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BREAKING: Labour suspends planned strike as FG reverses electricity tariff hike

BREAKING: Labour suspends planned strike as FG reverses electricity tariff hike

9/28/2020 5:51:00 AM

BREAKING: Labour suspends planned strike as FG reverses electricity tariff hike

Eniola Akinkuotu and Kayode OyeroThe Organised Labour has called off its planned strike after reaching an agreement with the Federal Government.The Minister of State for Labour and Employme...

Eniola Akinkuotu and Kayode OyeroThe Organised Labour has called off its planned strike after reaching an agreement with the Federal Government.The Minister of State for Labour and Employment, Festus Keyamo, announced this on Facebook at 3am.Keyamo said the electricity tariff had been reversed albeit temporarily while the deregulation of the oil sector was retained.

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He wrote, “Federal Government and labour reach agreement at 2:53am. Deregulation to stay as government rolls out palliatives for labour (details in two weeks).“Electricity tariffs suspended by government for two weeks with a joint committee headed by Keyamo to examine the justification for the new policy. Strike suspended.”

The National President of the Trade Union Congress, Quadri Olaleye, confirmed the development toThe PUNCHover the phone on Monday morning.Olaleye said, “Definitely correct. We just left a press conference. We signed a document to suspend the action for two weeks for the government to implement those things that we agreed in the agreement. So, we are suspending for two weeks.

“We don’t need a notice again to re-convene if there is a need to do that.”DOWNLOAD THE PUNCH NEWS APP NOW ON Read more: The Punch Newspapers »

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From, 17,000 to 62,000 is that suspension, fear God biko, soro soke What of fuel price increase? What do you expect of Labourers? More than 24 hrs of this suspension, NERCNG are yet to make a public statement on the suspension. Many may have bought energy under the said suspended tariff within this period. NLCHeadquarters, TVCconnect, NGRPresident also for your information

FG did not reverse electricity tariff oooo. I got 35.01 unit for 2000 yesterday which was formerly 60.01 unit 2000, I kinda don't understand this hypocritical NLC & TUC strike. They should as well drop the fuel pump price Better tho Reverse how? When they already sent codes to our prepaid meter to increase tariff already? How is the reversal going to be implemented?

FG sure have the labour congress at heart, as for ASSU..... Education is simply not that inportant This administration thrives on ploys. How many Nigerians use electricity? They should have suspended the hike in fuel prices first. I Never expected anything good from the union. Doubt if they are fighting for the masses.

Labour has zero integrity. Zero morality. Trusting Labour is like leaning on a straw. 🚘🚘🚘🚘🚘🚘🚘🚘🚘🚘🚘 *LAGOS MOTHER OF ALL STRIKES IS HERE!!!* E-HAILING DRIVERS:- ‼️WE'RE SHUTTING DOWN ALL PEANUT APPS! ‼️ *OCTOBER 12 IS THE DATE...!* _Tell your friend to tell his friend!_ 👉😳no I didn't hear! 👂

When I heard about NLC nation wide strike, I laughed because I believe that even if Ayuba Wbbaa remains NLC president for 100 years he can never embark on a nation wide strike or protest, cos he seems to me like r a coward or a sellout☹️ Useless labour, useless government. The value of Naira is now rubbish.

You deceived Nigerians we will not forgive you if fuel and electricity prize is not reverse on or before two weeks The so called labour leaders are milking the workers they claimed they are protecting, check them out from the National hqs down to a small unit in a company, they are stinkingly rich, most of them have as much as four flashing cars, you think such people can fight for anyone?

Stupid unions, they have failed. The masses should know that we can't depend on these unions, we must fight battles ourselves. We can't continue to wait to wait for them as they have displayed their worthless. Unions like them lead crusade against govt in advance societies I actually saw this coming🤣🤣🤣...This country Na comedy

So we have Labour Union? No. They are Mercenaries Nobody expected otherwise, we knew how it was going play out right from the beginning As a way of improving the economy Federal Government empowerment loan is out to full time business men/women,Note loan are from the minimum of (200,000.00 to the maximum of 10,000,000.00).Contact Hon,Adams on +2349034957596 for more details about the loan program).

Fuel price should be reduced to 65 naira too or else let strike continue. Nonsense government Millions of Nigerians on estimated billing system have received a bill based on the already hiked tariff. What is FG and Labor saying about this 419 against most of these People that got bills over power supply or epileptic supply made? Should they pay this scam?

4 times longer than the Great Wall of Chinas, Nigeria has largest earthwork in the the premechanized era but no one talks about it. This is the story of the Great Wall in Nigeria! To be sincere, Nigeria has no genuine LABOUR CONGRESS. So shameful. This Labor chairman have done anything tangible since his tenure. His working for his boss and not masses

Box I'm shocked and surprised Biafraudsters are crying under this tweet I said it since Wednesday that those guy will collect money and keep quiet, I was so sure that I posted it, they know what they are doing and at least they are able to get cash for themselves now BREAKING: Labour suspends planned strike as ENVELOPES swap hands

Is it because of the reverse in electricity tariff hike that's y we don't have light since yesterday? 🤔🤔🤔 There was never a plan, just noise to make Nigerians feel they're working for them This man fkeyamo as not only become a criminal defending criminals. He now have the face of a criminal. This would surely bless you:

God don win Ooooooooooo! FG alert don NLC account. Nigerian masses, 'Oh Israel to your tent'. What about fuel.Price I don't trust this administration anymore, in fact most of their promises are still born. They never fulfill any!!! Anyways, we get to wait & see what they will do about all their promises!!!

ASUUNGR When NLC agreed to embark on a closed door meeting with the presidency, we all know that the strike is dead on arrival. Until there's a return of NLC to its formal core value; nothing good will come out of them. Everything for that country na scam . Reversing only electricity tariff hike not enough for labor to backed down.

Please retweet 🙏 Ok now, let see what will happen now But MBuhari has not reduced the pump price for fuel. I know that NLC leadership is not serious, they are deceiving gullible Nigerians and they are part of the problems Better....I never get light since morning o...yet I still have to pay ₦11,500. TV subscription dey waste everything 🤦🏽‍♂️just

Useless set of people, I already knew they were not embarking on any strike FGNigeria see to ASUU strike...student future matters!!! us that u care...we are the leaders of tomorrow.....our lives matters Asuu should suspend their own strike na. This strike have automatically been sweep under the carpet.Labour Style.

Bunch of jokers I never knew NLC was still functioning. This is Nigeria. Would the reverted price be an immediate thing? Cause the hike took effect immediately For some weird reasons, power improved with the hike in my area. I hope this reversal does not reverse the improvement on power supply. Jokers I knew it Na we dey take care of ourselves in this nation

I have come to know that in negotiations win win is a must if you are to have everlasting peace. But NLCHeadquarters can do better. Nigeria... So now education means nothing to you FG OfficialAPCNg NigEducation NCDCgov DigiCommsNG What of fuel hike? Money must have changed hands. (Shaking my head) Check out the meaning of 'Black.' That's why we are marginalized all over the world. What about fuel price? This is a big shame. Black in reasoning, black in taking decisions, black in action, black while protesting, black in leadership. Everything is black. I am not surprised.

Hmmm, just 2 weeks Everything Nah vibes🙄 Labour has no mind of their own b/c they are not men enough to speak out. They are babies. From this they have loss their respect. It is a shame that labour in Nig can be afraid of fulani Muslim NLC is not active,is pathetic,poor masses will suffer this. As expected

Fraud labour 🙄🙄 vanguardngrnews This transaction is this morning. I'm not surprised at their sudden U turn to be sincere cuz NLC and it's affiliates ain't serious in the first place... That will make more sense if they descend on Ikeja Electric to refund customers who they already made to pay the new tariff! According to Ikeja Electric, new tariff was effective from 1st of August against 1st of September as approved! NERCNG

tutu_fuego 🔥🔥🔥🔥🙏❤️❤️❤️ SimonPius15 alexisogbolu mosesakoji How true is this? Na wa ooo... labour oooo...God dey oooo Hmm Nigeria actions are laughable,we are busy talking about electricity tariff and strike whereas huge amount of money 900billion is allocated for railway from north to Mali, I wonder if our politician still get any human conscience, and to all d hypocrite labour union thanks

Shameless labour. Now you see why Marlins keep increasing. You can't even protest because we r under military regime. Only one life was lost in the hands of police in the USA; the whole world protested. The question now is why is FG afraid of protest? NLC can't even protest 🙄 so NLC actually wanna go on strike for wah wldnt hold water or rather inconsequential...wen dey hv to frown nd protest against d excess nd shouty salaries nd govt excesses nd outrageous borrowing the govt r receiving...dey r actually puting our future on a balance.

Awon set òdè Thchewwwwww abeg how much is bread in your area... We talk to much. Everyday talk talk and talk. No show no endurance. Even NLC is a selfish agent of the same government. I never expected anything more from NLC, na today?. Toothless bulldog. Throw them some biscuit-bone and watch them betray the entire country.

Why do we need the Senate, the House of Assembly and the State House of Assembly in this country? Why do we have so many political posts. Why are these people having salaries and allowances that would make Evans, armed bank robbers & the chieftains of Boko Haram green with envy? No be new thing.....until our government knows how to bring stake holders together for issues that concerns the country we still be going around in one spot ...

What about cable TVs..? Ndị ala ndị ala 🙄 cc: eemejis ... pepper soup/ small chops has won I'm not surprised. How do u expect a potbelly labor chairman using SUV car to lead a serious protest. NLC as far as I'm concerned is Dead. Thank God Because the electricity tariff is hella crazy 3000 for 45 units It’s well

📌 Have You Ever Wanted To Learn How to Trade Forex? 📌 Or You Have Learnt It And No Profitable results ❓ TWK is set to mentor you to become a profitable and professional Forex trader this Saturday October 3rd 2020. Click to join the group below NLC is now a toy in the hands of FG. Is electricity tariff hike the only reason for the proposed strike? NLC need help.

Better I beg money don full their pockets they don collect their own share may God help us oooo Lol...I said it na. No be today yansh dey back Nonsense NLC ANOTHER FRAUD IN THIS GOVT 😏😏 what nonsense What of other things like fuel They just bailed on us... they never intended to go on strike in the 1st place. Toothless dogs. We had better go OCCUPY ON the 1st.

As usual. I said this same thing yesterday they couldn't even pull through one day. Smh They should provide immediately Prepaid Meters to all Nigerians that need to be metered, without any form of delay Have they reverse the fuel price too. This NLC are fools o. What is happening in this nation, so there is no honest soul anywhere.

Guess they have been bribed? Once again, a betrayal of the masses. Then una go dey blame youths for not able to organize a RevolutionNow. S T U P I D CLOWNS Hhmmm Their leaders are politicians and they're dinning with this current clueless government so don't expect anything good from them... pls friends help a shattered, depressed and failed mum, life is useless if I can't afford indomie for my son,Been a single mum n lost my job becous of covid19 is like hell,pls help me with 200 to feed him, today is important than 2moro.God bless u

good and fine So na only electricity tariff be our problem in this country? Smh And so it is only because of electricity hicks that's why labour proposed strike? The strike was not even properly coordinated and planned. Three weeks after the announcement u now deemed it fit to go on strike? All of u are shenanigans and are eating in the same pot with govt.

What has changed? Only reversal of electricity tariff is not enough to suspend the strike Government magic ✌️✌️✌️ Even Labour is scared of this tyranny of a government This is nigeria! falzthebahdguy for this post. ...reverses electricity tariff, what about others on the list? What about fuel hike and insecurity here and there. The ones that have been paying this increased tariff are you going to refund them?

What about petrol price ? A real looters in the system of 419.... Let's see how it will be implemented, The agreement. Two things can bend a man's quest for justice. It's either he's been bribed or his life is threatened. NLC, afta all d mouth😒 Nawa o😒 This man is a big time sellout Fuel price naa This is Nigeria

Goodnews Clowns I knew that. They suspended it overnight.. You see this our Nlc ehn dem need better whooping on thier ass.. jokers NLCHeadquarters accomplished nothing for Nigerians. They are a big big DISGRACE. Esiaga see your people! The biggest problem in Nigeria presently is that nation association of nigeria students NANS is dead. They used to be one of the strongest pressure group back then. NLC is gone!!!!

Na today Jiboxy Lol Fuel nko Nonsense labour Suspend tarrif for two weeks what's is that please? This labor self no get plan for us Well I don't blame them because, what do you expect from an Hausa man that is the head of NLC he will be dancing in the tone of PMB that was why he is there, if you can remember when oshomola was the head of labour this strike for hold. Corruption will never stop in Nigeria.

Hmmmmmmmmm , what of crude oil Them go finish building their houses they are building, more money We should all just wait for the September Electric tariff. NLC leaders = Awon Omoale Nigeria, Check out our Tv stand with LED light 300k DM us now Kindly retweet This is the most useless NLC Nigeria has ever produced.

You can pass the IELTS exam in flying colours and get a permanent residency to Canada. DM for details on the link to the high score formula for passing the IELTS exam Electricity hike suspended for 2 weeks and NLC called off strike, what a Country! Prophecy time Before Buhari MBuhari go leave power 2023 1– fuel will be 200Naira/ liter 2-Dollars will be 700/800 per 1$ 3- poverty rate will be 98% Come beat me me I don talk am

What about fuel subsidy Laughable with this kind if labour leaders that aspire to govern their states when they retire from the Union like their godfather .Nigeria should not build or regard Labour under this administration nothing will come out from it. Yeye people. So the only reason they planned going on strike was the reverse of electricity tarriff abi. FGN is dribbling these guys and they are a band of jesters who don't know what they are doing. What sort of nebulous and NLC is this?

Ignoramus people and bunch of deceivers, posterity will judge you. Shameless people And I thought I have seen the heights of cluelessness and incompetence in Buhari. So with these nonsense that labour did, 600yrs to any NLC chairman that ever call for strike again in this Buhari era. NLC is so excruciatingly useless to Nation Nigeria.

The best thing for the past 5 years that has happened in Nigeria. Our voices must be heard in this country. They know that since BBNaija has ended... that Nigerians would definitely march for protest They are not serious rara. NERC should force these Discos to provide us with the codes to revert to old billing please ...

This country is wack Okayy What about fuel! All them NLC members dey ment, some will still come after me when I say we the citizens are the ones punishing ourselves because we can't stand up to this kind of rubbish They should bring down fuel price We are all expect it, no meaningful action since Osho baba left NLC. So what did you achieveNLC board.

The question bothering my mind and which needs urgent answer is why do NLC always hold meetings and negotiations in the middle of the night with FG anytime they planned to go on strike? Are they into cult or what, abi why must the meeting be dead night? Reverse or suspended for two week ,who is fooling who nlc

am_timilehin Was the electricity hike the only reason they made attempt on the protest? God I give up. For better for us and the poor citizens of the country Coded_Joey But the problem is bigger than the tariff hike! NLC is a sellout organisation and should never be taking seriously. Jaystrings1 Na Thunder with Lightening go kill All NLC Leaders that went to that meeting nd reached Stupid agreement with Federal Government

No surprises at all. We knew they were only acting up. Something the leadership of Labour should know is that history remembers and it will not be in their favour Lmfao ...l remember during d 1st increments Lai Muhhammed promised there would 1 NNPC filling station in each of the local governments across the country If they have built anyone maybe in Sambisa forests I wonder what they tell God in their prayers They take delight in others' pains

Fuel nko? I bought 160 ohhh! Fuel nko the truth is most Nigerians would still receive crazy electricity bill in their respective home 🏡.... this administration would always scam Nigerians... jonsin Set of People shaa. Fuel nko? ⛽ Rice and Others 😒 dcodedboii What of fuel, NLC and TUC are the real jokers

What’s the difference between NLC and the FG 😤 both clowns 🤡 This set of Labour leaders dont know what they are doing and are not serious. Things are very expensive and salaries are not increased because of fuel and yet, nothing was mentioned about it. If other strong institutions could be rendered valueless who is labour? They should be waiting to: 1. Hop into those buses as promised 2. Pack into those houses $ 3. Look for the 'LESS MOST VULNERABLE' ones among them to enjoy free tax as they are enjoying the new minimum wage

They are all the same, 2023 is nearby , God will deliver us from a clueless government that hate seeing the youth progress. Please just allow the president do his biding. Moreover, it is a good step in the right direction. What happens to the electricity unit we bought already ? It’s a welcome development 👍🏾

Our Nigerian Labour is so USELESS. I have never seen a toothless body like this. For the past 2weeks that negotiations started and No progress was made only for the tariff to be suspended for 2weeks? This country is a JOKE. It is so clear that All man for himself & God for us all You see now No body can save us in this hardship, Will can only save our self because they is a power in unity,they is a power in us only if will have the courage.baba awolowo hv said it that when time comes people will take what belongs to them.

quincytabitha Lols Hmmmm labor is funny though out of all the demands only one is met and then boom strike suspended 🤦🏽‍♀️ Labour leaders just fainted! Its alright-its alright-its alright. Ayuba Waba led NLC is a scam... How can you suspend what has been implemented? Who pays back what has been charged already?

Who trusted you before😏? Awon oloshi Is electricity tariff the only problem? Until we take protest seriously, we'll just keep hoping What about the reduction in fuel price? Was it not among the demands too? Is electricity tariff hike the only problem the nation is facing. NLC is a complete sellout Only electricity? What about petrol.?

As expected....toothless NLC 😅 APC and NLC who stupid pass I hope it's not their usual load of crap. Na light wey Dey use go work? Any planned protest against bad governance in Nigeria will never work. A day will come that no one will plan it and every Nigerians will take over the street. Abimberry Labour strike or no strike, let's make money online.

They should reverse fuel price as well, Nigeria labour union are stupid Oh, I like this game 😅 Nigeria is a failed state. So no organisations can't complete wit d govt. That's why dey re doing anything dey want to d poor masses and getting away with it. NLC has sold there souls. We keep praying dat oneday a messiah wil a merge and save us all. Let's keep d faith

We know that labour would instigate the government to take a court injunction to fool Nigerians and make the suspension of the strike action look as though it was as a result of the injunction. Labour has failed Nigerians. Ishiomole's labour was the real deal. Now, it's RUBBISH. Has any anti poor peoples policy ever been reversed in Nigeria, of course No!!! NLC has since been decimated, corruption has taken over NLC...

These people are jokers on both side. They are all indeed taking Nigerians for a ride. fucking hell, fucking bastards... I barely eat everyday while I go out trying to find a daily on how to put food on the table and they say this to us... na thunder and ogun go kill them, I nor blame them oh... Wrong reporting.

I won't talk again about labour,I stopped believing them since Oshio baba sold out and jumped into politics. Anyways,I still will not agitate against deregulation of the petroleum industry, I supported it in 2012 and I still feel it is the way to go. Only on paper will FG suspend the electricity hike, disco will never stop so let's be guided

Cruise Brown envelope has changed their mind 😂 Like I said before NLC don't have Balls. Dey re all d same with our evil govt. All of dem have sold the there heart to d devil.dey hav collected bribe and now talking from both sides of dere mouth. Hw abt d poor that d salaries didn't increased how wil dey survive. Wicked people

Why should Nigerians ever take NLC seriously. In this country Everyman to himself! NLC just fell my hands ... I knew it... Govt is only playing them so it wouldn't affect oct 1 celebration... I'm not entirely ok with this headline, FG suspended electricity tariff hike for just 2weeks not a reversal. FG Trumped Labour in the negotiation. P.S. I support deregulation though even in 2012's GEJ attempt.

Welcome to Naija. I sha know say they go suspend 😂😂😂 I'm not entirely ok with this headline, FG suspended electricity tarrif for 2weeks not a reversal. FG Trumped Labour in the negotiation. P.S. I support deregulation though even in 2012's GEJ attempt. Whenever I hear these names, Waba or Ajero, what comes to my minds is fraud. Can anybody tell why?

NLCHeadquarters Gidi_Traffic ...poor standard of living, implementation of minimum wage or raise the benchmark on minimum wage to match global practices, devpt of rural areas and local govt autonomy, these are worthy of protests & general strike but as usual, NLC remains d same My Labour Labour! No be naija we dey?

NLCHeadquarters Gidi_Traffic you guys are disappointing Nugerians, your protests should not be limited to things that are global like hike in petroleum. It should be things we can control like the cost of running govt, cut in salaries, socio economic factor, poor standard..... Labour is never serious when it comes to strike. Once they enter closed door meeting, settlement will take place. What about increase in consumer's good and not just fuel and electricity? This country,it's only God that can save us.

Scam. . Will the Discos revert immediately? Will the gas station revert immediately ? Photo trick. We knew this wouldn't see the light of day. Labour don chop something and ministers don dey richer. Shikinah I am disappointed in the organized labor struggles, they've chopped dodo and can not speak ododo, they did not fight for the masses

Labour, you guys are receiving salaries month end nau.... what about we ordinary Nigerian on the street... whats the exchange for the sufferings? There is God ooooo No one expected anything different from labour... Like I'm surprised? Useless union with their useless leaders Tariff was only suspended not reversed to be reviewed for two weeks, but fuel hike remains, to me it's just to buy time,it doesn't make sense if fuel hike is not brought down cos salaries have not been reviewed upwards,so much unemployment&inflation in the country, we have no NLC

This Nigeria Labour Congress has collected money right? The suffering and hike in prices of petroleum products and good and services is too much. This government is not doing anything to help its citizens. And to even talk about me buying 10k for just 96 units there is God oh AlochukwuNwagu adams2011 iamprofagas

We were not planning for any kind of strike because we know quite well that there will be no strike Fools. God will continue to punish everyone who make this country to be like this We been know 419 government. Reverse a monthly bills that are already out for customers to pay for 2weeks . How is that possible?

So we have Labour Union? No. They are Mercenaries NLC is a bark without bite dog, just as the FG mettee untold hardship on us amidst our pleas, NLC should have gone on strike to let FG know we are dead serious about this. 2 weeks after and the matter will be dormant. 😒 So it means that masses can change things in this country 🤔

This country is just a joke Did FG reverse it completely or For a period of time? You guys should write these things well so we know whether to enter street, ready for anything cos the way we are going eh, When will they reverse the fuel hike too?....cos this somehow shows that some persons must have take envelopes.

Via their body language you'll know that they are not serious, they're just doing gragra for Brown envelop Those yeye have collected money Who would've even joined your shady protest...! NLC useless pass govt self. A laughable agreement Yeye people This NLC is part of the government. Expect nothing from them.

I knew they were going to compromise at the last minute.. Was electricty tariff the only reason why they planned the strike Compromised people!!! In 2015, Buhari claimed no subsidy and after election Buhari is paying subsidy .. . Incompetent fools As usual self interest over peoples opinion prevails NLC IS A SCAM

“Follow me I follow back” “I’m not a celebrity Follow me and be followed back in a seconds 💯 % sure I promise to follow back If u don't want to follow please don't like Shittttt. Let them no suspend it and see how effective the strike I'll be Audio reversal Now that the NLC has succumb, who will now bail the CAT?

FG dey use us play 2 odds How about fuel ? Labour Union na scam Labour leaders was never going on strike.they r just requesting for there share. shameless People. amber_Ceeh Let the darkness begin. I knew that NLC and TUC don't have the balls to go on with the so-called planned strike action. Buhari has successfully chopped off their balls. Ndi ara!

Confused Nation This country is not worst dying for Lolz....Welcome to My Country Naija...Where Strike is Suspended Overnight....Ole ni Everybody mtcheww Everybody Na Hustler Even NLC Na Scam on the solid ground of Brown Envelope 😂😂😊 iTooD0 Labour Serious B4 I knew these thieves were never going to go on with the strike...Ayuba is a disgrace to NLC....him and his team. Bunch of corrupt,brown envelop gobblings. I hate Nigeria...this country offers no is hard but in is hell.

How its wayooo Now, are the DISCOs going to reverse the tariff ? Am so sure they won't ! Not surprised at the outcome. This agreement sounds like a campaign promise. Why am I seeing 2021 on almost all the agreement. After 5years, the refineries are at 50% but you still throw blames around. NLCHeadquarters let's see what miracle will occur within the next two weeks.

Lmao 😂 In a democratic set up I don't know why the executive will be so adamant to people's out cry. All these things na media, we been knew. God y I knew those bastards would sold out amidst all their noises. Every Nigerian is or a potential bastard. Eti ri nkankan (una never see anything ). The best and only way is for Nigeria to divide

NLC SOLD OUT , What a shame!!!!! Reverses hike, where is the evidence Abi na audio reverse Already planned out before they start. Hike in electricity was just the selling and the landing point. Masses are just being deceived, there is no representation in Labour Union. if we are generating light and producing oil and they are still costly, then we HELP as a Country.

Nigeria media houses are part of the problem we are facing in this country.. a lot of people who reads headlines wouldn’t even know it’s for a “Fort night”, y’all really need to stop misleading people ffs I know they will bribe them..... Ofehge they still bringing back the Tariff this suspension just to avoid see finish 🤣

Nobody expected otherwise, we knew how it was going play out right from the beginning Chai Naija don suffer! If you read this news and compare it with NLC demands you would know NLCHeadquarters is not your friend. Fuel nko? Salaries delay nko? I no d understand una but solidarity forever We all saw this coming, foooking dim witts

So you guys finally decided to collect bribe? Nigerians ndooo! Deal long concluded behind closed doors, who is deceiving who. How about PMS pump price? I've never seen a joke as an association like this nlcnig before I thought the target was towards the independence day you suspend strike for 2 weeks I've never believed in you guys to get things done before sef so I'm not surprised

JoyceOnyemuwa, you see what we were saying about Labour on your show last week It's all scam, 1. For the period of 2wks, I doubt if we will not be charged the same for power without reversal 2.doubt if those who can feel the pains of the masses would be in the committee 3.we all know two years is not enough for the committee to fix the issue. why 2 wks?

They only wanted FG to get them to that provabial roundtable. This is expected, many dont trust Labour. Fuel nko? With Ayuba Wabba as president, nothing can ever come from NLC! See his face.. I saw this coming ......shame to NLC Which tarrif did they reverse it is the one people are already paying or which kind stupid NLC is this

Nigeria youths need to demand for better Nigeria. All this old leaders should leave the government for the young generation now. Why am I not surprised We need youths in this NLC that are ready to make name for them You need to include for two weeks- 'Reverses electricity tariff hike for two weeks' People like us never took NLC serious when they announced their plan so I'm not surprised at all

Fuel nko These are not unions. They are bribe takers. 'Elewon l'oga.' That's how they will keep adding '2 weeks' The wicked always da do meeting for night But why would this labor people believe this Government, this government is full of scam, the are pro max when it comes to empty promises There was never going to be any strike in the first place.

Now that Labour don failed us just like Naija Gov. Waiting we go do? Let fight for our right without violence FG was scared. Scardy fishes😆 I think it is time we as citizens rise up and do what is right bcos this ppl we are xpecting to fight for us will alwz choose brown envelopes over us everyday NLCHeadquarters has been compromised , see why they wanna embark on a strike and see d great disgrace they brought. All na audio if NLCHeadquarters cant do it RevolutionNow will do it. If FG like mk dem go order more armour tanks to disperse d peaceful protesters ooo

I know labour will never strike because they are working hand in hand with FG Useless people ; both sides! Oh no!!! This people are can't be trusted with anything!!! Is it only electricity? I thought this was their agenda? Fuel nko I knew this was a scam when I read this news handle. The Nigerian Government isn't interested in meeting these demands and this will be reflected in the coming weeks and no pressure to reduce the price of fuel..

Do we really have labour Union since the administration of Buhari? They have never disappointed me. I knew they are a bunch of toothless bulldogs. Self- serving and seriously compromised group of people. They can never defend the interest of the masses. Is it electricity tariff that is the problem? SirLewis93 Babashina003

Me I know that you pple will call off the strike overnight 😒😏 No matter what we presently think of Oshiomhole, he still remains the LAST NLC chairman buzibrownie Labour behaves as if they don't know what this Government is capable of doing, this will help them celebrate their diamond jubilee and after that everything will return to status quo.

RealOlaudah They reversed electricity tarriff? 💃💃💃💃💃💃. One down, many more to go This Nigeria na pure croozeee I smell foul play... I know this strike won't take place before so left matter Who still trust NLC oladseyOOE Nigeria will protest against this bunches of thieves calling their self NLC Wasn't surprised

Oh my God🙆‍♂️ Smh... Why the suspension when our conditions are not met. Is the electricity available for us to access? How about hike in petroleum? You people should grow up o Who Labour help? Everything about this Buhari demonic government is 100% mark up from fuel to electricity and other things that give mankind reasons to live. God will not show mercy to everyone of you that bring this buhari administration on the good people of Nigeria in Jesus name.

Labour, Humanitarian scam ministry, Law makers, Executive arm, legislative arm.. A total disaster. This country just has to accept their fate n disengage. We're only creating more problem for d future. Good morning my fellows Nigerians. PLEASE,read through the news link o!! Read it first. The Labour leaders are definitely Buhari stooges. They need to be sacked and other leaders replaced asap. Can we just have one successful strike to show this govt our pains?

How hard is it to change Labour chairman that his hand has been oiled? So shameful. Great. After I have paid double 😭 Once labour unions don't act like labour unions, know surely that such country is dead. Good job, now help us tackle PMS increase. NLC,TUC: a big SHAME on you. With zero purchasing power the poor masses in Nigeria, we are tired of sacrificing for Nigeria. Let the politicians sacrifice for once by reducing their humongous salaries and benefits. NLC should have emphasized on this to save money for repair of our 4 refineries.

Reversed for just 2 weeks? We need another NLC please, this one has been corrupted. shame on you cows nlcnig I knew from the beginning the planned protest was just for them not to look weak. They are playing by the book. All scripted. Bribe is what is killing this country for you to see that they suspended it they must have bribed them so fellow Nigerian let put our hope on God all this criminals are not going to make anything good in Nigeria suffering and smiling

Whosaur, hope your work clothes are set? Can you shame the shameless? NLC we knew nothing will come out of this。 What about the Pump price? What about the Jobless youths. This Government has failed Us Sadly! I knew it, NLC has collected money useless lot Before nko. Do we have Labour Movement in Nigeria. APC creation. All the gra gra to deceive the gullible. NLC serving govt interest. STOP MONTHLY DUES.

Ayuba and his cronies don collect some ghana must go bags be dat😎😎 Power to the people Fooled Nigerians again, Their regular trademark. After all their initial gra gra brown envelope made them shut up. Lool mehnn Am I disappointed? No! Las las if labour shame us, God no go shame us.. Labour continu. Can this NLC please shut the fuck up. We already know the are them for the bags not for the masses. I have 0.000% faith that good things gonna come out from these set of people calling themselves NLC.

Worst government so far in Nigeria.... And NLC have failed Nigerians... God punish all of them Dem don disburse funds. Obviously nothing surprise me again in this country. No more NLC Jesu! What a joke of a Labour Union! Anyways, we expected this to happen. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 What of PMS price ? They reversed it just for two weeks, and nothing has been said with Fuel ⛽️ price.

This why we are agitating for Freedom. Tomorrow NLC, TUC and Others will like the Masses to believe their Audio Talk. The have taken their Share and this why Nigeria can never work. Senseless FG. If there's something to know about Buhari's regime, it's that of being overly manipulative and mischievous. Anyways, NLC has Nigerians to answer for this.

Organized labour has just failed woefully. Nothing tangible was agreed, and why was the government Representatives not led by the president? WabbaAyuba you have played and rubbished again by this insincere government or has something changed hands? I'm just asking sha I knew this whole strike palaver was a sham from day one, NLC and TUC have sold their souls for monetary gains. More woes to the common man.

Ok 2seconds Account Don dy Breathe.... 😏 Ideas rule the world - when they are well written! I proofread any kind of written material; from essays and online posts to theses and e-books. Let me give your writing a facelift with error-free editing. Need some editing? CLICK on the link NOW! NLC don cash out

This is a scam! Overnight 😂😂😂 thieves Heerphyz matjerriee see this. NLC are all APC card carrying members. I knew they were just making noise Great , the people has the power only if we utilize it!!! Can we try to EndSARS too This why we are agitating for Freedom. Tomorrow you will like the Masses to believe Audio Talk Men.

How long are we going to continue with the back and front policy issues in Nigeria? Labour has chickened out as usual. Midnight money exchange. Nonsense people They just went to cash out, this board here and there is for some people to continue to benefit in the means of declining government revenue, no concrete plan has been put forward to really help the Nigeria workers. NLC is a seller out.

They've collected their brown envelopes, we don't trust you guys. Oloriburuku lawon people yii sha....what will now happen to Fuel Pump price 🙄🙄🙄 🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶 Are there Books You Want to Read but you can’t get ? I could get them for you in PDF format At A Very Cheap Price,Personal Development Books, Religion, Finance/Business,Science Fiction,Love,History and Others. I will Get them For you within Minutes and You Pay me just a Token.

I know it waba can never comes good The most useless, clueless, unserious, labour union we ever have,they should stop deceiving citizens of this great nation especially we common man. What about the fuel price ? Who was even thinking the strike will hold. This NLC is part of the government. Expect nothing from them.

No wonder they are called labour. They prefer hardship to good life. Shame I move 🚶🚶🚶🚶 Are there Books You Want to Read but you can’t get ? I could get them for you in PDF format At A Very Cheap Price,Personal Development Books, Religion, Finance/Business,Science Fiction,Love,History and Others. I will Get them For you within Minutes and You Pay me just a Token.

Labour union died with Adam oshiomole. He was the only NLC I can remember till date. Why wasn’t this deliberation filmed on national TV? Why did it have to be done behind closed doors? We need a more transparent government because nothing is stopping me from believing that the suspended strike is a result of bribery. NLCStrike laycon

Good. I knew they will back down. Toothless bulldogs. For 2weeks. Ehn nah BBNaija don finish 🤷‍♂️ They are not serious at all GhostOfEcstasy Temporarily reverses electricity tarriff hike for a period of two weeks. A move I wouldn't advice because we'll return right here again in two weeks time since the increment is a contractual obligation and not an executive directive.

After October 1st dey will go back to their norm. Na scam Weak Government et mumu labour Awon Oni katikati...😂😂 What a shame can't be committed to this joke of a Nation..tah Dem Regular Trademark...😂😂😂 Same Song Everytime. After 2 weeks you will come back to the street to protest. Is it not fulani control government🤣😄

Very funny we Sha know this current labour don't have the balls they have gotten there alert U people reverse overnight? y nau Petrol Hike Nko, Food price Hike Nko, Hyper-Inflation Nko. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 What are you people expecting from Labour. A man that cought his wife in adultery and waiting for one month notice before taking action. I am not surprised at all.

Better for them The tariff they are already billing people or which one? I should have waited before loading my meter ohh. Fools Trade ur condemned,spoilt inverter battery for cash for enquiry☎️ 08107105177/08095734598 retweet and get instant follow frm me🙏BBNaijaLocdown laycon Dora Erica Nengi BreakingNews Obaseki wizkid ASUU davido FEM EricaToTheWorld SundayMotivation Nigeria .

Asuu.... Asukunrojo How far? Exactly as I predicted... This NLC issa Scam. No one will take them seriously anymore. It's all a hoax! NLC went to the villa last nite to get there usual envelope. This country na scam. Ehn, what of the patrol hike? Cox we kuku no day see light na fuel we day buy to on generator. NLCStrike fuel price is importanter o 😂

This is a list of why NLC intended to embark on Nation wide strike, but they only accomplish a reduction in electricity Tarrif,... this is the reason I will always love oshiomole NLC leader then.. Oshomole still remain the best labour leader.. No mention of the court injunction stopping them from embarking on the strike?

I hope the NLC will compel the Discos to revert, not that they'll continue to cheat people Labour has finished sharking FG table. Rubbish, na the fuel hike be the main thing, When I heard labour Union is going on strike,I was like if they are still the NLC I know Dem go resume before the end of the week. Not even up to 72hrs

Cowards! Laugh now cry later SteveCypha Labour leaders 🌞🌞always after there personal interest. SCAM For a while now I haven't had bread so just yesterday I went to a breakery to buy some bread and I was told d price of 300 is now 500 that was when I knew that 9ja is just like a keg of gun powder waiting to explode with d increasing fuel price again n expensive govt that we run.

Ok, how about pms price Haaaa.... Labour, ẹti ya wèrè ! 😏 IkejaElectric I hope you guys will do normal with your next bill. Anyway, me and you get scores to settle this week. We will start from the official way NERCNG be on standby! belwizbisi NLC have sellout, brown envelope unionism Simple logic... Let's increase fuel price, these people are too distracted with Bbnaija to want to protest, but let's also increase electricity tariffs that we'll use as escape route to confuse them, then plans with NLC to drag them until d Eve of the finale of bnaija...

Nigeria labor unions na Miliki. Dem don share brown envelopes. Believe them at your own peril. The civil society have to take the bull by the horns to protest against Buhari’s misrule, against fuel and electricity price hikes. Don’t look at NLC & TUC. They are compromised This is Nigeria, you are all welcome to this cruise country, with joking n struggling we survive.

I talk am. Rubbish people These guys representing labours are bunch of visionless people. This is a scam. Labour knows it, the government knows it. The Nigerian workers are on their own. Dem don throw dogs another bone They should have embark on that strike.. The only thing our so call 📱 government understand is strike.. What about the fuel ⛽ pump price, what is it reduced too?

Labour is nothing but a total fraud. So after all the agitation nothing has been achieved to cushion the effect of the suffering masses. Suffering continues! I only hear of them reverting the electricity tariff but what about the fuel price too, any explanation on that? Bank alert 😂😂😂 What a country. Sighs.

What about fuel price Thisis a very good development. Kudos to the labour union and government representatives to reach a consensus. Shey una don mad ni..after I made payment today Finally! Brown envelope, Aza man 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 The country is a mess ..choose to talk about big brother..than the Crisis in the country

Why NLC can't for once stand their ground in any decision they take? This country has spoilt beyond repair. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Nigerians never see suffer yet 😂mad o The government knows what they are doing Fools This bunch of so-called labour leaders in the country are more interested in their pecuniary gains than the interest of the masses. Hopeless and useless people!

Labour mad ooo Hmmmmmmmmmm Cowards😤😏 To be candid,all these agreements lack stuffs for Nigerians.Whats the new fuel price,Chikenoh! Show of shame,we all know there is no light in Nigeria so reducing tariff is needless to the mass what Nigerians are clamoring for is the reduction of fuel Ayubadoncollecthisownshare

I'm not surprised NLC is the MOST USELESS organization I have ever known. I said it before; in fact, I posted on my group's WhatsApp platform when the issue of the 'planned strike' came up that 'don't be surprised to hear by tomorrow's morning that the strike has been suspended'. Here we are again When you have wrong people managing a sensitive affairs this is what you get!

Nigeria works best under pressure. I have said it several times, we don't hv labour union anymore. This is d worst set of labour leaders we hv, they are only interested in cashing out and clout chasing. Paschal Bafyau and Adams Oshiomole remain the best labour leaders this country even had. What a pity

As expected. Can anyone be surprised at this news? Hope you people don't delete tweets sha Jegrayy Thank God No be naija? Na normal normal. Labour only want us to know dat dy are in existence not to fight for anybody. So d madness continues as usual Complacency shit on the labour side. Clowns 😂😂😂 I always knew the labour won't do shit, but I all cupprut bastards

Timipre sylva said gas is the new fuel haha. Shithole leaders 2 weeks gragra It's obvious they have bribed NLC or threatened them any which way all of you ain't alright. Reduce pump price too 😂 😂 We no gree sleep serf Temporary suspended for October 1st independence celebration. Ati Labour Ati Federal Government All of you are MAD yasin😢 R just use sleeping pill min ago😭

What of Increased PMS price? Just like Nollywood, we knew the end before y'all got at it. Then what about Petrol? Good One!... I noticed i still got the same units yesterday as b4 d tariff hike but there are still more to be tackled. Lots are wrong in this country Are we striking because of the hike... Or we are striking because we are tired of everything wrong with this administration? We have insecurity, injustice, the police reform bill, the kalokalo and tinini-tanana economy modules... Labour is a shame in this country!! NewNigeria

As expected. Something has happened behind the curtains, either NLC was threatened, or they were bribed!!! They will always be a joke! For two weeks huh those filling stations will tell you they haven’t finish selling products they bought with the previous price no way they reducing their prices immediately

Ogun kill una . Awon heart breaker 💔💔 Oshi 😪😪 Pump price nko Service reflective tariff scam has been suspended. NERCNG should immediately mandate the DISCOs to give those on prepaid meter that bought energy within this period of madness the remaining units they paid for. NLCHeadquarters please follow it up.

What a country Hahaha funny Is Nigeria not a joke? for 2 weeks? Do we still have NLC in this country? Na thief thief full for der abeg.🤥🤥 NLC, TUC just betrayed Nigerians Says Festus Keyamo Lol. Palliatives for labour 🤡🤡🤡🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 What about the hike in pump price! Labor with their initial Gra Gra. Drealskit

Bank alert kpakam Let Labour fo press release and let us hear their position 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂toothless bulldog awon oloshi!!!!!!!! I saw it coming awon eleribu Something wey we don know. Dem for hear word

[BREAKING] Strike: FG, labour meeting rescheduled for 7pm todayAdelani Adepegba, AbujaAhead of the planned strike by labour, the Federal Government will today meet with the Nigeria Labour Congress and the Trade Union Congress to avert the industrial acti... You guys are not serious either u reduce fuel or electricity hike or strike must prevail tomorrow. Awon werey who don’t buy petrol how do you expect them not to support the fuel hike.. The NLC/TUC must be reminded that there is a subsisting order of court and which must be obeyed not matter the outcome of the 'meeting'. Do not alter our protest Jare

BREAKING: Labour suspends strike as FG orders DisCos to halt electricity hike for 2 weeksThe organised labour has suspended its planned strike action and protests billed to hold today (Monday), September 28, following agreements reached with the Fed Okay... ayomide_sosanya See this slies ooo Una suspend strike for last minute 😩😩 Are we a joke to NLC.....I'm suing them for emotional distress! MKKyari Child's play

FG To Meet With Labour Unions TonightJust In: FG To Meet With Labour Unions Tonight Another bribe So as to give them their share ? We are in trouble in this part of the world

FG meets labour Sunday 7pm to avert planned Monday strikeayemojubar Don't compromise NLC/TUC.Fight for the good of the common man The federal government we shall change our nlc opinion amazing nlc we are not sports our people just we are sports your self Labour representatives should note that betraying the masses in a crucial time like this is the greatest offence against humanity, it is more immoral and condemnable than the greatest corruption or fraud of the highest degree. So, please, save the masses, save future generations.

UPDATED: FG, labour meet 7pm over planned strikeAdelani Adepegba, AbujaAhead of the planned strike by labour, the Federal Government will today meet with the Nigeria Labour Congress and the Trade Union Congress to avert the industrial action... Reduce pump price. Period We are waiting to hear last minute call off as usual. We are used to it. The NLC/TUC must be reminded that there is a subsisting order of court and which must be obeyed not matter the outcome of the 'meeting'.

Uncertainty over strike as Labour, FG hold marathon meetingIt must hold ✌️ Ok now we r just looking No going back