'Covid-19', Church, Mosque

'Covid-19', Church

BREAKING: FG relaxes restriction on churches, mosques

6/1/2020 7:00:00 PM

BREAKING: FG relaxes restriction on churches, mosques

Olalekan Adetayo, AbujaThe Federal Government has announced the relaxation of the restriction placed on places of worship as part of measures to curtail the spread of COVID-19.The Chairman of the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19, Boss Mustapha, announced this during the daily briefing of the panel on Monday.

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Mustapha, who is also the Secretary to Government of the Federation, said the ban on inter-state travel is still in place.No reopening of schools for now – FGHe said, “There is a ban on gatherings of more than 20 people outside of a workplace.“Relaxation of restriction on places of worship based on guidelines issued by the PTF and protocols agreed by state governments.

“Managed access to markets and locations of economic activity to limit the risk of transmission;“Ban on inter-state travels except for the movement of agricultural produce, petroleum products, manufactured goods, and essential services;“Mandatory use of non-medical face masks in public places;

“Mandatory provision of handwashing facilities/sanitisers in all public places.”DOWNLOAD THE PUNCH NEWS APP NOW ON Read more: The Punch Newspapers »

This lady was kidnapped yesterday at abaji abuja road ,she was on her way to abuja her name is Mariam Abubakar plz any body with useful in formation contact this number 0816 868 7732 daily_trust DailyPostNGR sunrisedailynow sunrisedailynow They should open inter state too L,! IT doesn't change anything cos as a Muslim I was able to pray with my family often, I do call to prayer in my house and we used the period to memorized the Qur'an

Herd immunity!!!! Pls release us... Please the schools should be considered too May erace our dificulteis At 50+ cases, everything was shut down. Now at 10k+ cases, everything is opening up. Just being curious. FG wey dey kolo... Really, clueless set of people, I hope your stupid Curfew continues since the virus only walk around from 8pm to 6am

The church is marching on. With daily increasing number’9ja Covit19 is fully spiritual warfair so closing churches and mouqe can only increase the spread of the viral. So kano lifts lockdown while MajekFashek sends down the rain as he RIP, wizkid is a Starboy to Buhari 'churches and Mosques' to reopen brymo diane FCMB Buhari NEPA Khafi Greenwood SayNoToRapist BBNaijaReunion Trump

Good news at last. With the rising number.... GOD help Nigerians Definitely, this will lead to a rise in Covid19 cases. FG needs to learn from related cases where an individual can infect thousands of people in one gathering through 'aerosols'. Especially, when singing and shouting. Is this breaking news? It's an avenue to play more score cards on covid-19 shit they propagating. A game to show more inflated numbers digitally and nothing to show in physical. scam

Y'all so dumb. I've never seen a political system do dumb and stupid like NIGERIAN government. So y'all have explaining to do. When covid-19 cases was just 137 you asked religious gathering and others to be closed now cases is over 10,000 and it's time to open back up? 🤷🤷 Please let normal life begin again

Pls let them open Airports too.... That's my only concern right now. Wen our biz men dey shout, dey lobby bubu to open their church , una dey join dey, now bubu don tire , he don open their biz, now in a dey say sch, Abeg make una nor kill bubu with stress, na we go church pass, see our country, nothing dey work, corruption na 100 percent

Make una dey deceive una selfs H Gradually Gradually the elephant can dance. Covid19 will soon be normal like HIV Let them keep deceiving us in this country! What about the Madagascar drugs they claimed they received This government does not care about you Las Las , this govt dey use us all dey play cheese game

E be things 😩 This is a failed government. They are no longer cashing out from international communities. Right now it is every man to himself, God, for us all. Wah about tertiary institutions ? Mumu country. So nah boss mustapha now be our president We thank you ooo Won jebi.... When people in thousands are roaming around in the market Nationwide they locked up churches. Like Corona started up in church.

Relax restriction on school too oo abeg......make everything good Mobilepunch There's no way this make sense Alhamdulillah May Allah continue protecting us from this deadly disease Offering time!!!! Blessing time. Nonsense! Thank God The whole thing was a big time scam, wise up 😇 Where's buhari? Why can't he address this nation

Essesntial businesses A big thank to Mr. president. Don't be stupid. Close and the mosque and church then open schools and market places. God and Allah can hear our prayers from anywhere 🙏 Very unfortunate that the government of my country is a confused copy cat. Surely the will of God must prevail Secretary to the government is now our president buhari spokeperson lol

So me that I've been going to church for the past 1 month nko...abi am I no longer in Nigeria,🤷 Okay Good step. With God all things are possible. Please they should ease the lockdown, at the same time the churches should not forget the preventive measures Glory, chudikokoli so there's church this Sunday

FG should also relax restriction on all activities cause this covid 19 is nt ending any time soon What about schools? Who is advising who in this nation? What is the need to open worship centres and lock up schools? What kind of stupid news is this, lifting ban that goes along with conditions.... Fuck u all...

What about school's Wow I'm glad to hear this 😂😂😂👏👏👏 Is this really the best way to go, oh God 🤦🏽‍♀️ School should open....wotz all this All glory to God Who are we as a nation?How do we think or reason in Nigeria?When coronavirus cases was just under two units worship centres were lockdown, now that the cases is increasing every day in thousands worship centres are opened,why are we so backward in everything we do in this nation?

What about schools please What about schools? Covid 19 is real in other countries but in Nigeria it's called covid 419 When the case is 200 everywhere locked now that is over 10thousands Cases everywhere now open Oh well...... Actually 💃💃💃 please help reach out to PoliceNG_CRU MBuhari NCDCgov rrslagos767 PoliceNG and other security agencies to remove barricades on major roads to ease traffic within the hours permitted, motorists waste huge hours on the road Go to town and see this.We now drive 4-5hours to work

Club and bar need to op n make we churp life.... Oga FG abeg open school. Covid19 is here to stay..we just have to learn how to live with it What atheists going to do about this? See pastors dancing azonto😃😃😃😃 Where is the vaccine Mr. FG with no sense? What about clubs Open schools oooo Please open clubs and night life oh

Jesus! At 10000 cases! SakasticBet Now I can see our choir mistress 😋 Hennie_Bee_NG Hallelujah 🙌🎉🎉🎉 What about school? Some folks still don't understand I didn't see any meaningful differences in this BREAKING stuff So how do you expect some of us to get back to work when you refuse to lift ban on inter state traveling? Does this even make sense to you people?😩😩

Are we serious in this country? When you've nomadic politicians in the country like ours, you don't expect anything great but impunity, monopoly and discretion -Accountability -Transparency & +Integrity How can a responsible govt close churches because of 2hundred cases & now reopen churches with 10,000 cases

So pathetic that our government still believe religious houses is a priority. Come to think of it, this pathetic govt is following the footsteps of USA oooo !!! Banning school not to open and easing lockdown on religion gathering is uncalled for, the same threat religion gathering pose is the same as reopening of schools...

What are the guidelines, let be made public as soon as possible? Thanks 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 Hmmm! Finally, what about schools? All I can say is the Government knows something about this virus that we the masses don't know? How can you lockdown religious homes when we had less than 60 cases and reopen when we have 10k cases?

This is not good. Did they re-open nkwobi joint? But modalities should be on ground to protect the populace What a joke! And they did that even when Schools are still closed down! To gain what by the way?! 🙄 To Learn More About StocksToBuy, Investment & Financial Market. Use The Link To Join Our Free Mobile Training Center on Telegram 👇

Please, what exactly is the purpose of reopening churches and mosques? What is going on? Is religion now our number one priority? What about schools Nigeria my country Thanksgiving This Sunday. Yours Truly On The Drums. 😁 Why? On what basis!!? Big problem . Corona is happy Why is da fucking schools left out🤦 We can still manage: schools should resume but don't go for lecturers...😉yunno

A good leader should know how to manage economics and public health. Let's no relaxed it because America, Europe is doing some. Can we be able to manage the blowout? Abeg full activities oooh Can't hold God's people down that long. Hallelujah! Lifting interstates trailing isn't my problem, my question is what about d spreading of fulani herdsmen, because these people have hidden agenda oooo.

💃💃💃💃💃 Religion economy is more urgent than the real economy! Alhamdulilah What about schools? You shout hallelujah and the strains jump out of your mouth Cinemas are more organized than even church and market places. Nawaoo Follow me...I will follow back.. I think they should be a guideline on this. Why is cinemas not allow to open?

Please if you knw anybody that has covid 19 kindly Dm me with prove and get 50k ... or if you sabi anybody way sabi another person way sabi who get am dm Thank you. thiscountrynascam Bunch of clueless head So we should b happy right 🤦‍♂️ What about school? These old men want to be in position forever, they don't want the younger generations to be leaders of tomorrow. Ancient of days leaders you should leave so leaders of tomorrow can take over oh

Education nko? khat682 Nah small small.. School is next Mvnaaa___ Copy US. We're copying the West who have gotten to their peak. Nigeria could as well open night clubs, bars, schools & other social gatherings.We could have waited a little, these are non essential services, it's already above 10k & they're looking for spaces. May the best immunity win.

Glory be to God ,shame to the devil and his agents.💃💃💃💃 i can't wait to be in church this Sunday People can pray in their homes but they can't school in their homes.. How does opening worship centers benefit the country's economy.. They should set priorities straight I see a lot of thanksgivings next Sunday . Prophecy 101

They Don pack all the money wey Dem wan pack This is unnecessary Open schools instead. Open schools please! 🗣 These people 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 ,they don't know how to tell us, it's all lies ...they are opening everywhere one by one ...... What's the situation report about inter state travel The same mistake Brazil made... Now they are dancing to the beat of covid-19.... 250k plus ➕ soon then we will know rubbish

I know what FG is trying to do; just bring back their opium (religion), so that we may have peace. If they want to die high on it, so be it! Just open everywhere Wow FG has gone into a behind closed door meeting with corona .. Corona will wait outside churches and mosques Remain schools whoever serves God the most wins. Leggo!

And schools will be opened when? Let's go!!!💪 Please clubs and bars should resume o Club nko? Are we free? Get a nice quality logo for your brand at a very affordable price.. Dm, call or whatsapp for yours on 08183437666 Please retweet and remain blessed 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Happy new month. *rings bell* Break is overrr!!

tarbundefreder1 We just dey follow anything USA do..... Nonsense That's good Wat of kaduna state Interesting Stopping religious is not the problem who have. We can call on God at home and He will answer us. Reopen higher institution or allow final year student back to school. We need to move on with life 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

So only school will remain shutdown ? You people are mad Una dey ment 😤 😂 😂 😂 Priority... What about schools? Religion over Education 💪 🚀 So locking down in the first place was bootless afterall bcos it doesn't make any sense that we locked down when we had below 50 cases & now we are happily going back into the streets with over '10k' cases. Everything works in reverse form in this our system.

Many are even tired of going to church sef... What of interstate traveling? Abi ogun wan kill u pple nii We hit 10,000 Dem relax lockdown ... When we were less than that ,Dem upheld lockdown ....inversely proportional decision Okoto Yarns🙄. Una Don achieve una 10,000+ cases..... So no yawa. Why now? K They should remove dis nonsense curfew

School nko Finally I can go to church Oluwa thanks sir And the schools? Well, churches and banks are like bread and butter. 🤑 How about schools Then it was never in Nigeria. Or Govt just dumb Af! etobaba001 Its just the truth because stopping religious activities is not really the problem sef. Why.. now,?

Schools nko? Time never reach when them go open school join 🙄🙄 If you read well, you will see only 20 people are allowed in churches and mosques. Must all this info come from Boss Mustapha again? Relax restrictions on Schools also!!!!!!! Wow..God sha judge the case Just open schools and join lerrus know what's up

when we said the Lockdown isnt the way out people went haywire. are we supposed to remain on Lockdown ? This may not be a good idea in the long run Ok Not clear. Relaxed restriction for worship centres but still not allowing gathering outside of more than 20 persons. Quilox nko😔 They should just open the airports and put measures in place . All these ones na okoto !

Go and die 😂😂😂 What about hotels tho. I’m tayad of sleeping in my house I believe Nigerians are smart. If you're 50 and above, if you have chronic disease or underlying ailments, it would be nice to pray to God in your houses. He will hear. You are opening churches and mosques but people cannot travel? What's wrong with the government?

Nice move This is not ok shaaa. You relaxed church and mosque gathering and refuses to lift interstate movement🙄🙄🙄who do us?religious slaves. Prowess was lamenting, why can't they reopen school first before all these religion places I in Black Panter's voice: We don't do that here People can go back to pray and stop dragging God on twitter

FilmhouseCinema shey you can now open? Am confused... With this high rate of Covid19? It is well No cause for control, everything is under alarm FG has said there own, it's left for we individuals to decide whether to go to the worship center or not staysafe Nigeria - a very religious country. Alaye open school

Open school mf school? The best news ever since today. Indeed, God does answer prayers Kindly Lift d Interstate ,its important cuz that's d source of business to a lot What about schools Lmaaoooo I need interstate lockdown should been romove too. I see ppl talking abt cases doubling daily.. Not let the deceive us they not what dey are doing .. The Number of ppl the virus affected is not upto the Rubbish NCDC is giving us..

Hmm Corona looking like What of school? What of club na 🤨 Nigeria is a joke You've been missing out if you're not earning with ur whatsapp. This is the secret to earning big with whatsapp without looking for referrals. Whatsapp Instant Marketing So we dey go church on Sunday Secure ur car from theft Monitor the activities of ur driver Recover your stolen car Listen to conversations in and around your car With just a tap on your smart phone. Be proactive. I'm just a DM away

Incomplete news... We locked churches because of over 50+ cases...ad you're reopening them with 10k+ cases.....where's the sense in that? What of schools and airports Open the link y'all. The headline is very misleading FG, what of swimming pools? Abeg una ooo What about halls for parry So business can continue as usual, NaCrazeCountryWedey

SO ORDINARY BOSS MUSTAPHA. AN APPOINTEE IS AN FEDERAL GOVT OR PRESDO? It still baffles me why we all in Lagos are not dead since the ease of the lockdown. I wasn't surprised when a Premerio worker told passengers in the bus to go challenge his Manager instead of him for not maintaining the social distance regulation that was made by the government

What about inter state travel Thank you Jesus 🙏 Bye bye to COVID19 Finally Inter state nko When will they relax it oo Should we now fry fish 🐟 Stopping people from going to church can never reduce the spread of coronavirus nor the spike in number of daily cases. Coronavirus if at all is real, has come to stay like malaria, so let us live with it the way we have been living with malaria over the years.

Kindly Retweet my pinned tweet Fuck yall Relaxing churches and mosques but inter-states travel and schools are still on 'LOCKDOWN'. According to Blackface, unu well done! So those Northern States that 'rebelled' can now justify their action. A sad state What about schools Up Next Schools ryt...... nonesense

I comment my reserve. Great!!! Foolish Foolish Foolish 💔 Open Schools Awon oloribu 😀😃 What about interstates oo abeg... No traveling yet? Ope o What about schools, I'm tayad of staying at home abeg Thank God o wat of schools What about the inter states boundaries. Like this tweet, I'll surely follow u, endeavor to follow back

I follow back And school? Follow follow... I can’t imagine why we always follow Trump 😂😂😂 GovKaduna Finally !!! Pls open up everything... Let the best immune system win😊 Even with the increase in infection? What are they not telling us ? Praise the Lord... According to state government guidance , FG is crazy, Nigeria is fucked up.

Great We are coming there . Little by little covid19 lockdown is dwindling down. This fuelless generator is a new source of power that is completely safe, free and efficient, the durability and design is Top notch. This generator, unlike every other generator doesn't have an engine which consumes fuel/gas and makes noise. You can contact us on (09053597845)

Schools nko What the hell, the should allow the interstates traveling too 🙄🙄🙄 Do they even know what's their nonchalant attitude is causing us at all ? Good but what are doing about the cases that are doubling daily Schools next pls...... And night clubs

BREAKING: FG reduces petrol pump price to N121.50Shit !!! Who cares? Make it a round figure of 100 let's manage it Whats breaking about this trash?

BREAKING: FG lifts ban on religious gatherings - The Nation NigeriaThe federal government on Monday lifted the ban on religious gathering across the country.This was disclosed by the secretary to the government... Last last Two good news in a day after reducing fuel pump price more to 121 naira now they also lift the ban on religious gathering so we can now go to church with out the fear of been arrested, but let's maintain our social distancing This is good news ✅

PFN wants FG to heed calls for restructuringAs Nigerians celebrate Democracy Day, the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) has called on Federal Government not to ignore calls by well-meaning Nigerians to restructure the country and its internal security. No restructuring anymore. Total Separation now RevolutionNow Yes, this should starting from all the delegates that are qualified to vote during primary election, if they can vote without collecting money, things will change Although, I support REVOLUTION

Judiciary’s independence: FG to gazette Executive Order 10 this weekWe have been battling the Anambra State Governor WillieMObiano in Court since 2018 for his refusal to grant financial autonomy to the State Judiciary. The matter,A/462/2018 is fixed on June 30 for ruling at the High Court,Awka. There is need for a judicial pronouncement herein. I dey come settle the matter oh

Equip armed forces for better performance, Sultan urges FGChange service chiefs for better performances This fuelless generator is a new source of power that is completely safe, free and efficient, the durability and design is Top notch. This generator, unlike every other generator doesn't have an engine which consumes fuel/gas and makes noise. You can contact us on (07032949264) What is his idea of better performance? To be more repressive, to collude the more? This advice is coming 5yrs too late if it is to crush the Boko haram insurgency. If it is about national security, it is the Police that must be equipped.

ICYMI: No online registration for 774,000 jobs – FGAll na scam,sinzu money want cashout again.... Where would they get salaries to pay them? Another excuse to go borrow money that their generation would not be alive to pay when the time comes. Properly put} 'COVID-19: No more hopes of open job for non-connected unemployed youths - FG'. Let me just curb my anger before we start setting TheMATTER