BREAKING: Gov Seyi Makinde Tests Positive For COVID-19

BREAKING: Gov Seyi Makinde Tests Positive For COVID-19

3/30/2020 8:26:00 PM

BREAKING: Gov Seyi Makinde Tests Positive For COVID-19

BREAKING: Gov Seyi Makinde Tests Positive For COVID-19

The governor revealed this in a statement on his verified Twitter handle on Monday where he disclosed that he is asymptomatic.“I just received my COVID-19 confirmation test result,” he tweeted. “It is POSITIVE. I am asymptomatic and will continue to self-isolate.”

Bobrisky arrested over alleged N30m fraud FG to use hotels, schools as quarantine, isolation centres HED: Nigeria traces $9.6 billion financial hit back to $390,000 in alleged bribes - Premium Times Nigeria

READ ALSOYour ID Card Is Your Pass, Lai Mohammed Tells JournalistsHe also directed the former Chief Medical Director of the University College, Ibadan, Prof Temitope Alonge, to be the Head of COVID-19 Task Force as he recovers.According to him, “I have designated Prof Temitope Alonge, former Chief Medical Director of the University College, Ibadan, as the Head of COVID-19 Task Force while I recover fully.”

Governor Makinde also urged the people of Oyo State to comply with instructions from the COVID-19 Task Force.“Stay home, stay safe,” he urged Oyo residents. Read more: Channels Television »

I wish him quick recovery Sir, Get well soon Speed recovery my governor Am_AmaLove Please who is this? May God lay His wonderful hand on him and all others that have tested positive to this covid-19 disease.I wish them quick recovery in Jesus mighty name. )tybyybbbbhbbbbb But I thought you didn't believe in it and went ahead with PDP rally the other day. When others (states) were doing things to curtail it. Everything should not be politicised especially with human life.

Allah will heal im Oh okay. That how star do Coronavirus please respect yourself. I personally like Gov Seyi Makinde so make sure nothing happens to him. They have never see anything Brave Governor. Wish you quick recovery sir. You're healed in Jesus name. Just take 1 month off to rest while taking your fast recovery

You're heal IJN The healing hand of God is upon you Sir. Using you as a point of contact to other affected people, you shall all come out victoriously. You're healed in Jesus name. There shall be Glory after this! Bloody No! My favourite Governor has it. God help us in Naija Though the rally was uncalled for, I pray for God's mercy on seyiamakinde and others

You're healed Sir You want your share of the N1BN's go get COVID19... Rubbish Probably, he's among those carrying Nigeria money to go and keep in abroad banks. They shall all pay with their life, the criminals in the politics. They are just baying tilapia, soon they will bay Baracuda and big catfish. God bless and save the less privileged Nigerians.

God will perfect your health in As Jesus name Amen....we all love u I hope he extend the hands of fellowship to others at the rally by getting majority tested, who could be at risk of the virus, he guffed big time , I saw a video of him mocking other people with the virus and now him, you know what they say about nemesis. I wish him well though

Wish u quick recovery This is sad ...hope it end soon Get well soon, champ So na Audio ✋ sanitiser dem use for OfficialPDPNig rally that day in Ibadan gbese re OO Seyi is one of the very few politicians I admire. God will heal him in Jesus name Wishing you quick recovery H.E....amin🙏 😏 Virus 🦠 such as coronavirus is respecter of no person

3 governor out of 36 governor in the state ,...covin 19 complete your hand work ooo .. It is time for politicians to start asking for forgiveness for God God will heal him ooo OoniAdimulaIfe has a cure I pray he overcome it seyiamakinde is it not obvious that it was davido you contacted the deadly COVID-19 virus 🦠 from?

Get well soon iamawarayo Awww Sorry Mr Governor 🤕 but pls make you go to your local Government hospital to treat yourself 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️if it standard Enough..I guess it high time you ppl will know No one pass God💥 Rubbish TV station if it was Buhari would you have pasted it without editing it?

this virus isn’t for kinds like u😥😥 This was the same man that held a mega rally...these people are so undisciplined and cultured Cure to this virus is all we ask for God 😓😥 The way these high profile men are testing positive is either we need to review the testing machine or the disease is a political one....

Your Excellency Gov. Makinde you're healed in Jesus name. I wish you quick response. Of all people Are you sure those test kits are not infected if not, may God deliver the many that can't afford to be tested Bcos they have access to d tests. 10 million test kits pls God will heal Gov. Seyi makinde in Jesus name 😥😥😥

God will deliver him in Jesus name Get well soon sir. The Davido effect Wishing you quickest recovery seyimakinde Ko si iyato ninu egbe mejeji... Those standing with him won’t be able to sleep well now. Sad, politics b4 health Coronavirustruth lockdown StayHome staysafe RCCGLoveInAction But he said he doesn't have contact with Atiku's son?...lmaooo😂😂😂😂

Sad I pray he recovers asap May almighty God in infinite mercy come and heal our land God 🙏 pls save us from dis useless virus 😭😭😭😭 On the midnight of March 31st, let us All in our homes pray by 12am, pray in the language you understand. Let's collectively cast this disease out of our state, country and the world at large.Let it be an agreement prayer between us inthis country that we are all tired. COVID19

Ah! You will definitely get over it soon in Jesus name This not a joke God help this country Una hearam ? I hope this guy will not put lots of people in trouble! Did he stay one place after the senseless rally NO!! Now only God knows who and who he has contracted this to!! I wish him quick recovery though!!

Oh! This news is a shock to me and I believe it is to all natives of Oyo state and the whole of Nigerian youths. May God grant you speedy recovery Sir. This is kama, God will keep punishing them one by one. Finally this thing about Coronavirus affecting World leaders is true. SEYI MAKINDE is first leader to be affected in Nigeria.

seyi don dey lean self May God heal you Get well soon Mr Governor You will go and come out alive in Jesus name! Amen The lord give you a splendid recovery sir. But I will like to bring this to your notice that everyone needs to be tested. And are the testing kits provided for free or we need to pay before being tested?

I pray for your quick recovery sir. God is got you. Who gave who sef, is it Davido that gave the governor or the governor gave Davido Such a hard time, may see you through Our prayers are with you your Excellency...Quick recovery is all we wish you Channels24_UK usman_daddy Is like the testing is now the problem. People will be running away from the testing. It is well with you sir.

Am so sad. Our prayers are with you. Pls be strong, You will get through this. Silly man Mankinde, I wonder how Davido 2ho visited him few days ago didn't test positive to Covid-19... I suspect Davido's visit God please forgive us all our sins Get well soon Oyo State governor Get well soon sir Abbah kyari on the beat !

Testing positive doesn't mean he has it. And if he have it, it isn't a virus but a influenza. I really like dis guy but Nigerian Politicians are not to be trusted. Get well soon your Excellency 😭😭😭 God will surely take perfect control The Lord will heal you. Please follow me we will talk about the governor later

This is so pathetic and horrible That means all those who attended the PDP rally in Oyo state will exhibit symptoms soon. Lord have mercy on us I wish him quick recovery ZeeROGBA I didn't even see this before o. Jesu! Oga oo He was busy organising rally and tongue lashing Ajimobi and APC rather than take proactive steps and measure at limiting the spread of Coronavirus in Oyo state. Now, he's a victim.

I wish him quick recovery 🙏 All this positive Coronavirus is just a scam.... So sad to hear of this... My best Gov. I wish you quick recovery my adorable gov. So sorry bros, you will survive. IbadanCityNg It's not a death sentence, & he'll surely recover soonest. For Gov. Makinde, the sickness is going to have a positive side; it'll help him to appreciate the need to put in place a good health system in his State. He's in his first year in his first term, so time is on his side.

Oyo state, get ready. You will be joining the lockdown soon. If you made a mistake recharging airtime instead of transferring money, think no more... I will buy it 07066594614 / 07036622849 You are heal No no no! 😢.. Not ds man na! Aswear.. Oloriburuku ni virus yi ooh! 😡 😡 Choi, Davido ooo Hunhun🤭🤭..... Quick Recovery I pray for

Get well great man 😔 Ns wa oh OMG ~ What'd AaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaIB Oyoppl Wàaqqqqqww2aaaaaawaaaaaawqqqqwqqqqqqqqqqwqqqa22w22wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww2wwthreadreaders threadreaderapp unroll threader_app compileawawawaa2wa I wish you quick recovery my Govenor Get well soon Quick recovery sir This is really sad. Please get well soon Your Excellency.

Ahhh I cover you with the blood of Jesus ooo We talked about the carrier of COVID-19 hope we are preparing to count the number of people that got in contact with him week ago, na there work dey o. At least we know of 2 Governor himself, Davido too went there but negative while chioma positive hmmm😒 My prayers to my able governor seyiamakinde the Lord be with you. You shall overcome. The heart of the good people of Nigeria is with you. Divine healing

🥴 Isso Ok Egbon Seyi our prayers are with you. You will come out strong 💪. You will beat Covid-19 Alvinattor Sigh ! Pray he get well soon I'm not sorry for him, only sorry for the people that he used his carelessly to affect. Haaaaa so amazing. COVID-19 you have no respect anymore. It shouldn't be Governor of Oyo Mr. Seyi Makinde. Wish you quick recovery

Please get well soon I so pray for his healing cos he's one of the best governors we have in Southern Nigeria. Get well soon Ur excellency. Get well soon my governor It's a pity though.. but now that politicians and Governors are testing positive after money have been released to Lagos state government... Please they should use the money to improve the health and medical facilities in their states.

He's going to recover by God's grace!!!! Am beginning to think like a layman o on this positive testing of our governors. Abi dem dey pay dem money for testing positive? Very wicked man. They told him and taiye currency to self isolate after coming from Florida and UK but they refused instead they went and held a huge rally. God will judge you all

Isaac_Tadongdi Get well soon. 🙏 The kind of governor you must pray for his speedy recovery. Speedy recovery in Jesus name. COVID19 is now a virus for well to do people while the low class hidden symptom in front of others. Are we now seating on keg of gun powder in my state? Just look at those to be contact this virus through unsolicited rally in Mapo hill.

Holy shit! I wish him a speedy recovery. Why are people clicking ♥️ Nothing will happen to him, God is your healer. Noooooooo😢 Rally aftermath effect... Soonest recovery though. Our good governor tickin_clocks Oh God 😥 Get well soon GSM... I pray for devine healing for you sir, you don't deserve this virus gor that you are heal sir

OMG. Quick recovery sir. God Almighty heal you and protect us all 🙏🙏🙏 God go heal you Gov Wishing you a rapid recovery Sir God healing Recover quick governor This not true... Mmmmm davido 🙏🙏 another checkings...maybGod heal you gov seyiamakinde Ayekooto will be happy with this news God Almighty In His Infinite Mercy Will Heal you In Jesus Mighty Name Amen

Him go dey ok las las. I give up😭💔 Quick recovery May he pull through by the grace of God🙏🏿.. the elites are getting tested, but the masses are told to go into isolation. I pray he pulls through.🙏 Pesin get virus u dy like post May Allah see us through Wish The Governor speedy recovery and other infected people in Nigeria and world.

Please OBO davido 'CHECK' yourself very-well Again and again Brov😔. 'Likely' you might be ((((((CARRYING)))))) the COVID19 COVIDー19 Covid_19 COVID LATELY, bur no SYMPTOMS!!!. ChairmanHKN , AsaAsika & sirbanko CopyTHAT⚓ . Please Stay_PROTECTED😷⛑️🛡️🧻🧽🧼🧴🤲🚿🧤🎭. Aiye o ni mu WA ooo... davido was with you and his result came out negative.... Let me wear my glasses first

This is the worst news in a long time. Now I strongly believe covid-19 has been around way longer than we think ,we are just testing for it now and getting results,obviously some persons show early signs of symptoms while others don’t. That's his problem, when he was busy organising rally up and down he no know and when he hosted davido who just came back from the u.k he no know , abegi . Anyways I wish him quick recovery sha.

This Covid dey behave well Sincerely am so disappointed, we play so much politics with humanity in dis country,I pray go save all dis innocent souls dat attended d rally and I wish u well So sad.. Wish him Quick recovery Ahhh! You are healed in Jesus name. Amen Quite sad, stay strong sir Over 2.5 governors now

Davido should go for a test again 😢😢😢 Fuck 😭 Quick recovery sir Here we go! The whole Ibadan quarantine. PDPrally. Let’s focus on the cure pls. By this magnitude, no one can be spared. I pray for his quick recovery. By the strips of Jesus Christ you are healed Lakuli NaijaJagaban Speedy recovery supercsherif Man came back from abroad and went to rally!!!. Ohhhh boyy

Yeeeeee🙆 Get well soon sire Again 😭😭😭😭 Abba Kyari was EXTREMELY irresponsible for not observing the mandatory 14-day self-isolation after he returned from Germany. Also, we have not heard the last of the impact and implications of that PDP Oyo Rally. I hoped the stories are untrue but this news shatters my hope...

What breaking about this? Great Na now una hear? Jesus Are we sure davido is not positive Shit is getting worse Wow this is so disheartening 💔💔💔 Saddest news Father Lord😭 Is this virus joking with us? He don happen Oooo. God why now heal the world 🌍 Kasala burst

BREAKING: Gov Makinde tests positive for coronavirusThis good governor ohhhh no No no Fuck

BREAKING - Anambra Gov, Obiano in self quarantine - Daily Post NigeriaThe Anambra State Government has confirmed that the Governor of the State, Chief Willie Obiano has gone into self-quarantine. The Secretary to the State He's running away from..... speaking English... Quarantine ni quarantine kor This man is a lair Is too early you should wait and collect your 1B naira

BREAKING: Coronavirus: Gov el-Rufai tests positive for COVID-19 - Daily Post NigeriaKaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai, has tested positive for coronavirus. The Governor, who confirmed this on his Twitter handle, explained that he is Ohh my God! May God bring you a good health and recover your health soon I’m becoming very scared., my spirit is feeling feverish GovKaduna contactkdsg elrufai YELFFoundation Wahala Dey ooo

Niger gov tests negative to COVID 19 – Daily TrustNiger State Governor, Abubakar Sani Bello has tested negative for the dreaded Corona Virus disease, otherwise known as COVID-19. Na wa oooo ALHAMDULILLAHI May Almighty Allah continue to protect us and put an end this pandemic amin. Why now😡

JUST IN: Bauchi gov. offers N2 million reward for information on kidnapped brotherGovernor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi state has offered N2 million as compensation for information that will lead to safe return of abducted brother. Reason us ur 1year salary Maintain the same energy when it comes to your people who knows no one...

Kwara gov gives 10-month salaries to fight coronavirusGod bless if this is true He is just saying he is ready to donates his 10 months salary,how exactly is he going to help the poor with the money,cus I know problem of a lot of kwarans now is not Covid 19 anymore but hunger What's the sum of your salary Sir?