Endsarsmemorial, #Endsarsmemorial, Lnsa, Uber Driver

Endsarsmemorial, #Endsarsmemorial

[BREAKING] #EndSARSMemorial: Neighbourhood Watch sanctions officers for unlawful treatment of Uber driver

[BREAKING] #EndSARSMemorial: Neighbourhood Watch sanctions officers for unlawful treatment of Uber driver

10/22/2021 8:12:00 PM

[BREAKING] EndSARSMemorial: Neighbourhood Watch sanctions officers for unlawful treatment of Uber driver

Lagos State Neighbourhood Safety Agency has sanctioned all the officers involved in the unlawful treatment of an Uber driver, Mr Adedotun Clement, during the #EndSARSMemorial

A statement issued by LNSA on Friday said the officers, who were identified in various videos on social, used pepper spray which is not a standard-issue kit for officers of the Agency.Two of the officers directly involved in the assault of the Uber driver were de-kitted while others were sanctioned following an orderly room trial.

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According to the Agency, “The two officers and the Supervising Officers were charged with disreputable conduct as a result of the assault on a member of the public, the use of pepper spray which is not a standard-issue kit for officers of the Agency and general unruly behaviours capable of breaching public peace all of which is in contempt of the Agency’s rules as contained in the LNSA Handbook Articles E (ii) & (iii), O (iv) and N (x) which covers conduct with the general public, negligence and general conduct on the job.

“Following the panel seating that lasted over four hours, the officers were found guilty of the charges preferred against them. Consequently, the two officers directly involved in the assault were publicly de-kitted and suspended from the Agency for the next two months. They are also to be redeployed to another command of the Agency for behavioural evaluation and further reprimand. headtopics.com

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What of the police man that deliberately sprayed into his eye? Uniform, any type, just give these people some sort of arrogance confidence. What you can't do on a one-on-one basis with people, you feel empowered to do it Neighborhood Security Watch of all agencies!!! It will be appreciated if this is applicable to the policemen who unlawfully harass their fellow citizens.

Labalaba to fe fi ara we eiye aso re ma Jo ina His commanding officer should be demoted too. That's how to send a message and stop a reoccurrence. EndSARSMemorial EndBadGovernanceinNIGERIA EndPoliceBrutality Lagos and packaging Government magic, them go dey do like say nor be them send them. Lol 😂 this who na FMT don cast.

Who is fooling who Good This is nonsense! Stupid save face stunt ti ko new. Mtchewww

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ol_dmm Rubbish, na old script be this abeg. Very good The only reason people fear police is because they carry guns. Neighbourhood watch should behave because dem go collect if they continue like this. It's good they are nipped in the bud. Anyone in uniform now think they have the authority to intimidate people. Have they checked the laws that guard their existence and operations ?

If I catch am for woro si woro, he go still collect for my hand. Overzealous werey It will be well appreciated if immediate justice is being passed like this.. Mumu was busy investing pepper spray when it is not part of their kitting in the Agency....too much hanging out with PoliceNG ni! My greatest delight here is that the supervising officers are also sanctioned. You cannot be presiding over such an unruly set of officers as law-enforcement agents of the State and not have to be held to account for their misdemeanor on duty. Way to go!

I once had my car bashed in ikorodu by a crew of these folks in their patrol van. All but one of them was dead drunk!! Someone who witnessed the incident made me let it all go, so that they don't lose their jobs. I wonder if I made a mistake back then. Show off ni jor

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Mtcheeewww Beautiful! See his head like a sacrificial goat ✡️🕎🎀 Press Play ▶️ and listen to the song This is an opportunity for the Uber driver to make money. He should sue the agency, the state government, the federal government and the Police and claim damages. He go hammer. Abeg make una advice am to get any lawyer. They'll do it free of charge

Audio sanction All these ppl sef dey do like army, malteating ppl. Orisirisi ni liegeria Medicine after death Neighbourhood watch wey wan turn Neighbourhood enemy. Scapegoating... What orders were they given prior to unleashing them to the street?!

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See his face like Bubu own..... Nonsense and Ingredients Them don suppose get this one address, make boys go give am like 50 strokes for him house. Make him use am hold body Wow what a shame

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