BREAKING: Funke Akindele, Husband Plead Guilty To Social Distancing Violation

BREAKING: Funke Akindele, Husband Plead Guilty To Social Distancing Violation

4/6/2020 3:03:00 PM

BREAKING: Funke Akindele, Husband Plead Guilty To Social Distancing Violation.

BREAKING: Funke Akindele, Husband Plead Guilty To Social Distancing Violation

Updated April 6, 2020 Celebrated Nollywood Actress, Funke Akindele and her husband, AbdulRasheed Bello popularly known as JJSkillz, have pleaded guilty to a one-count charge of hosting a gathering of 20 persons and over, contrary to the social distancing directives of the Lagos State Government.

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He should be remove from the ambassador The law will put it into consideration since they accepted their offense Even those that want to wed are postponing there wedding programme, talkless of birthday party. OGA OOOOOO Aunty Funke.. It lockdown how come court and the people around are not observing the Lockdown. Let kuku sort everything, do they sell essentials too

If ignorant of the law is not an excuse to be prosecuted, what happened when you have the knowledge of the law, yet went ahead breaks it, what will be your fate, ( somebody may say death by hanging) Can any body explain y she has to disobey the law? Before being for her pardon. I'm I'm ashamed of her this are people who opt to know better yet they flaunt the law. I'm sure she know the consequence. Is a shame how we behave like animals even with our education

How many bokoharam una prosecute One Nigeria oya na Nigeria ppl no dey hear word Ill-advised decision to plead guilty in a case they could have easily won. FG should stop this stupidity, Fg should provide what it takes to stay indoors, not buy arresting some one who conducted a house party by him/herself. Nah to arrest una dey good pass Mumu people

Funke and husband have admitted already , which is already a show of honest all we plead for right now is for dem to be forgiven please jidesanwoolu please forgive dem, our lovely funkeakindele have made a mistake and admitted , we hope and pray it all be over soon😔😞 She must feel guilty, unless she want to see the wrath of the government

Did Magistrate also maintain social distancing before, during and after court proceedings? Funke isn't guilty cus in the course there was no social distance She kill person. Abeg make una use the time una use take arrest her on what ever charge or charges make una go fight Boko Haram, fix our roads and Electricity. No be wetin we wan hear be dis.. Abi una want make we clap for Nigerian government for arresting her?. Crase people

The camera men in the picture have broken the law oooo and they are more than twenty oooo If he does accept,he will only prolonging his trial for nothing,which he will eventually be convicted and it may lead to a harder pinishment for the delaying the court' s time Every single person in that court room should be quarantined too. So much lack of sense on display🙄

It's so sad. Their lawyer didn't advise them about the implications of pleading guilty. Now they are Ex Convicts and will suffer the stigma imposed by law Yah she deserve it because of her rule on preventive measures jingles by NTA. Therefore she suppose to live by example due to our image. She is a lawyer that should know what 'LAW' is.... nevertheless pls have mercy

Celebrities are not necessarily Leaders! Time to draw the line. Leadership calls for a strict sense of Responsibility. You can't say one thing and do another. You must walk your talk. Seems they work so hard to rise & self-destruct. Takes discipline to stay up! funkeakindele May Almighty God help on this......

Hope the will treat others same way. After all Oshomole had his own as well and nobody was arrested. Nigeria na waoooh If that should be the case, FG suppose sue OGSG for holding a seminar some days ago with more than 100 people in the hall and without obeying the rules of social distancing. Good, the big lesson for the defaulters

Sorry. Emotions. Emotions. Emotions. Public figures don't break law deliberately and make the act public and then get away with it. Courrrrrrrrttttt ! Punishment for rich people Abeg the judge didn't do it well for her to violet a law she should have sentence to six month in prison to serve as deterrent to other sturburn ones

I'm highly disappointed be on Funke Akindele Gbogbo bigz gerz🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💫 Actress Funke Akindele-Bello and her husband, Abdulrasheed Bello sentenced to 14-day community service. To pay 100,000 naira each as fine and observe Isolation for 14 days. That should serve as deterrence to other celebrities,socialites,politicians etc that they are not above the law 😎!

I’m just too disappointed....... Even the PoliceNG has violated social distancing. See rowdy the police are when taken Funke and JJC to court Since they have pleaded quilty of their offense, let Mercy followed and a fine should be given to them. She will be alright last last.... she’s not going to jail

I like Lagos State government, they always know when to shine. They have used Mr and Mrs. Bello to shine. There are mysteries about life! If you know, you will be extremely careful on what you expose or put out on social media. There are things you put out and you end up Unnecessarily attracting joy killers and Enemies to yourself

Hahahahaha It's good to follow the rules of the land no matter who u are, This is discrimination..... You disappointed me with this your act Just trying to be known the more. Wonderful idea! The best way to deal with a house party that violates social distancing is to have another court! After Detol Advert...gbas gbos...kirikiri ya

But there's no social distancing in this picture🙄 Like play like play, shii Is getting real oo The same violation committed/made by the court. If you watch the video carefully, you will discover that there was nothing like social distance. It was not observed neither by the journalists nor by the security agents there present. (Nonsense and ingredients!!!)

My judgement thus: Get all the attendants of that ceremony, isolate and test them, if anyone tests positive, put him on quarantine, put the organiser in jail for as long as the quarantinee recovers. IFB ASAP funkeakindele u are doing well and u ll continue to do well. Pls just apologize and let the rain wash away Ur sin. mafo

See people clustering around like flies, are they still not violating the same crime of social distancing Funke is accused of? Nonsense country we all live in I hope this doesn't affect her beautiful life and career. Pls don’t plead guilty, social distancing is not imbibed or was not passed as a law, it’s not in the constitution which our government failed to do, it’s true there was a failure to adhere but pls you didn’t break any law

They have no option but to plead guilty. After Funke's COVID -19 TV advert, they cannot deny knowing. This is a proof that many Nigerians just pay lip service to many issues. What is breaking here now? She would have just said those in attendance where already in her house before the lockdown was announced... No be movie she de shoot... Shekina?

Her publicist should be fired for not convincing her to postpone party. Funke you missed the point entirely in your defence to us your fans. It's a very WRONG time for anyone, not to speak of a celebrity & public personality to publicize ANY gathering. What she did was bad, but this is where you'll see our security flexing muscle. Other serious matters of the state are there lying fallow. Pulling her down at all costs would not diminish her attainments.

Do they know the implications of what they have just done by pleading guilty? Don't they have a lawyer or they think is just to pay 100,00 naira and go they are now ex convict. Home video Abeg collect fine from them and let this be a lesson to everyone You guys should know it's from ask Rock pls have mercy on them

Nawa o, all these camera for just 2 pple, where is the social distancing amongs these press in the picture? God is in control God abeg naaa they had a house party and neighbors came around, it’s people on same street not like village to village or different local government, they all stay in same Amen estate 😥😥😥😢 abee wos all this wahala

Good for them. Disobedience is the same as sin of witchcraft. Instead of them to help eradicate the pandemic, they are helping to spread the covid-19. After putting up an advert on COVID19 for NCDC, this was the last thing the public expected!!! parte after parte Why are NIGERIANS mean to each other? It is the judiciary that has so flouted this social distancing we have been preaching, a visit to the courts in Abuja will pale this in significance

That's what stupidity can cause you. JUST thinking aloud, how? When? Where? Who? I means i can't even figure how it is possible to be for what you are against at the same time. Just wondering to what happen to big sis. Who cast this spear? I mean who enchant her?. Mercy & Grace 2 overcome this trying moment

She is visibly embarrassed and ashamed of her actions. Dettol and NCDC Ambassador fa. Let them do volunteer work for a month and create awareness in the rural areas about the importance of avoiding gatherings. This country sha, even the court is guilty of breaking same law it's trying to adjudicate. My country my country!

This is bad oo Pls leave them. Collect the fine. We all no she messed up. I no she must have learnt her lessons. Thank you See Nigerians Yoruba media dance. Enjoy Of Course! What do you Expect them to Plead Before? No one Should Blame village people here! They Used their own Hands to Expose and Ridicule themselves! Hopefully ,they will learn their lesson and Others will learn from them and this Craze of Unnecessary show of attention !

Sigh. Proverbs 21:3 says “To do righteousness and justice is more acceptable to the LORD than sacrifice.” We've got to stop this pity party for Funke Akindele as I believe she'd come out of this a better celeb with the lessons learnt. E don doo oooooo..make them freee dem ooo Despite her level of exposure, and enlightenment, I never believe she could do such. She is not a good ambassador...

Now they are guilty. So what next? Covid1-9 conviction? I expect it’s going to be a fine and nothing more. There’s no point lingering over the matter. She should have actually known better, I just hope people learn. God is with you Jenny baby. They are playing on your intelligence cus all na planed work...I no fall for all this rubbish

Food money for the week, 5,000 Naira Each for the first 20 People to FOLLOW and RETWEET this, then Comment your ACCOUNT DETAILS.👌 Good luck!! Happy New Week. I heard Nigerians dragged funked akindele on twitter which eventually led to her arrest because she refused to do give away. This is act one scene one of Jenifer next movie. According to jimidisu Second base jor. Lagos Govt should please focus their energy on their so call honourable that are sharing useless food,cash and bread in a crowded pattern.Double standard gboyegaakosile

she should b responsible for her action, for going against d law.mtewwwww Well,followlasg just fall my hands. I love Funke but I support the prosecution 100%. But the sad story here is that the court just practiced what she was arrested for. This case should be dismissed. It’s a shame. One month imprisonments is okay Fine won’t get to my pocket

They should kindly tamper justice with mercy... Pardon her please The law is usually lenient to those who show remorse without wasting the time of the court. We hope the court will be lenient to them. Even the crowd at the station or wherever this is is wrong on all levels. Smh... Let d law take its full course, yes but do u know how many other parties that hv not bn reported. Mk DM pay d fine go and sin no more. Pls I need support for my music project.thank u

Who says you don't have a voice on twitter, we need more of this energy on bigger issues too TwitterNG💯💯 Is she the only one guilty with this. And why must they hold a court case now funkeakindele Why you now Who will arrest those who came to the court and not following the distance rules This is unfair o

Oro yi abi omiran🤷 This is my first comment on This. I duff my hat for funkeakindele and the husband for pleading guilty! Even the judge will gladly agree for leniency and give them community service and may be pay for the covid-19 testing of all attendees of the party. Justice served. This is a stepping stone for the government Watch it man, if they didn't spare Funke then you ain't safe doing anything outside the law

Nigerian should be happy now. Smh She had better be, after making advert on covid 19. Audio 🤣 No be naija we dey, patapata fine and last warning 😂 It's rather shameful. She should have known better. She was actually on the advert for Covid19, so she knew the implications, yet she went ahead to flout the order. If she wasn't arrested, she would have been celebrating on social media... Yet we hail them as 'celebrities'

Dat not my concern first,is d crowd at d court entrance no social distancing at all. Even the court should be charged to court for not mentaing social distancing. They are as guilty as funke. Mercy pleas So we can be swift to action in this country? But Evans case is still pending!!! Aye le o Oya,No fine them.just take them to any popular market to sweep the place for 3weeks after lockdown is lifted

From birthday party to court..... This is really serious 🤣🤣🤣 party scatter A mess that could have been avoided, but greed and ego removes every sense of reasoning and they fell low. See how she is hiding her face, that will tell you that she is sorry for what she did. If it is our politicians, they will even be calling the press to address them. Those people, am sure their heart is dead

Very simple. The jail term is too small. My can't can how Aunty thought of a party, carry her phone, call or text people to come party with her. In this period of pandemics. Her Village people are very strong. Just think of it for a second. How can she do such a thing with her right sense hnmmm but we were asked to stay home.... how come court open...... nija la wa

Shining example for all to learn from All the people here especially the press. You aren’t observing social distancing o😅 Is this a law or mere regulation? How many people were in the Court? Social distancing will take our life style if we let it NGOLO distancing Kasala Issoright Infact they have destroyed what she has worked for for years Bcos of their stupidity ! Stupid husband

Just because of social distancing, they took her to court ni! Is because she is a celebrity.... Smh Bail out of 100k awaits dem or 2months jail terms Pleading guilty is better. Evidences against them will be overwhelming. The judge decision is final Yet there was no social distancing put in place at the venue of her 'trial' just look at how packed together the people are there. Smh ChicoRockx NCDCgov PoliceNG

Jenifa gungi koja ewe.. Pls, issokay oh! While we were upset with her actions, we love her. She is one of the good ones. We beg for leniency. E dakun. funkeakindele forgivefunkeakindele Let the law take it's cost because they intentionally flouted the government order So what next now This was ill advised. They become ex-convicts from today, even if a prison term is not imposed.

She will be fine One month imprisonment with no option of fine Shikina Nawaoh Let the take it's cost then We are waiting

[BREAKING] Lockdown: Police take Funke Akindele, husband to courtI want to see her ranting husband antheora16 Sheeele Strupid ni

BREAKING: Funke Akindele, husband arraignedThe Lagos State Police Command has taken Nollywood actress, Funke Akindele, and her husband, Abdulrasheed Bello popularly known as JJC Skillz, to co... It's quite unfortunate Nigerians are hypocrites.... In our different houses we are worse... But on social media we seek validation & correctness Hypocrisy is when we are shouting to the high heavens about an house party that can b controlled but markets are open where every Tom and dick is going without control

Lockdown Violation: Funke Akindele, Husband To Be Charged To CourtLockdown Violation: Funke Akindele, Husband To Be Charged To Court Chai Punishment things anybody that breaks the rule whether government or citizens should be punished Other politicians that partied why haven't you arrested them... Nigeria is a zoo

Coronavirus: Funke Akindele, husband, others risk jail sentence over house party - Daily Post NigeriaPopular Nollywood actress, Funke Akindele was on Sunday night arrested at her residence in Amen Estate, Lagos State for violating restriction orders. Audio Jail sentence Aunty 100k na chicken change 4 u. Pay speedingly wt interest we love u. StaySafeNigeria Person no fit do party inside him house again,what is this Government saying sef

Covid-19 lockdown order: Police drag Funke Akindele, husband to court – Daily TrustA popular Nigerian actress has been arrested for throwing a birthday party during a lockdown in economic hub Lagos to curb the spread of coronavirus, police said on Monday. She and her husband are to be arraigned in court today. Funke Akindele, a Nollywood film star popularly known as Jenifa, is accused of hosting guests … This is serious Pardon them nah Nigeria can't move forward with kinds of people we have at front line as a leaders and people we see as role models. Such people that don't live by what they preaching. Until justice prevail inrespect your status in society that is time Nigeria will have way forward.

[BREAKING] Lockdown: Police arrest Funke Akindele over house partyIf she has broken any law let her face it. Nice. Audio arrest