BREAKING: FG To Release N6.5bn For Coronavirus Emergency Intervention

BREAKING: FG To Release N6.5bn For Coronavirus Emergency Intervention


BREAKING: FG To Release N6.5bn For Coronavirus Emergency Intervention

BREAKING: FG To Release N6.5bn For Coronavirus Emergency Intervention

Channels Television Updated March 26, 2020 As the battle against the novel Coronavirus intensifies, the Federal Government is releasing additional N6.5billion as an emergency intervention to the National Centre for Disease Control(NCDC). This is according to a statement by Mr Bashir Ahmad, the personal assistant on new media to President Muhammadu Buhari. READ ALSO: According to Mr Ahmad the move which was confirmed by Nigeria’s Finance Minister, Zainab Ahmed, is to aid in the fight to curb the spread of the #COVID19 in the country. More on Headlines Read more: Channels Television

Audio money.. 🙄🙄 Time to steal money 😂 Really, am not sure altill I have my chear then I will believe That's good in stage one, is there any arrangement for people that stay at home jobless? the second stage pay 10000 naira into their account since you have all BVN account.Buhari for the poor Some people will be smiling to the bank now o over this bailout funds for Covid 19. But I pray our leaders will be humane enough to do the needful with the money. Amen.

Only 6.5bn? An individual gave 5bn so why should the FG give that meager amount. The money is released to them bc it's now they will remember that the virus infected. I hope all these FCT infection is not a means of chopping our money. Who is fooling who? Who is Federal government and who is receiving the fund. Thief give Thief

It is very unfortunate now that when things like this are said, we the Nigerian people are no more moved talk more of being excited. FG just released money to FG and the sharing formula is already in place. Nonsense ingredients

[BREAKING] Budget: FG slashes oil benchmark to $30 per barrelBefore nko...since you have been looting and stealing since independence. What do we see? Oil peak at over $80 pb..and we had you all lavish it all will face the music escape for you all..enjoy the Nigeria you gave us..we endure it together... $30 is no longer realistic, $20 is more realistic. still too high unfortunately.

FG release 6.5Bn to FG... Please govt shld start regulating market price o. The prices of food are on d increase.They shld even subsidise d price of food right now bcos pple can't hustle for money. That's d that concerns the masses. Not d 6.5bn dat will not affect the common man. Let them use it to judiciously

Someone , person father is a millionaire now. Nigeria I hail ooo Another fresh scam, naija with scam. I trust Naija! Some greedy big men have been waiting for this to happen (e don happen now)... 6.5bn abi? I sure say some people go don dey remove their own cut small small before d money will get to it's actual destination (that is if it will eventually get there ooo)

Information scanty. Who are the people getting this money lol For CORVID-19 or to be shared as usual by politicians and top government officials? Abeg to who? Can't channels TV ask questions please? To who?

COVID-19: FG begins fumigation of offices in Aso RockThe fumigation of the State House, including the office of President Muhammadu Buhari, commenced Thursday morning.The Nation reliably gath... Are you only genuine and living souls in Nigeria? Make Dem flash ur bank account too atall atall Selfish people.. They should start with public places and residential area before the Aso Rock.. The leaders of Nigeria are very selfish and self centered.m

Who go eat the money? How will it be distributed? What will it be used for? There are many questions begging ror answers. Direct to our bank account we hate Rumors 😆 What and what is the money meant for? Ema pariwoo This money nah just Audio Nah audio.... Though a welcomed development but it's coming late. This money ought to have been released before hand. Not when cases are about to overwhelm the country. We ain't proactive enough in this country.

To who naa. Us? How much of the money gets to the people ,who menitors it We don't have confidence in the administration of Nigerian Government. They will still loot it by themselves. Mtcheeeew Maidugu1800 We hope so oo

Coronavirus: Scientists urge FG to lock down Nigeria now – Daily TrustScientists have called on the federal government to order a lockdown of Nigeria to prevent further spread of COVID-19. Asap It is good advice but gov has to provide other means of living to alleviate the suffering expected Then no fit they're selfish

The FG is doing fake giveaway Hahaha. That money has been looted already even before it was announced. Please what happened to the cenbank 1.1trn intervention fund? Hummmm am speechless COVID19 ICFCInews icfcilimited ICFCIdesigns ItsOurNigeriaGroup Are they not supposed to credit the Citizens with this money while self isolating atleast 10k each ll do. Make a simple payment through Our BVN ? Nawah ooo. When U hear this type Of money release just know that looting is activated in progress! 😒

We are less than 200 million people.... please could you give every citizen 5m and for about coro. To where,to whom this guys are ridiculous All these audio money.... They will put one aboki in charge and he will buy some face mask and pay someone to mix some chemicals together in the name of hand sanitizer, GBAM!!! Kudi yakari

Coronavirus: Atiku urges FG to distribute N10,000 to every NigerianHe said the money would assist Nigerians provide supplements such as foodstuff across the 30 million households. They will not listen, they only care about their self and family What for? They should cut the salaries of all politicians

'To release' is different from 'has been released' My own is that the money 💰 should be used for its purpose when eventually released A mostly welcome development to salvage our dear nation from the ravages of corona virus pandemic Nigeria when will you learn ? Channel!! This picture shows how he trying to explain how the money will be chopped. Please change to a more suited picture.

Good day. My research team have a proposed cure for this virus. We'll be glad to save life of humans if we're given attention. Thanks Channels tv was approved to.......... Dinner is served Make we drop account number? Audio money Better atleast something new will come will come to our country

Allow private hospitals to run coronavirus test, Dangote tells FGAre test kits available? How competent are the professionals? Will they listen? Which one is this one saying na. Do u think this is cement and salt business? This is a serious global issue.

Abba Kyari as described by Asari Dokubo Audio To who please? I hope is not for Abba Kyari Emergency Intervention oh... Audio level Ah... Please don't release yet, we still have donations and help from well meaning Nigerians. How was the 50billion naira earlier released for the CoVID-19 fight spent? 50b was spent on only 51 cases?

What of people welfare? Nigeria! Hmmm, 'To Release' If they like I sure say 1000 no go enter my street 😏😏

FG cuts oil benchmark to $30, earmarks N6.5bn to fight Covid-19 – Daily TrustThe federal government, on Wednesday, proposed a review of the 2020 budget using a US$30 per barrel price benchmark as against $57 initially passed by the National Assembly. Finance Minister, Zainab Ahmed, stated this in a meeting with the leadership of the National Assembly. She said the review was to prepare for the worst case … Toh wata sabuwa 😳😳 No santizers and nose masks for Mass free distribution... With all these billions 'ear marked'

FG can do more with all the more recovered in here and away, Which one is corona virus emergency intervention, una don come again o Mondaylee Who are they releasing to? Mondaylee Do give away Una weldone! To who? Criminals, you all will die with the virus Put the money into our individual bank accounts 😏😏😏

Give our governors money to flex Money they have finish spending They will still steal this one.....Holy Ghostttttttttttttttttttttttt fire

It's not that FG has released d money. Maybe d money wld be released b4 d end of d year. And when it's finally released, let hope it does end up in private pockets of looters. The first one leased about N300m, how far, where did it go, how did it go, can it be retired. Let us know how far? Ewoo, Nigeria, we will never learn a lesson from events.

Armed robbers released money for thief's Aso rock to villa May Allah help us Yet 37b could go for NASS renovation. Audio.... Thieves!! Some people don hammer!!!......smh whatacountry Let make it snappy, action is needed with immediately effect. God bless Lagos state governor with what he has been doing to curb the situation on ground. We need to work fast NGRPresident.

I regrets being the citizen of this country (Nigeria)

has MBuhari and Abba flown abroad? Audio money Evey where The streets where the tax Payers are also need funmigations please Another money for some people to pocket. When was that picture taken? Please update us with recent pictures. To who? What about the 1.1trillion naira that CBN release last week What bout the citizens who are at home without any welfare

Hmmm...release indeed...pls cn someone tell me wat happen to d 1.1bn dat was release by CBN...🙇 Time to chop money

Legit way of hiding more cash in their closed... The fear of Covid-19 should be the beginning of good leadership... If only leopard can change spot.. To who ? Who approved it ? They will divert it CBN should fund food producing or processing companies to make food available in the impending lockdown. Otherwise, we may not recover from the inflation that will ensue. 1/2

Ncdc don jam ooooo Criminal minded.... posed to embezzle more 🤦‍♂️ Only one or two persons will syphone over half of this money trust me So, they haven't yet released it? Were they waiting for me to give approval? Ok, go ahead and release the money. I don't have any problem with this ooo, but my own is how will I benefit from this

Ndi oshi. Finally, Buhari is walking

I have been reading everyday on donation against Corona virus fight,but the NCDC is always complaining of lack of question is,where are all this money going to? Releasing money up and down,by the time coronavirus hears the amount this government spent on fighting it ,the coronavirus itself will be shocked

Make them release money for pple way dem say make dem stay house... Make Federal Government release money into our account Why are you using Buhari's picture. If he can't come out to say it, abeg use coat of arms in peace Hope no be our donation them one take pose for us The money will go John Doe. All our stolen monies recovered, our darling bubu its time to use it to save lives biko

Hey please ooo 😊 who are they giving the money to, cause am very sure this money won't get to the people involved.🇳🇬 Share the money 💰 Buhari

Sarbardhinkhan BREAKING: FG To Release N6.5bn For Coronavirus Emergency Intervention How nah Nigeria will set a new standard for corruption if anything happens to that money. lol 🤡 Na them go still chow the money... Make una nur dey tell us again Please second base jare when there was no COVID-19 there was no release of money to any hospital in the country to put them into a better shape and take proper care of health care worker. Now when there sickness that does not know whether rich or poor FG is now releasing money

E tun fe ja ole To do Kini Ema ku gbeyin ni..keep looting you cant approve 40bn to buy 4000 Ventilator and send across 36states.. Las las PPP party is our problem. At this point they are still doing to release..😐😐 Please edakun can they help me with 5k out of the N6.5bn

Nobody should divert this fund or corovirus go visit the person oh. What are you releasing tbe money for? Na sperm? Go and build hospitals and equip them. Thieves I know this government will use this medium to loot our treasury. May God help us from this thieves. EVERYTHING IN THIS COUNTRY IS NEVER DONE WITH TRANSPARENCY ,WHAT WOULD IT TAKE FG/PRESIDENCY TO GIVE US A BREAK DOWN ON HOW TO EXPEND THE 6.5B Relief FUND.

This is ADRON HOMES and PROPERTIES Invest in any of you estate with little initial deposit and spread the balance within 2 years For enquiry call 08032838710 Pay it into people's account using the BVN ,thats when NGRPresident is serious Another way to loot money. Pls pay all the citizens. This is ADRON HOMES and PROPERTIES Invest in any of you estate with little initial deposit and spread the balance within 2 years For enquiry call 08032838710

E don happen!🤣🤣🤣 Feast for the hawks! Freebies!

FG release money to FG Shine your eye! This money is gone😥 audio Our hospitals like Luth are in shambles.The latest songs in those hospitals are'no beds'. Patients die every day right outside these hospitals,yet all we get are leaking pockets of people who should have fixed it. Now it's a virus they're running like wet rat.

Audio money. FG can lie Abba Kyari will soon die. we will know the real identity in aso rock. Bloody looters Very good Until Nigerian media learns to call out politicians for what they're doing in reality and hold them accountable, I can't the them seriously. Politicians abroad try to be careful because they know the press will come hard on them for the slightest slip ups

Truthfully83 The one that will soon vanish 😑😑😑

audio money Can someone tell us what happened to the ones they released before? bobby_raphael We don’t need careless spending on If Nigeria can budget ₦150 billion for a National Assembly of less than 500 legislators, Then, why can’t we spend ₦100 billion paying each of the 40 million Nigerian BVN linked account ₦250k to cushion the effects of COVID19 ? We should not only share money during elections

To release? Una welldone 40 million Nigerians have BVN verified bank accounts. It will cost the FG only ₦100 billion to pay ₦250k into each account so Nigerians can buy food for themselves and their families during the CoronaVirus lockdown. Money wey dem go still loot The first money don finish ? FG to release N6.5bn to FG for corona virus intervention

To who?

Abeg make Una stop releasing audio money.....make fed govt buy equipment and re innovate our health center. That will go a long way in curbing d virus All this news media outlet. Thunder go fire una Common make una share the money in every account in the country jor. You people should stop this nonsense news we are dying in Hunger here we are dying in Hunger here there is no food no going out not coming in we are dying in Hunger here in Abuja

Even at a time like this, they are still looking for opportunities to loot public funds I hear how many times have you released money for corona virus hope you would account for it. i smell miss appropriation of found FG should better share some money for Nigerians so that those that are not infected won't be at haste of getting infected because of N6.5bn.... We all need money Share our money DrAhmadLawan NCDCgov Covid19

Money that snake will swallow. This is the state of our country.

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