Comptroller-General Of Immigration, Muhammad Babandede

Comptroller-General Of Immigration, Muhammad Babandede

BREAKING: I tested positive for coronavirus, says immigration boss, Babandede

3/29/2020 11:11:00 AM

BREAKING: I tested positive for coronavirus, says immigration boss, Babandede

Adelani Adepegba, AbujaThe Comptroller-General of Immigration, Muhammed Babandede, has tested positive for coronavirus.The CG, who disclosed this in a WhatsApp message to our correspondent this morning, explained that he is already on self-isolation since he returned from the United Kingdom on March 22.

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ThePUNCHlater called him on phone and Babandede confirmed the development.He stated, “Today, I tested positive for COVID-19. I have been on self-isolation since my return from UK on Sunday 22nd of this month with British Airways in Lagos.“I urge my loved ones, Immigration Officers and Nigerians to pray for me and all those affected.”

Babandede urged immigration officers to continue working with his deputy to move the service forward.He added, “It is a very difficult time but we can’t change what God destined for us.“I urge officers to continue working with my able Deputy to further move our Service to another level. As advised by NCDC, I am totally isolated.”

This is happening barely 12 hours after the Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai, tested positive for COVID-19.DOWNLOAD THE PUNCH NEWS APP NOW ON

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What about your staffs? I believe they are sharing money there & thanks for been truthful This coronavirus na club or abi e na fraternity? Smiling It's absolutely sad to heard about this abomination. Wetin concern me with your own, I just need a bae to be my quarantino so we can quarantine together for the next 14days

Thanks for being forthright. God will bring His healing to you. They're all coming out of the closet. Thanks to Gov. Elrufai.. I wish you a quick recovery sir So what is in stock for those of us who are essentially essential of the the essential service provider How many people have you infected before testing positive.

Igbo_Speaker Waoh!!! So na all of you at the top affairs of this country are now Coronavirus carriers? 😯😯😯😯😯 Abi this Virus na big man virus. The other day Prince Charles & Queen Elizabeth tested positive for Coronavirus 😃 Most of the states Governors in Nigeria tested positive😗😗 See the way they are now breaking the news as if they desire a congratulatory message, continue copying each other o. We are watching.

You were welcoming and shaking 'the big men' arriving from overseas 😜 Please take care, and protect your family and friends beko sorry. Wish you fast recovery He don collect bribe tire.... Ewooooo CallMeIbro Sorry The Almighty God will heal you amen GabrielOtung Ever seen a steward of a football club who’s never met a single club player? Please 😂

Get well soon kindly RT. My customer is on ur wall. We Install car tracker to prevent car theft, monitor activities of ur driver that do pick up and deliveries, school buses, Uber/Taxify car etc. Shut down stolen car with your smart phone. DM or WhatsApp: 08134544657 It's a big pity. Oga, you simply need a rest or say break and perfect excuse is corolla sport 2020. When it is HIV let us know

Pls you people should leave some of the positive test for normal people. I normal citizens. HIV and SARS was not like this naa haha... What is so special in being positive. Me sef am positive oh. Let's come and go and share this corona loot oh. Or I will talk oh. 😷 ....Before spreading them...let's be on alert on this their so-called self-immolation saga...still looting our monies all in the name of coronavirus 19.

Mehn! ...these guys are thieves from the new Baghdad, which doctor and hospital carried out the test experiments on these Marchantwongers, using this to gain cheap empathy or Sympathy from the uninformed populace....hmmm, beware cos they most Nigerians dont confirm information U are healed in Jesus name

Big deal Lies... He wan collect his own money. Until the virus start killing you people then I will believe This coronavirus na club Abi e be fraternity? Na big boy dey get am. This is the only thing lasting product from China. These people are lying. Most of the leaders are irresponsible and need to be held accountable for this. Most of them traveled recently and refused to be isolated. If all of them av actually excluded themselves for public activities the country will be safe. They endangered the lives of Nigerians

vickyberry002 That reminds me! Buhari appointed a Mr Martins Abechi or so before as immigration boss. What happened? Was he sacked? After this COVID19 has been successfully defeated, anyone who diverts funds meant for equipping our hospitals should be publicly executed. Choi c g 你就安心休养 心态好 病就容易 好 Fly him to Cuba.

The good news You will be fine IJN Corona is doing well I still don't get y everyone was travelling to UK n other European countries in this March ,was something happening there or wat... like how can u be playing with ur health n life,I don't get it!!! May God give u and others quick recovery of it... I still watched him responding to interview few days ago teaching people how to take precautions without knowing that he was already carrying the virus... This is pathetic

You can go to hell with it Abrams_mufc Must have been in the process of collecting egunje God, pls have mercy on us He will be fine. The way government officials are jumping all over the world should be reduced going forward. Na all this 1 dey like express applicant... Corona no no big man wey dey Cary escort o... Sorry.. I dey ijebu dey drink agbo 🌿 n bath coro will see me run when am back in lag

You will survive it in Jesus name When we tell you people to stop asking people that are returning from abroad to find you something, you would not listen. Now there have started giving you people Covid-19 It's well ooooo Don't worry. You will recover soon kenedavies We letting in everything except rice 😐

🤤🙄😷 Many poor people in Nigeria 🇳🇬 is already with this COVIDー19 but they don’t have access to the Test to know if they are positive or not. This is very serious Case because the Government officials and the rich once have access to the test that’s why we are being aware hnmmmm Good news Only the big men are being tested. If only they know that the virus can mutate into different strains, they will appreciate mass testing is required as a matter of urgency. This could be the end of Nigeria's political elite should a revolution starts because of all these.

This is one of the repercussions of our Gov inability & shortsightedness to see the danger of this dreaded killer virus, by refusing to close our shores on time. I wish him speedy & quick recovery as I wish all those caught in the line of this menace. BaczezSunday Sad!!! Thank God that you tested positive and Prayer is that na this Coronavirus go kill you.... When u want to recruits Nigeria into immigration, you collect money from them b4 you give then job

I believe they are sharing money there & thanks for been truthful I do not believe you babandede. Bro get well soon... Reopen the borders for food supply to come in. Eg Seme border. We need more foreign rice now to reduce the price in the market. How about those onboard with him from UK I wish u quick recovery

Get well soon. There is more to this virus and the media promotions through elitez This elite that keep telling the masses to stay at home and stay safe, where are they getting this virus from? Some body needs to say the truth. The elites are endangering our lives. So whats up with the initial hide and seek y'all were doing before

Straight to the ancestors. The Lord is your healer Since when did you know this? Be sincere! And why does it sound like it only affect the rich and people in power alone. God help us. It's a pity, you'll be fine. We're all in this and are hopeful it will pass soon. May The Good LORD have mercy and save us from this dreaded storm. Amen.

Die mutherf**k TheLatchenko Most of this so called big men, would bring this diseases and infect the poor who do not have access to good medical facilities..if you fall sick in UK stay in UK and get treated don't come and kill us back home selfish people. Stay one place Bubu & his cohort keep jumping from one country to another.. Common headache they will fly voom to una don import d virus n no hospital una fit build..we will all die here..nonsense!

Quick recovery sir Buhari men are going down one after the other... Next Pls Looking more like comedy now. Verily in every hardship there must be a relief , may Almighty make it easy for you & may Almighty ease your sufferings , conclusively I wish u quick healing Is this the trend, You'll get better sir.

Stay safe stay alive God will heal you You'll recover Say no be scam again like this?! muazu_amin Scam full everywhere You will be fine This is beginning to look somehow. Like is testing positive now a thing of joy of all this guys or some of them intend to use it as political campaign come 2023. They be like you all know I tested positive to covid19 2020,so I understand ur feeling and I can lead better

DapoAwofisayo Hmm. The UK was just a breeding ground for COVID God at work The Lord will heal you and GOD will make HIS WILL to be done in NIGERIA as fast as possible. We are ALL in this together, NOBODY move a muscle trying to fly out.Our hospitals and PHC facilities are available to you and the others. We are getting sense by FiRe by FoRcE! Covid_19

J3ff_sir The rich ppl are the only ones testing so as to take treatments on time. That's why it seems as if the rich are the only ones infested. This man share the blame with Buhari in the spread of this pandemic in this country These people no get shame, they're all making false claims, show us the result, snap and post, so they can share the donations amongst themselves.

Wahala dey 🙄🙄🙄 Why now? Please more and more people that has come out positive are people that have travel history with 2-3 weeks back but is mostly the elite more who has come out positive, is it that is only the elite that is being texted, because Sidney talker had it difficult to be texted ncdc Why did travel? Mschew

May Allah heal you and the entire infected persons 😳😳😳 May Allah heal you Mr CG Oboy by now e be like 5 out of every 10 will test positive if a general testing is carried out And now he's testing result is? They are all testing positive because they want their shares from the billions. Criminals Then why is buhari still hiding his REAL test result like his primary school certificate

Money that your parastatal makes doesn't even reflect in budget planing, yet the looters still exposed you to this. After coronavirus dey no need give people advice again. Closer than we thought This is becoming a laughing matter 😲😲😲😲😲🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔, you will come out fine. Lobatan .....all the rest in the squad should be deported to quarantine village at National stadium

With Allah, may u receive healing quickly ASAP JajaPhD God will heal you too. All those travellers breakfast money reaching the table might have been contaminated. justkidding The cameraman: Allah ya ka lafiya Wetin de happen like this?🤔🤔 Good news to my ear's Get well soon. No wonder u no agree to lock border.

Wishing you and anybody that tested +ve to the virus an accelerated and a complete recovery. bash00seven May Almighty Allah protect us the give those that has been affected quick recovery NCDCgov continue testing the rich.. When the disease spread beyond control we shall know... Well...God will be merciful unto you!

ALL the heads of government agencies who met with Abba Kyari, including the service chiefs, should be placed in isolation. Now we can't tell how many people he has come in contact with... I hope all our real?not some fake clout chasing. Just asking Mafo! just stay safe🤘 Congratulations NEXT PERSON PLS Love and light.

Buchyogba I taught i saw custom boss🙄 Hallelujah. 😂🤣😂🤣😂. Una neva us wetin una dey up. Useless people Reaping the fruit of visa on arrival🤔🤔 Have mercy oh Lord on our land. ogechukwukanma Congratulations Sir ogechukwukanma Haaaaa.... The whole country is now infected na, u that is suppose to be checking the inflow and outflow of people with your staffs who maybe be infected as well, we are indeed in a very big trouble. 😩😥

Allah Ubangiji ya baka lafiya....Sir! I wish you quick recovery Sir! You'll be healed Thanks Congrats

BREAKING: Governor El-Rufai Tests Positive For CoronavirusBREAKING: Governor El-Rufai Tests Positive For Coronavirus Chai Sanusi nko Thoughts and prayers are with the governor. Subhanallah!

Breaking: El-Rufai tests positive to coronavirus – Daily TrustKaduna state governor, Malam Nasir El-Rufai has confirmed that he tested positive to coronavirus GWS Innalillahi Subhan Allah

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson tests positive for coronavirus“Over the last 24 hours I have developed mild symptoms and tested positive for coronavirus.” This is serious Haba

BREAKING: Coronavirus: UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson tests positive for COVID-19 - Daily Post NigeriaBritish Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has tested positive for Coronavirus. Boris Johnson confirmed this in a tweet on his official Twitter handle. He We stand with him. Tweetwizzard Terrific

StackPathSorry Mr President Get well soon BorisJohnson . May God grant you quick recovery. I am sure British people will not be happy that he tested positive for coronavirus no matter their political differences.

BREAKING: Coronavirus: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson tests positiveBritish Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tested positive for coronavirus, becoming the first major world leader to do so. Hope we are seeing this. followlasg MBuhari NCDCgov jidesanwoolu They adviced this punk to shut down their borders and all entries into the country but he refused... Great