Domestic Flights

Domestic Flights

BREAKING: Domestic flights to resume from June 21 —FG

6/1/2020 7:39:00 PM

BREAKING: Domestic flights to resume from June 21 —FG

Olalekan Adetayo and Kayode OyeroThe Federal Government has asked the aviation sector to begin to develop protocols that will lead to the resumption of domestic flights any time from June 21,The PUNCHreports.The National Coordinator of the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19, Sani Aliyu, stated this on Monday during a briefing Abuja.

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He said, “The aviation industry is requested to start developing protocols to allow for domestic flights to resume anytime from the 21st of June onwards.“Airlines must ensure physical distancing by reducing passenger capacity and ensure the provision of sanitisers and personal protective equipment as well as carrying out temperature checks at the point of entry and departure and ensuring that airports are not congested by either travellers or airports staff.”

The PUNCHreports that the country’s airports and airspace were shut in March by the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), as part of efforts to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.Commercial flight operations, both local and international, had stopped forthwith but the President’s directive allowed the operation of essential flights including those for medical and evacuation purposes, amongst others.

On May 6, the Chairman of the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19, Boss Mustapha, announced that the closure of the country’s airports and airspace were further extended by four weeks after due consultations with experts.DOWNLOAD THE PUNCH NEWS APP NOW ON

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Finally good news I told you these people only care about themselves...ban interstate by land but local flight could commence flight, meaning let's keep those poor Nigerians indoor while we the privileged looters move about with our daily businesses The best way to try transportation protocols or guildlines for COVID-19. Fewer take off and landing locations with better measures of enforcing compliance unlike land transportation known for breaking rules and uncontrollable.

Good and fine That is interstate travel, isn't it? Good bishop_courage FIXED BREAKING: Domestic flights MAY resume from June 21 - FG Confused government.. U guys will only know wat uve caused yourselves after dis pandemic.. U plan of reopening flights so dat ur children can all go bck to different countries abi to start schooling whereas u lock us up here ..

Organized transpo4ters must equally be upbeat preparing to resume services interstate just like the domestic flights We need let everywhere be reopen once stoping this date by date let everywhere open once so that business can be moving back to Normal THANK GOD ooo.... But June 21 is a little bit far!... Why not today?

What kind of toilet paper is this? FG gave TENTATIVE date... And you are already reporting the date for mislead citizens. And see them too, no sense... They are like vultures ready to eat any carcass. toiletpaper toiletpaper toiletpaper toiletpaper toiletpaper mdnurabala MukhtarNajaatu 🙄 This govt just thinks inversely proportional to situations at all times

Is alright International nko? When would international flight start work What about the evacuation to students in sudan abeg say something oo Confused leaders If domestic flights resumes then interstate shouldn't be far off Hope interstate movement will resume too Ifb I first read it as 'fights'. My head is not correct

Good to hear Fuck no Ban on interstate movement but domestic flights to resume June guys only consider the rich or you are probably looking at tax on flights but actually, that's a bad move. Now we see that the government only care about funds and not the citizens. What about hospitality' industry?

E too far ooo abeg Why do these people want to deliberately craah the economy. She won ti gbowo niiii. Please lift the ban on international flights and let's travel. Abi were lawon kiniyi ni keee. Ahhhhh There's no band on me following you back. Just follow. What's all these delays now. I tire for this country I swear. Why is there zero urgency for anything

When people have been travelling across States funmioyatogun We that cannot afford to pay for seat on planes but need to travel, can we pay for standing in the aeroplanes? Aviation industry to develop protocols to 'possibly' resume by june 21st not to resume by june 21st as you stated in your report. Will corona finish my then

Land borders is very important ooo Airport go open . make you guys open school na 😍😍 My own be say may school start Because Corona is taking vacation abi? Around 4am this morning... I saw a flight landing...(local or international) Stop lying to the citizens... Flight have resume working,you are not lying to us, you are lying to yourself, Heaven bear me witness...

But de said no inter state movement na, abi d flights na from lg to lg? Confused nation. Ease lockdown and let life resumes normal Wait for an exponential increase in Covid 19 cases. Most of the isolation centres are already overwhelmed What in the nonsense is all these.. Like since January I haven't seen him. This government be breaking homes. Nonsense

The word says 'may' stop confusing us please. Bad reporting Is it not the same thing as interstate travel.. Una funny oo Why is Nigeria not on the list of the reopening of international Airports What about international flights any updates Please what about international flights? Please when will international flight resume ?

My Country!!!😏 Interstate movement nko What is d difference between domestic flight and Interstate travel. The is d worst government ever. No purpose More covid cases Too far😪 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 wereyyyyy FG Please open international flights confused government apc worst pass corona virus Open your airports both local and international, and bring your economy back together. Sure you guys don't care because you can always borrow.

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Ofure_c Too far Buhari When we had as little as 50 cases.. This flights and churches where closed. Now we have thousands of cases you want to reopen everywhere. Please can u guys just be honest with us for once learn to start your own business without money Johndfocus The one that have been flying since is what? I said it all na scam You people should open road for us jor

School reopening is around the corner Ban interstate travel but opened domestic flights? Lol. This country sef I hope interstate ban will be lifted by then, bc flight is also interstate. I pray we witness this in good health. Domestic flights resume but interstate travel remains prohibited.... 🤔🤔🤔🤔 El_mubaraak All the airplane flying over my roof where them dey come from

Mehnn!!!! We need the interstate borders opened! Our government though. The same date should apply to interstate, is not gud that airport business will resume and the transportation companys will stay out of business. How about school VIKKYFED What about International flight ✈ ❓❓ But wat about interstate movement on land ?

Good development from Federal Government This isn't what the Chairman said Not for travellers but to cargo SoniaUzama This people are confuse, how can u put a ban on inter-state and allow domestic flight to resume. Are both not means of transportation? Planes 🛫 that is flying since 😏. Even now sef. Thank God

When u haven't lifted the banns against inter-state travels!!! How about intl flight Not oll this.. school 1st. So when are Inter state borders going to be opened? At last Nigeria is getting its ass back together. We pray for Grace Bit its not sacrosanct?! How hope that means land borders open too? How abt federal Government

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Greece to allow more EU flights June 15Greece will allow flights from additional EU destinations, including France, to land without strict quarantine rules from June 15, when Greek airports are to ease coronavirus lockdown restrictions,...

La Liga to resume on 11 June - The Nation Nigeria NewsSpain's La Liga will resume on 11 June with next season starting on 12 September, said the league's president Javier Tebas.On Monday, Tebas said

Fans could return for 20-21 season: Premier League chief“No one knows when matches will move away from the behind-closed-doors model and it is right to have contingency plans in place, but there is optimism at the Premier League and at clubs that we will see fans back in the stadiums next season and it may ...

BREAKING: FG lifts ban on religious gatherings - The Nation NigeriaThe federal government on Monday lifted the ban on religious gathering across the country.This was disclosed by the secretary to the government... Last last Two good news in a day after reducing fuel pump price more to 121 naira now they also lift the ban on religious gathering so we can now go to church with out the fear of been arrested, but let's maintain our social distancing This is good news ✅

BREAKING: FG relaxes restriction on churches, mosquesSchools next pls...... And night clubs Good but what are doing about the cases that are doubling daily What the hell, the should allow the interstates traveling too 🙄🙄🙄 Do they even know what's their nonchalant attitude is causing us at all ?