BREAKING: Kidnapping, banditry not federal offences in Nigeria - Buhari govt - Daily Post Nigeria

BREAKING: Kidnapping, banditry not federal offences in Nigeria - Buhari govt - Daily Post Nigeria

5/4/2021 5:56:00 PM

BREAKING: Kidnapping, banditry not federal offences in Nigeria - Buhari govt - Daily Post Nigeria

President Muhammadu Buhari-led government says kidnapping and banditry are not federal offences in Nigeria. Addressing the media on Tuesday, Information

President Muhammadu Buhari-led government says kidnapping and banditry are not federal offences in Nigeria.Addressing the media on Tuesday, Information Minister, Lai Mohammed made the comment in response to the statement on insecurity by the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

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“It is shocking that a party that ruled this nation for all of 16 years does not know that kidnapping and banditry are not federal offences”, he said.The minister told the party to call out the states, including those being controlled by it, to ensure a rigorous prosecution of arrested kidnappers and bandits.

Mohammed said the PDP did not respect its own words, as it played cheap politics while playing the ostrich.He noted that the opposition made wild accusations against the President and his government.“For example, the PDP said the government has refused to engage, and that we were running a ‘government of exclusion’, and not engaging stakeholders.”

Mohammed insisted that the current administration has consistently engaged Nigerians on topical national issues, including security, the fight against corruption, terrorism, infrastructure and farmer-herder conflict.He said the latest of such Town Hall Meetings was the one in Kaduna and further listed the recommendations.

The minister said participants agreed: That the governance of human society should be based on Law rather than the whims and caprices of human beings and must be obeyed by all as all persons are equal before the law including the lawgivers;That there is an urgent need for political restructuring and not separation; That the Judiciary be decentralized and reformed through Constitutional Amendment to remove the unitary control of the Superior Courts;

That governments at all levels should ensure free, qualitative and compulsory Primary Education for all children of school age;That the Military, Police and other Security Agencies should be expanded in number, retrained, provided with modern equipment and technology to cope with emerging security challenges.

That both religious and traditional leaders should encourage and promote inter-marriages for unity as contained in the 1999 Constitution as amended, Article 15, 3(c) which prescribes inter-marriage among persons from different places of origin, or of different religious, ethnic or linguistic association or ties;

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That the establishment of State Police should be supported by the National and State Houses of Assembly to enable State Governments to have firm control in addressing security issues.That Traditional Rulers should be given their age-long role of maintaining peace and security within their domain;

The Local Government Autonomy be actualized to enable them to have control of their areas including the ungoverned spaces in tackling security challenges;That the Farmers/Herders clashes be addressed by establishment of ranches, grazing reserves with modern amenities to check the trans-humans of the herders.

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How did we get here? This is insane Hmm Confused government APC PROPAGANDA CHIEF SPOKES PERSON ! This is insane Buhari government has destroyed Nigeria totally I can see the sarcasm all over ur ugly face ..🇳🇬😢 Mr Lai Mubammed Banditry and kidnapping is not federal offence. But militancy in south south is federal offence. Minning illegally in tha states are federal offence?

Some idiots will still defend this ranting... 😒 Clueless folks now want states that lacked outright command of DPOs to tackle kidnapping and banditry... What a locationF9 When is he gonna stop being an embarrassment to Nigeria? Hear yourself

Kidnapping, banditry not federal offences – FG replies PDP | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World NewsThe Federal Government on Tuesday berated the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for displaying crass ignorance that kidnapping and banditry are not federal offences. He is definitely not normal ... Old fool Nigeria is finished, its a pitty we made this silly mistake in 2015....shame! 😳😳🙆🙆

Can Evans be released yet?🧐 Does this mean that if one involves in Kidnapping or Banditry and is caught, He will be discharged and acquitted? Boko Haram nko that one na federal offence right? Old man You say? Oni katikati ni okunrin ti ope ara re ni lai yi o Any responsible government will immediately recognize that this is a matter of national security and not just banditry. This federal government has abandoned it's responsibilities to keep the country safe.

So where is Evans? Is his kidnap case a state or Local government offence? The Banana Republic cum Jungle called Nigeria... Shifting blame & never taking responsibility.

We will expose sponsors of terrorism, banditry in Nigeria - Buhari support group - Daily Post NigeriaA political group, ISTANDWITHBUHARI has vowed to expose sponsors of terrorism and banditry in the country. Ifeanyi Ezedinma, the group's spokesman, Tazo muji ta..... You want to expose Buhari abi? That will be good Always taking rubbish!

Devil will punish you So why was Evans arrested? Then Evans should get a good SAN to get him out of detention. This is what happens when idiots are in power... Yes sir we actually forgot that Nigerians are hypocrites, we re here murmuring words while this terrorist govt and nepotic president re fooling us. Hv you asked yourself why they insist on borrowing cos they know Nigeria is going to crash so they need to loot as much as posible for themselves and their agenda

They're not even offences. Ewu No wonder I guess u guys should always knw wat to post God will punish every Yoruba person that had a hand in inflicting this man on us

Insecurity: God‘ll not forgive Buhari if Nigeria goes to war - Gani Adams - Daily Post NigeriaThe Aare Onakakanfo of Yoruba land, Iba Gani Adams, has warned President Muhammadu Buhari against allowing what would trigger another war in Nigeria. Defend yoruba people and yoruba land Oduduwanow Buhari is already dead and buried

The only government in the world that sponsors terrorism Nothing wey we no go hear from this apc govt We sell lace cake, brownies and cookies 🍪 to get you in that mood or to get your party started. Chat us now for Lagos only!! Stupid old man ADEDAYO__ Can someone explain this to me and anonymous.... just educational purpose Oyindamorela_

Where una for dey see this weed? Federal offenses include: 1. Killing of cows 2. Criticizing Buhari 3. Setting up the ESN. 4. Asking Buhari to resign. 5. Calling for a referendum. 6. Not linking your NIN-SIM. 7. Banning Open Grazing (RUGA). 8. Selling alcohol in Kano, Kaduna. 9. Refusal to pay Sheikh Gumi’s men.

The Fed govt is reminding whoever cares to listen that Banditry and Kidnapping are State Offences, is it a sign Fed govt has surrendered & given up? It remains debatable but Who controls the Military, Police, Customs, Immigration & etal? Fed Govt. It was wrong timing statement. My goodness 🙆🏿‍♂️🙆🏿‍♂️🙆🏿‍♂️

This man took Nigeria as a joke

Buhari working to rescue kidnapped Greenfield University students - Presidency - Daily Post NigeriaThe Presidency has said President Muhammadu Buhari is working with the military and intelligence agencies to rescue the abducted students from Greenfield So we've heard that he's working on our security and here we are 😏 We have a president that can't speak for himself but has to always speak through the 'presidency'

Na old age be your problem BuhariMustGo How exactly is this Breaking News? It's alright. Let's just sell this country to Ghana...cox last its just a scam I'm not a propaganda of violence but I think the state capital is too peaceful for our president and his allies I give up 🙅‍♂🙅‍♂ Always shifting blames/ ball passing

But federal government can provide national funds to bandits and terrorists .... when it comes to punishment, it is not national.... I don't understand. I wonder why the Federal Police arrested Evans then.

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If this is so, give the state governors 'state police' to facilitate arrest and prosecution of kidnappers and bandits in their states, since they neither have control, nor enjoy the cooperation of the federal police who take orders from the federal government. Pls which state is prosecuting Evans Was it the state police that arrested him and who is prosecuting him? And u are saying that bandits terrorising states, killing and kidnapping is not for federal govt to prosecute? Who controls Nigerian Police and DSS and the Army?

And he opens his mouth again..ode🙁 Good! By this information, anyone with the balls may heartily get into the business then. Thank you for the clarification. We're leaving nigeria for oduduwa nation With these people in power, there small never be any form of progress in Nigeria..just imagine what this one is saying and yet want people with right thinking mind to invest in Nigeria? Nah go to Ghana

Is this meme?! Lai Mohammed and Buhari, you guys have a lot to confess to Nigerians. Soon it will be judgment day When Evans start his own now, it will become a federal offense. This country is doomed

Wow ashiru_ope But killing of un armed biafrans and sending Nigeria army to east where there is peace is a fendral offence. BiafraNationNow BiafraNationNow But one tree cannot make a forest. Wait what? Lai mohammed has lost it forever and ever. Why then was GEJonathan held accountable by same APC for not rescuing the Chibok girls? Being totally clueless about addressing security issues, the govt of MBuhari is acting more irresponsibly with each passing day. Rubbish talk from his most useless minister.

Am sure he has gone to smoke that stuff again..... no wonder he has been silent since One Nigeria people Una don hear am ?Your leader liar Mohamed is talking ..mad people everywhere Everybody knows that Lai Mohammed is mad

True talk nah If kidnapping, bandit is not federal offences , then release Evans from prison . You this bloody leaders Everybody in this present government needs to go. If only you can feel the gazes from the international community. They wonder how stupid we all are as a nation. It's pathetic and sad that things are these way cos of the older generation that should be wiser but that's not the case

Imagine this 🤦🏽‍♂️...all dis guys are terrorists aswr Federal offenses are Peaceful protests Dissent voices Esn Secessionist ESN nd IPOB not federal offences . They are telling you that they have nothing else to do about the insecurity in Nigeria 🇳🇬.. they are tired there’s nothing else they can do so now everyone need to defend himself..

But asking for referendum is a federal offence, right? Whose father is this? Chaii.... how did we get here?

As how What a mis-normal. Kidnapping and banditry are not federal offences in Nigeria yet people are killed everyday, what a country called Nigeria. God come and deliver us quickly. LaiMohammed2 remember posterity. Someday you will leave that seat you are currently occupying and you will be served the evil you offered to everyday Nigerians.

...and monitoring cattle is? Very silly and insensitive remark. Oloriburuku agbalagba. This Man is never serious, we are talking insecurity where kidnapping, banditry, rape etc becomes stock in trade you are apportioning who is in charge. U should always remember dat one day whether u like it or not you would leave that ur office where deceits is d order of the day

But an igbo man is still in fedral prison after he was arrested in lagos for kidnapping but if it is fulanis no offence. The fact that this old liar has relatives and friends who can't curb him from embarrassing himself shows the decadence of values in our society. Odaran ni man yi sha. POTUS45 netanyahu POTUS VP PMOIndia JapanGov CanadianPM BrazilGovNews BorisJohnson MFA_Austria KremlinRussia_E SpainMFA EmmanuelMacron EU_Commission IntlCrimCourt SwedishPM govsingapore ScottMorrisonMP UKParliament StateDept

So offences have federal and state now. What about local government offence. Buhari nd his govt officials are terrorists nd high level bandits. They are not even disguising Ah!!. You sef sometimes no dey give us this kain stupid news, sometimes allow the leaders to dwell in their stupidity FMICNigeria leader talks foolishly. What nonsense is this?

At This Point It's Like They Are Telling Nigerians 'Fvck Off, Una Nor Fit Do Anything' So this man don't deserve suspension or be sacked the APC as of a thing is totally terrorists sponsoring and creation govt they all care about how to protect their created terror gangs they can't even protect Nigerians there is nothing left they are everywhere DivideNigNow

It has finally happened. Run for your lives ooo. Shameful to your family. BABA ofo jerry_emy

When a government rewrites a law to suit them, in no distant time, that law comes to hunt them I’m sure this man has kids oh. Fulani Sunni Muslim Apc dictatorial regime is encouraging and embolden Fulani Muslim TERRORIST activities in NigerArea. So what are the federal offenses? But terrorism definitely is

Wait, who is in Charge of the security agencies that are vital tools in fighting this crimes? State gov or Federal gov. ? Is it not this sane Nigeria State poling was kicked against? What a time to be a Nigerian. Just wow POTUS BorisJohnson President Buhari of Nigeria, your partner, is indifferent to the orphaning of our children, raping their mothers and destroying communities because these are not 'federal offences'!

Continuous drift to a failed state. What exactly is wrong with the APC govt. and their insightful utterances I wonder whose offence it will be if their children or their families is been kidnapped benzeema007 Then allow the state to be in charge of their security against banditry and kidnapping!

So whose offence is it when they do kidnap in the federal capital? Mr Lai..Has this APC Govt given clearance for establishment of State Police? Don't think we are dumb Sir.Last time i checked,d Military nd Police r in the 'Exclusive list' and d govs do not have control over these bodies,How is Banditry and Kidnapping not a Federal Govt issue?

Could it be a local govt offence Hon minister? Haha! APC as a party would indeed make a good political science doctorate thesis for graduate students in political science. It is a good study for political philosophy in an African setting. A first of its kind. Whatever d agenda. Kia....who dey write article for this man God

What's the authenticity of this post dear Of video record can be given Let's not spread... When it's time to spew senseless news, they send Lai Mohammed or use his picture. Makes me wonder, how much trauma (mental) his kids and wife must have each passing day. That's if the blood stained money hasn't killed their conscience sha

Jesus Wept They renamed them to whitewash them 🤔 This guy didn't say this, but they had to use his picture cos he's the go to image for incompetency.. They just can't say this, they can' how?No naaa, they can't !!!

My mental health is at risk in this country. Tought I was seeing wrong when I read this🤦🏾‍♂️ karoagono The Time is now... Secure a better Future for your spouse and Children. Second citizenships offer access to world-class health care, education and an improved lifestyle. For more enquiries please Call 08028153868

What? He didn't!! As long as Fulani are involved, any abomination will not be considered a crime. Govt will just pass the buck, blame someone else and tell you to lick your wounds quietly. 1. They are not federal offences but who is in control of the machinery of the Police? And how has this machinery being used to frustrate enforcement of laws 2. Did you allow the creation of state police? 3. What is your stance on regional security networks? E.g. Amotekun?

How did I get here 😫 A govt that takes incompetence to a global level.... Kudos MBuhari See as the man be like animated log of shit What's breaking here? You're making it look like FG just decided to the shift goal post when it's has been like that for ages. Instead of you the Media to clear the air and make people know what the law says, you're making some mischievous headline.

It is shocking that a party that ruled this nation for all of 16 years does not know that kidnapping and banditry are not federal offenses. 😂😂 Lai Mohammed is losing his senses.... He is sick 🤮. Apc stinks Kidnapping and banditry are minor community crimes na, why the uproar 🤷🏾‍♂️ 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ Don't have the patience to read this article but they really said that? Omo!!!!! E don be for Nigerians o!!

Make una release evans na Their pronouncements, appointments, actions, inactions body language all point to the same fact: sympathy towards terrorism. This are shameless fathers It is finished God curse the day that laimohammed124 became the Main of Information in Nigeria. Never seen such a pathetic liar without an iota of shame. Terrible govt !

God is unquestionable God. We cant say he didnt create this man

By now Truthful Nigerian muslim should have protested against LAİ mohammed wearing this religious cap. How can this man be rubbing his people Well maybe they are always together Must they approve ranching in other people states is there no forest in the North Such impetus. Soon blowing up buildings won’t be a crime at all. PATHETIC!

Are the police that supposed to contain those crimes are also not federal police? Nigerian are in trouble under this apc government, they are so confuse and useless Keep encouraging criminality Ok. So Protesting is a federal offence? Why have the DSS and the Military been clamping down forcefully and violently on harmless and innocent citizens exercising their right to free speech?

That's one Nigeria for you Federal offence are those that are at Lekki to protest against police brutality. This man is out of his senses, how can you old like this and have no sense.

You just can’t make up this sh*t! Nigeria - how did you get to this?! clownseverywhere🤡🤡🤡 These unknown gun men don't have sense. Are they trying to say that they don't know this man's house? Nigerians and all the law makers must apologize to Mr Evans In other word kidnappers, terrorist turn up the heat, no consequence for your actions. We have stupid people in govt starting the head.

God is so patient I am perplexed What's wrong with Nigeria? How can we be this insecure.. The lord said i should tell you when “ Lai Mohammed was born Jesus wept profusely am_juelz Na Auto Pilot we dey since Those this man have children at all? Some Father are useless and some husband are stupid In otherwords, it is not the concern of the FG. The PDP is so useless that they cannot intelligently oppose the APC

Nothing surprise me in Nigeria anymore.. Hear Baba promising us the difference He's delivering... 👇🏽👇🏽 I am not sure the exact difference he promised, but difference na difference... 🤥🤥 You say? So, you actually do not know this before? Lazy editors But peaceful protest is federal offense in Nigeria 🇳🇬 o Nigeria my country

States and Local governments to blame 😂 😂 😂 😂 Nigeria is finish Ladies and gentlemen, the gutter has been opened once again What!!!! What qualifies as federal offense then? Then the Proscription of IPOB as a Terrorist group by the Federal Government (even while The Court had dismissed the 'Terrorism' allegations leveled upon them) is illegal, a miscarriage of duty.

Which one come be federal offences, do we have state police to handle state offences, If there is anything like federal and state offences.

Inukwa 🤔 Is this for real? Really? See for yourself this are the people telling unity up and down. Common be wise let us all be free from this murderers criminals Failed government So ipob is a federal offense? Brainless people everywhere in Buhari/APC government of Nigeria Useless, lawless, pathetic country. Those who hitting their heads calling for one Nigeria. Please tell me, what are you reasons? What have you achieved as a Nigerian? Do you have right as a Nigerian? Is your life the best interest of govt? What is functional in Nigeria?

You say? IdioUduak So, if a hungry poor man went to steal a cup of garri in the market, it's a federal offence right? How does he want his thunder?

You guys owns Evans and his crew a public and written apology. Una dey ment I have got a new Job This man just getting worse everyday JungleJustice becomes the answer straight away This is a failure and a failure again i say a failure and deafening to the ear. oldageisnotwisdom retardedoldbaboons the people deserved to be sentenced and killed torture and lynching. Afterwards some people will be paid to sing national anthem of onestupidnigeria

Useless old fools in government!!! What a shame!!!😳😳😳 It is finished Man yi ti ori gbale, these man head don hit ground. See wetin Desmond Eliot talk the other time

Then juggle justice should be adopted. We buy used diesel Generator Perkins Cummins Danyo Don't let them just lay there, they don't add value but depreciate We sell used Generators too 20kva -2500kva Call/WhattsApp pictures 08038236695 Retweet/like & I will follow U pls follow back Ok, now we know that kidnapping is an offense under the state not federal, but States are not empowered to control the security forces. Now you see while they need to End1999Constitution cuz it's a crap. State should be empowered to control their police. End1999Constitution

If it's not a federal offences then allow state police. National assembly should finalise the bill on state police. This government is nothing but evil. The foremost duty of every government is the protection of lives and properties of her citizen or have that change the constitution JamesLekwauwa Meaning it doesn’t concern buhari, useless set of people

Omo I don tire fr dis country.... WTF😱😱😱 We’re finished o.... 🤦‍♂️ This man doesn't love God So allow d state to protect their domains through state policing now. Abi which can animals dey for Aso rock self

mugu de commit una self the more Can someone please explain this to me like I'm five years old. Imagine somebody who is an information minister in country of 200million people 😭😭😭 What? Imagine! If it's not his fault,then whose? After all the promises made that injected trust into minds of the masses until now that you got what you wanted ,people's lives are of no relevance.

Lai Mohammed is not smart SMH Wahala deyoo, this crazy government are not ashamed to make this comment publicly Ziddy04 Good morning ndi one Nigeria. 🤣🤣🤣 Foolish men

This government has finally gone mad So, there is state offence again. Nigerians see yourself!!! Banditry because they refused to proscribe the Fulani terrorists so they can continue to carry out their illegitimate activities and wanton killings unchecked. Why’s Evans in jail again since kidnapping isn’t a federal offense?

Let's leave politics aside . Are they truly federal offence or state offence? just for education sake . We have been lumping federal and states issues together for too long in this country. Kai Allah sowoke!!! Never again will this kind people occupy Govt positions, 2023 is still far Ooo... ☹️☹️☹️ mychaelmatty bros abeg no vex what then are federal crime

What are now federal crime Biko? Oh Endsars and buying bitcoin I guess Ohanaezendigboo From the horses mouth Federal goverment not after the Terrorist that been Killing Kidnaping Raping Ravaging Nigerians they said this are not Federal offenses but Why are they wiping out your people that did nothing wrong IPOB ESN members💔😭

Government of shamelessness.... Bunch of savages

We have been overtaken and outrunned by terrorists, Soo terrorism won't be a federal offence again. The only federal offence now, is unarmed protesting. Can't we just fcuking scrap this fcuking Federal government. They are fcuking useless. These guys are aiding and abetting Terrorism Oya argue with me that this mad isn't MAD williamsoracle isdeylehagain TRYGOD_1

Na your village offense? How do you feel when you walk the street? How do you sleep at night? I pray you meet them on your way or your family, so we know what offense it is That is the law . Anybody wey never give up on Nigeria... honestly get mind and deserve an award Ode oshi DoctorEmto Omo God!!!!!!!!!😤😤😤😤 why?

Lol...what a defence When will thunder ⛈️⚡⚡⚡ start striking people like this to death, you know the truth and yet you keep putting blames on masses. God is watching Nothing surprises me anymore about this APC administration lol see finish don too much Why God no go just kill all this old bastard na Thats correct because those doing the kidnapping and bandictry are the government. Those in charge of your security and data and bank account. They are also making laws and policies that will favor them. All WE ARE asking stop KILLING INNOCENT BIAFRANS OR IPOB OR ESN. WeMove

Evans the kidnappers,Anini etc came too early. APC has destroyed every thread of reasoning. Stupid man mr lai ...but control of virtually 100% of security apparatuses in Nigeria lies with the Federal Government! Most times I wonder if this people are normal, 😂 I said it!!! I said it that leaders of this country are all clowns..

Olofo ni baba yi honestly. The only thing APC have done Very well since 2015 is blame and excuses. Bunch of failures Actual meaning twisted This hate is too much ooh what is this. Remember your only country is Nigeria oo in every other country you are second rated We already know this one 'lie Muhammed'.

This government are the chief sponsors of banditry and terrorism. You can see why the uptake is getting higher. You can feel the countenance of the Minister. He’s not perturbed. We can also appreciate why they treat them with kid gloves. Evans should be left alone then. 😂😂😂😂 I weep everyday for this nation, how I wish Nigeria will come to an end so soon.

I'm tired of defending this Government

It’s not federal offense yet y’all failed to permit state police 😂😂😂 Las las na only me normal for this country Adacampbell Here they come again...!!! In defense of terrorists and kidnappers!!! Una no dey shame? But that doesn't mean you should not rescue the students that were kidnapped!!! They are nigerians citizens too

I am not interested in reading for details because I know already know Lai. Kobokobo e por ju.🤦🏻‍♀️ But let me just leave this KSA song here.👇🏻 ...iwaju loloko yi n wa, wa lor, eyin loloko yi n wa, wa lor, mi o mo. Mi o mo ye o, emi o mo🤷‍♀️ Greenfielduniversity A.P.C Tested, distrust and failed,when next we want vote we need to shine our eyes and be careful of empty promises with sugar coated mouths from deceitful politicians.

So even the media don’t know what law applies to what crime . Journalism in Nigeria is a disaster How do these guys do this. Don't they have shame? Don't they have any shred of conscience left? Don't they feel the pain inflicted by the activities of these kidnappers/ banditry? Ha! It’s never been more imperative for you to seek greener pastures elsewhere. They gave the mantle of power to mad men with savior complex.

They have completely politize the insecurities experienced by Nigerians. Smh Which means they should continue kidnapping? Since is not an offense. As in nothing concern Buhari. I knew it all along. Blame the governors. Especially those PDP governors.

I don't know how to feel with this caption. Has hot sun ever beat you after rain soaked you on your way to somewhere and you still have a long way before reaching your destination? In a sane country, so many people in this government cannot scale through their positions, they just don't know their jobs

Useless people, it’s either they are blaming someone else or giving excuses for their failure I knew it thunder will stike whenever dis man open is mouth. And you sure say them no wan turn everyone to muslim like this....I just dey reason am I need just one person to give me permission to curse this man Abeg

Many people dont know this but they need to be enlighten about this. It is true but populace do not know DrIdiokOfficial Vibe and inshallah Federal offences include going to Lekki toll gate to protest against police brutality...... Imagine the nonsense this salaud is divulging!!! Honnestly it'll never be well with whoever that's still supporting APC!!! So, these are the animals you had the guts to campaign for in 2015 & 2019?

Mohammed_Lai must you talk? Sometimes be quiet rather than spew nonsense