BREAKING: FG reduces petrol pump price to N121.50

6/1/2020 2:21:00 PM

BREAKING: FG reduces petrol pump price to N121.50

‘Femi AsuThe Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency has announced a new pump price band of N121.50 to N123.50 per litre for Premium Motor Spirit, also known as petrol.The PPPRA, which is an agency of the Federal Government, disclosed this in a circular to fuel marketers dated May 31, 2020, which was obtained by our correspondent on Monday.

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The sharp drop in crude oil prices on the back of the spread of coronavirus saw the landing cost of petrol hitting a record low in March, wiping off subsidy on the product.The pump price of petrol, which is still being regulated by the Federal Government, was reduced to N125 per litre from N145 per litre on March 18, 2020, effective March 19.

The PPPRA further announced on March 31 a price band of N123.50 to N125 per litre, effective April 1.DOWNLOAD THE PUNCH NEWS APP NOW ON Read more: The Punch Newspapers »

Nice Regrettably, Petrol stations were still selling at 123:50, 125:00, in total disregard to the Federal Government directive. Where is the DPR in Nigeria Most of the filling station does not comply with it Return it back to wot it was,80.00 per liter in 2014.Dollar was 150.00. Return it back.Pls! 2015,we were promised by PMB to bring Dollar to 50.00 to a Dollar. Reduce d petrol pump price to 40.00 per litre.Pls we don't want fake promises. Just return dem back to it ws in 2014

Reduce it further to N100 that's only when there can be a meaningful impact. The Federal Government must deploy the relevant agencies to monitor what is being dispensed by the filling stations. All the meters are compromised. .Reduce it further to N100 that's only when there can be a meaningful impact. The Federal Government must deploy the relevant agencies to monitor what is being dispensed by the filling stations. All the meters are compromised.

That is a slow kind of progress! What are they still waiting before getting it to N40 as promised? And they are busy having their bank account stocked abroad! God is watching! Reducing the pump price of PMS to Fifty Naira (N50) per litre as earlier promised during 2015 electioneering campaign would have been better.

Na today Make it free. More gains for filling station operators who will continue selling at 125. Why not drop it at 120. Just peg it 100 naira It should be reduce to N50 all these 10 10kobo reduction na wao😀 Why can’t they reduce this thing to N100? That is good move See oo ! The government just saved up about 60 on 25 liter gallons

Una no serious o!😂😂... Dis CHANGE is doing us strong thing😭 Favygaint Only? Welcome development What a joke Follow for follow Is this the palliative for Covid -19? Why do these people always give gifts that obviously insult the receiver? Useless country.we have oil and still buying fuel for N121 what happened to our N65?

Aside Bovas, I doubt private petrol stations would make this happen now Thank you sir Thieves ehnnn whts the fuss bout the price drop!..it was 97 whn this govt.met it nd wnt ahead to increase it Make it ₦100 at least Price of oil tanked so it would be absurd to keep selling locally at 145. The oil reduced its own price.

Just how much did they remove inside it, we Nigerians hustler wake up, govt no fit help us wake-up and let everyone fight this fight till the end we suffering for what we have imagine how are we going to breakthrough this when our leaders no nothing than depriving citizens.... Nonsense people How much was it b4 now? Interesting country! Lord have mercy.

Not bad at all gradually we reach their Mtchew Is that significant ? Meanwhile, I follow back guys. Test me Good news I thought it would go down to N50 It won't last? Why not N100? Anytime una talk about reduction, if it is not half of 120 make una just shut up FG don see Nigerian citizens as mugu we look like toy to them 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

The pump price of pms suppose to go down to reflect the fall in crud. Is this now over all pump price, or news paper price What is the 50kobo for? Let it be N100 per litter What of the proposed 108 The marketers are not complying Like a child playing with the TV remote 🙄 Let em keep dropping it Hmmmm Price of foodstuff shooting up the more. What sought of selfishness do we have in Nigeria?

What is this rubbish? Who is the the leader of this regulator team that are reasoning from an us? No enforcement. Marketers are not complying with the directives. Up till now many filling stations are still on 145 MBuhari please leave the pump price as it is before oo, coz we don't want to hear about Subsidy tomorrow ooo.

Still unjustifiable💯💯🙄😑😣😐 What changed? Why are they dropping with N1 all the time? The marketers never reflect the drop before now Until they drop it to Yar'Adua's price (N65) I still consider them as jokers! From 125 to 121naira... Why are you people like this Nonsense, why not Make it better than how they met it

How come it’s not 65naira already. The MuslimCaliphate are in control of the falling giant Nigerian economy. We are a legion. We do not forget.. Nonsense Punch pls give me quality breaking news. Not this puerile kind of news 🙄 The 123.50 didn’t even reflect here self. Them go still dey pour with 125 here.

Reducing it like Yoruba people pricing sumtin in market...😏😏 Hmmm, we'll be alright Las las Awon oniranu If they like they should make it 65 naira, we are not doing again.. they should keep there CHANGE Fuel still be 200 for 1liter for naija oh... Ori won buru FG I give you no thanks We've not seen it oooo

APC mumu seriously. weneedrevolution NEPA bill increased Petrol pump price is reducing in kobo. How does this affect an average Man’s standard of living? All these reductions seems to be only on paper. The last one was never implemented fully, we are still buying fuel at 125 till date Msteww They keep reducing on the media when u go to the pump, even NNPCgroup stations it takes weeks to implement but if it's increase they do it immediately.

Y'all are unstable They removed N3:50k it’s no news. It should be N65 by now What we used to know in Naija is that whatever price goes up never comes down. Here we are, the price of petrol has been reduced now by PMB in response to the real situation in the petroleum market. Nigerians should trust this govt more.

What's the significance? Person Way Swear For This Country. It's Shaa Never Be Well With Dey Person 🙏 It's not NEWS Anything above N100 is still fraud N30 will be ideal I thought FG said 108 one time? What pain me most is that these people that are playing on Nigerian intelligent will later be part of the people that will complain of lack of good leaders in this country.

Bubu promised 40 naira during his 'Change' campaign in 2014. Scammer Sell it to us at price you are selling at international market, stop the cheating us SakasticBet Shey eyen nii maami ma je Only on d news bt nt reality...mtchewww Awon oloriburuku gbogbo E still no go change for fuel station...dem no go change am

Smh!!!! Doesn't make much difference What is this Kobo Kobo reductions good for when oil price is falling in tens of dollars petrol price is reduced in kobos of Naira. This is a shame MalachyOdo1 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Petroleum price is dropping but transport money is not drop About time Still not ok they should bring it to 55 or 60 naira

I don't know the significance of this kobo kobo they keep reducing it by. If they really want to reduce pump price of fuel they should reduce it significantly. How about N80 or even less. We hear fuel is cheap now. What nonsense is this I don’t know why I felt like laughing at this 😂😂😂 It should be cheaper than a sachet of water plz

I swear we have suffered in this country. Y cant dey drop it to 50 it does not cost them anything. 9ja Stingy government. Why can't they drop it to where they met it in 2015 And tomorrow they will count it a dividend of democracy, Doomed! 121.50, who is benefiting the 1.50? Minister for petroleum I guess just like the case of Obasanjo with mtn where will recharge and Baba takes 1naira.

Drop it where you met it plsssss This is not type of reduction we want,why not take it back 87 naira. Abeg, e never reduce until it goes back to 65 naira🙄 Rfgdetfgcgswsgcbdxcszwdvdszddfsed dshdcdr R Is it only fuel that is reduced? What about diesel and kerosene? Not effective at the petrol ⛽️ stations 🚉 Ooooooooooo!

When will it get to 65? What does that mean? If you want to reduce petrol pump price, why don't you reduce it by a significant figure- say 80 naira? Make petrol pump price 75 - 80 naira! Because when you are increasing, you increase by significant figure! heisbounce 65 naira or nothing Why not 100 Audio?

I really don't see the reason why the government will reduce fuel price and yet commuters are paying so much for transport doesn't make sense. They be jeun jeun _aaree They are still not serious or either confused sanjeez002 All this unnoticeable fuel price self. Just leave it at 100 naira, can't be fighting for change uppandan

Lol... Shey people go drink fuel? They the reduced price to 50 Who is thinking what am thinking, I hope they won't tell us this is part of the palliative to the masses from the Billions of Naira Donations they collected from well wishers as Stimulus for the Masses!!!! Nigerian Government Dotherightthing

Tot it was 90.50 already Is like people are not buying fuel again because of the lockdown.... Hence the stepdown....but this one one kobo drop is a matter worth settling. Na dem sabi Creating chances of wealth through business & investment . You're what you're. if you cant youre right , if you can you're right it's all about decision.Take the risk or loss the chance join d mastery class For more info,join the whatsapp group below

Just drop it to 100 Remove 21.50 He should return it to what it was before he came into power. And transportation fee increased This one na reduce? Audio Bring it to 65 yaradua regime There is nothing breaking about this. Given the value of oil and to the fact that we are among the highest producers , it should be far lower than that.

It is still high. Revert to the former pump price Abd_RazaqOla Awon Weyrey...Animals This is price regulation. When you deregulate the market price will vary and there will be competition. Keep em coming But the price of transportation keep going up Wetin the 21.50 still dey do there It's isn't a good News. The fuel belongs to us, Is it bad if it's sold at 45/litre.

Waste of tim Audio reduction 🤔🤔 The real price should be 70 as at now. I don't know why FG are still delaying that Hmm This fuel reducing does not have impact on Nigerians at all. We're getting there. Some cuts remaining... 90/l Las las una go drink am... Lol Isn't this an old news? The only thing common man can benefit from is reduction in electricity tarrif. Not everyone drives but Nigerians try as much as possible to tap the wall

so far petrol should be around 65 to 70 naira with d current crude oil price Hmm Please this should be reviewed further and probably bring it back to where Late Yar'Adua left it Even after reducing petrol price transportation fare is still high It's good but I must say convincingly that it's a distraction. You'll find out why soon

Make your order.. contact us today. We are reliable follyyemltd Make your order.. contact us today What was it before? I don't even check, I just buy in amount not checking the litres niyialimi From 125 to 121, it’s ok Kindly place your order! Wait o, what is FG trying to say? He could just have dropped it to 100. Lobaton.

Buhari government is seriously sick, reduce in price of fuel and increase in vat. Who u de dreamble? Make he even be 25 naira we buy am before Abi sango wan strike u people self... Drivers hike transport fees and fuel reduce. now who benefits from it Is this a joke or what? No wait, are we are joke to this government?

FG is raving mad Sha How many times are they going to announce this without action? Good decision in the right direction. A presidential task force should be set up to ensure full implementation and compliance by petroleum dealers Garbage Lol... what is this? Dem this one just dey use pump price do bitcoin price, N123 yesterday, N125 today, N121.5 tomorrow. Small small now e go enta N500

Jokers!!! Why did they increase it in the first place? News price Wetin e dey before 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 reduction indeed I thought it is was 108 before What kind of reduction is this . The Government is not serious Hahahhaha When its N100 or brown then it should make the news not before. Keep going dear, you are doing well. 👍

Ruuuubbbbishhhh The best price for us is N45. sisi_alagboeko Which one is all these kobo kobo reduction? How much did Buhari promised? Still not good news abeg It's still high And we are buying for 123.50k now. Sow what have they done? If they want to reduce fuel price let it make sense not this 1:50k rubbish

So that we will keep buying fuel for generator and forget NEPA wahala abi. 😡 The should have made it 120 straight than 121.50 that means pump price will automatically be 125 per liter Stupid What's with the one one Naira removal? Holding several meetings that costs millions just to end up removing one Naira...SMH

No it suppose to be N250 per ltr due to economic recession ! This clowns we have in power Shea them no fit reduce am to N100? Because na the matter we dey argue around since morning. Who's testing the meter sef They should implement it Still damn to high...it should be below N40. Reduce it to 87N Mr presdo.

It can be dropped further Almighty petrol has fallen what a small world 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔 Uwarku Rubbish.. If una Wan remove something kuku remove ham abi ewo loshi gan What is all this 10 10kobo reduction🤡🤡🤡🤡 Bubu said Nigerians can still run this country with just 40 so why 121.50 They've tried but they can do better

You can do better I follow back immediately_🥵 OfficialTero 😂 Norway prsion is better than Nigeria economy presently now..,this the wroest government I have ever seen in my whole life.... FG please receive sense Follow me and I'll follow back It is still high. It should be selling for below 100 Naira considering the oil price

which kind play be all these one? what did they reduce here? Very soon it will turn free. Chill Y'all mad still... Removing kobo every time The ‘abroads’ are not buying our fuel anymore now they reduce the prize so we can buy. So disaffected by this pathetic government... Will the country end if gas price is 90naira per litre. What's with the kobokobo they keep removing? Abi were they expecting Nigerians to be thankful. 😆

Won't be happy till it's 50 bucks Yet transport prices will still be rising. Nigerians on Nigerians crime. hassanisahh Stop deceiving us please. I'm not impressed or moved at all. The last time FG said they reduced the pump price of petrol, nothing happened. They are scam!!! Something that ought to be 50 per litre

Koniye yin federalgovt una well done una dey reduce una destiny To what end pls ? They will get to 60 naira per liter soon ,keep moving. Is still high, it suppose to 50 naira per litre, one barrel of crude oil is 20 dollar. So 121.50 is high It was N85... N121.50 is a scam, pump price worth N50/L and that is commendable as global oil price drops.

But tfares are still high👀 TRADE YOUR DEAD,CONDEMNED SOLAR INVERTER BATTERY FOR COOL CASH FOR ENQUIRY CALL📞08107105177.. 09090839033.PLS HELP US RETWEET🙏TinubuShamesFayemi Tinubu You are all wasting your time cos this man will still make ut 145 after corona erikuzee kunledarmani _simplywunmi Fidelismex2 AmosDerek tellmarh

If u wan give person meat, give am chicken lap no be leg..nonsense Give and take government. they will reduce pump price today and devalue niara tomorrow. Awon werey . What happened to 25? I have been buying at 120 for the past two weeks BUBU me and you know say 25 is ok.... This was not part of the “E go better' plan we subscribed to

Which kain wahala be this Chai shame on the FG wetin them go fit reduce na difference of 3 naira 50 Kobo, shame for this kind time them no fit reduce am to at least round figure of hundred them dey there they comot small money say them dey help us, SHAMMMEEEEE! Gradually they will come down to the price PDP told them. 90

Soon, you’d beg us to buy at N100 but we would not increase our consumption. what difference does it make, N100 round figure is better Confirm It's too much, e suppose don't be ₦75Naira I think the price was N97 or so when PMB took over in 2015 and oil price was higher. Pls APC led govt should do the needful, people are dying of poverty

dayo_abdul Smh Will the gas stations comply.. that’s the question Crude oil prices is low now why not drop the price to 65 naira instead... Hmmmmm naija, which way!! That is not reduction. They just touched it. whats the difference between N125.50 and N121.50 ? Clueless system! What is the price of crude oil per barrel now? Does it commensurate to the PMS price ! They must reduce it to at least N65 to N70 per litr

We have better price here.. It's still High. Should be N70 or lower This reduction it's to campaign for Edo election Another rubbish This is not what Nigeria needs My Buhaha. Ifb 🙄🙄🙄 This is not worth BREAKING. They only remove N3.10k. Clueless 80 We are grateful Last reduction was to 108 which filling stations failed to comply so this isn’t reduction.

Till you guys drop it to N50 They should be removing 50, 50kobo oh. When they want to increase now, the will add 100 naira The Fact here is that, if F.G wants us to know they care for its citizens then they should re-adjust the fuel price again as it is at the time of our faithful leader His Excellency Late Yar'adua. Because I see no differences between N145 & N121 thank you.

_oye_oye_ can you kindly confirm this? IkudayisiJ Why 121 to 123 bracket tho? Why not just a single price.. Many gas stations in Nigeria didn't even review it from 125 to 123 when the FG announce back then.. N65 then come back and post Hmmmmmmmmm It should be 50 What's N121.50? Jusr make it Under boy (N100) Or u carry it bck to N87 To make Nigerians happy with you, evn if it's one of the good things you're going to do Jus make petrol free😂

FG is teaching me how important 2.50k is in business 🤔🤔🤔 Nigeria celebrate fuel reduction of 2.50k🙄🙄🙄 The difference between 121 and 125 is that fuel in the picture Wow thats good news What is the difference Before it was how much? All this kobo kobo reduction Them go drink it by themselves Only? Me still waiting for N45 pump price ooo

Why is the price dropping like bet9ja odd Take it to N100 The same govt that told us that subsidy regime has gone for good is still fixing price for us. 'Who is subsidising who?~ Buhari L.O.L I pray the filling station adjust the metre to the new price? Am son of great herbalist my father can help u with his spiritual power such as promotion in the office business mover,erection, case wining,political power, visa problem,money instant without human blood ,yahho Yahoo work spiritual etc call or WhatsApp +2347053197709

🤡 Most stations are still selling 145,this one is audio to me. Fuel stations are already selling at the rate of N120/litre Still very cosmetic considering the sharp drop in oil price. Stinks of scam. Buharishouldresign Good news... It has no effect in the lives of an average Nigerian. Transportation cost won't change, cost of goods and services won't either.

Let go back to 75; Still high we expect something much lesser. Does this Government really no what they are doing......... What the different between 121.50 and 125 naira? Buhari and his APC is a failure. Who are they deceiving? Ndị ara. This kind federal government sef 🤣🤣🤣🤣 walecoker65 They should just sponsor this year's BB9JA abeg.

It's still 125 at Conoil at Alagomeji o. Lolzzz you people should be doing like NEPA, on off on off, sheybe una say pump price that year would be 60 naira or so, 😁😁😁wayo people 25n will even make sense but their greediness is confusing them.🤷‍♂️ God of moses dey watch all of una👌 There father ...Make una follow for a quick follow back jarwe

Nigeria dey try oo This is madness, but shouldn’t buy petrol more than 100 Shey awon people yi ya weyrey ni Make una dey whine unaself Because price of oil don fall yakataaaa Feed your citizens oh! 😔 LindseyMabell FG reduce fuel prices u still dey complain, wetin dem wan do wey satisfy u naw... dey should kill there self for you...?

Pump price of fuel should drop as low as 50 per litre. That's when we will know we have a responsible government. Haha 😂 😂 😆 What is d difference between 125 to 121 Mumumadu Buhari Does it make the county better? That does not mean, it will be pumped at that price... This country is a phenomenon They promised us 25 per littre. Still kudos to the fg.

Take it back to N87 that is what i care for. Audio reduction for social media. I beg make una follow me Lol Be reminded that what they promised us was =N=45 till then what happened to the 65? Mstcheeeewwwww. Just by 4 naira. Abeg they should make it 100 naira There's no breaking here. Pump price should be reduced to 82 before it becomes breaking news.

Lol!!...what is this?. From how much? Pls remind me 125 123.50 Now 121.50. Wait, are they testing something?😏 Olori buruku ni won.... wetin 2 naira wan settle for this matter now? Take it back to where Yar' Adua left it and Give us Palliative. ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾 FG=Bunch of Jokers! Petrol that's supposed to be selling for atleast 60 per litre cos of it's present market value.

There is no N1.50. This will not affect us seriously. Make it a round figure where collection of 'change' will be possible, so that those 'poor' persons who buy 1 or 2 litres will not hear 'oga, no change'. NNPCgroup If govt has deregulated the down stream sector,no need of govt announcing the price reduction. This is actually the time to work with all stakeholders to allow market forces. NNPC to regulate imported products. NigeriaGov FMPRng 1/2

Emmanue75898118 Should be 50naira If they even drop it to 50 my naija people will be like why they can't give us for free 😂😂😂 An so fucking what?.....is that d amount in 2005 If fuel price suddenly drop to 87 per litre' bag of rice 7,500 trust me naija don better for ever be that, until then? We are still waiting for the live score update🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶

We can only appreciate it if they will take it back to where they met it after all someone left it there. Unfortunately even if its reduced to 50, pure water won't be sold for 5naira again Pump price dat doesn’t hv any significant to the buyer. The fuel stations will still adjust the meter 🧐 Transport fare go still high

O rin won ni, koh ti jawon je.... Fuck FG of Nigeria You can do better Some idiots will come here and tell us to lie down and tell Buhari THANK YOU SIR!!! 😂 I still buy at N125 more than a month after they reduced to N123.50; Independent Marketers refused to drop prices claiming they have stockpile as large as waters of Bar Beach, unless they empty those inventory, no show! Now, FG, another price slash without enforcement? Stupid!

This government should stop beating around the bush just reduce it to 30 as they promised in 2015 Lolz If to say dem wan follow world market price. It should not be more than 50. Can't they reduce it to N10 ? Just asking oii I further reduce it to N121.40 Which FG This a joke really, whats the difference between N121 and N125

How dat take help d masses, wen cost living is unbearable for a lot people with high cost on transportation. Reduction in fuel price is bias and not for all, give tax relief. Stop this play. PMS should be sold at N82.50 Be slashing it like say na tomatoes and pepper you dey sell... No impact. Audio reduction. Petrol stations will still sell at normal price and claim it's old stock, but if it's an increment, they will increase the price immediately. Who is fooling who?

Scam it is still 125 who will pay 1.50k? You will not die if it is 60-70 I thought they've deregulated petroleum product as well? why not the market force determining the price? Is this a reduction or what... From 125 to 121.50…...crazy government They can do better.... The price should be further reduce to the lowest and reasonable price please.....

Audio reduce How I wish is 75naria Buh if dey want to increase price dey will be adding like 50naira upward this is rubbish If Crude price rise above $70, the so called FG will increase pump price to 150. And marketers wouldn't even allow the announcer to finish before they will change their pumps. I beg let’s follow each other jare.

Drop it to 25 naira and that will be real breaking news Implementing is key Amen! All thanks to covid 19 but most gas stations still sell at the old price Mtcheeew They should drop it to 87 Drop it to 80 Is this the best thing to do at this point..... I beg, make dis government stop play us film tricks.let him reduce price of bag of rice and all other essential commodities.

We read imformation like this but when you get to the Filling Station it's a different story !!! How much did they meet it? From 125 to 121.... Clowns. This reduction exist only on media. Even NNPC doesn't comply NGRPresident NNPCgroup 145 to 125. 125 to 123.50. 123.50 to 121.50 This is a game, it is no longer price reduction.

yung_danny Shey FG cant reduce it to 50 ni So that our foreFathers will be happy in heaven But yet the transport fare keeps rising... Nonsense To hell with you... Which kind 50 Kobo reduction be this? Nothing concern filling stations with all this one!!! Buhari Drop it to 60, as you promise. This guys just scammed us again😷

😂 awon weyrey Federal government should sell fuel at 100 naira per a liter I bought fuel at the rate of 120 per litre last week. What is this government up to? I don't think they are up to speed with the recent development at all? Madness!! From 125 to 121... Interesting😀 Good move, Before 2022 it will be drastically reduced to 50. But for now enjoy at 121.

they made the promise am not surprised 65naira won't be bad An achievement gone unnoticed Why are they removing one one kobo? Reduce this thing well na... So they gon distract us from their bad governance? This isn't good news ,this should be done years ago and even lower price DF! Soon he will go and collect another loan due to this reduction... Rubbish

All these kalokalo reduction isn't it at all. Life i. Nigeria 🇳🇬 is hell. Transportation fares are high, food commodities are damn so expensive, no job, government playing politics with the people. What happened to the N40 per litre? From the goodness of their hearts Awon werey sombody. Baseless reduction

AMbiodun5 It should be brought to N100. I thought is N108.00 Small small we will get there 87 Whats breaking about this trash? Make it a round figure of 100 let's manage it Shit !!! Who cares?

Return to negotiation table or face consequences, FG warns ASUUMinister of Labour and Employment, Chris Ngige says there will be consequences if the striking Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) refuse government’s overture to return to the negotiation … Thunder fire ASUU and FG u guys will never prosper by the grace of Almighty God TheMATTER 😂 Dem never settle this matter? who born Asuu? Who be Asuu? Who dem be? Scrap dem off

Judiciary’s independence: FG to gazette Executive Order 10 this weekWe have been battling the Anambra State Governor WillieMObiano in Court since 2018 for his refusal to grant financial autonomy to the State Judiciary. The matter,A/462/2018 is fixed on June 30 for ruling at the High Court,Awka. There is need for a judicial pronouncement herein. I dey come settle the matter oh

Resident doctors threaten strike, issue FG 14-day ultimatumThis is one of the 5 years achievement of President Buhari. Watch out for EFCC vs NCDC Resident's can strike they don't even have carriers yet except they 5th years Ca

Zamfara APC disowns commissioner who criticised FG on securityYeah there is freedom of speech! This guys in APC are very dishonest and hypocritical. State of confusion 🤦‍♂️

FG orders agencies to send relief items to survivors of Sokoto bandit attacksThe Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, has asked agencies under it to send relief items to survivors of bandit attacks in Sokoto We know 🙄🧐 With all the money you have been given, you are still asking for aid. What a life

No online registration for 774,000 jobs – FGNo be small thing lol. Lazy youth oya Useless government Scammers everywhere fuckonenigeria U don pay the ones wey dey in service?