for d poor girl..What would d baby grow up to become ? God have mercy! God deliver this girl from evil!! I am sick of this evil. Lord arise and fight for your people according to your covenant in Jesus name

This is heartbreaking! Source?

When is the naming Ceremony One thing I have learnt in life never believe everything you hear. Listen carefully. I know it hurts to hear this so people without second thought react. Remember its all psychology. New Topic for the Wailers.. 😂 😂 😂 😂 renoomokri hope you've seen this😲😥💔 Usifo_Isesele Bastards having sex with a teenager.

I feel so broken for her. She's must have been through alot of abuse, assault, denial & harassment. I hope she get freed from her captors soonest. AbdulMahmud01 Silly story 💔💔💔💔💔💔 I wonder where they get all these information from, without nothing done 🙄🙄🙄 She gave birth to a terrorist and a commander to be in future 🤐🤣

Nah wao ,, evil people See headline...this headline is inciting but at what point do Nigerian journalists draw a line na. This is just heartbreaking💔 Oh no 💔💔💔 Ahhhhhhh God! Tears legit dropped from my eye. AbdulMahmud01 Ok but this is extremely irritating n annoying Iyen nah tun fine This is sad if this is true 💔💔


Is equal to wating

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Inside the new Lagos-Ibadan rail coach Boko Haram attacks Yobe community, targets Damaturu, destroys phone... Insurgency: Buhari Still Very Accepted, Popular In Borno – Presidency BREAKING: Arsenal secure impressive win against Newcastle Bayelsa: Only God reigns supreme, says Diri at thanksgiving service JAMB registers highest number of UTME candidates – Daily Trust