BREAKING: Governor El-Rufai Tests Positive For Coronavirus

BREAKING: El-Rufai Tests Positive For Coronavirus

3/28/2020 10:38:00 PM

BREAKING: El-Rufai Tests Positive For Coronavirus

BREAKING: Governor El-Rufai Tests Positive For Coronavirus

 The Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El-Rufai has tested positive for the coronavirus disease.The governor announced this in a video posted on his verified Twitter handle on Saturday evening.“Earlier this week, I submitted a sample for the COVID-19 test. The result came in this evening, and I regret to say that it is positive,” the governor said.

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“According to the protocols for managing COVID-19, I am in self-isolation as required by the case management guidelines of the NCDC for someone that is not showing symptoms.“I wish to appeal to the people of Kaduna State to continue to closely observe the preventive measures already announced.

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Our prayers go out to elrufai and seyiamakinde at this time and other governors who have tested positive. I wish you speedy recovery and hope that this experience will renew your vigours to affect the life of ordinary Nigerians with your policies and programmes. MoreSelfless This is pathetic. How did he got contracted despite his effort on citizens?

Nothing we nor go hear for nija My prayer is, may the Lord take control and put an end to this life threatening pandemic. Let's all take precautions as well. That good news 😁😂😂 JUDGEMENT DONE COME FOR ALL APC LEADER AND EVERY EVIL DOER IN NIGERIA. God will give our able governor perfect healing and quick recovery in Jesus mighty name

There are so many people out there on the street that are positive without showing any symptoms. This isn't a selective viral infection as some people think. Stay in your house and avoid crowd. They (politicians) can get good treatment cos they are rich and influential but.. .....who will have that time for you when you get infected. Stay in you house now please

ayanabijoux Ok' that's good. If he needs a hospital he should attend to (if) any one built by him BuhariMustResign That's a good one u will get well in Allah's name Ever merciful God please heal our land. Make him too suffer small May God almighty in his infinite mercy grant him quick recovery. Your Excellency, we love you to get well soon.

Seriously ehn, if you want to catch either COVID19 or covik one nine, you better catch it now and be the first partaker of GTB’s 110 bed space isolation center. The earlier the better. Nigerians no dy chop remain oh. We know ourselves. owoniyilb Covid19Lagos FreeLagosFromCovid19 ForAGreaterLagos Allah yaqara lafiya ya kiyaye mana su

It's not a death sentence like ebola and we haven't been told it deforms. They'll all be back hale and healthy I don't believe this news After this covid19 is over Nigeria politicians should learn lesson from there mistake. praise the Lord hallelujah the Lord is good all the time. Praise da lord....what a wonderful news....more of it IJN for our politicians

Wish him speedy recovery May He Go Over This, through Christ Our Lord. Amen. Allah will heal him It's not a death sentence He'll be well sooner, Amen This virus look like it’s fighting against corruption 😂 I wish they could learn from this.... And do what's right for te citizens, cause they have no where to run to

Weldon my brother you are doing well We are in the verge of another castrophic extermination in this country, if this pandemic is aggressively pursued. quick recovery Sir I wish him health & a safe recovery Sad Very sad news. May God heal Nasir El Rufai . Not a death sentence, I wish him quick recovery. Okay 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️

If all dis ones could av it nd Mr President doesn't have den something is wrong HRH Sanusi oooooooo...get well soon Mr Governor. Nigeria corona is a fake stop fooling your self seriously, wishing you quick recovery your Excellency sir Why is Kaduna government not given out money Stay strong sir

I too know master This is beginning to sound political He will soon run to Cuba or London for treatment too... Things getting complex Ohkddhhdlashkqpⁿ0 qqapaq Audio Nobody can convince me that MBuhari has not contracted this shit! So, why the f*ck are they hiding it? May God heal him, and every other person that has tested positive, in Jesus name. Amen!

May Allah, the Almighty, give you quick recovery and those affected. God 😭😭😭 even them bandits re on quarantine ma😃🤭😷😜🤐 That's life he should take heart, I sincerely wish him well in advance Lol Trouble in the zoo FreeZakzaky May almighty God heal mallam Be strong Malam ciwo ba mutua. Quick recovery insha Allah.

Watch How Governor Elrufai Tested Positive To Coronavirus Alongside Abba Kyari, Bala Mohammed And Davido Chioma Click on the link below to watch the full video What about our principal? Corona is a bastard ! the virus has no respect for no man! Chaii even the Almighty EL-RUFAI 😝😝😝😝 No Sinner will go unpunished. The pay day is here..

😂😂😂 Haa!!! Oga 😲😲Kaduna is in trouble!!! What a good news. What about lai Muhammad is he positive too? I can't wait Sorry sir. But this COVID-19 has no respect for any integrity man. Wish you quick recovery Coronavirus is very respectful and humble. The only disease that came into d country and went to greet our leaders first 😂

Are all in this together. Until when dis Mr Covid 19 kill one of this politicians b4 I go know e serious All dis positive positive test we dey hear sef no concern me Mr Corona pls kill person for me from Aso rock or any Politician make we see how serious you dey. Afterall BokoHaram kills pass you 😡😡😡

Hmmmmm, May Allah heal you elrufai 🙏🙏🙏🙏 Let pray hard for him please.. You don mean it....looks like this virus came to help us with the revolution we all craved for But we have been lockdown in Kaduna, if we adhere to ' no moving ' Corona virus never moves. It is true? May the Lord God through His son Jesus Christ heal the whole world as he has allowed this to come upon us. May He show is Marcy on us all. Amen

Abeg oo we cover Gov sanwo with the blood we don't need any distraction for now. God dey help us clear this wicked and criminal leader dammygrace1 I saw this coming. I am not even surprised. Get well sir Corona virus is the acid test for DEMOCRACY in Nigeria Now who is untouchable? Leadeeship virus. Lord have mercy the leaders and followers. We repent of every short comings

Official_Oreva Some people find it funny? This covid 19 is getting out of hand wlh Gbas gbos 😳 Nawaa oh, this is so serious Lai Muhammad is next....lord Let your will be done Ya Rabbu! May Allah heal you my governor elrufai . get well soon please... This covid 19 have become the disease of the leaders.Almost all our governor will have if care is not taken become they are birds of feathers that flocks together

Egungun be careful na express you dey go .. E done happen I done talk am🤣🤣🤣🤣 Our hearts and prayers with him and his family. Together we'll overcome this. More are coming Is it only the elite that have this virus? Or they are the ones being tested. The worst part is even someone looks healthy with no symptoms will be positive. Get well soon my amiable governor

Good luck Our prayers for quick recovery is with elrufai Pls all ministers and governors who attended last FEC meeting should go in self isolation and submit themselves for testing. lets do the right thing. To you elrufai and 89+, I wish you speedy recovery. The lessons of Covid-19 shall never be lost on us, Nigerians. Be strong 🙏

Wow this is getting serious! Ghen ghen...action film Haha...this one serious oh😆😆😆😆 Another one o! It’s actually not death sentence, kick it off soon El 🙏🏾 Over due Thank you Lord But.Government should make the testing machine available for every one to test.this thing is getting scaring Wish him quick recovery

O pari! Hunter Haunted! I still don’t believe it jumped Bubu, i remove cap for he rigging skills o People will be saying God heal him, Allah heal him. Where were there before he contacted it? Science and Doctors and Nurses on front line will do their best Is this a good news? He will surely overcome it and God will restore his health in Jesus name amen

Quick recovery great gov. Of kaduna state Sad news.....wish him quick recovery How abeg Quick recovery sir, How true is this, it can still be a staunt Na Governors kukuma dey carry am(COVID19) enter dem states. I am just wandering how he got it. Egungun be careful na express u dey go....... I have d video 😔😔

Ben.O.Sports Hope ur safe 🤔🤔Who can relate?😩 Wishing him speedy recovery Thank God.. Corona you're doing well oo.. e remain Gandollar ooo May Allah heal him.🙏 We wish and others speedy recovery.. El-Rufai will be fine Insha Allah.. Have mercy on us o Lord.. Please Stay Safe, Stay at Home. elrufai positive abbakyari positive but.. Jibril is negative.... is OfficialAPCNg nt wonderful CoronaUpdate

Innalillahi wa Inna Ilaihi Raji'uun!! Oh Allah, have mercy on us, forgive our shortcomings, heal the victims of this virus across the world and bring an end to this epidemic👏 May God heal you elrufai......aldou I am not your fan. GbemiDennis Shit! Shit!!shit!!! Not elrufai. His people need him strong n healthy at this moment. The man dey try at this moment. covid-19, pls look for another spare leader that we are not using, thank you.

Thank GOD the Lord is working Quick recovery May God heal you. GbemiDennis God safe us. 🙏 May God heal him and others with the virus. Speedy recovery sir I wish him quick response INSHA ALLAH Oh sorry. I smell this some days back,when the giant countries are telling their citizens to be prepared to be evacuated from Nigeria,cos they understand that,we do play politics wit everything,we don't value lives here,those politicians will take the advantage and loots all the funds.

sad sad. E don happen oo😂😂.. after depriving people from going to their respective places of worship. U no gree go JUMUAT prayer.. COVID-19 still meet you for house 🤣🤣.. GOD IS THE GREAT! Gbass gboss 😂 Lord have mercy 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 Is someone thinking what I'm thinking? Is this the miracle we have ever wanted for a Change

Na express Odikwa egwu ooo, Wishing him well Lord show us mercy in Jesus name. Chai This one nah Express you dey go...oo I beg tell SLS to go for test ooooo Why MBuhari no come tested positive.... Abeg no dey winch us for naija ooo... NigeriaGov should take time oooo... Covid-19 is for the big man After the curfew

God is in control,,,, Ghen Ghen!!! 79Sharque Please lord heal the world, those of you laughing I don’t think you understand what is happening Matters re arising. Those who are still hiding will soon be exposed, Corona doesn't know class nor can test results been altered or rigged. Get well soon little man of Kaduna.

I remembered that song…… *e don red o mama o* E don red Bros coro thank you o This thing just dey hit big fish Mallam don collect! 79Sharque This is serious. Audio coro... publicity stunt kuffy05 It's happening I love my country. Jeeez e Don happen Egungun don jam motor Audio .😎😎 This covid-19 has turned to something else it’s beyond our imagination,may God protect us Ameen StayHomeSaveLives

E don happen! Hmm. Our Governors aren't free. Why are our political class spreading this pandemic in Nigeria. Former Emir of Kano should quarantine himself and at the same time go for test. God save us all. Allah ya bashi lfy Oti pari 😬😬 Where do we go from here? StaySafeNigeria StayAtHomeAndStaySafe LetsFightCovid19

Innalillahi wainnailaihi rajiun Fuck NOOOOOOOO Wish u quick recovery He's a killer. Slaughtered shiites & murdered southern kd people. May he never recover Am not sure Nigeria has the good test equipment, they way am seeing this if all Nigerians undergo this test 85% will test positive, something is wrong somewhere

Yes... Going 👏 E don happen... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😉🤣🤣🤣 How true is it He will be healed Subhanallah! Thoughts and prayers are with the governor. Chai Sanusi nko

BREAKING: Governor El-Rufai tests positive to coronavirus, Nigeria's cases now 90With 59 cases, Lagos remains the epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic in Nigeria, with Abuja trailing behind with 14 cases. Quick recovery to you. The people's governor. So? He will recover, ..but if God says its his time then bye sir..vhala mogulis May God heal You quickly.

Breaking: El-Rufai tests positive to coronavirus – Daily TrustKaduna state governor, Malam Nasir El-Rufai has confirmed that he tested positive to coronavirus GWS Innalillahi Subhan Allah

BREAKING: El-Rufai tests positive for coronavirusKai😳 Lol Almighty God, cleanse our land...

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson tests positive for coronavirus“Over the last 24 hours I have developed mild symptoms and tested positive for coronavirus.” This is serious Haba

StackPathSorry Mr President Get well soon BorisJohnson . May God grant you quick recovery. I am sure British people will not be happy that he tested positive for coronavirus no matter their political differences.

BREAKING: Coronavirus: UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson tests positive for COVID-19 - Daily Post NigeriaBritish Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has tested positive for Coronavirus. Boris Johnson confirmed this in a tweet on his official Twitter handle. He We stand with him. Tweetwizzard Terrific