Seyi Makinde Coronavirus

Seyi Makinde Coronavirus

BREAKING: Gov Makinde tests positive for coronavirus

3/30/2020 8:12:00 PM

BREAKING: Gov Makinde tests positive for coronavirus

Sodiq OyelekeOyo State Governor Seyi Makinde has tested positive for coronavirus.He made this known via hisTwitterhandle on Monday.“I just received my COVID-19 confirmation test result. It is positive. I am asymptomatic and will continue to self-isolate,” he said.

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The governor, who urged residents to comply with directives aimed at curbing coronavirus in the state, said his deputy, Prof Temitope Alonge, would take over as the head of Ogun COVID-19 Task Force.“I have designated Prof Temitope Alonge, former Chief Medical Director of the University College, Ibadan, as the Head of COVID-19 Task Force while I recover fully.

“Please, continue to comply with all the directives from the COVID-19 Task Force. Stay home, stay safe,” he added.Details later…DOWNLOAD THE PUNCH NEWS APP NOW ON Read more: The Punch Newspapers »

You are negative.. Relax ...all this are politics for grants and money... 😢😢 May Allah heal you. You will finish your 8years in oyo state. In sha Allah rahman. 😭😭😭 Not him plz, I wish him speedy recovery. I pray God will hill him I pray for you my wonderful governor. That the Lord will heal you quickly, and perfectly in Jesus name🤠🤠🤠

Oooh sorry sir. I wish you a quick recovery .seyiamakinde Account balance ee ni Is this a joke or what, how did he contact it Seyi was apparently careless with his disposition to the virus. This is not a time to be inquisitive . However , I sincerely and most honestly wish him well . When I hear from him again ,it would be that he is negative .

The only politician I wish to recover. My heart is with you. Get well soon Give him his own Billion share pls Na wa ooooo why naa Very true May God almighty kindly help us heal our loyalty Governor Seyi Makinde. IJN Same Makinde that said there is no Coronavirus in PDP? Now he knows better that Coronavirus has no sympathy for anybody. Anyway, get well soon.

😲😲😲😲how will they start tracing? Ehya.. quick recovery.. I pray for you 💯 May God heal you fast in Jesus mighty name Amen Nooooo! Not Seyi 😡😢😢 Quick Recovery Get well soon sir God have mercy... How did he contacted the infection, who visited him? Now that rally was really uncalled for and was very irresponsible of the governor even though he appologised. We wish seyiamakinde a speedy recovery and much love to him always.

Story for the gods! Wish quick recovery my governor In Jon Wick voice *Consequences*. 🙄 Which him quick recovery You'll be fine Sir. Coronavirus is NOT a death sentence... Seyi makinde will be fine by God's grace in Jesus name amen 🙏 May God heal u out Governor U will not dir young ijn Shit NCDCgov are just here to count numbers, can't dey do research on it cure. I'm 99% sure dat dere 're herbs dat 'll cure covid-19, why NCDCgov guys can't work with tradomedical personel? what a pity dat we Africans don't value our own.TakeResponsibility

Oh no, quick recovery Insha Allah Why? I mean how? Who gave him ? The details is not complete dear punch He ll recover by God's grace. The rich also cry. Life goes on. Wishing you a quick recovery. What am not clear about is why are they all coming out to disclose having coronavirus bcos on a norm they don't disclose their health issues or am I the only one TOL,and afterall we are not NCDC to take care of them are we?

Quick healing we pray for you our beloved governor. God revealed to me the roots and herbs that can cure Corona virus. I want to experiment It. We have nothing to lose by doing this. Please retweet this. This may be our chance to get rid of this deadly virus. This is not a joke. NCDCgov please 🙏 This is the story of the third COVID19 survivor in Nigeria. It is one that gives hope and will definitely inspire all of us.

Get well soon sir Get will soon Awww God heal him. This is the first politicians I sincerely wish quick recovery. God will heal you. Wish u quick recovery This is a case of Egungun be careful.... I wish him quick recovery. Another political stunt Sorry I wish you quick heal They should test everyone that sat on the high table during that stupid mega rally which he and his pdp brainwashed leaders organized while Nigeria was burning with covid19 pandemic. They thought it was Buhari's problem?

Please y is it that only politicians are known victim in Nigeria oda victims anonymous I smell rat ooo Our politicians are lying it seems they want sympathy God almighty would you sir , but those that want to play games with it the poniment of we be opened their enteryer genetion You're healed in the name of the Almighty.

If there’s any Governor I don’t want to be a victim to C-19, it is Gov.Makinde. The guy is just too good trying to transform his state. God will heal you in no time . Scam Ahn ahn!! Get well soon sir. seyiamakinde Oh No! It's not a life sentence, I know he'll conquer COVID-19 because I'm just thinking about how will other Governors successfully complete their internship with this man. BESTGOVERNOR

My best governor,pls get well soon sir Let pray for him. quik recovery sir Who the fuck is this? 🧐 This is sad to here. I can only wish him speedy recovery. Speedy recovery. The devil is a liar He do deserves it. At the height of the tension this man was hosting a political rally. Irresponsible leaders Why always nigerian governors are capable of being positive on corona virus

Get well soon my governor Get well soon My GOVERNOR Always stay healthy my governor The creator of ppl u help from poverty and the windows will not let u die of covid-19. LOVE U BIG FROM HERE God my best man so far No oooooooooooooooo May you receive divine healing in Jesus'name. Amen I don't get it, is it that this virus is met for the governors and the rich or its a conspiracy

Ibi like say ''the disease na big man sickness''. God will heal him Lord have mercy ooo I guess he is originally from APC since he caught the virus😂 Egungun Be careful Gov. Mankinde, Jehoval Almighty God will heal you in Jesus name. By His strip, you are healed. Receive your healing now in Jesus name. My governor will be fine... 🙏🏾🙏🏾

Asymptomatic ? Why was he tested ? If it is APC, it is ok but PDP it is not ok for Corona virus, God is not partial, you people should wish everybody well whether pdp or apc. Why do bad things happen to good people?😟 Nah Davido give am You can't be serious Corona cannot hold a good man down. Quickest recovery we pray for you.

Wish you a speedy recovery Quick recovery sir Get well soon the people's Governor. However, that Rally was never needful anyways, you guys knows better what do I know Self!!! Sorry mr Governor. You will get better in Jesus name. This one too will pass. IJN Ina ran 🔥🔥 State Governors in Naija now testing positive ➕ to COVID19 😷🙆 Bauchi ➕ Kaduna ➕ Oyo ➕ Anambra in self isolation ➖➕ The CoronaVirus spread is like a Food Web😣😒 SeyiMakinde Ibadan Tension Coronavirustruth TheLockdown

This one needs all the prayers oh One foot wrong doesn't make him a bad person na Nooooo! 😔 UK, US, Isreal and others are evacuating their citizens because they know there might be more Covid-19 cases yet to be discovered and it is dangerous. Some people have it and they don't know yet. We need all Ngerians tested for Covid-19 MBuhari jidesanwoolu NCDCgov

Lobaton!! How did he get it wishing him speedy recovery God please let this corona locate buhari not this kind hearted man lord please Test Davido again After this Covid19 has been successfully defeated, anyone who diverts funds meant for equipping our hospitals should be publicly executed. RT So so sad i wish his Excelleny Quick recovery. Please kindly join us in our interaction on WhatsApp

Result of PDP rally amidst Corona virus outbreak. Get well soon GSM. May God heal him God in His mercy will perfect his healing on him. Ezeakachidozie After doing this 👇 Wishing you quick recovery best Governor so far. Gbas gbos Wish you quick recovery my dear governor ms_bilqis At this point, it’s a lie.

Not surprised. He's son insensitive, I wish him a quick recovery anyways. Noooooo 😭😭. Stay strong sir and get better soon This best governor in Nigeria,please God heal him kvtchi__ He will surely recover from it. Stay strong my man Rally aftermath effect... Soonest recovery though. No way!!! Politicians contracting the virus and keep spreading it among themselves.

You heal above healings , your body will know no sickness , I command all elements of the Earth and heavens to come to your aid. It's well with you my brother. My prayers and thoughts are with you sir. May God show you mercy and heal you in Jesus name amen. Not this one Lord 😩 😢 😢 It shouldn't have been you nah.

Travel to US or Europe for medications sir. Oh no no no nooooo This must not be true God.....what about people that attended OfficialPDPNig Rally with the Governor in Ibadan...God deliver us from CoronaVirusNigeria and Oyo State ooooo He will overcome it, that, I Am Sure. Get well soon mr Gov seyiamakinde God will keep alive so u will finish the good works u are doing in ur state

This is almost the Elite virus I wish him quick recovery but we must remember he apologized! Unnecessary inconvenience...the risk posed to ppl is highly unacceptable! God help us all... Davido don give this guy chai I pray for quick recovery in Jesus mighty name May God Almighty heal him like He healed others that have been tested positive for the Virus and are not negative and are released in Nigeria. May God be with him at this trying time. God save us all.

QueenRonaven That PDP rally was a disaster bound to happen. Sigh. But, he will be fine. He's a great guy. My governor, you shall come out of this unhurt. May God grant you quick recovery. Stay blessed, we are with you. J&J and Abbott announce potential coronavirus vaccine and rapid test honilatte Bros no fear, it a breaking limit for you

I hope this politician won’t scam us with this thing again oo I wish him quick recovery. May God bless him with good health. Amen. FashyUnltd God's healing upon you Get welll soon sir God shall heal you! 😭😭😭😭😭 No oooo, not Makinde. Didn't Tinubu travel to UK recently? Corona Im asking you Divine healings

He will survive. The Bodija index case survived. We will all beat COVID-19. God will heal you IJMN Amen honilatte Bros makinde congratulations ooo He'll be fine soon ijn Oh wow. He will be fine 💛 Wish you speedy recovery.. LAUTECHupdates Now this is really a sad one.☹️☹️☹️ God forbid oooo Definitely not surprised one bit. As per mode of infection. I know we are all thinking it. 🐸 or PDP rally which is far worse. I pray he pulls through.. 🙏🏾

RadioPaparazi Davido has pass this on Davido right now🤨🤨 There’s already huge percentage of Nigerian masses that are walking around the streets without knowing they’ve contracted COVID-19. It’s time the masses begin to immediately demand for testing kits and testing centers from the president, yes from the FG because this a PANDEMIC.

Chioma was tested positive 💔 Gov. Bala Mohammed was tested positive 😷 Atiku's Son was tested positive 🤒 Malam Nasir elrufai was tested positive 😰 Now, Seyi Makinde has just been tested positive ! 😨😰 What exactly is happening ! 😖😪😪😷💔 Nothing must happen to our governor RadioPaparazi See gbenje

It is well. The Lord's healing upon you our Governor. Makinde said Coronavirus is their (APC) disease and they held that rally. Though good man see am nau. Quick recovery Sir. I don't think his infection has anything to do with the rally doh. He better stay alive. Oyo State needs his style of governance.

Hmmmm I smell wahala This shii is saddening E don happen ...just tel how davido no come get Our elites are the ones making the work of NCDCgov had for them if at the end of the day this corona virus get out of hand the blame should be on our irresponsible leaders seyiamakinde God's protection over you sir😢🙏

Gov Seyi Makinde has confirmed his test results to be positive himself. May God heal him and all others. I pray for your quick recovery in Jesus name (amen).....A true Mission and Vision man. I first thought about it when Davido paid him a visit, Davido needs to do another test honilatte I hope it's one of those mild cases

Wishing him quick recovery in Jesus name y is CORONA trying to tear APC apart? God's healing upon you sir May God heal this man 🙏🙏 😔😔 We have accepted the apologises for his recovery. He will heal and keep moving at a greater pace. Why is it catching them he'll be fine Oh God,protect my governor It is well with you my dear Gov. You will recover speedily. The grace of God will be more than sufficient for you.

Others that attended the rally, I bring you greetings. This is the end Result of recklessness. My thoughts and prayers are with you sir I was told that by going to do the testing you get infected because the virus is inside the testing kit. I heard so ni Notwithstanding in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth seyiamakinde will be healed faster

God will save you Quick recovery Gov Makinde! Oyo Eguungun finally jammed truck on express... What's this? Ha! Chai how will NCDCgov begin to trace people he had contact with now? He had some many meetings even after that rally in Ibadan, quick recovery to him Davido should go and check himself again I hope he gets treatment and gets better soon

I am begging to have doubts May God deliver you sir❤️❤️ Atiku was generously magnanimous in his dispensing of d virus. Heard dat he was d rally You have got to be kidding me! Our prayers are with you, the people's governor! This is really serious God save us charlyge2 At last you politicians share this virus pass everyone else... Get well soon...

Akinwonmi96 😳 Aaahhhhhhhhh🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆 This could be from the rally though 😢😢😢 KemiOlunloyo MA, is there any one still doubting you now I wish him quick recovery. Amen. Oh God this thing is getting worst You will overcome it sir! My thoughts and prayers are with you!! I wish you an expeditious recovery !

Buhari must be positive abeg how did he escape this thing. Self What's wrong with punch like can your headline be your news difference at all. What na, can't u just wait for full info before posting. U guys r just after traffic ni Quick recovery amazing Gov if this is true He will survive. 💪🏾

There is not recovery to it If this is a joke, please stop it🙄 Chai the wrong person I wanted Buhari to handle this virus 🦠 ooooo bashor1010 The same one that did a rally? But then between SaharaReporters and I don't know the king of fake news Shebi the idiot was busy organizing rally when he supposed to play safe. They value janjaweeb politics than their lives. At least 3 prominent figures that attended the rally have been tested positive. I wish him quick recovery and common sense

Jesus!!! Get well soon. Governor Oh no!😢😢 He had it coming. He will come back stronger and wiser. 😲😲 Abba Kyari was EXTREMELY irresponsible for not observing the mandatory 14-day self-isolation after he returned from Germany. Also, we have not heard the last of the impact and implications of that PDP Oyo Rally. I hoped the stories are untrue but this news shatters my hope...

Pls GOD save him Corona keeps dishing out the slaps God will heal you sir seyiamakinde You came to power at this crucial time but God that brought you won't leave you. Get healed sir my governor Shit No ooo The one that organized the rally? Hope it wasn't as a result of the PDP rally he organized some days ago

Wish him quick recovery No no no no... God have mercy o. Kai, what a good man. Our prayers are with you. God keep you safe and heal you completely. Nawa oo Noooooooooooooooooo The world needs you, get well soon, sir! Let's pray for this very one. He deserves our prayers. He's a good statesman. God heal him perfectly. 🙏

I don't trust editors a times. No investigative journalism work some of them. What is happening? OgbukaEmmanuel Are u kidding me😳 odunay0 Maintain so distance o.... 😥😥😥 Davido must be positive too cause he met this man not too long. He'll be fine. But that rally 😷 How come come Yesoooo the corona virus 🦠 is doing well

One may have to be careful believing any news coming from but if this is true, Makinde has done a reckless decisions by organizing that rally What the fuck ! Get well soon my governor. Nawa oo FreakyNaomi_ He'll be fine... I believe Kai! Sir, you will recover In Jesus name! The World still needs you! How can, oh my God

Boom🔥🔥🔥 Oh boy this is getting bad 😳 No, not this good man... this one is exempted ooo Fuck No no This good governor ohhhh no

BREAKING: Coronavirus: Gov el-Rufai tests positive for COVID-19 - Daily Post NigeriaKaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai, has tested positive for coronavirus. The Governor, who confirmed this on his Twitter handle, explained that he is Ohh my God! May God bring you a good health and recover your health soon I’m becoming very scared., my spirit is feeling feverish GovKaduna contactkdsg elrufai YELFFoundation Wahala Dey ooo

BREAKING - Anambra Gov, Obiano in self quarantine - Daily Post NigeriaThe Anambra State Government has confirmed that the Governor of the State, Chief Willie Obiano has gone into self-quarantine. The Secretary to the State He's running away from..... speaking English... Quarantine ni quarantine kor This man is a lair Is too early you should wait and collect your 1B naira

Niger gov tests negative to COVID 19 – Daily TrustNiger State Governor, Abubakar Sani Bello has tested negative for the dreaded Corona Virus disease, otherwise known as COVID-19. Na wa oooo ALHAMDULILLAHI May Almighty Allah continue to protect us and put an end this pandemic amin. Why now😡

Gov. Sani-Bello tests negative for coronavirus - The Nation NigeriaNiger State Governor, Alhaji Abubakar Sani Bello, has tested negative for coronavirus.The Governor had on Wednesday gone into self-isolation having

COVID-19: No confirmed case in Plateau - Gov. Lalong - Daily Post NigeriaGovernor Simon Lalong of Plateau State has refuted trending news alleging that there was an index case of confirmed Coronavirus in Jos North Local But media warlord are carrying fake rumor You guys should help the citizens talk to the government, we have agreed to stay at home but no food for poor men to survive with, they should consider the citizens for once. I also need help I am staving. UBA 2107046116 you guys should help or you tell the government for us You mean no thoroughly tested cases in Plateau state.

Kwara gov gives 10-month salaries to fight coronavirusGod bless if this is true He is just saying he is ready to donates his 10 months salary,how exactly is he going to help the poor with the money,cus I know problem of a lot of kwarans now is not Covid 19 anymore but hunger What's the sum of your salary Sir?