School Reopening

School Reopening

BREAKING: FG to release guidelines on school reopening

5/27/2020 6:38:00 PM

BREAKING: FG to release guidelines on school reopening

Kayode OyeroThe Federal Government has said it would roll out the course of action for the reopening of schools in the country.The Chairman of the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19, Boss Mustapha, stated this during a briefing on Wednesday in Abuja.

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While congratulating children in the country on the occasion of this year’s Children’s Day, the Secretary to the Government of the Federation urged stakeholders to begin to take steps that would aid the reopening of schools in the country.He said, “I wish to inform Nigerians that the Federal Ministry of Education will roll out measures for the self-reopening of schools.

“The Presidential Task Force wishes to use the occasion of this celebration to congratulate our children and assure them, their parents and all stakeholders alike that all hands are on deck to reopen schools at a safe time.“We, therefore, use this medium to urge states, local governments, proprietors and all other stakeholders to begin to take steps that will facilitate an early and safe reopening.”

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Why don't they consider the morning and afternoon classes talked about, several persons are in their finals, several persons are yet to write their examination, it's not bad if higher institution resume BK at least they are mature to observe social distancing..OMG When the case wasn't up to a thousand we were all in lockdown for our own welfare now that is currently up to 10000 schools,markets are all open... thanks hat a country they are playing with our sense....

Covid19 has been a pregnant to Nigeria government... Where is the vice president of Nigeria Nice idea kudos to FG They locked us when there was zero death and zero case but they want us to be in school now that we have 8738 cases. Na lie the scam must continue That's good Decisions on schools reopening should be carefully made! Children most especially, the primary school pupils can not be so careful as the adults. May God help us in this country call Nigeria!

They sha want to hit that 120,000 confirmed cases of Covid-19 by July as projected by them... Issokay, we are watching the movie dey go Allhdlh That's to say Eni ma Ku, lo ma Ku, eni maa Ku lo ma Kuu, God pls take control Honest truth! Covid19 has come to stay for the main time and Nigerians has to adapt and fast; with all precautionary measures required to live through the pandemic... it is important that vital economic, social and educational activities resumes to balance up the equilibrium.

If Market can open why can’t schools ? Why are we so myopic in this Country ? You guys never realise we are on the scam zone yet ? Dem no get brain, dem dey wait for copy copy of what other countries (advanced) will do Schools can open with necessary measures in place. It is a fact that children are safe from this virus. We all know those that are vulnerable. Other countries with higher cases have opened schools. As we move to save our economy we must protect our fragile educational sector.

Not today we start hearing this ooo We are watching as things unfolded on daily basis The issue of reopening schools 🎒 should be kept aside for now, beside with all that we have acquired in school in universities and colleges whay roll or impact does it play in fighting the virus nothing, it sound to the world that nigerians are not in 🔝 5 medicals doctor's 💉

From the comfort of your home, with your internet connection and smartphone, you can earn every 10days by trading on Sairui mall. Simply join this group Open which school,how do u intend telling a child of 3 years to be on face mask through out the class activity,it can’t work. Guidelines? New scam for school children feeding finance minister, only in naija pupils are fed during lockdown process with no comprehensive pupils data chaii. Ok naa bring out the guidelines less see

The Government has lost steam in the process of combating Covid-19, Their measures are counterproductive!!! Nigerians no longer care to listen and watch their false News about Covid-19 till this moment no News of Deaths in Cross River and Kogi who is thinking what am thinking!!! School shouldn't reopen o coz we ve moved on with our lives

Mad government May God protect our teachers. We hope to see Una children there.... reopening 🔥 The government the knows the truth about the COVID19 is telling you the next steps but greedy people will always think of their own children neglecting thousands. Ever since your children been going out, so now its school that its a center for catching the COVID19

That was uk over the weekend... foolish government , those that were hit by the virus are enjoying life , over here we are wearing mask . I pity for mask wearers , you are just reducing your life span Na the matter we still dey settle oo🤣🤣This act should be added to 1000 ways to die🤣🤣🤣🤣 Stoopid, Pls follow on IG C JusticeForFloyd

Una Dey whine us ni sha God, here we are again.🤒 Ifb Give us date 🙄 A welcome development sha Kaduna administrator will soon be deaf and continue his lunatic lockdown. For a state like Lagos with total lock down, the rise of the cases is exposing the conspiracy behind Corona cases in Nigeria. I am done getting scared bcoz of Corona, bullshit. Lemme just resume school, period

You want to open schools but to open churches is like thorn in your flesh. Well, you will give in, soon Pls release on time o......av slept 2022 within a week It's good that FG is reopening schools. Children are forgetting what they learnt in school. Even the media teaching class, is totally not it. Those who will be affected, will be affected vise versa. Just protect your child and the school should enforce safety rules.

iamceebrownn To release guidelines School is closed. Students are going for holiday lessons. Who created this country bikonu ? Hmmm just watching your drama in this country Normal life is about to be launched. 😳🙆🏽‍♂️ so,if ur talking about re-opening schools,which school children were u people feeding ? 🤷🏾‍♂️ Naija my country 😃 I hail thee

🙆🏽‍♂️So if u mr saying school should re-open,wich school children were u ppl feeding ? 🤷🏾‍♂️ Naija my country I hail thee Looking pigs for biology practical. Political Covid-19. You ain't saying nothing 3 days free business training on mini importation, mini exportation, 10 businesses with zero capital, freelancing (fiverr and upwork), SEO, putting your business on google, Animation & Design, Facebook ads From Sat 30th - Mon 1st June Join WhatsApp👇

Scam of the century. PMB .Government of the dummy, by the dummy for the dummy’s. Keep laying foundation for Nigeria’s death boyfromthe90s Is a very good ideal they should learn from s.korea and adapt it to sooth the Nigerian terrain. ☹️ You will not understand.Those cases are malarial cases NCDC abeg how many Edo state dey play?lass lass corona virus na scam for Nigeria😂😂😂😂😂

What’s this 😭 There is no need to hurry children back to school. Our overcrowded classrooms from public primary school to the university are not safe for any early resumption. Schools should be the very last of our public institutions to be reopened.Children are highly vulnerable. What do they put in place to keep them safe in school? They should please allow them stay home until there is solution to it.

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That is a good development, what we have in Nigeria is Corona not Coronavirus After all the economic loots and vandalism, after the increase of the rate of unemployment and hardship, beside all those factors couldn't find a solution to the problem (Covid-19), and yet schools r to be reopened with the pandemic becoming worst. I wonder what's happening here.

Thank God 💓 Same old news, nothing tangible 🤦🏽. Better keep schools closed ooh. Alot of gvt schools are overcrowded and cannot possibly observe social distance. Federal Govt should be fast about this, we will live with this virus for awhile, during the Spanish flu, school was reopened after sometime.

U guys are so deceitful zhullyyy_ that_halal_girl _haadijah_ _anike__ Open the market we’re out of goods Ismi_faid I pity the tertiary institution students (mostly Universities) coming in after this pandemic..they will be welcome to a school on strike.. That's the reality With safety measures put in place, we are happy to resume

We are tied and feed up with all this ncdc drama please FG we take God beg you let us back to normal Hussle used to. Pls count my children out of your school opening. Do you think they don't know what they're doing, who told you that all the numbers are real. Malaria and covid-19 are the same. So, there's no cause for alarm.

Abeg chap chap release !?! On behalf of me and myself, pls lock the school cos I'm not even interested in the stress yet😟.... never been though😩 What about school fees? Which of the schools? I thought universities went on strike. Then don pay salaries?🤔 The rest of the world dey open schools, Naija follow wan make news. Maybe some Private schools will adhere? 🤔

KY_RAH_ Audio guidelines. 😏😏 Open which nonsense school? Y’all should open your brains first before opening schools. phree_dah joanna_precious MaataVermillion My mind just skipped bit😭 Omg.... It's happening 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬

afolaabii stupid boy Am yet to be done with my honeymoon o 😀 pls don’t resume anytime soon TheRuqayyah Another guidelines for schools in d south abi ? What a sectional govt. Just reopen every sector bcos it's clear that this govt is clueless. Ehh gawd👀 Schools should be Mon to Saturdays... Batch A~ MON, WED, FRIDAY batch B~ TUE, THURS, SATURDAY Social distancing... No assembly etc....

I better start filling in my Farm practice log book 🥺😫 rukky_oma Abeg, they should act fast... So I Would Be Giving a Free Lecture On mini importation from China, Turkey etc and how you can source for goods 10 different site with cheap products yourself. This webinar is coming up on 30th May Paid class inclusive. Click here to join the class

This government should just give npower beneficiaries permanent jobs otherwise we are not going to resume o ooo. When will that be. I see social distancing in exam all 🤧 GOD plz don't distance urself from me oo Sum people are saying its bin 2 to 3 weeks they told us about the reopening. This statement has bin dere after 1 week of the pandemic. All the iniquity we hv faced. They will pay bk

Good news. What about churches and Mosques? airport nko ? Noooo Do quick pls rubbish Is better danjuma_jamilu Good one .. ASAP abeg So when is school opening cause am confused Harzeezah3 Were is d vp how come it's this man doing his job! Yoruba were is ur pastor osibanjo Wahala dey rommy_idgaff When? Y'all should be specific.

Read the content first, he said at a safe time, that safe time could be months away....besides, what do you was a children's day celebration speech, he had to mention school reopening😂😂, e no mean say them mean am no more attendance anymore cos we might be self-isolating. what else? Now that the number of cases are rapidly increasing ,is when they want to reopen .... schools mehn dis Nigeria one day we go know the truth ......

Wetin go sup for inside hostel imagine 13 people per room Please release guidelines for schools, churches, government offices, interstate and air travel Every school can get safely and hygienic face masks for their pupils from us. We design, produce and distribute customized face masks at affordable prices. Call/Order now: 08183758688.

They fed our kids at home.. Soon schools will reopen. Who will feed the children? Reopen which school? Cases are getting to 10,000 and you're planning on reopening? Is it their children that will attend the schools? Abeg they should not come up with anything like social distancing, most esp. in exam hall😂

Make Dem do, person no dey fit remember course codes again 🤣🤣 School ke? Ha!! Kids ain’t adults oo Your headlines ehn! I Fear your editors Pls keep schools close till September, can't you see the number of active cases released by NCDC? Or we should ignore them Zombie govt....dem lockD, una lockD, Dem wan open, una wan open ...

Sensible parents will not let their kids be used has practicals, my son is not moving an inch, leave guidelines, try protocols. Well can't wait for schools to reopen..... But then this lockdown is bringing more income for me sha through tutorials 'At a safe time?' That could mean anytime. Asuu still on vacation

No money to embezzled again.They should be 💯% sure,ready and medically ready before putting kids at risk or are they now planning Genocide Final year students how una they?😉 Better I want to graduate to see my bright future So they will not share food to school Pupils again 🙄 Be very fast about that release date ! I no dey joke With una

I hope this will be included Damn I've not done my assignment Hmm, will be glad coz am tired of staying the fuck at home🤦 FG nor get better plan jore... We for hear say cases wen Dy d country done reduce... Na die we Dy for dis country oh covid19 cases Dy less than 10 Dem order for lockdown na e Dy thousand Dem wan reopen everything😥😥 who we offend for this country?

No! 😭 The so-called lock down measures without any testing protocols observed is now affecting the education of their children studying locally. Alhamdulillah ! We are stills alive. Me after lockdown: We can’t wait to have the guidelines....getting our students back in a secure environment is our priority

Keep schools shut till September, foolish govt. Pls let them try to resolve the issues of Asuu, we are suppose to graduate in this year and they are busy playing with our career. Rexxit_ jimimaroon No money again to beg for or to loot no country is given them money again or funds have stoped coming that’s why they want to reopen

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I am delighted to hear that from the Minister of State. Morning and afternoon period pattern So that feeding can continue from school. The Regbesele people. BaronessChi Abeg make dem do fast and also please FG no social distancing for exam hall oo... Abeg oo About time Nice Nigeriagov must provide school children with facial masks and equip each child with a plexiglass. This is a standard, and Nigeria is not below standard.

Guideline my foot When? Waiting for this everyday! Asap please!🙏 When jhor.... Don't comman be telling us FG to release... Give us date n time abeg Ok now they have finished looting Please can someone here assist me with 2K or even 1K to buy Foodstuff at home ? pls don’t let hunger finish me please , I don’t mind any amount sef even if it’s to buy foodstuff even if it’s Only Garri and Beans that i can get . pls help me retweet also 🙏😩 My Dm is Open pls

BREAKING: Nigerian States’ Legislature, Judiciary: FG releases details of Financial Autonomy OrderThe federal government has released details of Executive Order No.10 of 2020, four days after it was signed into law by President Mohammadu Buhari. The details signals the implementation of Financial Autonomy for the State Legislature and Judiciary Order of 2020. With Buhari's assent, the legislative and judicial arms of government in the 36 states

No hazard allowance from FG for nurses at isolation centres — JUTHThe Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH) yesterday explained that nurses attached to the hospital’s Isolation Centre are yet to be paid hazard allowances for taking care of COVID-19 patients because funds have not been provided Read more: That's unfair. Pls pay them & incrz their salary

Allow market forces determine petrol pump price, NNRC tells FG“Improve the efficiency of the downstream oil sector by reviewing its policies, regulations and operational guidelines to ensure profitability, improved private sector participation and improved employment.” Just as they 'the market forces' determine the price of dollar trading and or exchange rates in general right? So that one day the forces will force us to buy a litre at the rate of 500. Nigerian market is not that matured please. The volatility is way wider to be interpreted.

FG needs to call OGEFZA management to order –Free trade zones stakeholdersThe group cries about the government agency’s desire to expand its mandate beyond its constitutionally allowed scope.

FG to inaugurate 200,000 capacity yam storage facility in BenueThe federal government will, on June 9, inaugurate the 200, 000 capacity yam storage facility for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) Good one but doesn’t need this razzmatazz 200,000 tubers capacity, if yes, it won't feed more than 1,000,000,000 people a day Another backdoor Ruga attempt

Open airports, Rep tells FGLike seriously? Thought airports were opened