Accountant-General's Office

Accountant-General's Office

BREAKING: Fire guts Accountant-General’s office in Abuja

4/8/2020 1:37:00 PM

BREAKING: Fire guts Accountant-General’s office

Ifeanyi Onuba, AbujaThere was a fire outbreak on Wednesday at the Treasury House, which is the headquarters of the Office of the Accountant-General of the Federation.The cause of the fire, which started about 10 am, is yet to be known.The PUNCHgathered that as soon as the incident started, men of the Federal Fire Service were alerted to assist in putting out the fire.

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They were later joined by officials of the National Emergency Management Agency, the Nigeria Police Force and the Abuja Environmental Protection Board.Details later…DOWNLOAD THE PUNCH NEWS APP NOW ON Read more: The Punch Newspapers »

There goes all the evidences of corruption Najia una don burn abi Every country is fighting COVID-19 Nigeria is fighting COVID-419 😵😵 That's what they are good at, covering up iniquities. Oooh..they think they can get away with this kind of format...cus even a new born baby knows the meaning of what is happening..we are going to stand up to this

National Assembly to FG- 'tell us how you distributed 2trillion to the masses. How you got the data-base and demographics'.... Finance minister-'we have the records with the accountant general'. Few hours later accountant general's office goes up in flames... Na wao.. 800 billion dollars was burnt. Why now Nigeria? Our government are killing us gradually

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Na una gan gan be yahoo Yahoo Nigerians youths no get future now they find means create future for their sev & family. Stupid SARS & werey efcc go dey trouble. Stimulus package now una chop. And pipu are very hungry at dis time. There is God oo😤😤😤 This should be investigated. We shouldn't just take it hook, line and sinker

Nigeria leaders are the real scammer Las Las site don pay Proof seen Naija we country 😂😂😂 Some people will just be playing zee world with us Anyone that start that fire, fire will consume them Our 2trillion covid 19 beneficiary don burn😫 What a joke!! Na DAT fire go burn all of dem las las,awon wéré gbigbe

🤑🤑🤑🤑, please help me tell our government, that we are not fools, they should return our money, they should stop this their scam,🙆🙆🙆🙆 🤣🤣🤣🤣 this country is a joke . Na only this country na snake dy swallow money , rat self na citizen . Now fire 🔥dor burn accountant office . Lol. Nigeria nothing we nr go see o

That is my Country for you 😒 Who else did not drink this thick and chilled zobo Thy have stole again Nigeria!same story different techniques Picker Don die? MBuhari' next level of Fraud abi. A whole Accountant-General office no get VAULT...... 20 billion covid19 relief money now fully disbursed...SMH APCNigeria

No deep thinking....they keep using same method after looting. Awon criminal gangs Another conspiracy... Every kobo collected or donated must be accounted for...what kind of nonsense fire is that. Chop and destroy evidence. Victory in the fight against corruption! This money heist he’s trying to act..we already know the script.

Is Abuja not on lock down? Abi people left appliances in the office on? Welcome to Nigeria my country 🤣🤣🤣 Is Nigeria even a country? File missing case closed not disappointed! Nigerians can burn a new born baby because of money... 🤔 Nigeria won't suffer from Covid19...but post Covid19... riots CivilUnrest crisis Happy viewing...

My people thy fear... I just build house...mama thy for house... fela knew what's coming on How wonderful... Naija I hail thee!! They are all thieves Reporter to Corona funds; How can you describe your experience in Nigeria Corona funds; Bye bye to this corona money oooo Mission accomplished by the looters

Up naija nah covid19 go kill all u nah This joke is seriously not for this century..... Enough is Enough. Is it the only office there APC government want to turn Nigeria into something else serious. May God help us I hate Nigeria my country Honestly.. Am tired of this whole thing, They put up in the name of covering looting moments..

Swear this people just think Nigerians are a walkover anyday WORK OF A CONTRACTED ARSONIST.However, the fire outbreak, records ought to be on e-documentation.I wouldn't expect that the AGF would still operate on analog. Fire can't rage a cloud server or a remote space.PLEASE no stories on inability to audit due to fire-consumed documents.

E be like say dem wan to tell us another story again ooo..Tuface__idibia Pls comman help us sing this song remix... Hope no be arson? Hmmmmmmmn! Nigeria are gone there is nothing like Nigeria all I believe is there was a country Why are this people always doing like this 😭😭😭😡😡 every time they do this they think it's a joke or what? They always take us for fools... Naija why now Haba!

Hope money was not inside the office But the accountant general wasn't burnt right... Awon weeere Yea right at least no arson investigation so tracks covered A witch cry in the night and a child die in the morning. Who kill the child? The more you look, the less you see in Nigeria. Don’t forget dy 5G problem here oo

At Least if I will keeping suffering I rather die with a purpose 😂😂😂 Atleast it’s not the case of the snake that ate millions of dollars... They’ve shared money meant for you people swear tgis country gatz a long way t go All the money is gone.... You know what I mean all the audio money, They’ve shared covid 19 money...wait una dey hear all this billion billion kno know say some mad people dey eye all this money now R DON BuRsT😂😂

No be small fire go catch them if them no give that funds Unah don come with unah lies again 🙄 Wey the office wey burn? Let’s see the video....this country don tire me 😩🚶‍♂️ how the office take burn sef shebi na house everybody dey At least you guys have burn the documents now. There will be no traces. Enjoy the money. Can you guys allow us start working so we can put food on our table. Good riddance to bad rubbish

All the donations don jaar🤫 Make you na allow this one trend oo cuz if na funke akindele we no go hear word bu say na dis one e go juz die down Na lie them don share the money!! Nigeria government mad gan. So they mean they keep the money in the office in cash or what. I don’t understand 10 billion palliative cash distribution documents is burning in the fire right now GOD have mercy

Please arrest everyone in that building. looting NGRSenate Dem don steal am Am in pains Nigeria leaders and their dubious ways of embezzling national funds and destroying evidence. Awon werey!😎 Pls how can I start tweeting msg They kept $800billion for offiz!! Are they crazy ni!!? Upto something 😂😂😂💯

They wanna tell u oo , tell u oo, tell u oo...🎶🎶 Hope the 500b is not inside🙆🏿 Money heist final season Hmn... Let us see the out come of investigation. Why must he be office of general accountant? I believe transactions successfully done ✅ Original documents received by fire 🔥 April 08 2020 Money Heist 5?


No be snake and monkey chop money this time around, na fire chop am! 😂😂😂😂 Nigeria issa big joke! How did it got burnt? Or the was the Accountant Marlian? Oh sorry ,Na two Wire spark together naso e catch Fire... “Sweet Lies” È nii shori re lagbara Olohun 🤬🤬 Last last their plan Work Abeg is Accountant-General's office a bank? They can't tell us that kind lie of money lost in fire, well maybe their fellow fools sha but definitely not Nigerians

Abeg is Accountant-General's office a bank? They can't tell us that kind lie na, well maybe they fellow fools sha but definitely not Nigerians All records of donations gone, the list of 20,000 cash beneficiaries are gone. Naija we hail thee Ahhhhhh billions sata sukesu suyi Another stealing format, they will tell us that the fire burnt $200m

E get why😂😂. Unrepentent old fools who actually think they are fooling wise fellas like we🙄. It’s high time we need to start doing like USA standing up for the accountability of our government.. we are to be deceived on this bullshit anymore.. nosivad This is not necessary for crying out loud Overkill

I blame those dat donated, Dey wud have sent d money to our bank acct , and build hospitals or buy ventilators with d money, ds our govt just fooled us So na so this our billions take waka? 🙆🙆🙆🙆 Naija my country o 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Aswear this is not a country oo is a company. With 36 branches. I Luv this leaders they are very smart. Las Las dem find way to chop the money oo 🤣🤣 we die here

Iya tuuntii feee jale😂😂😂😂😂😂 Let the heist begin 😃 lacasa de kowoje Oloriburuku niyin se 😂😂😂😂😂😂 But the accountant general is alive.. Let me come and be going,🏃🏃🏃 Na today? E don tey wey yansh dey for back. Kudos to the looters. Nigeriawehailthee Ourowndearnativeland Dems Don chop our money finish.

This is super story I no wan hear sey donated money got burnt o!!! Naija!!!!!!!!! Wetin happen? Lootingindisguise EveryonewholootthetreasuryandputwillofCovid-19 in 3days Nigeria we hail thee! There must always be a way out of every situation by our leaders. They know we can't believe snake and money story anymore, so fire is the real biz, no trace. Let's just forget transparency mantra they preached, maybe in the next world, but I won't b Naija.

All these actors for this action film, SMH🚶🚶🚶 Sharp thieves....APC ona try well well. Next thing they will say, is 'we lost financial records'. What a country. Most of these drama, we know them. Someone is burning evidence. Smart enough Anything dat hiding to human beings show to d god Handicap Which way nigeria 🤔 'There's karma'

realFemiOtedola AlikoDangote realFFK UBAGroup FirstBankngr many others hat contributed to fight this uncle Coro Coro hope you see how your money take go for fire, money una suppose instruct fg to share via bvn, thank you all for your contributions Another way of embezzlement Why did you use photo of HELL FIRE to make your post. coronavirus StayAtHome COVID19 lockdown Nigeria Lagos Italy Spain Nigeria Ghana US UK 5GRadiationScare 5GRollout CellularTerrorism BuhariResign 5G PastorChris LoveworldNext iStandWithPastorchris

BREAKING: Accountability is destroyed! The animals that stole money that year are on lockdown because of Corona. As high temperatures kills Corona, Fire no dey fear Corona. A move to flaw accountability and transparency. No be today, i don tey Always think that citizen are fool like them, but all I know is that you cannot fool mighty God be expecting that whatever you steal today you will not live to enjoy it ...... Wicked fellow, only 10000 for each household become a problem for them to distribute but stay at home

😂 😂 😂 Who dey burn the money wey people contribute oooo Haaa.... Account Owo donation wogbo.... 🙆🙆 Oshey fire selfie 🙆🙆🙆 donation list yaff burn bayii Interesting 😂😂😂 I knew it... Something must sha happen to that donation.. LMAO, the next news is gonna be we need more donations.. Haaaaaaaaaa! Wonderful! Strange fire that will burn only account records What a divine coincidence!

Chai one of the staff forgot his phone charger 😭 Well done How convenient All d money that's comes in won't be able to be trace and won't be accounted for this is worst government and corrupt government have ever seen , after all d donation This is never a surprise. Snake swallowed money, monkey carted away70million, so if AGF's office get burnt during lockdown that everyone is staying at home, it was much expected. General Buhari's regime is full of wonders.

Fire don burn money again o after snake swallow money Did the man die in the firebreak? AbdvlHerphyz Hmmm👀 Old format. Just like the Snake format. Another strategy. Well done, nice work. Kudos to the fire starter 😂 Lai Mohammed tomorrow: N10bn meant for Covid-19 response burnt. Here we go again This is why i didn’t donate my 1bn again 🙄

What Its no news. It is expected. Only that they keep using the same outdated techniques to do am... Breaking news ...we cannot give account of how much you spent and the money we have at hand ..during and after covik - 19 pandemic ... If you question is .. you-all wili die Ilu yu ti su mi. So technically na our Treasury don catch fire.

This country is a big joke I hope no one came to harm! As for the financial and other records, it’d be criminal not to digitize and store them electronically!!!! Hia, That means 200.2bn has burnt be that oo, come to think of it, what could have cause fire outbreak while my hungry people is obeying the law that states that everyone should stay at home (lockdown), is like the senates has requested for the donation account detail, ok oo

But wait o...I thought Abuja is on today Una house no Dey burn na how money Dey burn. God go punish FG Clean up of traces of the heist in the past two years underway. Money Heist S05E01 QuotedReplies Na the same fire go burn all of them The next breaking news will be: Financial Minister : We've just lost the $150bn fund to fire outbreak....

fire Mountain ⛰ 🙄 😂 transaction confirmed! Fire guts into office of accountant general a day after they ask them to give account on general Muhammad buhari 2trilliion spent on subsidy abi? Okay keep fooling us around Hmmm... only waiting for the next press release Haaa! Accountant office? I love this country... Una dey do well

endnigeria is a scam Disintegrate nigeria UN realDonaldTrump the zoo Britain created is not working anymore.. the museum is falling down day by day and people are looting the treasure of the zoo call nigeria.. save humanity save the world.. endnigeria Accountant general's office? Just like snake and monkey, fire don swallow money oooo.

See how Billions of dollars vanished into thin air Is anyone smoking in that building, abi how lighter take enter pastor pocket make we no hear say money burn too oh... The donations should be in the bank I'm certain 😂😂😂😂super story, Nigeria my country Mission accomplished!👏🏾 Welcome to my country. Lol

Lol Lemme help complete the story......and donation to tackle covid19 burned to ashes I hope billions were not there ? This kin fore get as he be o Sense no go kill una 😂😂 Officials soon to remix officialnairam1 verse... ' am i a yahoo boy ,no evidence on me ' Under this period of FG's conditional Cash transfer program right? May God help us in this country.

Aba!!! Nigeria my country Nigeria is just a joke I swear... FireAfterFundApproval Evil times the lock down affect fire service too.. Which way Nigeria? Nigeria 🇳🇬 my country The present government OfficialAPCNg God will treat you people the way you all are treating Nigerians . Mr Integrity I tot everybody is on lockdown? Who come put fire for Accountant general office? Let’s just be ready for another story.

Same as Inec office after election. Original document collected by me. Signed: Fire This fire wey me dey c so Go soon burn them alive... 🤣🤣🤣🤣next pls? Now you'll hear billions got burnt Overnight fire! This not even the news, let's wait for the main news! The beginning of end.... Super story Season 4 on coronaV!

That’s their business if they also want to set aso rock on fire they should continue but they shouldn’t forget that I have my own record on covik one nine donations. I love Nigerian we sabi loot money and then shoot our selfs on the legs as well Lol crazy world Make they shaa quick release us They won las las

They've started with how they'll tell us lies about how they spent the monies donated Ah they have still money and set the office on fire so that it won’t be traceable I hope all the money people are donating and the one them borrow no da that office Yahoo ni babalawo 😂😂😂 old trick So there is no more grounds to ask for accountability chaiii naija my country, i pity those in jail if u know you know.

where is our shadrach, Meshach and Abednego to help us fetch out the documents from his office ooooo..... Hian! Fire from where? Naso, Another embezzlement plot. Ooin, Thunder will fire you (You are not doing well rara) We hope they have them in soft copy and in the cloud...bcos Accounting, bookkeeping and records of today have gone beyond paperwork...soft copy and cloud....Forensic shall come where to run to or hide.

This country is just like an episode movie. Merlin to be precise Oleeeeeee Yeye dey smell After those COVID-19 donations & questioning minister on how trade & poverty money are been spent. Are u thinking of what I'm thinking? Ooin, owó wogbó. Instead of bank & rich should credit Nigerian directly using BVN. Laslas, we go get brain

MuminAbdulmalik The beginning of wisdom QuotedReplies But all the donations are in the bank right, also make sure all the records are in safe hand Nobody dey office? The general secretary can not get born with the building. Strategy to syphon Money we know 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 federal government deceiving self... Breaking news: money meant to fight covid 19 just caught fire.( money not documentes ). Why do we have banks anyway 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Cooking the books🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Lol, maybe they are asking for documents and fire decided to help him out 🤣🤣🤣mobilepunch A perfect way to divert COVID 19 fund by blaming natural disaster. Naija sha... Mtcheeew Hope he no burn all those covid19 money records, cos if they don embezzle, naso so lie remain This Nigeria is another thing else....we go hear the billion dollars dat get burnt soon......what a terrible country

Somebody is cashing out. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 divide this zoo immediately! Hmmm🤐 The game is the game. Ahhh our 300 billionaire Covid 19 money has burnt oooooo. That will be their excuse ooo Is that the building? You people just post news without concrete investigation.😏 This is how it first start This government shoul not forget what happens when citizens are pressed to d wall. I never liked this party. But Nigerians felt it was good they tried. Shebi u have seen d effect. Very annoying. I have never seen administration as horrible as ds.

Nigeria again with another Comedy The biggest scam in history just happened Hummm I can’t just stop crying for this country a lot of looting is going on this coronavirus period nnaemeka_anene Drmuzoic But all the donations are in the bank right, but pls make sure all the records are in safe hand Please hope the fire dint reach IPPIS office oo

Fraudulent plan all the ways Hmmmm why the office of Accountant general...we hope it won't get to the office of Auditor General and Minister of is well Do they stack up money in the office? What is it sef? segalink big daddy just look at this I billion will sure go for this Who they cook for office?

Lol, Naija govt, billions has been looted. We all knows wetin dey go on, Monkey no dey for Idanre again Nigeria my Country 😂 😂 Are you thinking what i am thinking 🤔? Hiding things. Covid-19 money is gone Sinzu is that you Money support in cash💸......this government deh foul us😔..... Clear everything that can implicate us including burning down the whole office....

... determined to loot We go still chop am again Money done mise, documents to prove am done burn. God please. Who did we offend in this country?😪 Old tricks kasala wan burst, evidences need to be destroyed. Only in Nigeria. This is one reason why civil service in Nigeria will sabotage any effort to adopt paperless ways of working

Money heist season 5😄😄😄 All funds lost🙆🏾‍♂️😁😁😁See tactics 🤦🏾‍♂️Who is fooling who? Have been waiting to hear this news before now.... I think this is right and perfect time they release it... Keep it up.... More are still coming... This is what I called HT/FT Winning 100% sure Maxbet... From reliable source 👍

😂😂😂 Ghen ghen Wow, finally all the records burnt, hence we can not accurately trace the spendings bear with us. 🐒, 🐍 and 🔥 They've stolen our money again! Here goes all the financial document.. 😃 The best time to cover-up dirty work. Man is classic 🙌🙌🙌. Owo jo na The news have been waiting to hear..Nigeria government fire outbreak at acct general's office

What a country.... What next They want to tell us another story again ooooo. All the billions are on 🔥. Why accountant General's office. Another move to embezzle taxpayer's money. God is watching. And i ask, can anything good come out of Nigeria let alone Buhari /Apc led govt? Nigerians ntoooooo!! Shun tribalism and be free

Hmmm, story for d gods Like snake swallow millions of naira... stay tune for the next news... Authority stealing past armed robbery ( fela's voice ) Money don lost o, Next level. No single Gaskiya on APC government. Ghen ghen so no record how come so no sprinklers to activate in such an office what caused the fire now...smh

Tell them even if the fire catch cbn they will account for every dime they have looted from covid 19 funds Normal Level. We get. Wọn tunti sọna si ile ijọba,wọn ti ko owo jẹ,awọn ole oṣi,God is watching everyone of you. We done enta one chance Errday,new strategy.. Haven't we suffered enough Same old same old

Can someone tell us how much is missing... Its fire this time. Not snake👏👏 Hmmm! Next update would be how the fire destroyed all the documents on donated relief funds and all sorts. Nigeria my contrary 🙄 What a funny country, who has done this thing to us na Until Nigeria learn by force to embrace digital intelligent way of keeping Informations things like this we keep on reoccurring. In 2020 no cloud data information system? 🥺🥺 One day dis mumu go do!! COVID19 RevolutionNow

ITS LOOTING TIME ! Accountant general stole funds n put fire in his office to seem like a fire outbreak...Dis people no fear God o Conspiracy theories at work Hmmm 🤔.. After d loot.. Here cums d cover up story... Is Abuja not on lockdown? How come Two things are involved now....1 billions of Naira are burnt already 2. Billions of naira will be spent on renovation of the building. Up Nigeria!

Haaaaa I see this coming🔥🔥😂😂 😂😂😂😂 This is 9ja. After Looting, them burn all the documents All the Cheque donations received for covid 19 where all lost in the fire🤣🤣🤣🤣 NIGERIA WILL DEFINITELY GET IT RIGHT SOMEDAY. BUT I BET NOT WITH THIS SET OF BLOODSUCKING MONSTERS WE HAVE AS LEADERS Ah, ẹ be things

Just in time to say the N15Billion Covid19 donation was burned to ashes 🤦🏽 I laugh in ibibio Hmm. 9ja. What is the accountant general office trying to cover🤔🤔 Residents of Abuja are supposed to be on lockdown in the past 8-9 days. Who was at the office and why Of cause it’s government nobody wee talk

Are Nigerians cursed? You people will still vote for these rogues in 2023 believing in a better Nigeria Chai!!! Up Naija! E for gut the Accountant general himself Top notch email marketing service. Form page, newsletter, landing page, email campaign, autoresponder and much more. Original documents collected by me Signed - FIRE

Welcome to Nigeria where illegality is the new normal Chai our money don go. So files will burn They just want to cover up their lootings They will blame it on coronavirus In summary, the money is gone! Normal thing in Nigeria... My country my country You are doing well Na today.. Stealing pattern. Continue

Nice set up... Professor's Brain is applied MoneyHeist4 Thief yahoo ni baba alawo I was expecting dz news. In conclusion our money don go abi. Are you thinking what am thinking, burning after looting, nice🤣🤣

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FG to release COVID-19 donations based on demandThe federal government says it will release the COVID 19 donations based on exigencies of demand.A statement from the Office of the Accountant General... Ok There is already demand. Which other demand are they looking for? E ma gbani ke Who are the one to demand before releasing.

BREAKING: FCT discharges 7 COVID-19 patients in Abuja – Daily TrustSeven COVID-19 patients have been discharged from the Isolation Centres in Abuja, the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Muhammad Musa Bello, has disclosed. Congratulations Necessary_Cho May Allah continue to protect you and your loved ones Alhamadulilah OK! Next....