Covıd-19: Buhari, Sovereign Wealth Fund

Covıd-19: Buhari, Sovereign Wealth Fund

[BREAKING] COVID-19: Buhari approves withdrawal of $150m from Sovereign Wealth Fund

4/6/2020 2:21:00 PM

[BREAKING] COVID-19: Buhari approves withdrawal of $150m from Sovereign Wealth Fund

Ifeanyi Onuba, AbujaThe President, Major-General Muhamadu Buhari (retd.), has given approval for the withdrawal of $150m from the Sovereign Wealth Fund for distribution to the three tiers of government.The Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning, Mrs Zainab Ahmed, disclosed this on Monday, in Abuja during a media briefing on the fiscal policy measures to tackle the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on the economy.

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She said the amount would be withdrawn from the stabilisation fund component of the Sovereign Wealth Fund.The fund is currently being managed by the Nigerian Sovereign Investment Authority,The PUNCHreports.Zainab said the need to withdraw the amount was to cushion the negative impact of the drop in revenue on the federation account.

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More money? Who is accountable for the billions already spent? Assuming corona do watin E suppose do since, who for day approve the withdrawal of this money now? Nice Did he say that this money belongs to the three tiers of government? What happened to infrastructure and other beautiful plans? How far with all COVIDー19 donations?Horrendous move NGRPresident

😭Seriously?For what now? Is it for future COVIDー19 pandemic or the one we are currently dealing with?Oga o..u na don start? Who's auditing? Chai, before it was BH that gulps funds, now it's CoV! Must terrorism or disaster further enrich the 'rich' at the expense of taxpayers Tuale....... Sinzu is at it again. 🙄

All of you calling Buhari worst president are mad. The time of campaign were you guys not the ones shouting seee baba Spending!!!!! Buhari you are very stupid man,,,,,, if you don't pay this money to citizens,,,,, you will suffer alot,,,, you won't have peace forever,,, seee people are hungry This is just a very big problem of Nigeria but you are getting expired already buhari

There is money in the kitty . Someone tell me why Nigeria has to go about burrowing money from China for example to find projects? Funny how y'all think Buhari is the one approving all these ridiculous funds... Where's all this money going for God's sake. There should be proper accountability This is what buhari is God at: withdrawal and spending. The man is a minus

Keep withdrawing jare. Our way always throw d money into d pockets of d cabal or d problem will not go. Abegy All this money sef where is it going Another 57Billion That's why Covid one nine should wipe all of them for us ☹️☹️..... Always withdrawing but doesn't have aim. Mumu resign Money you didn't keep and claimed there was nothing for you

How about the 15BN donation You need a tested brand of hand sanitizer? Check out WIND HAND SANITIZER. It is available in different sizes. 5 litres 500ml 100ml 50ml We are open for wholesale supply in cartoons in Lagos and Ogun state. Feel free to message for more order. Voice mail withdrawal. Our president is good in withdrawal only.

A day is coming will start selling the citizens of this country. *Sovereign* *wealth* wow ok🤐 With all the money the good Nigerians donated to contain coronavirus cases, we still went ahead to wreck the fund made for future generation. What a reckless expenditure. Na so una want am na, make una just dey use biro dey withdraw una future generations funds. Ogun kill you for there

dontomzy14 MBuhari $150m for what exactly? Hmmmm, after all the donations...I hope this isn't another way to embezzle our money...this country sha, only God will save us... Ati bere sin na savings wa. Oluwa gbawa. We don dey shook hands inside our savings. Lord have mercy ‘uplass’. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤓🤣 This guys know how to spend money, how much did he generate for Nigeria since he became a president?

Buhari has come to steal, kill and destroy. cashout szn 💰 Really, I have no idea we had a Sovereign wealth fund, how come I don't get monthly report/update of my own share cos I believe it's for every citizen Yahoo Yahoo government I wish the president can enter the streets in disguise and at least hear and listen to his people rather than depend on the all is well fake reports.

Sinzu spending aka the prodigal son . A worst is yet to come. And the looting continues......👏👏 Yusufaderoju05 Wait; it’s goat that will eat this money in the end, we will shut the fk’up and do nothing!. I say WAIT!!! Money he didn't save in 5 years. How much ha GMB even saved for Nigeria in 5 years. Opportunity to....... wicked government

Oga continue to milk this country dry. You want to embezzle all our money before u leave office issorite njoy PLAIN TRUTH Since May 29, 2015, MBuhari & his goons 've been taking Nigerians, for A LONG RIDE! But like my buddy, adeyanjudeji always says, 'NIGERIANS WILL HAVE SENSE BY FORCE,' by the time MBuhari and his goons are through with the NATIONAL TREASURY. GodBlessNigeria

THIEF!!!!!!! Cashout season Our money e ,ooo money ,Nigeria money oooo Buhari de chop am vuga vuga Every day approval,Aisha is the ghana must go bag full ?. How that feels These people are just cashing out😭 Sinzu money A-Loota-Continua 🙌🏽 Reckless regime to do what again... What's the plan? On top how many corona virus cases?!!!! What happened to all the donations na

Funny how we turn these things to really funny jokes...we’re as useless and they are trust me smh Sinzumoney...lau lau spender Audio money😂 For what Hmmmmmmmm. . . Dem wan tell us another story again oooooooo. . . Just imagine how big this man is. A single person signing out that amount Aso Rock is our biggest problem in this country 😭😭😭😭😭.... Chad President come and help us.... The BH you're been looking for, is inside our ASO ROCK.🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆

“Jaccuzi ti wa online' Our very own Hush puppi.. 🤗 Jacuzzi Withdraw to where please We don finish , 😢 For Watin? U na never tire for looting😳 Buhari will continue to plunge us into an everlasting debt, bubu una wehdon Covid time, looting time Yahoo boy continue. Hospital for Sale- An existing hospital located in Ikorodu, Lagos is up for sale. Call 08037233498 for more details. RxBuyNsell HospitalForSale

you remove money from front pocket and put it in the back pocket.. This one own na to dey waste money up and down, zero economic sense of financial scrutiny They have finished us in this country, chai Everywhere stew for you sir, but easy make Pepe no enter your eyes Does it mean that once they finish the sovereign wealth fund, Nigeria's sovereigntu would be severed?

He can write? Interesting.. This corona has become a business centre in Nigeria. All these funds are for what? We need to see how it's been used. People are suffering, yet they keep building isolation centres. $150M! Damn! I wish Fidel Castro was alive.... Men! What for? Chopping the money For what naa? Wey all the billions una don receive from donations? Criminals!

There’s no corona virus 🦠 in this country they are just scamming us Why are you telling me. Will they give me part of the money?!🤷‍♂️ Oga better read b4 you sign anything now oh. Cha!!! ...see money This people just dey withdraw dey shear anyhow, God help Nigeria... Sinzu money.. Spending What about all the Abacha funds?

To do what? We have heartless people governing us, it's sickening 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Where the Fund? Covid-19 has opened a window to unaccountable spending. Finish everything baba Hey God!🤦 Sinzu don cash out again🙆🙆 Buhari & His northern cabal will finish Nigeria under the guise of Coronavirus. ECA and pension funds depleted. SWF under attack. Huge debt servicing. Crashed price of crude. No economic buffer. Post COVID19 economic crisis in Nigeria will be worse than that of war torn Countries

Spending odogwu!!! Free fall withdrawal under any slightest opportunity. Shey if e finish everybody go rest. All this idiot man does is to sign bills. This idiot man signed 1bn to fight boko haram and yet chad did it free and has located where some of their hideouts for weapons. Sorry the Great Covid 19 looting of 2020

Thanks for Corona now all our accounts will be zero.. the Great Covid 19 fraud of 2020 Na wa oh. This man will leave this country penniless by the time he’s done The best time to loot this country dry, uncle our case have not reached 500 and you are withdrawing this amount, if it reaches 1000(not praying for that) wahala go dey.

Embezzlement continues. What a perfect guise Coro has given them. Nigeria!🤣🤣🤣🤣 Jaiye lo baba nla Barawo Which buhari Like the north east war this virus has provided another cash bank for the Government Mr president is your conscience still working? Or are you a Robot? Cash laundering has gone legit To do what?

Alaye mi Spending, eyan Jacuzzi. You withdrew $1billion from ECA to fight Boko Haram with no result. Now you're making another withdraw from SWF. Pls if you need picker, I get person This man is on mission.somebody shld hold baba before he empties our treasurey 😂 Nigeria na big scam all of us na scam our president na scam

Where all this money they go God😭😭😭 Nigerians don suffer nah funke akindele matter them put for head another withdrawal from presido is hard💔 Now they can steal as much as they desire 😳😳😳😳😳 Abba Kyari still pulling strings? U guys want to drained our purse and emptied it. Sinzu money always spending😂😂😂🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿

Wetin he won use the money do ? This man Gov nah withdraw withdrawal withdrawal, which one you dey deposit? Nigeria is finished! It seems money is not working anything ... prayers always win Yahoo President Only 4000 Nigerians has been tested so far and billions has been spent already...this government want to sign another $150million out again.😁😁😁next level

Sorry Nigeria!!! Why not share it $1M to each of us in Nigeria. Even the unborn will get a share Professor , we need you in CBN withdraw, borrow and loot. I sha know say the money no go finish. 🚶 Buhari go kill this country Just empty everything, let's start afresh. Nigeria economy will empty completely in the name of covic-19. After covic-19 epidemic what happens? God please intervene.

Always withdrawing,do you even pay in sometimes? And it have started.... I hope the numbers can reduce now, The same fund that APC wanted to chop GEJ and Okonjo-Iweala for creating. Myopic people 😂😂😂....e don get new ATM card abi? SWF don finish finally Now we are a CHARITY STATE officially Just when price of crude oil drastically falls and several donations has been made to fighting covid19. Lol sketchy

Buhari just dey cash out anyhow.. Agba G This is why they allowed CoronaVirus enter Nigeria in the first place mars_kead Sinzu is at it again. To do what jare? To be quarantined by government officials again Spending Audio Seriously looting this country the poor are still hungry I follow back asap This one don pass coro oo

Suzin money... Chai Spending 60 billion naira!! Waoh this is serious God help us I wonder what money the next government will use to finance themselves with after all these withdrawals 🤔 Lau lau spending pounds ati dollars 🎶🎵 Spending!!!!!!🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 Spending!!!! Thunder go fire this man... If he refused to send money to all the citizens... After the donations and withdraw...

Spending Tomorrow dem go say na the previous Govt... After the 500 billion now another $150m.. Buhari and tinubu.. Has finished us... Sovereign wealth funds to my knowledge is supposed to be spent on citizens and it's wealth from crude oil Nigga wan empty all our treasury😫 country Nigeria won't survive the Administration. I predict Nigeria falling deep into recession after this Administration. They have ****ed this country into a coma.

Abi bubu ti ya were ni? Ofe na omo naija tan ni sha 😂😂 By the time APC finish with this country I don't think we will still have Nigeria on the map of Africa again Sinzu money After looting the whole treasury, pls don't forget to sell Nigeria join * Are you 18+ or matured enough*🥦 witness raw live porno here 🤤 *Here,we offer*👉🏾👇🏾👇🏾 ✅ RAW PORN ✅ FREE HOOK-UP ✅ SUGAR MUMMY & DADDY HOOK UP *Matured minds only😈😚😋🍆🍑* 👇🏻👇🏻 *hit the link if you are not scared*🍆🍑👇🏻

By the time u people are done with this country.. Lemme know, I'm in the toilet Spending galore.... open thy vault. The sad part is ordinary Nigerians don't get to see the money... To do what will benefit for all of us or use for what All the seized money, Abacha loots, whistle blower cash, Customs? No one in sight and they said GEJ was corrupt that's why he had to go. PMB is what? It was all tribe and religion. BitterTruth

Sinzu speeeeeeeeeeeeeeending!!!!!!! Sinzu money For wetin again This is what they want ...can u now release people back to work Excess Crude Account and TSA are they empty They should kuku sell this country This fraudulent cabal must finish Nigeria. 😃😃😃😂 This Covid19 Sha, our politicians Sha. What an opportunity to showcase misappropriation skills

Lol. These guys no get mercy aswear..... Draculars sucking Dry the Blood of Nigeria.. Buhari is working so hard for someone who used to frequently fly abroad for medical treatment. Hmmmm. With all these money, Nigeria still is looking like a rotten egg with few good patches here and there. 😭😭😭😭😭😭 We never even enter the COVID19NIGERIA and the man wan finish all the money... This man like to withdraw like eeh

Siiiiinzu money This guys will so deal with this country ehh Money that is meant to be for Nigerians Even countries like Italy and Spain were this virus have wreaked greater havoc never spend the kind money wey zoo don spend for this virus Spending 😎😎 All the monies companies, organisations, banks, other countries gave to the federal government, where is it? Is there no account for all those monies? What is really going on?

This man just dey cash out back to back O.G Spending 💵🙌🏾opor Spending 🙌🏽 Sinzu Money eyan spending.🥵🥵 Nigeria jagajaga everything skata skata 😂 under buhari.. Haaaa 🤣🤣😂🇳🇬 Sinzu Money.. Where these money dey go😱 Spending BabyKosica Sinzu 🙄 This money he wants withdrawn was saved by the most vilified and hated admn of GEJ . The account was opened on the advice of NOI but the evil scavengers in this APC took her to court then to stop her from saving the money. Time indeed is the just judge.

Upon all these donations? Oloriburuku ti pa wa o Upon all the billions that have been donated to the Nigerian government, the president still wants to withdraw this huge sum of money from the Nigerian sovereign wealth fund? Please who are those advising the president on matters of the economy? They need to be questioned. SMH

Buhari does whatever he wants with our money, whats the use of the nassnigeria Heiii chimooooo. When will these end After coronavirus pandemic,many of these our leaders go rot in jail pass dansuki wey chop arms money This country will soon serve as collateral, They’ll withdraw everything and steal it. Thieves!

A Loota Continua! Ole!!!🤣 What did they do with the 1.6 Trillion Naira cenbank aproved in preparation for this pandemic earlier before we were hit by the virus Baba want to do giveaway 😂 What's it for? d billions that was contributed was used for what again ? Which way Nigeria Com to think of it, soldiers from chad seized all Boko harams gun and killed them and today he’s withdrawing such a huge amount.. hope he’s not about to buy more arms and ammunitions for Boko haram o

And yet people are still donating money to this corrupt government Sinzu money is at it again. Ha😯 Oga pls just withdraw all the money and resign abeg, because talking from now till the world ends won’t still change anything Food done done. Such A drastic decision taken. Where is he signing all these from?. He should be in the forest fighting

Spending! 🤣🤣 Gbese Re ooooo !!!! this man dae cash out big time!! Where all dis moni dey enter? 🤔 Wow! They are aggressively out to hide under covid19 to finish anything left for the future of this country. This is so dangerous. All the Abaca loots returned in billions of Dollars, what happened to it APCNigeria MBuhari nassnigeria

To wipe covid-19 ? OK oo Excess crude account looted Sovereign wealth fund looting. Non of these account was setup by this regime oh Spending!!!!! Wait Nigeria have Sovereign wealth funds mad oh Pmb making Money moves Jonathan was inagurated it and they called PDP Gov't corrupted but look at them now reaping the reward of Jonathan! B4 2023, these people can definitely finish this nation

I thought they said GEJ didn’t leave anything there? Oshey Shinzu keep withdrawing. When you hear Sovereign wealth fund and the amount they control, you begin to wonder how your own country will have this kind of money yet people are suffering, no light, no food, no health care infact nothing. God!!!!Am tired of this country

Mr approval SWF going ECA gone, tijanihabeeb Sinzu! Na ogun go kee dia papa. andrewfootie is SWF setup for stuff like this? DeeOneAyekooto ur dumb oga SERAPNigeria take note Keep withdrawing ooo To buy new weapons to replaced the ones Chad soldiers collected from boko haram abi? Some pple are getting richer due to this pandemic

prinzgbemi Money that one reptile will swallow again.😩😭 Hmmmm Finish the money... Did he signed it in Aso Rock or on the bed of his london hospital? Oya...Cabals are cashing out on this COVID 19 ...shey dem no need picker You this animal we called president, people are indoor and hungry... Even if our grandparents has offended you please have mercy on us, this is becoming too much.. Just like hunger with no sign of ending.

It's time for more choppings again Looting impending!😁😁😂 Spending!!! Withdrawal of $150m for Covid 19!!!! How many Covid 19 patients do we have in Nigeria compared to the number of jobless and hungry people? he keeps signing without reading Oshey sinzu spending. Eyan Jacuzzi. 🙌🙌🙌 Jacuzzi We just dey hear all these money we no feel none as e be for hand

These people are just flexing,hmm nawaooo Baba, should send something to his people na Spendingggg Bros koda bayii share the funds equally.....make everybody gbenusi kini yii If Sinzu cashing out big time . sinzu spending Una never see anything CoronaVirusInNigeria is a scam They are using coronavirus to spend our money

We are in serious danger This man is so good at spending monies he has refused to save or enhance...I can imagine his advisers nudging him towards the pension funds next See ehhh.. are you sure.. lemme hold. It before they drag me🚶🚶🚶 Spending baba🙌🙌 Has anyone heard anything about whether political office holders are taking a pay cut in both salaries and allowances? Including all staff at the Presidency, and the various government houses in all the State capitals?

After billions upon billions donations? Last last this Covid 19 na coruption, wey thing go remain after the pandemic?🙆🏽‍♂️ Another extortion again looting korokoro It is finished for the future ....This government have won oh MBuhari please put machineries in place to ensure proper use of the money. Please see to it that every penny is well accounted for and no dime spent is exaggerated as a way of embezzling it.

😂😂😂😂 MBuhari don dey play bet now now baba son cashout BuhariResign A-loota-continua! Sinzu money We only see approval of this and that and after that nkó? Nothing again 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂... Buhari you be mumu. Food no, money no, work no. U na day mad for brain. Mad Oooooo The most useless government innd history of Nigeria. What happened to all those donations by well meaning Nigerians please? So,U people wanna loot this country to a standstill? Posterity will judge all of U

They should make it $200m so that each Nigerian can take home $1m each. Seh I make sense? This govt has depleted the excess crude account now it is time to attack the sovereign wealth fund, if only nigerians know what they did to themselves in 2015 This action is good but it could be done better if the entire country poor ppl benefit not only one state

While other nations are busy with plans and palliatives during this trying times, we are busy spending without planning CovidNGR COVID19Lagos Spending lòmò... This guy no send anybody. Whether na borrow, whether na donations, whether na Swizz Acct, whether na Oil money, whether na Sovereign fund, he wants it all...

God why are this people wicked and evil like this they don't even care about us God the world should just end pls They will not stop until they squeeze the entire nation dry To do what We are broke again! Another opportunity to enrich the northern states BossMustaphaSGF To do what? God when is 2023 coming biko, since Corona failed us..

Do use do werin😭😭😭 Spending!!!! This man like withdrawal eh... Sinzu Money... buhari kindly share with me the purpose of these funds...I mean a break of expenditure Olalaecon this one will empty our savings account before he dies. Christylike1 To do what? Do math before tweeting, Even this money if they were to distribute it between each citizen it won't be enough. Do the conversions.

Nigeria entered 'ONE CHANCE' since 2015, now we are on 'AUTO PILOT'! Hahaa.. Spending where art thou Apart from the 500 billion naira for Corona Virus, here is another 55,050,000,000.00 naira Chai Nigeria is a joke Oga oooo make Una kuku blow Nigeria, what's left now? Money withdrawals after millions of donations

Haaaa APC will send us all home by force. Nigerians who voted this thieves you will all go to HELL . Cash out king🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 Cashout Lord I am so disheartened to be Nigerian in such a time like this... they keep withdrawing without a reasonable spending noted. They keep spraying the roads with ordinary water from fire trucks and all. Which way Nigeria?

Sinzu! Lol Come, you people will finish this money before this pandemic is over ooo.. Hmm 😂... I don't even know how to react to this administration anymore. After this regime there will be nothing called foreign reserve, it will all be history and the country external debt will double its current figure without tangible developmental projects ! Naija and her leaders na scam!

Can he do this without approval of the N/Assemby. Somebody should check- fact. For what Those around Buhari, seem to have again gotten another chance to loot with this Covid-19 stuff ,but they should remember that they will someday face the same EFCC, they're using now to prosecute previous looters! Brahhh! Thats the other other bank account... Federal Reserve have collapsed they are now withdrawing from Nigeria's other other safety account.. Choi! E Don red oh!

To be relooted. E Don red oh!! For? Sinzu money I don't know if i should laugh or start crying for our dear country..... What is the outcome of those initial contributions? Or are they audio donations That is all they know how to do best Buhari why😥 why do you want to ground Nigerian economy completely before being shown the exit door? There's this thing called 'karma', and I fear it may hunt you when you're finally out of office.

I finally have to settle for the fact that the money doesn't belong to me. No be me work am put for there. Let me use that belief to compensate myself because this old bag of rotten cassava has no reasoning abilities. 😏 Very shameful after the whole money you looted Mr President.............your still looting. Loot on!!

Olurops Where is the money now? Nowhere to be found... Advance free fraud and scam popularly known as yahoo yahoo is being perpetrated right in front of our eyes. But we are suffering suffering-and-smiling Syndrome. But we no go get sense na... Sai sai OfficialAPCNg Hip hip hurray... Ah Ijoba Sinzu u are mouthed. I pity Nigerians and d unborn

After the money Uncle Otedola released?😳 Chaiiii eee, diaris God ooo, diaris God so our tey enter hand....Transparent419 Money wey no go touch our hand This thing is not transparent Only God will save us from our leaders, who don't care about the citizens Spending 🙌 this guy just dey cash out😰😰😰 Sinzu money aka G.O yahoo boy association worldwide😂😂😂

kunlekay2002 Alootaa continuaaaa Before the end of this pandemic Nigeria will spend over 3 trillion naira. This is just the beginning. More withdrawals are still coming. A-loot-a-continua Ha. These people have started oo R.i.p nigeria Sinzu money has started again One man once said 'The money well spended is well spended' All nah audio money.

Is there anything else he knows how to do? There have been withdrawals and donations , left,right and center , we are yet to see anything Why? I think we have enough money. Another money story again ooo Excess crude account for which he added nothing depleted,sovereign wealth fund now next target. Goodluck is a thief, Goodluck is corrupt, you guys can now see your saint Buhari. Enjoy

Oshe spending 🙌🏻 Looting activated if this money no reach problem go dey The president that does not address or update the nation on progress made on the pandemic rather communicates to us through fraudulent withdrawal from our commonwealth All he's doing is just spend spend and more spending without generating shishi. Another round of muush mush spending without accountability. Nonsense !

Bad manager For what now coro lol Let the Looting games begin. Please what's the essence of EFCC sef.....useless organization 😑😡😠 Lies... Money wey Una go still share within Una self Withdraw $150m to do what eh 🤔 What a time to be a politician close to the seat of power. Consumption, gulping, spending on trivialities, that’s all they know.

lets channel d funds to those really in need. Awon ako ti le ta !!! This nigga has started again Another opportunity to loot public fund. Nigeria has expired I think Bubu second term in office is bt looting of cash and also the 9th assembly...God punish y’all in advance Mistake 🙆 Can't this government print more money self.. What is the problem

Na where all this money dey go gan-gan.. 🤔 They Keep Withdrawing and People are Donating, Yet Citizens feel Neglected Useless Audio Govt Looting Everything On Sight They have finished spending the excess crude account and it's empty, now they have moved over to Sovereign wealth fund. That's what he is good at,spending and lavishing funds other presidents saved

After depleting ECA, na this fund remain.. Kwantinue The real Money Heist is happening right under our nose. 150 milli $ Money Heist, season 5... Chief of Ghost workers in the Federal and state civil service... The only thing they need from him is his signature, he doesn't even have to read what he is signing on...

Wat a wawuuu Sinzu Fed government should use polling units in Nigeria to distribute whatever palliative they have for the masses. Instead of all this manipulative system in use now. For what? Please what for? I hope the end of Buhari administration is not going to be like Jonathan's own I think it's remaining the 5k limit that cannot be withdrawn. We on red Fam 💔😷

Conversion in Naira plss? Fellow Nigerians, this is captain Aniero speaking.... Fasten your seatbelts and brace up for impact! PresiDEBT MBuhari Withdraw for what? To be engulfed more as billions donated? What have masses benefited from all these donations. Bread & Butter. Spartacus 😂😂😂😂😂 Until they bankrupt this country... 🤦🏼‍♂️ The aftermath of this COVID would not be too good.

We better break this lockdown and enter the street because after this lockdown when we come out,we go realize say these bastards be sold the country with us inside Wow Which of the buhari is signed it The one in Cuba or the one in aso rock Stop this madness cos when this COVID19 conspiracy is over you will be doing double taxation to recover from the economy downturn this will generate. COVID19 IS A COMMON FLU forget about the lies behind it. 5G radiation is what is killing people. Coronavirus has been in existence

Hmmm this Nigeria, 🇳🇬 to sign neva hard them, to used am do beta things it we hard them.... Mr signature continues That is how they are withdrawing our money up and down😶😏. For what Sinzu Money Baba don cash out again Pay day for bubu MBuhari Which MBuhari are you talking about this clown is not even in Nigeria stop deceiving yourself here

Ole thief thief jankoriko how are you shame These wasteful fools& parasites in power only know how to borrow& waste funds with no development to show. For what again? Buhari government is wroest government in the history of I wish this coronavirus comes in the time of good luck Johnathan. We for they smile by na. 🤔🤔🤔

Sinzumoney! Do normal for boys na Looters. All they want is where and how to loot the nation dry without any plan for future. I know Nigeria would spend more than USA and UK to curb Corona virus in Nigeria...😏😏😏 This is the reason they are debunking the theory that 5G radiation might be responsible for COVID19 cos more money to be made by the inventors. Lord have mercy

Time for looting Nigeria Treasure...We dey watch This man will finish this country before he leaves office That's more than N50 billion ooooo. We are watching $150m withdrawal Ahhh How much will be left there if this huge money is withdrawn? Onye oshi When will all this end. Northern elites agenda and their goons stay winning, while their hungry online miscreants go to bed hungry after spending all day defending absurdity with their cheap data and mkpọkiri phones. Clowns 🤡

Nigerian government are worst than arm robbers. You only only figures no impact on the middle class not to talk of low class. Citizens. old fools will say they are fighting (qorruption) stop saying breaking news nothing is breaking in this country including looting. It's should be channelled for the purpose it was meant for. Don't embezzle it!!!

Buhari on the Money, king of Laulau spending!!!Na where we go see am be this!😁😄😄 Another formula to loot funds 👏 Only to withdraw our government sabi them no dey put Follow StraightnewsM for latest news, retweet our post and stand a chance to win cash price in our weekly give away Wow... 😂 😂 😂 😂 Enough sharing

Oshe Spending... By the time all this is over, only God knows how much dem go declare as total spent in fighting COVID19. Sinzu spending! Sinzu Money 💰 Just now now See Heist Finally, they will sell this country INteGrity mR, opportunity comes but once they say and Corona brought it. Jacuzzi See money! no wonder every state is recording new cases of covid-19 everyday

If for only one reason... He has finally decided to be active May the money reaches its exact destination, where Nigerians will benefit Bubu own no pass to they sign paper and approve money.🙂 On God for NIGERIA ✌🏼 Funds that will not be used to help the masses fraud Baba just dey cashout anyhow Dead Buhari or an imposter in Aso Rock?

At least more Noethern poor families will have their fair shares of the national cake. Sinzu spending 🙌. He should do giveaway for his boys here too na 😂😂😂 Them just dey withdraw up & down😂 He can withdrawal Nigeria too...ndi ochi Nna this government will dry us red before Coronavirus will end. All the billion donated is not enough. OfficialAPCNg is Fraud

officialEFCC please try to put eye inside all this expenditures before someone will hear gorillas stole the money, or snakes 🐍 swallowed it Educated youths under this thread shouting 'To do what' When all they have to do is click the link. Spending, back to full duties. Alooter continua manmi After all the contribution made by different people

Money money money keep withdrawing the money baba Way to go. Buhari is doing well. All this money what are the using it for! Why is this country so dump Jacuzzi...ride on See flexing 🕺🏽🕺🏽🕺🏽🕺🏽 Big win to all Northerners and Almajiris... Have you seen this here👇🏼? You need to Haaaaaa! COVID19 another avenue oooo!

His habit is constant withdrawal, from duty, from Truth, from Righteousness, from sanity, from True leadership.... The only thing he knows how to do which he seem not to be able to withdraw from is.... CLUELESSNESS. There we go. 55,050,000,000.00 hahaha, brother buhari, this money is too much oo segalink MBuhari OgbeniDipo KemiOlunloyo

you just dey approve money for criminal In another news DStvNg has refused to rectify my subscription since morning, I can't view my channels. 7034117568 Create, Loot and Share (CLS) Spending!! Where are all these APC die hard supporters, hope you are ok? I hope e reach all of us Smh for Nigeria 🇳🇬 Spending 😂

Continue. This pandemic will lead to so many things. This one He is approving money anyhow at this time...shebi after this lockdown now we'll bear the consequences. A bag of satchet water is already 180, Money we no see, whatsup with all those donations... ? We'll all see the end of this movie Oshe Sinzu Spending

Yahoo Yahoo government. Sinzuzu moneyyyyy. I just hope we are seeing who our government are... there are lots we Nigerian should note and use to guide our decision in choosing a leader.☹️ Chai! It's Don Jazzy again!! They are using hoe, Cutlass and knife simultaneously to harvest this Corona period. Cashout. The billions of naira donated are unaccounted for, the millions supposedly shared amongst the “vulnerable” are unaccounted for men still dey cashout!

Shey u dey whine me Sinsumoney We had planned to head here, and we arranged to get here, as earlier planned. What happened to all the recovered loots, what happened to over 30 billion naira reportedly donated to the government, what happened to all the returned Abacha loots? Why is this Administration bent on making Nigeria bankrupt?

Mr president sir here is my own account details too 0122377126, Adegoke Oluwatobiloba Adeyemi (gtbank) for my own share🤣 When an old fool governs, subordinates that lacks sense of belonging to the society and foresight manipulate the fool and squander the funds under his watch.... For what again!! Have they use the one's they have being withdrawing? Hmm. naija😪

AfricaFactsZone Big win to all the Northerners & almajiris Have you seen this here👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 Sinzu money😂😂 lasisielenu Sinzu money Let him be approving, by the time COVID is over we won't have anyth left, politicians will run away This man go finish this kwantiri before 2023, I swear With this now, most states will start inflating their Corona cases

Are there no other news to tell the public apart from MONEY MONEY and how they keep spending the end of the day the people won't ask questions Funds Funds don enter. SPENDING ah dn Pick ooo I swear na those politicians go chop all the money 🖕 Buhari ordered withdrawal of the $150m. How much was in the fund? How much is remaining? Those are what this report this contain. I don’t know if this is mediocrity of Nigerian journalists or they connive with the government to hide facts from the people.

This is Baba's feed of expertise. Spending! Sinzumoney, abeg I fit drop my account number. When Corona virus is finally over the government will give us receipt. You want free food? Electricity? Internet? Alert? No problem. Jacuzzi!!!! To do what exactly? Twittbabs17 Spending has come Buhari came to power to spend only

Sinzumoney Eyan Jacuuzziiii!! Sinzu and spending in one person.😁 Parte after parte Arab moneyyyyy Sinzu money Christ!!!What about The 25billion Naira Donations by Top Business Owners and Politician💔💔.. Different types of money flying about.....Hmmmmm Hahahhhahhhaha this man go finish Nigeria even his brothers won't see food to eat when it will dawn on all

Cashing out in progress 😂😂😂😂😂 Hmm, an samu dalilin cirarar kudade fa! Shey E go reach us Spending himself Hmmmm! Can we just reshuffle countries, am tired of this one 😩 LMAO.. Let them finish the looting now now Judicious use is all we ask for. Guy don’t loot us dry , cos I don’t know what you are doing again , not that we are seeing anything ur fake govt is doing

😂😂😂, Spending How does that affect me? To do what? Dts hw dey will share it.. Follow me i follow back Ohh, so they even still have money somewhere. I thought they had depleted everything 😂😂😂heeeee!!!!!!corruption o....pple gave donated about 100billion naira....for corona.. Please there covid-19 pro max dah we're preparing forthe money these pple dey cash out in the name of corona dey fear me pple are using corona to swindle money😂Nigeria!!

Please I'm waiting for my own share Before 9ja thieves pack am Kuku pawa now, kuku kill us nah! Chaii ... I hope we will be fine las las sha. If only we have good leadership who are transparent and sincere Emptied the ECA, wants to borrow our future away. How he wants to empty our future investments for a temporary endeavor. Worst President Ever!!!

For FAAC.... In other words its going to states Hmmmmm. And my children children will pay 4 it🙄🙄🙄🙄☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 I thought we've received billions from donations... Where those ones go Lol Sinzumoney😂 Woooow this is called money To do what ? Jacussii So help us God 😹 😹 😹 Why? They want to start again

Ok! Spending!!!!!!!! We are yet to see the effect of these withdrawals and donations When Did he say it To do what again? Spending Baba won finish us finally

BREAKING: NCDC confirms 19 news cases of COVID-19, total now 224The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control on Sunday confirmed 10new cases of Coronavirus in the country.six cases were confirmed in Lagos, two This country Oops Numbers keep going up ooo

COVID-19: Comedian I Go Dye writes Buhari, advises how to tackleAce comedian and social commentator, Francis Agoda widely known as I Go Dye has written yet another letter to President Muhammadu Buhari on the

COVID-19: Buhari govt under fire over money sharing, exclusion of South-East - Daily Post NigeriaA South-East group, Igbo Renaissance Forum has knocked the President Muhammadu Buhari-led government over its approach to the N20,000 stimulus package for The dem dey do am sef Very bad. We don't have government Indeed there was a country Keep on excluding us Mr President we do not need your help even though no food or water... Just let my People GO.

COVID-19: Fani-Kayode cautions Buhari against Coronavirus vaccine, masks from China - Daily Post NigeriaFemi Fani-Kayode, a former Aviation Minister, on Saturday urged President Muhammadu Buhari not to accept any form of assistance from China. Fani-Kayode There's enough PPE made in Aba. We don't need it here We are not there experiment stuff Agree with this man for the first time ever.

BREAKING: We will not take COVID-19 patient to Lagos - AkeredoluOndo State Governor, Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, has ruled out taking the COVID-19 patients in the state to Lagos State for treatment.Governor... You can go ahead and eat them there who cares... If you think you can handle them well. Please can RotimiAkeredolu tell us why the Ondo State Commissioner for Health did not make the list of COVID-19 COMMITTEE? The entire concerned citizens of Nigeria demand an explanation from H.E RotimiAkeredolu how his son made the list at expense of 1st Health Officer ?

BREAKING: Nigeria records five new cases of COVID-19, total now 214Just when I thought, we don't have nee cases today Punch news, am i permitted to be giving you the news of happening in my area? My thoughts too