Ipob, October 1, Sit-At-Home Order, Southeast

Ipob, October 1

BREAKING: IPOB orders sit-at-home on October 1, removal of all Nigerian flags from southeast

BREAKING: IPOB orders sit-at-home on October 1, removal of all Nigerian flags from southeast

9/25/2021 5:53:00 PM

BREAKING: IPOB orders sit-at-home on October 1 , removal of all Nigerian flags from southeast

The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB , has declared a sit-at-home across the Southeast on October 1 . IPOB said the October 1 sit-at-home is to show its

The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has declared a sit-at-home across the Southeast on October 1.IPOB said the October 1 sit-at-home is to show its rejection of Nigeria and all the country stands for.In a statement by its spokesman on Saturday, Emma Powerful, the group also declared the commencement of “operation no Nigerian flag begins in Biafra land from October 1st.”

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Powerful said the sit-at-home order was declared to celebrate Ambazonia Independence Anniversary.The statement reads partly: “IPOB has declared 1st of October 2021 total shutdown in Biafra land as a sign of our rejection of the evil construct called Nigeria and there shall be no movement in Biafra land on this day.

“Also, IPOB has declared from today 25th September 2021 that all Nigerian flag mounted anywhere in Biafra land must be brought down, Banks exceptional, IPOB leadership will communicate to Banks directly and give them reason they must peacefully bring down Nigeria flag in their banking premises before we do it ourselves in our own way. headtopics.com

“Every body must strictly adhere to this directives from IPOB leadership, we want to let the world know you that Biafraland is not Nigeria and shall not be. Don’t say I don’t know, a word is enough for the wise.” Read more: Daily Post Nigeria »

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My matter with all those once commenting and ranting here on social media that's all what u know best single one of those those write ups your doing you can't exhibit it cus na only mouth unah get My matter with all those once comment and ranting her on social media that's all what u know best single on of those this write ups you doing you can't exhibit it cus na only mouth unah get

That’s an order and it must be obeyed. REMOVAL OF THE ZOO FLAGS FROM ALL BIAFRAN TERRITORIES...NOT JUST SOUTH EAST...YOUR FULANI DIVIDE AND RULE SOUTH SOUTH INCLUSIVE...UPTO ALL PARTS OF OUR TERRITORY. SAY IT RIGHT ...STOP PEDDLING CONFUSION AND FULANI DISCORD...AMONG BIAFRANS. YOU EVIL LOTS🥴😡 NwabiafraO A very vestiges of fulani janjeween terror herders shouting one Nigeria which the flag represents is abomination in our land

We reject zoo call Nigeria flags in biafar land real_IpobDOS FreeMaziNnamdiKanu FreeBiafra BiafraReferendumNow EndNigeriaNow The idea of removing the flag is not welcoming We should just use our head sometimes real_IpobDOS Replacement goes with Biafra flags It’s even more riskier not obeying this instructions. Please sit at home .

PDP may die a natural death with northern presidential candidate they will completely lost out in South East&South South zone struggle in South west& in the North at the end with no representation in the national Assembly.We should expect the emergency of a new political party

IPOB Declares Sit-at-home October 1, Orders Removal Of Nigerian Flags | Sahara Reporters IPOB leadership will communicate to banks directly and give them reason why they must peaceful bring down the flag. Otherwise, we do it ourselves in our own way. If you Visit EASTERN NIGERIA, you will know why people comply to IPOB Orders....the region is completely an abandoned region...Apart from the little gragra that the Governors are doing on their own... East would have been Bushes all through 😱 . We need BIAFRA ooo 🌄 Who cares, its their states if they're not coward let them come to Abuja and try their stupidity. Africa diaspora ethnic extremist cartels & their paid hoodlums have used guns & machete 2 take away freedom 4rm d people of d south east ,destroy their business ,kill their police men,kill anyone that fail 2 comply 2 their order while receiving global funding 4rm Africa diaspora

That’s very good because the Nigeria flag is evei and it’s unacceptable in Biafra land If the people of their region feel it’s right then no wahala. Good or bad, it’s on them Sit at home i can understand but removal of flags no na It all begins with the tyrant dictator, Buhari. These sure do have this agenda from time being but they never let out. Nepotist and unworthy Buhari let it all out. I hope he will be able to fix the mess now.

So as long as Zoo (Nigeria) exist We're all trapped and dead.. Only Biafra can resuscitate us all!... Know this and know Peace. ✌️ IPOBGloriousz IPOB is speaking to zoo in a language it understands Good step. We must actually our goal Look at the comments.... Nigerians, anytime IPOB issues any statement, they reply 'This strategy is useless' they won't offer any strategy anyway When the strategy starts working, next comments 'This IPOB strategy (that won't work) will it last? FFS, una dey ment?

They are no different from global terrorists terrorizing regions and removing their flags ,all sponsored by Africa diaspora ethnic extremist in d western nations with their paid armed hoodlums enforcing their orders in the south east Worth doing , u are not independent yet , this is very important . If u think you are venture come out , living in bondage must stop .

IPOB Leader, Nnamdi Kanu Clocks 54 In Detention Of Lawless Department Of State Services | Sahara ReportersIn June, the IPOB leader was arrested in Kenya and extradited to Nigeria to face treason charges. The only man that make the Fulani oligarchy peel on their pant. Meanwhile farmers up north are paying taxes to bandits roaming freely through out the northern hemisphere of the country, square pegs in round holes. Happy birthday my warrior and you will be victorious in the name of olodumare

Some people will die for it, those who are jobless we die for and Nigeria we move on. your mission in the East is heading to destruction of that region. I must tell you the truth. If we can’t get the referendum in a simple way, trying it the hard way is not a bad ideal…“The kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent take it by force!”

This is the best flag💪🏾🤴🏾👸🏾🚨🚨 We move Is time to seat at home all day week and month Sit at home and Removal of flags is never going to achieve anything,the strategy being deployed is dead on arrival Biafra may one day become a reality,but I don't think the thuggish method by IPOB will ever result in the change we all want to see.

Life equations Creating + selling = wealth Honesty + respect = friendship Friendship + affection = love Fasting + no carbs = health Reading + writing = clarity Discipline + struggle = talent Theory + practice = mastery Courage + vision = success Detachment + growth = happiness If you they try to attack the men that will Cary out that duty to remove Nigerian flags they will bring Nigerian to a stand still be warned

Not only southeast, the whole BIAFRALAND,

NUJ President: It’s Crude Politics Linking Me with IPOBIbrahim Shuaibu in Kano The National President of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Mr. Christopher Isiguzo, on Thursday night in Kano described those associating him with Indigenous Peoples …

Organizations will peacefully remove it from their quaters. IPOB is in control of Biafran land It's over for zoo Nigeria. So if individuals caught destroying the Nigerian flag are subjected to man handling by security operatives and subsequently arrested, would that be considered unlawful or an attack on innocent Biafra agitators? Make we dey learn to use our head ooo

I pray all this ranting social media warriors should be in South East that day... If you guys are living in other part of the states or country thunder from no where will send u guys to 6feet.. Don't just allow the innocent Biafrans suffer it while u livin in stafe states Destroy and divide Nigeria save humanity

Government have the right to fire any public servants who sits at home . You must take appropriate route to address your grievances. Agitation is not solution. Agitation begins with a purpose. Good one This order must be obeyed to the last .....in Biafra we all died . Johniky5 Done deal I love this

Nnamdi Kanu Committed No Offence As Court Ruled IPOB Not Unlawful – Lawyer | Sahara ReportersThe lawyer further reiterated that no other court or higher one has challenged or appealed against the verdict since 2017. Noo, he’s a terrorist. Release the man joor!MBuhari . Yes o

Remove all Nigerian flags .. Supported. If the order is according to the mapped out plans to achieve our goal by our great leader mnk, so be it but if not, we should suspend removal of flags for now until our leader is out Men are ready to remove all. The order have been given. FreeMaziNnamdiKanuNow You can't gain whatever you want by creating problems and putting the lives of innocent people at risk, a knowledgeable person will think twice before embarking on this removing of Nigerian flag thing.

I concur... Beautiful Removal of all Nigerian flags? That's suicide mission GAME CHANGER. In as much I agree with anyone that cares to know that Nigeria is not working currently, but sit at home order and risking your life in trying to remove Nigeria flag, is not the solution to the problem, rather you are creating more problem for yourself and your region

Yes what is ur problem dailypost fulani janjaweed herdsmen government

Police ordered to pay N50m damages for IPOB female activist’s detention - Punch NewspapersThe most widely read newspaper in Nigeria

Now that's a terrorist group in action. They don't appear darker than this Great Yesooooo 👍👍👍✊✊✊✊✊🤪

Terrorism: IPOB slams Gbajabiamila over comparison with killer herdersThe Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB , has accused the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila of being a clueless politician. IPOB