Punblic Holiday

Punblic Holiday

[BREAKING] Eid-el-Fitri: FG declares Monday, Tuesday public holidays

5/21/2020 7:14:00 PM

[BREAKING] Eid-el-Fitri: FG declares Monday, Tuesday public holidays

Sodiq OyelekeThe Federal Government has declared Monday and Tuesday – May 25 and 26, 2020 – as public holidays to mark Eid-el-Fitri celebration.The Minister of Interior, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, made the announcement on behalf of the Federal Government.

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This was contained in a press statement by the Director of Press in the Ministry, Mohammed Manga, on Thursday.In a copy of the statement obtained byThe PUNCH, Aregbesola expressed concern over the spate of ethnic conflicts that has resurfaced in some parts of Northern Nigeria in recent times.

He advised “Nigerians to see themselves as a single entity and learn to tolerate one another despite their ethnic and religious differences”.Aregbesola further assured Nigerians that the regime of the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), was fully committed to battling COVID-19.

He called on Muslim faithful “to replicate the life of kindness, love, tolerance, peace and good neighbourliness as exemplified by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW)”.The minister also advised Nigerians to take responsibility against the spread of the COVID-19.

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I have been on holiday since march, as a private school teacher Watin aregbe shola face dy do here when they say federal Govt? Abi na him face best represent federal Govt? Are we not already on holiday? What’s the reason for the 2days holiday?what are they observing? The two days holiday break can as well help in the fight against covid 19 especially in Lagos state.

This man always address press when public holiday is to be announced as if their are no other responsibilities that doesn't need public address. Na wa ooo 'ALHMDULILLAHI RO'BBIL ALA'MINNA!!!'. May Almighty Allah (SWT) take us beyond THEN!.'INN SHAA ALLAHU KAREEM!!!'. This could be a lie Everyday has been public holiday since the lockdown

The world is on holiday already na U guys are just funny for nothing so you are declaring holiday when we are on already 😆😆😆don't worry Where is our president Nigerians? Since when has it become the sole responsibility of the minister of interior to announce a federal holiday?Realomosexy GarShehu DailyPostNGR jidesanwoolu dino_melaye NigeriainfoFM HenshawKate OgbeniDipo solaadio atiku

The one wen we de already, no pass holiday? Make una talk anoda tin abeg. Covid 19 Hope Muslims won't have any gathering as we want to contain this deadly virus. We Christians forfeited our Easter oo. Let there be no gathering oo to avoid more stories okay oh there will be public holiday right Monday and Tuesday but there was know public holiday on Easter time may na fear GOD oh..one side of government

Mr_JAGss how many gbosa for baba kabiru 😊 The ones we've been enjoying is what na. Ok compulsory personal holiday abi We have been on holiday since March Are we not on holidays for so long? Every day is an holiday, you don't need to declare it. Okay Okay o... With or without salary ? How does this public holiday's affect me? We have all been inside for Corona business for months now.

During lockdown, bamaso Precious Stone Comedy has released the final saga of Ramadan Kareem. Watch, enjoy, like, drop your comment and don't forget to click on Subscribe. Thank you for watching 😍😊😉 Yeeehhh This guy work na to declare holiday 😅😅...na waoo Well done. Re we not in public holiday already?

Go ahead and declare the whole year. Lol Days wei na holiday since when our government subscribe for corona, and since then every governor just dy renew lockdown sub like craze, na him this one dy wan show himself say na holiday, na the only thing wei he dy always get mouth announce DollBaibee ready or not? 😛

Are we on mid term break in this lockdown what's the difference between this lockdown this you people's public holiday ehn Holiday upon holiday 😏😏 Before Nko we are already in public holiday how many moths ago. Students are at home, workers are at home. What Next?. We have been on holidays since na Hol and Hol, we continue to do am

Lmfao What is breaking Nice one. Let me deliver some mattresses to your doorstep during the holidays 😊 What public holiday. The lockdown alone is public holiday Will it be different from the other days we've been through since this lockdown Noble_Crew NIGERIANS! When we say you can work from home or anywhere with your PC or Android, this is the real deal. Cryptocurrency is a Digital Money, and we are working as a team to accumulate ETHEREUM, since we all missed BITCOIN. Join for more INFO here:

Hmm. Which holiday after the one we are enjoying for about 6-7weeks now. Mmttsss Everyday na holiday for here The public holiday on monday and tuesday. Wil their covid19 also go on public holiday? We have been on holidays for Months 🙄 Holiday after holiday How is this one a breaking news? If not for announcing public holidays why is Aregbesola appointed a minister

Pointless This one is holiday after holiday 😂 Holiday pro 🤣 What difference does it make to us, since this covid19 is from one lockdown to another. Monday and Tuesday is still normal for those that work one day one and one day off. Buhari declaring holiday on top Holiday 😂 Party after party, holiday after holiday, coro inside coro.

Na private holiday we dey all this while?🙄🤷‍♂️ When it's Easter they will only declare Monday as public holiday. There is no president nor vice, who's the FG I say make I ask o His job is to declare public holiday(s) CharlesCypriano CharlesCypriano CharlesCypriano Follow me and I promise to follow back ASAP

PTF chairman announced lockdown extension on behalf of d president,now minister of interior has announced this one on behalf of D president.We hav audio&spiritual president in this country,one day we shal kno d truth Ndi Ara Werey pipu 🥴 There's nothing 'breaking' here Thank you Funny, inside lock down What is the purpose of the holiday. Eid is Saturday already

Hmmm holiday pro There is no difference between public holidays and lockdown. The country has been on lockdown for some months. Lol It's yet another public holiday, we've been in public holiday for 2 months and still counting🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️ Holiday inside holiday Holidays inside lockdown🤔 yachtboiz shoti ye eh beyen

Like anybody was going anywhere before Nor b holiday we dey since 🙄 Tintedeyekay ,addnuel and Ayodeji_slik The one wen will dey since na wetin Thank God. No classes 🙏🙏 We don tire for holiday. Ooh now I know why wike lifted the lockdown, it was because of salah.. I thought he is a stubborn man.. mtcheew

E no count. Make una dey help us keep these holidays till we go need dem biko. If I say men like this didn’t go to school or they went to school and during class they were thinking of looting money mad man Haha..!! Holiday inside holiday..!! Notin way doctor no go see for isolation centre. 😅 Na inside holiday we dey already 😀😀

We are already on holidays So how will the holiday announcement affect Port Harcourt people nau Pls it's not breaking news just Accord the Muslims the respect but don't say breaking .they have been suffering under this lockdown observing fasting Holy day inside holy day... Like and get an instant follow

When Port Harcourt people see this news, they will be like. Buhari govt will be well remembered of the numbers of holidays!! One thing he is very proactive about Insyd holiday 🙄🙄... We are use to holiday , bring it on FG Why declaring it again.....? Everyday feels like a holiday Jokers Sounds like another lockdown mehn?

When we dey on public holiday already Wtf Holiday as in what for now? They were already on holiday. Ok, maybe for the banks and some other private organizations. Abeg o which holiday again when we’re already having long holiday🤣..... pls follow make I follow back instantly ✅ Nawa o Inside ASUU strike ,lockdown dey,this one join again🤧

ope ooo That’s too much, lazy elders spirit124 Holiday inside Holidays What of Wednesday? I thought it should be children's day Nigerians this government is either incompetent or is a scam....I brought in a car from the USA..the ship arrived just before the lockdown...now my agent is saying there is demorage on the cargo...how?when there was a lockdownnigeriancustomaervice

dondekojo KBUdeogu Even in lockdown? Abeg keep the holiday.lockdown has overtaken this Too much public holidays this year 😪😫😭😩😟 God bless federal republic of Nigeria Good news/Bad news Seh na Private holiday with dey before ? dondekojo Just like pouring bottle water into a river. 😁😁😂😂 We have been on holidays for almost 3 months now.. So what else do you guys want from us😢😢

Minister of Holiday Declaration raufaregbesola Which oda holiday we dey find again?! dondekojo 💃💃💃💃💃 Holiday inside lockdown There is Holiday Everywhere Already And they gave an announcement saying that monday, tuesday, thursday and saturday is under the restriction🤔🤔🤔 Holiday inside holiday,like nike à shin gba,b4 December all holidays go finish.

That's good for me. I will definitely observe this. Hit the follow button, Ifb As if we're not on holiday?!..makes no difference! Secure Facebook your account from hackers, watch this step by step video and thank me later This message tells alot about our leaders. Happy public holidays o Public holiday for essential workers or what are they saying 😷🤢

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😂😂😂😂 oga which holiday? Have we not been on holiday for some while now. Like it makes a difference... Dorr What difference does this make public lockdown.... Public holidays back to luck up This guy only job is to be declaring public holidays 🤣🤣 Which holiday? Already we are on Holiday so what are u declaring again😋

We are already on holiday so it doesn't really make any difference MBuhari FemAdesina Please why are you guys announcing everything on behalf of the President? Where is ProfOsinbajo? Is there something you guys are not telling us. Holiday inside vacation When they never declare nko Madness.... 🤣🤣🤣 lockdown to lockup

What difference would it make?

Bauchi Government Lifts Ban On Religious Gathering To Celebrate Eid-di- Fitri | Sahara ReportersBauchi Government Lifts Ban On Religious Gathering To Celebrate Eid-di- Fitri | Sahara Reporters The ban was put in place since April in order to control the spread of the virus. READ MORE: E be thing for this country Lol. Northern leaders are too smart. When “Christians” had to celebrate their own last month, they insisted on lockdown. Now them wan lift lockdown. Meanwhile Wike is busy destroying his brothers’ houses. *Sigh* This decision is not the best for the state at the moment when the number of covid19 infected persons have increased steadily. Health and life should matter more than politics.

Coronavirus: Observe eid at home, FG tells Muslims – Daily TrustThe Federal Government has urged Muslims nationwide to observe the end of Ramadan eid celebration in the safety of their homes. National Coordinator, Presidential Task Force on COVID-19, Sani Aliyu, made the appeal yesterday at a briefing of the committee. “The eid celebration is an important milestone that we urge our Muslim brothers and sisters … 😏😏 What ever😙😎. We will not😠

Kano issues protocols for Eid, Friday prayersKano state government has outlined conditions for the Eid and Friday prayers in Conformity with the COVID-19 protocols as enunciated by health professionals ahead of the upcoming Eid and Friday pra… Hmm mm risk🤷🤷🤷🤷 Churches too should be able to reopen then. Since it’s only one hour and they’ll wash hands and have face mask 😷 putting on.

Badaru okays Eid-el Fitr prayer, bans festivals in JigawaJigawa State government has agreed to allow people of the State observe Eid-El prayer. Governor Muhammad Badaru Abubakar disclosed this while addressing the State on the Covid-19 situation and measures to contain the pandemic. He said the decision followed a series of meetings with the council of ulama on possibilities to allow people to attend That is good

Eid-el-Filtri: Police issues warning to Islamic leadersThe Kogi State Police Command has warned Islamic leaders against breach of public peace during the coming Friday and Eid-el-Fitri prayers. The state Commissioner of Police, Mr. Ede Ayuba, issued the warning during a peace meeting he held with the religious leaders in Lokoja on Tuesday. The spokesman for the police command, DSP William Aya,

Borno COVID-19 committee, Islamic clerics agree to hold Eid-el-Fitr prayersThe Borno COVID-19 Committee and Islamic Clerics have agreed that the Eid-el-Fitr prayers marking the end of Ramadan fast should be observed